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so in this video i interview shiralazar about her youtube advice about how to overcome obstacles in life and aboutthe latest trends that you need to be paying attention to as an influencercoming up hey whats up guys sean here with videoinfluencers helping build your influence income and impact with online videotoday i'm sitting here with shira lazar hi and we're the what’s trending studioyes this is one of our little spaces and we're pumped it's awesome. i appreciate it, in westhollywood thanks so much for being on thanks for having me and for stopping bydriving from vegas got a long drive just for me just for you

and so if you've never heard of shirabefore or haven't heard of everything she's done because you are multifacetedyou really have that what they call it these days yeah you ever heard of the girl boss bookyeah i need to read it i feel like you're a girl boss oh that's awesome co-founder of what's trending tvpersonality actress your work it’s been feature on hollywood.com cnbc a whole bunch ofoutlets all over the place you've been on the oscars red carpet hosting oscarsgrammys livestream red carpet yeah

when they first saw this is like oldschool when they first started there live streams i was one of the first hosts so you'vedone all that kind of stuff you got a vlog channel i do you’ve got the what's trending channel andyou started the partners project years ago which was really doing whatvideo influencers and interviewing youtubers learning their tips and bestpractices so it's pop super pumped to have you on yeah you're a good energy your pump typeof guy i was like yeah let's do this

let's take it back so how did you getinto all this like now you're here you doing what'strending all these other projects where did it all start yeah and i mean i always lovednon-scripted tv talk shows interviewing people and i went to school forcommunication so studying production ‘cause i wanted to i guess i was stubborn onecontrol over what i was doing like i hate you know even though i had acted inthe past when i was younger i hated the audition process or feeling like i wasbeing judged so i think non-scripted and these typesof things that we're all doing

was a way for me to be myself butstill feel like i'm performing in a way and i'm still in front of the camera buthe was even more so like i loved being around people and meeting new people andso i couldn't think of a better way to meet new people and experience newthings and you know live curiously then through interviewing people and that'show it all got started i just like loved interviewing people and so i was in la at the time this is you before youtubeit was either you get on you know i'm a show or network whichrarely happens let's be honest yeah or you do the local news station route andi wasn't like i was like i'm not going

to do the local news station route ican't see myself living in a small town and i was auditioning but notnecessarily getting those jobs and so for me the online space allowed me towork on my craft and do it i love and there was there are no rules andeveryone was very welcoming it was very collaborative and that's really how itall began and then i just started hosting and interviewing for all thesewebsites at the time and became the go-to person for that and that's why istarted building this niche and for a lot of people who was a launchpad maybeto go to tv and maybe that's still the case but i i just created as myfoundation and i've been really

empowered by that ever since that's awesome and when i think aboutyou i think of a serial media entrepreneur because you've launchedlike different projects and you kind of launch it from scratch if you just useit as you said there's no way the bruises and i have the scars yeah it's funny because as i i feel likei have a love-hate relationship with entrepreneurship and starting companieslike i am so inspired by the fact that you can have an idea and just go afterit and i actually do believe people are more excited than ever before when youwant to launch something from scratch but

there is something to be said about whenyou have like a big company that's backing you are supporting you peoplestill love that idea yeah it still makes it more legit so ithink you know i go back and forth between being like okay i could see theimportance and value of doing something and that everyone else is doing or beingpart of your company and just getting raised in that way but then i stillalways fall back on watching these two things yeah and andwe were able to this day and age and so why not and and then it's cool to be able tocome into the space that you're like wow

i started this from scratch and i canstill make decisions and we could have ideas and just do them we don't needto have approval necessarily that's amazing now if somebody was likei kinda want to follow in your footsteps what are the first couple of things tolike literally turn your dreams into reality reality like you have yeah i i think and i'm of trying tofigure that out even constantly like i always feel like i'm starting fromscratch in a way i i always look ahead no i don't like to just continue to liveoff what i've done in the past which a lot of people be like look at myaccolades and like this is who i am this

is my identity i'm always like okay thathappened who am i now and who am i going tobecome it's easy to keep yourself there and just like state in that thing thatyou thought gave you an orange from the past anyway so i would say find that thingyeah you're really passionate about what's that thing that even if you weregetting paid or not paid that excites you that gives you that adrenaline rushlike falling in love and you can be anything it could be sewing it could bevideo games it could be interviewing people

music any of that and then find similarpeople i would say like people that you could talk to that could be mentors likereal life many mentors or people that just inspire you that you might neverhave access to and use those as models for like okay i see people that havegotten there and also like reverse engineer at like how did they get hereit's easy to look ahead and say how do i get from a to z but there's so manylittle things that you need to do to get there yeah so create i guess timelines andgoals and then also just have fun with it and just start start doing it

start meeting people going to eventsstart doing stuff online be consistent about it do you like at least one thing dailythat progresses you in that thing so good i love this tips now during thatjourney what was one of the biggest obstacles that she faced and how did youget through that well i was part of a big media companyand employee of mine tweet sent to tweet that wasn't true andbecause i was part of that company i got thrown under the bus for it andthat was a pretty harsh things that happened

and at the time it was it sucks and itwas and because it was very public and a lot of people are talking about it yeah so i guess that you could say howis a big obstacle because i got fired and that was public it was in the pressand everything well and then those moments and yoursobviously a spiritual person you have to go to church and all that and yeah buti'm your religious i'm kind of spiritual i just believe there's something therehopefully i you need to believe in something whether it be we'll hopefully yourself for somethingmore but it was that moment and i'm like

is this was my destiny like someone youknow this is my destiny why i work so hard if i was going to get here and justbe fired and like thrown into the bus like everyone hates me i was like wow that this was part ofthis is obviously part of my journey and when you're going through it you're like f word why why is this happening to me and so obviously after having gonethrough that now that when bad things happen i think i'm able to try to have theperspective of like okay breathe step

back like this happening for a reasonand i'm always trying to find the reason why i like not looking at as like okayit's a road block just to be a roadblock or like my life is over but saying there's a reason like whatare the hints like these are hints for me as to either and we're in the rightdirection or the wrong direction and not the wrong direction like the wrongdirection will lead to something bad but the wrong direction will actually leadto the thing that's better but i just don't see it yet wow and then you got to push through i pushed through and then there’s still there’s obstacles

there’s still there’s obstacles like you knowwhere we're on a company that it's in a landscape that's very competitive nowthat people have a lot of money and we're still startup and so we're havingto compete in that way still though and even though were much smaller smaller wewe need to have the perception like we can break through and we can do bigthings even if we may not have the people orthe money - absolutely i'm so yeah let's talk to youtube now in 2010 you startedthe partners project and you interviewed uncountable numbers of youtubers plusyou have also you continue to it with your other projects you i’ve seen you around it's very important

so you've absorbed a ton oftips a ton of information but also that was 2010 and you've been doing it sincethen but things have changed the landscape has changed what are some of the maybe evergreenprinciples that you've learned for what it takes to specifically crush it onyoutube yeah but then what are some of the maybe new things that or things thatare harder now that have changed to break through i see two trends or things and thiscould go back to like old media even it's nothing necessarily new you see thepeople that are just like so talented

whether they be performers agree singerswriters communions personalities where you literally watching me like they'renot even at their highest place yet but there's some raw talent there that it'shard to not admit it to yourself as a viewer you're like that is that's talentyeah so there's that raw talent and then there's just people that create amazingstuff that you can't help but share or just be an off of so i see that is one thing i see thatfrom youtubers so there's the the talent or the stuff like shay carl you know hewas obviously a first being first helps first to market

yeah i she turns the family vlog but youcould see his like personality was just so infectious it's like he was made to be connectingwith people and and and that goes a long way and then you have people likefreddie wong and quarter digital these are old-school youtubers that are allthat special effects and they just create amazing things and i obviouslywere able to do it with little resources so i think people would watch theirvideos and just be like wow how did these guys do it and i think the samecontinues with when vine stars uh the there's a magic guy i'm blankingon him

now on vine and you watch his videos andyours like wow how does he do it the quality still goes along are not thequality but a the factor yeah that's good and then there's yeahpersonalities like logan paul where he you watch him you watching on vine and now he's doinghis videos on facebook and you're just like this kid is funny he had he has that magic touch he’s hilarious yeahit’s also you can look at him and i could see you becoming like a nextmatthew mcconaughey's type person like you look like a little star

yeah you can see even if you're likeokay you know people question the sustainability of these talents there's something there that is je ne sais quoistar quality yes i think that still goes a long wayand then listen there's lightning in a bottle that happens with a lot of peoplewere there just like right place right time on a platform early adopter andthey happen to use the platform really well we just interviewed baby ariel frommusically which has an app that has so much engagement and she was one of hershe's 15 years old she was 14 when she started

i don't know if she's gonna have acareer like i think she's a super sweet home girl but you know right now she'sworking off the success of that platform and it's actually moving to otherplatforms or she's has hundreds of thousands of followers so right now that works for her butthat's someone like that was lightning in a bottle yeah uh and and there's others that youknow made it off of one platform and then we're all kind of looking to seelike will it transfer over to others and usually it does transfer over sometimescontinue when that person is consistent

if they take a break or they're justkinda like i'm over it or this or that a lot of times itit does impact whether that builds into something bigger i like that now one of the things that iwant to hear from you specifically is you have the chance to interview a lotof a list like youtubers what do you think about the long tailand and self-awareness because i think there's their space for in like say justyoutube there is there's there's the millionsbut then there are millions of subscribers

there's some people that are able tolike build up an audience and do some things and there's maybe you know i hate toclassify but there may be like b level of course there's even a c leven as everything the same as hollywood right yeah a is acting yeah it’s nothing new yes sure so what are what are you whatare your thoughts though on the long tail of of still breaking into onlinevideo yeah i say to people it is hard i meanlisten even with what's trending you we're successful but where were whatwe're looking at multi-platform so we're you know our numbers and growth on as adot-com as facebook twitter youtube

even though youtube has always been ourmain distribution platform and it's also where i'm just very personallypassionate about that community and the creator's around it and it is hard ifyou know to say you want to get into a business knowing that you might not makeit like okay so i'm getting into this and i might not be in a list yeah whatdoes that mean to me and i ok with that ego i yeah yeah i not saying that you'renot great at what you do but like it is hard to punch through and so what's thepoint well i think one there is a point like you can't go into business anywherelike you there's always going to be companies that are huge and like no newcompanies and or innovation with started

if those people didn't believe inthemselves right true like new companies right? yeah so i think there's always room for morepeople and and i constantly see new stars popping up and new channelspopping up but once again those are channels that yeah they havelike an itch or crazy idea and they just went for it they see a gap yeah in terms of something if you don'tsee that gap you're like but i just want to be a blogger just to that do it likebe consistent do it keep on raising yourself like i thinkyou have to challenge yourself cause no one is

going to challenge you like if you know have no audience you can't be like so what should i do next and it's like crickets so you need to one up yourself all thetime and i also say that because its industry is growing there's still somuch room for that expertise like i rather hire someone that it's at leasthe's trying and playing then saying like i want to work for what’s trending andi'm gonna have like help with community management or maybe a writerproducer and then i go on it is going ok send me once like whathave you done yourself and if i see nothing

i'm like well you haven't used theseplatforms yourself you're not a user or a fan so how do i expect you do it properlyfor me even if you don't have any subscribers and followers like i stillout i do admire someone that at least hastried and is a superuser like i'd rather that total then not understanding how touse it as a fan of our users well that's a huge tip for i think influencerswatching that maybe they’re engaging and if it's not breaking through it's nothappening you can still traverse that and alsothere but there's so many companies

because this industry is growing thatneed people like you who are like passionate about it and tried to do ityourself and you can still continue it but you might actually make some moremoney i like helping a company interesting onthe business side and you're developing your skills that hole yeah that you'rebuilding yeah so i me i always say like theindustry needs more people and so why not also i think we're so obsessedbecause of just the celebrity dumb like how accessible it has become a celebrityor talent yeah so we all put ourselves into that bucketand you know and then work hard and try

hard and if it doesn't hit were like whywhy why then i'm like you know you can continue doing that but like look atthis whole other business here people are going to actually pay moneyfor a team and staff that are like you right when i put out a job descriptionit's like people are passionate about social media have use these toolsthemselves like that could be a ton of people out there right right absolutely they don't putthemselves in that bucket as a professional sure like try to you knowlook at it as a hobby and your talent but see how you can be a professionalwith it as well

yeah look at the business eyes look atyourself as a business person too and if you're a business person may have theseskills well where can i apply those skills brilliant lightning round lightninground so so whoa three two one coffee or tea coffee talking or texting i text a lot but i talk a lot too - i'mlike in the middle would you rather live 10 100 year livesor 1 one thousand year lives 10 100 i think there are other people with athousand years old my god i'm really bad

at these games i get very philosophical about itwhat would you do i think 1 one thousand your life i guess ifeveryone has to be living a live of thousand and then everyone is dying offi was only one pipe then you can do the same rhythm and then thats that's actuallyreally what is of course and you most trust with a secret right now my dad and my boyfriend bart sorry mom last thing you grabbed out ofthe fridge an apple and hard-boiled eggs must binge watch netflix show we just got done with love favoriteplace in the whole world had been to a

lot of places i've been to a lot ofplaces but i still have been to a lot of other places as a right now in myfavorite places is a kowai in hawaii favorite nickname for yourself everyone has said shishi superstarlazar do people ever try to get to yourbrother through you duff o no, my stepfatherno he-man ok i thought you meant my real brother i’m sogullible funny get it yeah i get it shira i get it

i am shira let's move cat get it i totally get itget it took me a bit of time biggest pet peevewhen someone says they'll do something they just don't do it why why do you say just don't say you'regoing to do it all through follow through people i don't fall through ohmy god is to get it it's me cat or dog dog last song youhad a repeat drake hotline bling a hot line bling im so bad at the words i don't like still about the words ofguys oh won bin and noble bad was with someone

one going up the back with someone you don't need no help you don't neednobody no he just moves a lot like hotline blinglike i don't even think of the words i just think of he’s weird movements as we'redoing the way he does it if you can only have onething then item in a zombie apocalypse what would it be knife i'm gonna just sore ninja what'sit called the ninja sword a katana yeah favorite youtube channel right now ilove with james corden is doing

here on youtube i think about well obviouslya carpool karaoke stuff which by the way the youtuber flula was the one who reallystarted that flula a hilarious german youtuber and he would do thesecollaborations in his car just saying i'm not saying that james stole that idea but just saying book you think every influencer should read i'm reading rightnow the artist way it's like we're discovering your creativity and it andit makes you journal lot a lot and do exercises and while there's a lot ofpersonal discovery that happens the personal discovery leads to overallcreative discovery which leads to better

professional discovery go to comfortfood i guess like yogurtland if you're in lathose yogurt places where you like whatever i'm just like i need somethingalways go to this place where you do the yoga in the toppings yeah and cookie dough yeah i'm all aboutthe cookie dough and then pickles i suppose binge eat pickles i can eat awhole jar might be around lightning round so you were like uploading video andlive streaming video in 2006 on the first nokia phone that could do that

yeah yeah yeah did i should have beenuploading to youtube why but that's that's it that's crazythat's ten years ago i know and you were massively ahead of the curve on that andand catching those trends and obviously you're doing what's trending so what do you think are the biggestkind of trends influencers need to be paying attention to right now they can also be leveraging for growthfor the abbey aware of definitely i i well i love musically asa app i think that's really cool and i'm seeing a lot of people grow a lot forthat

and the audience is so engaged thatthey're transferring over to other platforms so i would say you know i wantyou know there's always new platforms popping up and find the ones that areseeing a lot of super growth and engagement like try to get creative onthose platforms when they pop up so because it's hardthese days are so much out there and live is very big live’s making a comeback everyone's like oh life is new thing i'mlike know what training is going to live back in 2011 but that was a very high quality livewith that and i was uploading phones

almost live for my phone you can say back in the day when it wasquick this like video platform yeah so we could go live from thosephones in a different way just not on youtube necessarily or facebook wasbarely even around just for colleges at that time about the aging myself so facebook is doing a huge play withvideo right now native video i tell a lot of people there's no point of evenstop putting your youtube link on facebook because it just won't get anylove algorithmic run right and then i'll putyour page ranking down

so there's not getting any love to youputting any links to outside sources unfortunate or so you need to play nice and upload natively find the best timesto do that for your audience i get right into the content closedcaptions yeah a lot of people are watching video without sound these daysso i think you're super found fans and watch but if a video is going to bespread virally it's like good to know like oh i'm closed captions right yeah you're dropping dropping itlike it's hot fire yeah to face the video is definitelysomething we're focusing on a lot right

now and i see a lot of influences arefocusing on that obviously instagram is big so fine what is your thing for instagram but youknow that's even hard right now it's not like new anymore right and a lot of people do well like a lotof females do well that are showing fashion or tips or diy visuals orphotographers or so we have to find i guess like that platform that bestspeaks to you yeah and if you're a photographer you'renot necessarily going to be big on facebook and instagram is your thingright

but yea live is big life through mobileevents how do you go live from something that'strending you could say and be part of that conversation as it's happening onthese platforms great snapchat snapchat didn't have any snapchat whichis almost like a live platform you can say is it's very much about real timebeing accessible and that way to your audience but it's it's kind of like in its own it tunnel like we're fun i don't know likehe's all like discoverability can happen on snapchat right

unless you're with someone that raisesyou which a storm like to say i raised you like he's giving you love ya so lets you collaborate or get love fromsomeone else and like you don't necessarily have a following alreadyit's hard to get famous through snapchat unless something goes viral like thedamned biggest damn daniel did it happen through snapchat maybe yeah yeah yeah so like somethinglike that but how many of those will there be and was he already big on snapchat youalready had a bit of a following from

his teen audience yeah yeah his audience so it's interesting but i'mdefinitely looking at like snapchat - how are we relevant on snapchat if we'renot necessarily like teen girls i'm not eating they're all surprisesurprise although i sometimes feel like one but just be aware of all thosethings right now really really good really good now whatare your latest projects and one of the best ways to connect with you engageonline as always we will list it all out in the description but yeah

youtube.com / what's trending whattraining.com facebook.com that's what training we only watchedrunning across the board snapchat ooh i and i also keep my personal platforms upto date every single day so shira lazar everywhere alsoinstagram facebook youtube i do personal vlogs all my adventures check it all out check it all out lastlyfinal word of like encouragement for influencers watching yeah keep crushing in building theirinfluence yeah i think right so hey

wherever you are in the world you'reamazing i believe in you you need to believe in yourself keep on working hard and i always say ifyou kind of come to a place for like i'm not doing well you're saying like don'tget distracted a lot by what's around you like there's something shiny objectsand people doing everything you need to focus on what you're doing and the andalso just remember like if you're constantly focused on yourself sometimesyou forget about being interested in other people and it's your curiositiesthat will make you better at what you do so keep on being interested in otherthings not just yourself and you'll get

over your own ego bubble that you'reconstantly trying to kind of thrive for were all chuck or strive for we're all trying to accomplish somethinga lot of times we get distracted by that in our own ego getting fulfilled by thatthing but remember there's so many amazingthings out that that will continue to push you to do what you love doingremember to be interested be curious keep on striving for more thank you somuch thanks so much for being on time i appreciate it thank you for having anyyeah yeah yeah and one acknowledge you just for your influence and impact and so manydifferent people for the projects you've

built you are a huge inspiration aaww you’re so sweet you see like i need i think that we all need words of encouragementanything at every place your level of your career we all think like oh that person knowthey have it it all their living such an awesome life we're all dealing with ourown issues and so i think when you realize that we're all human and youkind of get out of your own head that allows you to push yourself to continuedoing things and stay positive likes my literally the moment you're feelingcrafty just like uh huh her laugh and

then you realize like it's me it's notso bad life is good through have gratitude grateful give thanks yes there you go i was likeyou're gonna go like this bye-bye there’s somuch to read here shira no not it’s not so much i i really the entirewikipedia articles people i kind of like if i was really scarylike as i have long fingers i probably looked like i was like an alien comingat me now that movie where she stays alive she'd ever eat whatever that andshe can't fall in love because everyone dies around her

yes that's what that's what it was likethe only problem we don't want to do that oh that was a lightning round reallythat was like more like what how would you just got with thatlightning that's like far away that you like it was like a distant lightninground

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wedding ideas for spring 2017


- on this episode,we go facebook live. hard. (upbeat hip hop music) - [gary] you ask questions, and i answer them. this is the #askgaryvee show. - we're good? we're super live. - [staphon] super live.

- not just live-- - [staphon] no, super live. - i don't even remember. - [india] hey everybodythis is gary vay-ner-chuk-- - yeah. thank you. hey everybody,this is gary vay-ner-chuk and this is episode 208 of the #askgaryvee show. and this is a very, very,very special episode of

the #askgaryvee show as we continue to experiment. you know what? we had the golden era and ithink these last 25, 30 shows maybe 15 shows have beenlike the experimental era. right? we've tried a lotof different things. we're trying to find our cadenceto the next thing and this is a facebook live episode sowhat were doing on this episode instead of the call-inwe're using the facebook live

technology there's allsorts of things on here. staphon's got a wire. brit's actually live on itright now, i just heard myself. i'm weirded out. i have to collect my composure. but to get on this show rightnow everybody watching live on facebook live you can actuallyask your question in the comments right to india. india asks boom the wholething works, it's very 2016.

i'm very excited about it. and also let's make surethat we share bear it up. everybody share right now ifyou're watching share this up. i would love to get some newaudiences into the funnel of the #askgaryvee show. if you care about your friendsand family and acquaintances and ex-boyfriend's whatsoever please share it up. india, you feeling readyto have some questions? all ready?- i'm ready.

i have two but i wantpeople to start asking me more. - [gary] we should really do this. let's do let's getinto the facebook show. - let's get intothe facebook show? - yeah. ready? - okay. yeah. - let's--- get into-- - the facebook--- [both] show. - by the way, a really funny thing

a really funny thing is how many people in amsterdam asked me to do the show thing. - [india] oh really? - it's become a wholememe when i travel. selfies and like hey would youmind just doing the show with me and then i have to do with them. - [india] that's cool. - you've become aglobal icon, india.

- [india] wow. i love that. are you ready? are you ready?- always. - [india] first one from tony.- tony. - [india] what is the most important lesson you learned from mike? - what is the most importantthat i've learned from mike? that i very much appreciatepeople who are consistent and are willing to grind in theway that i like to roll and it's

very important to me to levelup everybody that surrounds me. because every minute counts,quality counts, for mike not to miss a single day including theone time mike actually got drunk for the second time in his lifeliterally came in drunk, dead, finished and just laid inthe gym while i worked out. like laid, like a baby. like a 20-year-old frat guy crushed from the night before. like on the ground.

i think he got drunk at nateand trouty's house, by the way, which is the funniest part. i appreciate, that i am a fan of, i'd love to say that i only talk about what i believe inthat when i see it in somebody else it's extremely valuable andreinforces the tried and true. two years the guynever missed a single day. came through every time. didn't miss a single flight.

and really did a tremendous job. that consistency does matter andi know i do it but feeling it on the other hand wasvery, very rewarding. and i'm going to miss mike alot over the next several weeks he'll be around with jordantransition stuff but it is quite emotional for me. - [india] it is emotional.- yeah. - [india] from jordan--- not the new jordan. - [india] not the new jordan.

- jordan is the nameof the new trainer. he's in for three years. we won't feel the transitionquite as quickly. - [india] how would you scalea wedding photography business with basically norecurring dollars? - meaning like he justdoesn't have a lot of money? - [india] yeah. yeah, i guess. - he doesn't havebusiness model that's recurring. it's i get a wedding, i shoot it, i get money.

so how would you scale? first and foremost, if i'm awedding photographer, one of the first moves i would do isvery similar to the advice that i gave to designers, immediatelyi would layer a tier of snapchat filter capabilities. i believe every modern wedding35 and under in america in the next 18 months is gonna have a snapchat filter. it's going to be a bigthing like karen and rick. that thing.

i would do modern marketing. one, i would go triple in,quadruple in, all-in uploading all your photos five, seven aday get approval do your thing on instagram and learn all 15 hashtags that matter on instagram. the five most popular ones, the five medium ones and five long tail ones like #hamptonswedding. you know, #rockawayweddings. your area that you shoot in.

there is always that hall, that place that everybody gets married at usingthat name and weddings. 15 hashtags against 5 to 7photos every single day on instagram, i think willlead to tremendous business. the other thing that i would dois i would try to guest blog on wedding sites about instagramand snapchat because again if you're watching my show you're kind of aware of these things, right?

use modern social creative as your linchpin to youractual business. if you think about being aphotographer for weddings as a secondary thing and you thinkabout being great in snapchat and instagram around the weddingindustry, using it and then commentating on it you willcreate a much bigger awareness funnel and then people are like,"oh, i want to use that girl, "that guy. they're good andsnapchat and instagram and "wedding photos. it's 2016, 2017."

i would hustle. i would work. what i just said took work. you like that one, andy? it's real. work three more, four more hoursa day to do it i just told you and amazing things happened. you know how many people arelike "oh miraculously, i made "$500 this week on ebay becauseinstead of drinking beers on my

"porch and watchingthunder-warriors i went in my "garage or when garagesale-ing and i sold stuff." staphon smiled because hewatched all of thunder-warriors. - [staphon] i sure did.(laughter) - that's why has $500less in his pocket. but he has the memories and enjoyed himself. - [staphon] it was a great game.- escapism. great games. - [india] from ash.- ash.

- [india] what is the bestadvice you give to someone that wants to start a small business but they're still working full time? - to do it after your hours. it was called crush it! i wrote it in '08 it came out in'09, 7pm to two in the morning. this is all the same things. are you guys willing toput in the work and pay... guys, are you willing to paythe price for what you want?

i want to have a business so ican make lots of money and go on vacation and have lots of things. you want a 1% life but you're not willing to putin a 1% worth ethic. work your job, come home and do i have to go through it again? do i have to make fun of "game of thrones" and the golden state warriors one more time. i'm more than happy too.

you've got to give up all theleisure stuff and you got to work from seven totwo in the morning. start a business,sell shit on ebay. i put that out there.everybody can do that. become the wedding photographer of america like i became the wine guy. not everybody can do that. you've got to make the mentalswitch in the same way that two years ago i said i'm going tomake, there was no tactic to get

into better shape. get in here.get it here. - what's up? - timing is unbelievable. - good. i was just talking about myhealth switch ironically you started around the time that iwas starting to smoke around it. - yes. that's right. - you're an unbelievably athletic kinda dude.

- sure. - you agree with me that it isa mental switch not a tactic. - oh yeah. - there's no do this. it's binary either you're mentally in the place i take it seriously or you're not. - life doeswhatever it's gonna do. you just gonna decide whatyou're going to do around it. and that happens withexercise too i think.

so yeah just gowith it or you don't. - one or zero. - one or zero.- thank you. (laughter) ah, that hurt.(laughter) do you remember two years ago when we went to vayner camp and he climbedthe wall in one second? do you know about this?- [india] yeah. - like this wall thing thateverybody was like, yeah.

it took him one second. he's a machine. anyway. what's the person's, ash?- [india] ash. - ash, what's my recommendation? unless you've been in my cyclefor the last 30 or 60 days and i'm new to you i'm going toget really pissed off at you. the work. and by the way, you may not begood enough to make $10 million

a year with the work that you make $4,000 but it still gonna be the work. i can't instill more talent intoyou you can do a very good job trying to find white spaces andfigure out what you are good at. but once you put in the work. the talent the whitespaces that's a coin flip. that's a lot of dna, that's a lot of luck, that's a lot of skill. there's a lot of things there

but the work is always part of the equation. and that's the partnone of you want to do. can we just finally havethis conversation together? you just don't want to do it. you just don't. you really don't. you say you do but you don't. you'd rather lay in bedand sleep in for 15 hours. you'd rather play video games.

you'd rather playbullshit games on your phone. you'd rather watch tvyou'd rather watch this show. you'd rather go play beer pong. you'd rather dosomething else than work. it's hard. which is why i push people todo work around their passions because it makes alittle bit easier. if i had to do thisaround bricklaying, i'd suck. - [india] good?- great.

- [india] okay. - and you know, noi'm just kidding. - [india] i knew it.i knew it. from rob.- [gary] rob. - you're huge sports fan.- [gary] yes. - which athlete do you relate tothe most or compare yourself to as you're in the blankof digital marketing? - i don't really think thatway but i will say that you know watching the kobe documentary onshowtime definitely i was like

boy can i reallyrelate with, i am so scary. it's unbelievable. i wonder what dailyvee episodeis gonna really going to show how competitive i really am. i'm not competitivewith this audience. i love this audience. i'm trying to giveyou guys advice. i don't even want youto watch me anymore. think about that.

i'm not competitive with peoplethat have anointed me and gifted me with their time and theireffort and their attention. i have love for them. you should see thepolar opposite of my love. because it's dark. it's unbelievable how much i hate my competition with like visceral hate. but then in real life i don't. i want to kill them in business.

i want them to go out of business but then i want to help themget back on their feet but don't fucking compete with me. - [india] that was scary. - no, it wasn't. i'm telling you rightnow, that's not even. do you know how weird i am? do you know that meand aj get into fights? - [india] corn holethat was pretty insane.

- we talked aboutthis once or twice. do you know agnes? where is she?- [andy] she's right there. - agnes! - [staphon] ak, i need yours, cause your's doesn't lag. yeah. - i need you. just for a second. - hi.- hey agnes.

so i'm doing this#askgaryvee show. - mhmmm.- right? and i needed you because i'mtalking about this dark place i go into when i compete. - oh.(laughter) we've all seen that. - right and so, there's thatone moment i don't know if you remember but i do where you had a breakaway and i came from behind and i--

- you just shoved me tothe floor like no mercy. - yes. - i absolutely remember that.(laughter) - i just thought it would bemore powerful to hear from you. that was probablyinappropriate, right? - no, that's fair competition.happens all the time. - yeah. winner.that's a winner mentality. thanks anges. - this is from yesterday.- 'cause you're a warrior.

legit jump shoot too.awesome, thanks. i think we can all agree that agnes is a nice 6-foot-5brooding man. - [india] right. - she was on a breakaway, there was nothing. were you there that day staphon? - [staphon] it was a while ago?- yeah. - [staphon] yeah.- when i just like-- - [staphon] yeah. yeah.

- inappropriately, 1989, '92 nba knicks-pistons, agnes the girl. - [staphon] yeah. - yeah, that was inappropriatebut when it's competition i do not care, by the way it actuallyit works for me as a positive for vaynermedia. i always laugh about minority,female, things of that nature, this is competition. whoever i think, i don'tcare what even patriot fans are

allowed at vayner, right? i'm very dark when itcomes to competition. the kobe stuff and i hatemichael jordan with my heart and soul but even his speech where he's just like it's allabout competition. it's the game. i love the game. i don't like anybodywho wants to beat me. and i really want tobeat their face in.

with a brick. and i mean it. andy you agree.in basketball, i'm mad. when we play i'm mad and that's basketball, you haven't seen me play scattergories. - [brit] you were angry when i met you playing trivia. - right!- [brit] the christmas party. - that was the firsttime we met, right? - [brit] yeah.- and that was like, i was weird.

competitive. - [brit] you were likesuper competitive. - right. i was very upset. - [brit] yeah, even ifyou weren't necessarily contributing, youwere very upset. - [gary] that's right. if i didn't have any answer tothese questions i was mad at them for not knowing.- [brit] it's true. that's like, you know.

you should know something too. i do plenty of things around here. we have this trivia party because of me. why don't you getthe answer right to this bullshit movie? i don't watch movies. you fuckers wastetime and watch movies. i don't don't know movies. i don't watch them.

- [staphon] getting fired up. - let's move on.- [india] a very tactical one. - [gary] yes, i don't care. - [india] carsten.- [gary] carsten. - carsten, how would youadvertise a little house in southern spain near the ocean. i rent it, i have a website, iadvertise in agency and i do airbnb but i stillneed more customers. thanks and greets.

- snapchat. instagram. facebook. this is so... instagram hashtag strategy is unbelievable. why don't you give away thehouse to 50 influencers on instagram that have 1 millionfollowers, dm them and say i have this beautiful house here.

i would like you to come out. why don't you reach out toturkish air or delta or virgin america or something likethat and say i've got this house, i want to surprise and delightfive influencers on instagram and have them come and stayand then what you say is all you have to do has have five photostag this, use this hashtag. if you ask every airline in theworld 99.9% of them will say no and one will say yesbecause they just talked about influencer marketing the day before.

now, you can go and instagrammessage somebody who's got 2 million fans and is a prettygirl or boy and say you should come and stay at my housein this beautiful place. i will have your flight taken care of, you can stay in my place, in return i want 10 social media pieces of content, tag this. game over. winner. over. then hashtag culture.

figure out which hashtags are being used and put out way more content. more content.more content. more content. content is the cost of entryfor relevance in our society. - [india] nice.- thank you. - [india] you haven't talkedmuch, oh, kelsang, crazy names today. you haven't talked a bunchabout mobile first websites. advise for doing it well andhow do you structure

them for success? - that's ui/ux talk. that a/b testing. that's first recognizing thatmobile first websites are the cost of entry in 2016 if you are not mobile first you're gonna lose. so when you design usingmobile then you think desktop. number two, you test your add tocart button, you test your sign up for my email service,you test different colors,

different positionings, a/b testing. i don't talk about it becausethere's a ton of people that are far more knowledgeable about theui and ux of mobile optimization for websites and i bet you theyhave a tons of blogs and videos out there. there's a site called googleand go search stuff and i'm sure you'll find four to sevenpersonalities the way i understand consumer behavior and marketing in a social digital mobile landscape.

i'm sure there's plenty of galsand guys that know how to do it. india what your picture in here? - [india] great. that's great. thanks. - can you get here staphon? how are youfeeling about your pic? - [india] i mean it's fine. - i like it. - [staphon] ak, let me see?let me see yours.

- [india] there we go. - there we go. yeah.(laughter) that's a great shirtyou're wearing that day. - oh yeah, that'sthe holiday party day. when we played cornhole andscared a lot of people, going back to earlier themes. - [gary] do you know what wasthe recall you were there for the camp at lindsay's, didyou see me play volleyball?

- [india] no. i heard about that though. - yeah, lauren brander was scared. (india's laughter) sorry lauren. - [india] from sean.- sean. - [india] what returns have youseen with influencer marketing? is it just for massive brandslike samsung or can a startup turn revenue frominfluencer marketing?

- a startup can turnfrom influencer marketing. influencer marketing is reachand is awareness and it works. it's a boring question. everything that works, works foreverybody it just not possible that you haven't figured outyour version of making it work. television. super bowl'smore expensive than late-night remnant inventory, but you can get it. everything, influencer marketing works.

it's so underpriced. - [india] all right. - search hashtags around your business, find people that are influencers. you know, if you're in a nichebusiness somebody who has 1000 followers may be the and biggestinfluencer because you're not in weight loss or in beer butyou're in saas business api stuff but some nerd has 1000people, the nerd probably cost nothing and buy him or her out.

buy him out andy.- [andy] buy him out. - [india] someone just saygary is baw which i like. - [india] jake said what are the best ways to vanquish my enemies?which i also like. - actually, i have agreat answer this question. - [india] great. - because it's really what i dowhich is ironic based on what we just talked about with competition back to me being such an insane contradiction.

this is going to blow your mind. by not giving themthe time of day. it is insane how much i don'tunderstand about my competitors. i don't even know their names. that's how muchdisrespect i have for them. i'm being dead serious. i never spent a minute. i knew what the otherwine stores were doing. i know the names of the otheragencies that are in our space.

i don't have a damn clue. there hasn't been a minute on mycalendar in the last 36 months that was based on gettingrecon or intrigue on what any competitor of mine is doingbecause the very honest truth is it doesn't matter what they'redoing because i'm going to get mine and if they are good enoughthey will get their's second. second rate. but i'm gonna get mine. so how do you vanish themby establishing that they're

vanished from the get. what do you want? just kidding, three minutes? i'm in a very, i'min a salty vee mode. i'm getting very competitive. - [andy] you want to ask a poll?- you want a poll? - [andy] i want a poll. - you want a poll tothrow it up there. so i'm going to say something,come up with a poll and

you're going to create it now? - [andy] yeah. it needs to be answers in thecomments need to be hashtaged whatever the poll questions are. - so they have to answer incomments hashtag whatever to my question? - [andy] yeah, exactly.- okay. who do you likemore #india or #drock? - [india] the resultswill show up live.

it's really cool. - amazing. can't wait.(laughter) rock it out. - [andy] in the comments #india or #drock. - yep. in the comments #india or #drock and don't just because india'shere but drock's not don't pick india if you like drock more. - [india] yeah.

he's a nice guy, you know? - [gary] or numberthree #sharebear. - [india] sharebear's gonna win. - [staphon] share bear's gonna take it. - i think we need toproduce share bear plush toys. - [india] that'slike a "yay andrew!" his illustrations are so cool. - [staphon] today's his birthday. - [india] oh it's his birthday!

- today is his birthday? i thought yesterdaywas his birthday. alright andrew. - [india] one more?- one more. let's do it let'swrap up the show. i like this live. do they like it? what are theysaying in the comments? what is happening?

- [india] the people think lowerthirds are cool because the questions arepopping up at the bottom. - right but what's the feedback? - [andy] drock getting a lot. - well, drock has garyvee. as dailyvee's become alittle bit more if we asked this question four months ago india woulda crushed him. but now it's drock.

- [india] it's gonna be rough. - soon it's going to be staphonbecause everybody gives drock love and then i jump inand i'm like that's staphon. "great edit, drock."nope, staphon. - [india] i know. - are you, you'reediting right now 40, right? - [staphon] yeah.- how's it coming along? - [staphon] i haven't started yet. i just got the stuff.

- [india] how long until theolder generation gets snapchat? they said they'd neverget on facebook and we saw how that turned out. hahaha.from michael. - haha, michael, soon. give me another one.- [india] another one? - trying to do a nightlightning round here. india, you shoulda-- - [india] what's the number oneway of getting over the fear of

starting due topotential haters? and also what's yourtip on handling haters? - love you haters and numbertwo getting over the fear is something you have towrap your head around. it is just the cost of entry. you will never do anything great if you're scared. - [india] i've worked in thebuilding supply industry for 10 years. in that time i madeany business can and i know many small businessowners in my area.

- you want me to sign something? - [india] i have $500, a computer,internet, a car and a smartphone what is the best way to start a referral and lead generating business? - to get more 500 bucks. go to ebay and get$5000 and then start. hustle. if you have 500bucks you need more. you don't need more buti'm very, very, very big on

understanding that lead referralyou're gonna have to run ads, you're going to have acreate landing pages. that's not whatyou do with $500. - [man] thanks. - you build up $5,000 and ithink is $4500 worth of junk in your basement and your garage or you're auntie's garage get that shit, flip it makethe cash, india. - [india] one more? - [andy] share bear.- share bear.

oh, where is he? put him on my shoulder. - [andy] i'm trying. - this is so funny. hold on. hello share bear. - [india] really cute. - i love you share bear.(laughter) share bear is my friend.

you like that?that's funny. guys, i love you. thank you so much forsupporting all of my content. it's been amazing 60 days, the shorts on facebook, two of them getting 20 millionorganic reach, andy. multiple million reach. thank you so much. keep sharing the content,it means the world to me. it's the greatestgift that you give me.

episode 208 success forfirst time to do this. i think we got something here. we'll come back to this. thank you, india.- [india] yeah, no problem. - question of the day which youcan leave in these comments too as this wraps up. question of the day, the whole live experience periscope, facebook live.what's your early takes on it? what do you like?

what do you don't like? are you watching anything? give me your two sentence thesison the live revolution that is happening right now on the web. you keep asking questions,i'll keep answering them. what's up guys?hope you enjoyed the show. please do i get tolink it up anywhere? is it in here oris it down below? is it in print or is it in my video?

- [staphon] it'll be down there.it'll be down to your left. - it's here down to my left. right here, there's a button for them to subscribe to my youtube video? yeah it's thatlittle buggy thing. that's right guys, click this. that's right, use that.

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title: fashion show music: fashion show music tracks and fashion show music 2017

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tanuja. no! this is impossible. get up! how are you here? what are you doing here?where is malaika? what did you do with malaika? come on, answer me,why are you quiet? actually i've not done anything. such a big fraud. you cheated us so badly.

hey, even if you take 70wedding vows instead of 7... ...then too you'll never become adaughter-in-law of bedi family. please go from here. no, aunt. actually malaikahad to go somewhere so... dare you.- rano. no, rano. you'll not raise your hands. today not only, god will also notsee her with evil intentions. what are you saying? she'snot your friends' daughter, tanu.

she's tanuja. pleasedon't go by her face. i'm not going by her face. but i've seen her nature. i know that she's not tanu,she's tanuja. but still... no! you'll not raise your hands. okay. i'll not raise hands,but please tell her... ...to open her mouth. has shedone something to malaika? has she killed her in anger? enough, rano.

nothing has happened to malaika. malaika, it's goodthat you came on time. these people are ina misunderstanding. please explain them...- what to explain them? i literally don't understandanything. and, you. you're in this bridal wear.aunt, what is all this? i was going to marry rishi.then, how is she here? malaika, you got a little lateand she took advantage of that. yes! and look, she's wearingyour wedding dress.

she put the veil, wentand sat in the altar. and she got married to rishi. tanuja, what did you do?such a big fraud. malaika, you're taking me wrong...- i was wrong when... ...i brought you in this house.i brought you in this house. this is how you repaidme for my favour! i did all this for you only. you only...- really! you took my would be familyand husband from me...

...and you are sayingyou did it for me. a person wears the shoes so thatthe thorns don't prick his feet. but the same shoesare thrown out... ...when it startto hurt the feet. leave from here. get her out. stop! uncle! you! yes, i, raj singh bedi! the patriarch of bedi family.

the person you want tokick out of this house... ...is now the daughter-in-lawof this family. the elder daughter-in-law. rishi and tanuja got married. they got married withall the rituals. they got marriedin front of everyone. rishi has taken sevenvows with her. he put a nuptial chainaround her neck. he put the vermilion on herforehead in front of everyone.

in front of everyone. uncle, you are supporting theone who deceived all of us! malaika, stop it already. stop it. i accept that i amwearing glasses. but my eyes are very sharp. i am very far-sighted. you are calling her a cheater. i know who is reallycheating this family... ...and who is thewell-wisher of this family.

i tolerated youconsidering you a girl. i thought, you mighthave some shame. but you turned out to bea very shameless girl. you are calling tanuja a cheater. malaika, see yourself. ask yourself. what are you saying to her? you are saying such things to herwho was supposed to become... ...bedi family's daughter-in-law!

but you are supportingthis treacherous girl... ...who deceived allof us wearing a veil. she is not a cheater. she didn't cheat. i got this marriage done. i had told tanuja... ...to wear the bridal dressand sit in the dais. i had told her to coverher face with the veil. and i had given her a promisethat no matter what...

...the veil shouldn't be raised. this poor girl wasn'teven aware that... ...she was about toget married to rishi. whatever she did... ...she did it on my insistence. why did you do this? whatever i saw... ...after that, no fatherin the world would want... ...his son to get marriedto a girl like malaika!

dad, please tell uswhatever you saw. rishi! son, whatever i saw... ...no one might have thecourage to hear that. tanuja... ...i'm sorry. i'm sorry, dear. i had lied to you. i had lied to you that... ...malaika wants you...

...to sit in her place inthe dais for some time. i'm sorry. you? tanuja, i'm rishi's father. and i didn't want rishi toget married to this girl. but what have i done after all? what have you done? areyou asking me about this? or are you instigating me to revealthe truth in front of everyone? which truth, raj? what doyou know about malaika?

mom, not since today... ...i know it since the dayof the henna ceremony. when i had gone to give herthat gift, at that time... ...malaika hadembraced some man. it's okay, dad.what's wrong in this? i mean, embracing each otheris quite normal nowadays. friends do embrace each other. yuvraj! i'm not a small child!

even i've befriended many people. the way, the manner ofabusing makes it clear... ...whether the person in frontis a friend or an enemy. in the same way, the mannerof embrace makes it clear... ...what is theperson's relationship. mom, when i asked malaikaabout that man... ...do you know what she said? she said that theywere the sinha's. mrs. sinha! there was no mrs.sinha out there.

yes, mr. sinha was indeed there,the one she was embracing. and then, when i wentto get those flowers... ...out there, i saw her get outof a car, and walk into a hotel. and i followed her. she went to a room inthe hotel, all alone. and then... ...what i heard out there... ...if i were to mention it here,my mouth would feel shamed. the respect you have for awoman would be obliterated.

and so, i didn't say a word to her. but i did something. i decided that this girl... ...is not worthy of being thedaughter-in-law of the bedi family. that she should never be thedaughter-in-law of the bedi family. what are you saying? uncle, you are mistaken. that night, before hugging mr.sinha, i'd hugged mrs. sinha too. but it was dark there, so,you might have not noticed.

aunt, you do know that i'vebeen raised in america. and out there, hugging businesscolleagues is quite normal. how was i to know... ...that a mere thing wouldsnowball into a huge issue? and as regards thathotel, it's a lie. it's a lie. i did notgo to any hotel. i had gone to the parlour. and my car broke down on the wayback, and hence i was late. uncle, you do know howmuch i love rishi.

i've waited six years for him.i've loved him for six years. and do you know, whenrishi proposed to me... ...that was the mostmemorable moment of my life. yet, i wonder why youspeak like this, uncle? uncle, i respect you so much.i consider you as my dad. so why do you playaround with my dignity? i don't know what you sawand what you didn't. all that i know, is... ...that this innocentlooking face...

...one that she portrays, well,she's not as innocent as she looks. she has worked magic on you.black magic. well, her magic can work on you.not on me. and neither will i letit work on my son. fine then. whatever i saw issomething i'd show all of you. i will show malaika'strue face to everybody. the man she went tomeet at that hotel... ...i'm sure he'd stillbe in that hotel room. and when malaika wentto meet that man...

...well, somebody musthave surely seen her go there. the truth will be out, for sure. okay, prove it. if i will prove then...- then what? ...you all have to accept rishiand tanuja's relationship. you all have to believe that... ...you all have made amistake to recognize tanuja. fine. fine! what's fine?

dad, it's a marriage and nota game. what are you saying? rishi, it's not a game butit's about the heart. rishi, i started hearingyour heartbeats... ...when you hadn't evenentered the world. you were in your mother's womb. rishi, i can still hearyour heart beat today. your heart was not happyto get married to malaika. it's your mind which isgoing against your heart. okay, if you will notprove it then...

...you by your own will... ...will throw tanujaout of this home. it will not happen. let's see. rishi... ...you also come with us. - mom!- let's go. - yuvraj!- yes, dad. let's go and get the car.- yes. - yes.- let's go.

hang on, what's the hurry? call the person later. first let'sgo to the hotel and know the truth. shall we go? okay. let's go. trust me, i didn't doanything knowingly. raj uncle asked to mesit in the dais. tanuja, you don't need to use wordsto make some people believe on you. let's go. the florist, who isoutside the hotel. - yes. i saw malaika from there andthen i chased her to the hotel.

you will know the rest of thetruth in the room. let's go. this is 105. this is the same room.- dad, let me check it. 'you have to promise methat after marriage... ...you will come to me in thisroom. you will come, right?' 'what was the need to meet shekhar?everything is ruined today.' what if they see him? i guess the doorbell is not working. let me check byknocking the door.

open the door. isthere anyone inside? come outside please.

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you must be well and good forthis country to prosper. for welfare of it isimpoverished people. look at the crowd for themovie of our leader. kumar, film of our leader had beenreleased more than 200 times in this theatre. why do you want to burn camphorbefore starting the movie every time. it is time for the show. shalli take the print box inside? whether, it is 200 timesor 2000 times. till our commander comes andlights this camphor. we will not allow you takethe print inside.

okay, but, where is your commander? greetings commander- greetings.. leader. ready? - everything is ready. take this print inside. i am really proudthat you are my fan. help the poor is thatpossible for you. we can find god only in thesmiles of such poor people. okay leader. yes, leader.

yuck. leader had comeinto my dream. who asked for good morning of this man? one has to face 1000 hurdlesbefore talking to a beautiful girl. i do not smoke. - you have somegood habits sir. sir, tea, coffee.- give me a tea please. i do not take tea. what is this sir?you have so many good habits. even my friend vivek isexactly like you. he will not take tea orcoffees in day time.

but in evenings.....he will take drinks. not only that, he is workingin goregaon. he travels everyday to dadar. he never reaches thedestination properly. as soon as he gets into thetrain...he dozes off. where are you going? i want to go to dadar - we had crossed it. what? have we crossed kam. priya, do you know the time?get up.

there is a clock in the hall,is not there. go and see yourself. why are you disturbing me? it is time for the people of groomto come. please get up. aunty, i am ready.how is my dress? it is nice dear, did you see her? she is younger to you by manyyears yet she is ready. you must learn punctuality anddiscipline from her. okay, i will take tuitions from6 to 7 in the evening. do not disturb me now.

why are you disturbing her, aunty? get the groom married to mei am ready. knowing the attitude of your father very wellhow can you sleep bravely? get up. greetings. - greetings- welcome.... did you call me? what is this? where is priya?- priya is taking bath. taking bath! what is the time now?- i will get her ready.

what is the time now? are you not punctual in anything? it is time for arrival of the groomand you are giving me tension. i will get her ready in 5 minutes.- get her ready quickly. what is in your hand.- coffee. - bring it here. take it. have it quickly and give me the glass. why is it too sweet? i always have it very sweet.- was it for you?

did you drink it? - i gave it to youafter tasting it. why did not you tell me earlier.- you did not ask me. when a gentleman is talking to you,you are walking away disrespectfully. should not i brush my teeth? did not even brush your teeth? how much? - rs.200. what? rs.200? such a huge trainwith attached toilets. they are charging only rs.150from nasik to here.

why are you asking rs.200?i will give rs.50, be satisfied. look at him for rs.50 you would notget even a fish cart. take out my fare. do not know whether fish cartwill ply or not. but anyone getting in an autowill surely get heart attack. take. some policeman will flick it from you. he came.. just go and tell my friend thatyou are son of mani.

welcome will be different,so said dad, i think it is true. they are coming with garlands. why all this? i am just ayoung boy. no need. looks like they will not spare me. okay, why should i spoilyour enthusiasm? garland me. why are they going past mewithout looking at me? garland the groom- is the garland not for me? welcome...son-in-law...welcome....

what is it, viswanathan?- welcome, kinsman. priya, are you not still ready? grooms people have arrivedget ready quickly. shall i come in this dress? talkative girl...you might come like this...get ready quickly. aunty, who is getting engaged?me or you? why are you getting tensed up?i will come...you go now. come quickly, your father isshouting at us. - i will come.. welcome... - go..go..go..

welcome dear.. - go..go..go.. go..get man. what is this? you are chasing awaythe guests by asking them to go? i am respectfully asking them to go in sir. say like that..you go in. sir, i must to meetmr.viswanathan. - you? i am son of nasik mani, suraj. oh! are you son of nasik mani?where is your father? harvest is in progress..so he could notattend..he told me to tell you.

okay, today it is the engagement of my.. we will discuss after the function is over. hey, he is son of my friend. make him stay in upstairs andtake proper care of him. i will take care of himgive me your bag, sir. are you everything to mr.viswanathan? how could you guess itso perfectly? how? i can make out from your appearance. by the way, what is your name?

wait..wait..i know the reasonfor your laugh. i know sir. with papulubabu as my name.. i have drawn a moustache withoutsporting a real one. did not you laugh at that? one who has will sport a moustacheone who does not have will draw it. you are a guest. shall we go now? laughing at me. i forgot to ask. what do you do?

i am an unemployed youth in nasik.- please, say it in hindi? do you not know english? i know a what is necessary.now tell me in hindi? yes. to, say it in hindi.. still now a word of tamil.. you can say i am an unemployed youth. so much of airs when unemployed. what will be your level ofairs after getting a job?

it will depend on the job,i get.. - stop it. take your bag. your room is upstairs. - go.. i say..go.. look at him. why are you staring at me?- you only asked me to face you. look at him. - your face is not worthseeing a second time. mother and father are down stairs. i came here to see you.

you are looking very beautifulin this costume. generally, soup is servedbefore lunch. do you know, why?as an appetizer. do you know why milk is servedon the nuptial night? to create a romantic mood. what will make everyone happybefore engagement. i will tell myself. what?..go ahead. we have to start the partycome quickly. - i will come..

hey, who are you? who is that man? - he is the groom. he is getting engaged to aninnocent girl down stairs. upstairs he is discussingfirst night with another girl. do not imagine and blabber non sense. i am the girl who is aboutto get engaged. is it? really? truely?

groom is handsome.but his taste is little cheap. kinsman, are you waiting for someone? no my sister has to come..so.. no problem, we can wait.. no..let us go ahead. what do you say?- we will go ahead, brother. priest. coming 12 th day of january.. "miss.priya daughter ofmr.viswanathan of villivakkam".

"prakash son of mr.rajeshwar". elders and other relativesagree to get them married. why are you still watching?exchange proposals. hey mani, it is me. vichi, how are you?i was expecting your phone call. has my son come there? i saw him in the morning. i told him we will discuss everythingafter the function. he is not to seen any where here.

i think, he might have goneto meet some friends here. he does not have any friends there. is there any cinema theatre near by?he would have gone to watch a movie. what is this, bad habit?what is this?..you.. your son has come. give the phone to him, i will talk.- what will you ask him? you are going to ask. whetherhe liked the movie or not that is all is it not. i will ask that myselfcut the line now. sir, milk.

come here. where are you coming from? there is a beach right? i had gone there for fewwhiffs of fresh air. got it? beach was very crowded.not much of breeze. ...i thought of coming back home. a movie with a mesmerisinglady was playing. i went to watch the filmso, i got delayed.

who is that mesmerising lady? who is she? that lady who appearancewill set fire to you. did you not see her movies? yuck. your father is requesting to seriouslyfind a job and send your abroad. you are roaming irresponsiblyon the beach and watching movies. okay, what else do you know? i have a little interest in music,uncle. - music!

which instruments can you play? piano, dolak and tabla. have you brought allthose instruments here? oh, no uncle. if you want, i will ask manito send it by parcel. no, let them be there only. what is your qualification? okay, i will get you a jobin one week. till then, do not go tobeach and movies.

hey papulu.- sir. take him and make him stay comfortablyin our out house. as you say, sir. out house will be comfortable,is it not? even if it is uncomfortableyou are staying there only. go... sir, did you see his style? hey, be strict with him. you have told me have you notwatch my style now.

move man. why are you rushing in? is it a theatre?are they issuing tickets? it is out house. sorry, i rushed in thinkingit was a theatre. you will think! this thoughts will spoilyour livelihood. okay, brother. what are doing?

what did i do? should you not have some discipline?you are tossing all your things. where should i hang it?- hang it on my neck. okay, brother. - look at him. hey. what is it now? where are you going that side? i went to switch on the fan. - fan? are they supplyingelectricity free of cost?

if you dare to switch onwithout my permission, i will tear you in shreds. okay, brother. - keep it up. do you know with whomyou are playing truant? with lord anjaneya. is it the emblem of parcel service? did you not see lord anjaneyaany where else? no, brother. hereafter, you will see him in my form.you will see him often.

as far as this house is concerned. sir is lord rama, madam is goddess seethaand i am anjaneya. that is why, this house isnamed as ayodhya. then, is this out house lanka? busy this criticism, wit, retort,repartee in pollachi itself. okay brother. you had already said that, had you not?why are you saying it again on my back? thinking he has just drawn moustache.he will not do anything. do not play tricks on me.

i have plenty of courage inside me asmy name suggests. do not invoke it! you will notbe able to bear it. why are you making faces? just like that. you are going little above board. bloody rascal. come here for a moment. i forgot to ask you about avery important thing. do you have the habit ofsmoking cigarettes or drinking liquor?

look, shake your headin any one direction. shake like this or that. if you shake on all sideshow can i understand? brother, sometimes.. no smoking even sometimes. you must never smoke. if i see any cigarette,butt here.. i am not responsible for the consequences.- okay, brother. - got it? brother, this side..

why are you hitting on my back? brother, i thought you had gone. no.. i know how to close a door. what is this injustice? they have imposed umpteen rules and restrictionson me as if this is taj mahal. they cannot confine me in a cage. i will sing, dance and do somersaults. mummy, i will do whatever i wish.

even mani never stops mewho is he? stop...stop.... is it a bus stand togo around a circle? brother. - yes.bring the bag inside. come on get down. engage a cooly to lift your luggage.first, give my auto fare. okay, tell me the meter reading. what did i tell you whenyou boarded my auto? did i not tell you there is no meterand fare will be rs.20? you are talking foolishlyafter coming here.

are you eating food or something else? what did you say? food..food.. hey, did you dare to beat me? i will not spare you. if i do not smash your face withthe coconut. - hey, wait..wait.. i will not spare you.- wait..wait..wait man.. how much do you want?- give me rs.50. you said rs.20. that was earlier. now that you have beaten me.give me rs.50. give me quickly.

he did not give an opportunityto break the coconut. come to koyambedu, i will wearyour intestines as a garland. who do you think i am? only if i come tokoyambedu market? suraj, come here. what is it brother?did you call me? pick up these bags andbring them inside. me? i am a man earning rs.3000 as salary.

i went all the way to market to buy vegetables. without doing any work or earning a pie,eating 3 square meals. you are reluctant to do work? all you want me to do is carrythe luggages, is it not? - yes. why did you not tell me that earlier?- why are you getting so emotional? look at him! what didi tell you earlier then? hey, do what i have told youi will take care of that. you pick up this. do not know why you areshouting too much on me?

what?..what? just a minute. give those bags to meyou bring this coconut. why? - i will carry it. i have brought it up to here,only a little distance more. i will carry it myself.- i will carry for that short distance. why? why do you not just follow my orders?why are you arguing? okay..okay..brother.

i will rip you apart. sundar, have you arranged fora flower decorator? oh! i have booked a man and payed advance.it will be done automatically. papulu.- yes madam. why are you alone exertingyourself too much? could you not take help of some one? who will work other than mefor the marriage of our priya? could you not take help of suraj? who? that boy from nasik?

look at the help he is doing. look at him. he is bowlingwith a coconut bought for worship. he thinks he is kapildev. enough of your bowlinggive me the coconut. first you took this and gave me that,now vice versa.. why are you behaving like thisbefore elders? is it not embarrassing? why are you threatening? will you betray me? i am working here since my childhoodi will rip you apart.

give me the coconut. some day you will get caught off guardya! i will see to you them. why are you standing there?come and sit here. canopy must be decoratedgrandly with flowers. arrange a good flower decorater.- do you need to tell me? i have arranged a man to decorateentire stage, sister-in-law. no one must pick holesin the matter of feast. i have handed over the responsibility toa catering man. nothing will go wrong. i have arranged a separate manfor chairs, tables and tent.

everything is arrangedperfectly sister-in-law. good show, sundar. by fixing a separateperson for everything. you have reduced our tension by half. madam, why all theseunnecessary things? why do you need a separateperson for everything? what are you saying?- there are people known as marriage agents. if you call and hand overyour responsibility. putting up tent,serving the guests..

tying plantain trees on the threshold,putting up festoons.. sprinkling scent on the guests. from playing marriage band toinviting trouble. he will take care of everything. all our job is to bless the couple. wearing new clothes, blessing them givepose for photo is our job. world has shrunk to such a small size.- this also sounds good. padma, is the idea of papulualso not good? - yes, sister. paplu, call the agent immediately.- order me like that. suraj, why are you leaving?

marriage is not like giving contractsto contractors. as far as i known itis not a marriage at all. how should it be arranged? tell me- ask me like that. aunty, first have this. take.. ..tell me. we must invite friends and relativespersonally a day before marriage. entire house must be filled withrelatives a day before marriage. receiving guests standing at the threshold...with folded hands. if it is man welcome him withsandalwood paste.

if it is a woman, welcome her with vermilion. ushering them inside and makingthem sit comfortably. when you are busy with this. she will come there.what is your name? padma, good name. you must hand over the responsibilityof guests to her and move away. when you are ordering heryour cell phone will ring. some vip will be on line. when you are speaking to him then...thenfriends of priya arrive.

how are you? look at them, i have not yet finishedand they are here. welcome..greetingsplease sit down. tell me, what shouldi do after that? next..? why are you standing herewith open mouth? get coffees for the guests..go..- what? disrespectfully? brother! i will not say thatmadam will say like that. that is why, i suggesteda marriage contractor.

he will take care of all things.it is affecting me. why are you talking like this brother? do they know about our beingclose or distant relative? we must go to the placewhere feast is being held. we will order dal to beserved to this guest. the guest says that he will prefer cholaeinstead of dal. we will order the server to bringcholae instead of dal.. the guest sitting next to him requestsfor a helping of vegetables. when we are ordering for vegetables.

another voice here willrequest for pudding. madam must bring it quicklyand serve pudding. is it not? if we take care of allguests personally. they will talk great about thehospitality of viswanathan. will contractors be able to dosuch personalised services. should they not have sense? who? - the contractors! so, no need of any assistance.we will do everything ourselves.

hey boy! are you stillliving in the past? marriages are being settled on lnternet,without the bride and groom meeting. and you are suggesting personal touchin all the marriage arrangements. do not talk non-sensego out man. marriage is not done ina jiffy, listen what i say. go to a village and observe the marriageconducted there, see the enjoyment. we must welcome. our mouths must painwelcoming guests. the guests must be looked after well.

our hearts must be brimming with contentwith their blessings. who told you that marriagein a one day affair? 'thirukkural' has described weddingday as auspicious day. bring down the rainbow andput up a tent with it. pluck out stars and arrangeit as decorative bulbs. request the sun of the sky..to becomea plate for warding off evil. give all the guests pearlsto bless the couple. when all relatives join togetherto conduct the marriage. it is fun all the way.

the marriage will be like abeautiful bloomed garden. if you pay money you will getpeople to put up tents. you will find guests onlyif you invite them personally. if you pay advance a beautiful carwill come to go in a procession. only people who love youwill join the procession. why did you come?do not talk to me. sorry dear, you are angry for notattending the function, are you not? actually, what had happened was..- did i ask you the reason? listen to me, priyai was planning to come here.

at that time i got a phone call sayingmy grandma is not well. could i avoid going to meet her afterknowing she is seriously ill? what happened to grandma? did she kick the bucket? i would have said good byeif she had kicked the bucket. grandma, defied death and escaped. watch out. she might have escapedfor engagement. and might tense you during my marriage. cannot say anythingshe is always a danger.

you are lucky to marry atthe correct age to enjoy life. you are talking asif you are a grandma. i have the right age but it is going waste. if i hook up some mani can also enjoy life. do you not know anythingelse other than 'enjoy.' i know, if i tell anything, you will saythat i am talking sexily. no problem, go ahead. no need of marriage straightaway first night. yuck, of late you aretalking very cheap.

who is that man? hey, i am asking youwho is that man? he is building body in day time.- he is son of friend of dad son. suraj is his name. his body condition is good.- but his bio-data is in very bad condition. okay..come.. priya, i am leaving now. shall we go to a moviethis evening? no chance, i am afraid to ask forpermission from my father.

do not come out anywherestay put indoors only. okay, i will go. showing too much. looks like he is trying to competefor mr.india contest. may be.. you are getting late, are you not?you go now. call me after reaching home. unable to control this creature. priya, why is suraj makinga big drama here?

pride...pridepride to the core. i will tell papulu and getall his pride neutralised. brother, did you call me? what do you think of yourself? have you come from nasikto defy all my orders? what is this brother? which orderof yours did i not follow? why are you getting tensed up? you have done everything and asking meinnocently why i am getting tensed up? what is this? what is this?

brother, do you not know what is this?underwear..it underwear. do i not know it?have i not seen it before.. i warned you many times not toretort, you are not listening. why did you put it for drying in themiddle of the house? i did not find place outsideso i hanged it here. no place! there is place here equal tochepauk cricket ground. can you not find a little space tohang out your underwear? you know there are youngwomen in the house. are you not embarrassed to wearrevealing costumes before them?

leave it, brother. you are blowing a smallissues into a big one. am i blowing it into big issues?am i a balloon seller? am i a balloon seller? i am asking you ignorantly. where did you get this innocenceoozing face of yours? i am asking you only.i am asking you only. first stop the batting of eyes..stop i say. why are you staring at me? why did you close the doorwhen i am talking to you?

why did you close? oh! for the sake of prestige. you do not want outsidersto hear me scolding you. if you are so sensitive! then you shouldbehave properly, should you not? look at him, again. why are you clenching your fists? entering of fox in the neighbourhood is wrong.moreover it is shouting also after entering. who is a fox? - who was shouting? i was shouting. - then,you are the fox.

you asked where didi find this face? why again? you have completelytaken over me. why are you again taking out the beltlike the hero dilipkumar in a film? hereafter..drying the underwear..- hang it anywhere. if it is not possible. put it on my headi will get it dried and give it to you. about switching on fans.. if it is possible you do it or elsei will come and switch it on. take it. - thank youvery much sir. this is not for you. - oh godgot a cigarette pack for me.

is it? okay..okay.. hey. - yes sir. if anyone comes to know herethat i smoke.. you will hang me again. no, i will rip out your skinand then hang you. why do you get so tensed? look, i would not even allowthe smoke to go out. is it enough? whatever, i did was for fun.but, you have taken it seriously. oh no.

why has he changed like this? is it a courier?- yes, it is.. did the pen come in the courier?- sign it and give it back. what is this? it is like the big magazine. who is this mani shankar? may be this was for the manstaying in our out house. - may be.. shall we open and read it. it is not good manners toread others letters. i do not have any manners.

i am going to read it. it is uptoyou to join me or not. hey, it is such a big letter.has he written his autobiography? wait, i will read. from mani to dear viswanathan.. because of the soaring std billsi did not tell much about my son. i have written all those thingsin this letter. do not mistake me if i do not saygreat things about him. i can only tell bad side of him.for example.. he was about 12 years..

it seems, your son will study well andbecome a famous doctor.. and will make our village proud... do you really think so?- then what? our children are sick andare standing in a queue. like a doctor, your son iswriting prescriptions for them. what is it mani?- come here doctor. wait, i will be back. what is the matter mani?- come, my dear.. suraj, you will become adoctor, would you not?

no..i will work as booking clerkin our theatre. you stinking fellow! carry on. even i was shocked.he was just a small boy. i thought he will get reformedwhen he grows up. but even after growing uphe gave me great shock. who is he? is he son of our mani? are you coming back afterwatching movie of our hero? - yes. wow! how well my hero fought..superb!

could you spare me a box of matches? he smoked it till the butt. it seems, he is the mostaffected person during a famine. sir, are you going to stillsmoke this? show me how you will smoke? mani..is it you?without knowing it was you.. oh god! read it. between these small problemsa big problem took the centre stage. it was his final exam.

the crooked thing which i didto make him a graduate.. no other father in thisworld would have done. no questions were askedwhich i had studied. have they given thewrong question paper? why have you come so late? okay, give it. hey, who is that throwing small chits? you leave the students who copy fromthe books. but you are chasing me for givinga small chit.

oh god! then, what? he might commit any no. of mistakes.but i am unable to question him? that is my weakness. i felt that he will come up in lifeif he stays away from me. send him to foreign countries likeamerica or africa. if that is not possibleatleast send him to nepal. i want to feel proud sayingthat my son is working abroad. regards mani.

puppy, let us go away.- keep quiet. welcome, why have you come to theout house all of a sudden? the dog you have painted looksvery natural, is it not puppy? dog? that is a horse. is it a horse? sorry. some horses look likethe dogs he has painted. did you both come here to tell this?- no..no..not for that. till yesterday, we thoughtthat you are only our guest. but only now we have cometo know about your history.

how did you come to know aboutmy history? - it is.. our mummy told us.- oh aunty! yes, she would have told you. you have come to know about me.but, i know nothing about you. do not you know the pincode? she is priya.she completed her b.sc. last year. she is going to get married this year. what is she going to do next year? let her do anything. tell me about your dream in detail.

my dream is to becomean i.a.s officer. but for the time being,i could only complete b.sc. what? is becoming an i.a.s officeryour dream? i am surprised. do not get surprized for this. if you know my dream fully,you will get shocked. it is alright, please tell me. my dream? i will tell you.. after clearing i.a.s exam, i will become the collector ofour district.

and i am talking to the chief minister. my daddy has come tosee me at that time. the attender has made my daddy to sitin a corner saying that i am busy. he also sits there without getting angry. and he is admiring the wayi am talking on the phone. i was talking to the cm and suddenlyturned back and saw my daddy.. cm is on phone, my daddyis sitting outside. i did not know what to do.. i requested the cm and cutthe line saying that..

my father who wanted me to become ani.a.s. officer has come to see me. and i came out running. my father stood up after seeing me. i fell at his feet. and asked his pardon formaking him wait for so long. he lifted me bycatching my collar. and said that i have made him proudby becoming the district collector. and started crying. he cried..and i cried after seeing him. ...he cried....i cried.on seeing us, the attender cried.

the entire office of collectorwas filled with tears. sir... - has he come? he asked you to come.- what for? i do not know. but on seeing his face...i knew that there is some problem. do not feel bad for going awayin the middle of the dream. i will come back and continue. please come. do you know what it is?

have you written any storyfor some magazines? i did not write this story. the story is about youwritten by your father. is this story written by mani?what did he write about me? if he tells about you on the phone. he is scared that his financialposition might go down. so, he has written this big letter. mani is always like this. he keeps doing such funny things.

you do not attach much importance to it. what kind of a job do you want? an ias....ips officer. it is enough if i get a simple jobaccording to my qualification. i thought that my duty will be overif i get you a job. but only after reading this letteri came to know, that. getting you disciplined is moreimportant than getting you a job. no uncle. yes, i need a little..little.

do not try to crack silly jokes here. i am not a good man like your father.- oh! i know. uncle, i knew that you arebetter than my father.. you seem to talk too much,talk less. why have you stopped talking? i am under control, uncle. suraj, your dream was very interesting. tell me, the remaining part orelsemy head will break into pieces. yes, if someone narrates suchunbelievable stories..

our heads will definitely break. you mean to say that surajwas bluffing us. there is no doubt about it. it seems he will study for las exams..become a collector. and talk to cm directly. it seems, his father willcry on seeing this. and he will start cryingseeing his father. on seeing them, attenderwill start crying. and then the entire office of collectorwill be filled with tears.

why have you stopped laughing? laugh..laugh.. is it wrong to dream about becomingan ias officer. and becoming a collector ofcoimbatore district? do you know why iwas weak in studies? you can never imagine.my life is a big tragedy. priya, you are going to get married.have you ever cooked in the kitchen? no need. have you seenhow a kitchen looks? we are not like you.

my mother passed awaywhen i was young. do you know that i started to cook formy dad mani at the age of 5. these hands which are supposed to write. started serving tea,cooked food and prepared gravy. after that i go to school and study badly. then i come back home,cook again in the night. and clean all the vessels aftermy father finishes his dinner. by the time i come out of thekitchen, it is around 11 p.m. should not i sleep after allthese things? then how could i study?

my dream of becoming a collectorwas burnt to ashes by cooking for my mani. how will you know all these things? you know only to laugh at others. you need an innocent guylike me to pass the time. laugh...laugh well. if you can laugh when i cry, i will come to your room everydayand cry for an hour. for not able to becomea collector. you both laugh.

hey spectly! you too laugh. why is he crying? why are you crying like a woman? your father stopped youfrom becoming a collector. by putting you in the kitchenand ruined your life. that is why i am crying. do not worry. some day or the other,you will become a collector. do not know whether i will be become acollector or not.

but you will get admitted inthe hospital. you stupid! go and mind your work,you mad fellow. mad fellow? i was crying for him andhe is calling me a mad fellow. my efforts are in vain. who is it? hey mani, it is me.- how are you? my honour is stinking..it is stinking.

do you have any brains? till now, only our villagerswere asking that question? now you have started asking? like auto biography of napoleon,you have written about me. and sent it to your friend. are you not ashamed to writeabout your son like this? i did not do it wantedly.just like that.. not only that, did i ask youto bring chits for my b.sc exams? you wanted me to pass the exams,you threw the chits and got caught.

after reading all that, did vichiscold you for accepting chits? i would not mind if vichi had scolded me. the two girls in that house read itand mocked at me. i am not able to go out in public.you have polluted my history mani. do not cry..shall i do onething? shall i write a letterto each girl saying that. the story i had writtenwas for a magazine. but suraj is a good and an honest man. no need..mani.listen to me.

do not write any letters to meon this address. if you really want to write a letter,write it to your late palaniswamy. i do not know his address. put the phone down. rajesh, puppy is a complan girl.- puppy daily takes complan. puppy, are they teasing you very much?- yes suraj. you are very angry, are you not? if you are angry with someone. do not cry like a woman.

look, close your fist like this.if you hit in the abdomen. he will never get into thebus the whole day. he will only get into an ambulance.- is it true suraj? go and punch him,i am here with you. what is it? why are you staring at me? that is it. you are finished. you gave me a superb idea. whenever you are in troublecontinue this technique. i will tell my brotherto teach you a lesson.

be careful, you may fall down. hey getup. i can understand your feelings. your boys teased the girl very much. i did not want this to becomea case of eve teasing. so, i just asked her to givea small punch. that is all. stop. you got my brother beaten up by a girl,and narrating a story to me? what is it puppy?

do you want tea or coffee?- why? do you want me to do any favour to you? i want and bouquet suraj.- i knew it. but for whom? - for my sister. look puppy, i will help anyonein this house. but not your sister. it is getting late for the party. if not for my sister,at least bring it for asha. what? for asha?- yes,friend of my sister asha.

she came to our house on that day.have you forgotten her? can anyone forget her? bring it fast.- puppy, do not beg him. we will buy it on the way. suraj, what happened? when i saw hair style of your sister. my stomach got upsetand i started vomiting. you do not have to commenton my hair style. do what i say.

if you go like this, birds will builda nest and live in your hair. open hair and go. i know what is good. i told you in a friendly way.it is your wish to listen to me or not. i will get the bouquet for my asha. it is time for the party to begin. he went to buy a bouquetbut still has not turned up. we ourselves could have bought it. shall we go?

okay, let us go. where are you going?- to the birthday party. we will go. you can leave.- why are you playing with me? it is our asha.i will greet her and go away. that is what i am telling you. we will wish her on your behalf.you can go. why are you chasing me out? when she came to our house,you ogled at her. and bought our honour down.that is more than enough.

do not attend the partyand insult us. i do not have to runafter girls at all. my personality is not so bad.give me 10 mins.. not only asha, even the beauty queenswill be after me like the pomaranian dog. neither you have so much power,nor she is easy girl to be trapped. bet? will you bet? shall we see?.. - sure. okay. it is time for the party.let us go. i was waiting for you yesterdayfor a very long time.

how did you find out? your dress and movementsspeaks about it loud and clear. what is your name? look, i do not know you. infacti did not even invite you to the party. i spoke to you just becauseyou have come with priya. you are simply walking away. when i came near you, you were walkingaway as if you do not like me. i am brave enough to tell youwhat is in my heart. but i do not know whetheryou are brave enough to listen to it.

you got down from the car,came to the house like an arabian horse. the moment i saw youi lost my heart to you. my heart which never fluttered, even after seeing beauty queensand village belles. it fluttered on seeing you. when i was yearningto see you again. i came to know thattoday was your birthday. since you did not invite meto this function. i was in two minds whetherto come or not.

even if i was insultedit would have been for you. so, i came to this functionto wish you. oh god! do not look at me like that. your looks are disturbing me,my heart and my youth. you come like a flower, like fire,like a deer and like rain. you came like windand like a song sung by me. it is neither a dreamnor any imagination. you came like a boon, like a tune andlike a penance of a flower. oh sweet heart! shall i express my love.

shall i express my love in poetry. shall i fan you with the moon? shall we exchange our hearts? since you are born in a flower,your words emit fragrance. since you are brought up in moonyou emit soothing light. how did her cheeksturn yellow? is it because of themixture of dawn and dusk. i lived with the earth as my libraryand flowers as my books. now, i found out from you thata girl is the library and her eyes are the books.

i do not need flowers,your smile is more than enough. no one has escaped from the pitof your dimple. your dazzling smileputs me in a fix. you have opened mylocked heart in no time. i am brave enough to face war of 1000. but my heart got crushedinto pieces when you saw me. what are you doing here? asha is searching you likea pomeranian dog. come. atleast now, you must have understoodmy power.

at least from now on, respect me. forget about me, she is eagerlywaiting to talk to you, come. what is there for me to talkto asha? i do not know what spell did you caston her. she is wandering in your memories. she has decided to marry you only.come. since i made a bet with youi pretended to love her. do not trap me into that. father of asha is on line. he wants totalk to you on an important matter. he had asked me tobring you immediately.

it was wrong of me to have attendedthis party. i am not here. where are you running?what will i tell asha? tell her that i am already married. if she does not believe it,then tell her that i have 2 daughters also. leave me. come, let us go. brother.... why have you come all of a sudden? - hai aunt i would have come to the stationif you had phoned me.

i thought of phoning you brother. but i knew that you people would beangry with me. for not attending engagement of priya. that is why, i thought of givingyou all a surprise visit. our anger will not subsideeven if you give us a surprise visit. tell her. - what is this parvathi? sorry sister-in-law. while i was about to start,suddenly mymother-in-law fell ill. she had to be admitted inthe hospital.

there was nobody totake care of her. i have already told you everythingon the phone. your anger has not subsided yet. aunty, we will get convinced.but priya is very angry. oh god she too!- hey be quiet. why are you people talkingwhile she is standing? go and bring coffee- brother, not necessary. first, let me explain everythingto her. where is priya? is that piano more importantfor you than me?

yes...your mother-in-law is moreimportant to you than me, right? no priya. do not touch me.i am very angry with you. do you know, i was very upsetwhen you did not attend my engagement? i am very fond of you since childhood. so i diserve this, even more than this. aunty, what happened?did i hurt you? its me who has hurt you. you will not understand evenif i try my best to convince you.

even i was bossing here like you.but now i could not.. after marriage, even to meetbrother and sister-in-law. i have to beg and get permission of my mother-in-lawand husband. i cannot come here anytime i like..and i should not.. i cannot understand onething priya. whenever a girl goes out before marriage,they send someone to accompany her. even if she has to studyaway from her place. they think of putting her in the hostelor in her relatives house. even if she goes abroad on official workshe must stay in the house of her relative.

why so? to go for shopping,cinema,and even to the temple. they send her only withthe persons whom they know. but regarding her marriagethey fix a stranger as her groom. and send her away with him very cooly. but we...after accepting himas our husband. hold his hand, go round the holy firewhile departing when we turn back. we find our parents and relativeslike tiny dots for away. before, parents were in our heart. nowour in-laws should take over that place.

in the place of siblings ourco-sisters and co-brothers should be present. forgetting our friendsour people and everybody. whether we like or not,we have to live with new persons. i do not think we need that married lifewhich discards our family people. instead of this, it is better to livewith our parents for the entire life. i feel that will, atleast, be peaceful. aunty, please.. forget about it. priya, who is that?- his names is suraj. a wastrel.

what? wastrel? - yes.he is son of friend of my daddy.. his father has sent him here becausehe was roaming there like a vagabond. he is staying in our out houseand torturing us. i am prakash speaking. you..? from where are you calling? i am calling you from the std boothnext to the white house of america. please be on the line..i will give it to my daddy. i want to talk somethingpersonally to you. to me? go ahead.

that is...during our engagementin your house.. there was a handsomesmart guy, right..? oh that guy..he is suraj. yes..him only.. do not take him to be a wastrel. not only that priya.. he is like the brother oflegendary 'karnan', who bequethed everything to his seekers. is it true?

i promise, priya. i have a friend named verendra takurwho is a computer engineer here, in america. when he did not have moneyto come to america. he sole his land.. that is, this suraj hadsold his land and helped him. you will not believe priya. my friend is offering prayers dailyto life size photo of suraj. having known his noble heart your daddyallowed him to stay in the out house. you have very luckyto get such a friend.

what? come and see.what a tricky person he is. now, if he is in front of me.. i will even fall at his feet, you know. look priya, dear, do not be harshwith him without knowing him well. whenever you see him. ..wish him like this. okay dear.. i will call you againwhen i need..okay?

we were talking for a long time. we will talk later. madam is waitingto make a call. hey, do not talk, i thoughtyou are just a wastrel. but only now, i know thatyou are a fraud. priya, i just did it for fun there is a limit for fun and jokes. and, you have crossed it. for letting you stay here justbecause you are son of his friend.

he should be blamed for it. please priya..do not tell this to your daddy. please forget it as of now. hereafter, if you mimic yourvoice and talk..i will kill you. bhoopathi, you will not misunderstandif i tell you something, right? oh no! what are you saying madam? i will consider elderswords as words of god. tell me anything you want. i think, you smoke lot of cigarettes.

so please control yourselfit will not be good for your health. oh god!...i am not a chain smoker. at times..only one..that toonot daily. i will take 2 puffs and throw it. madam, i think she has saidsomething wrong about me. do not believe it. because, whatever i doshe will exaggerate it. that is her habit. what did i exaggerate?

why did you tell him wrong thingsabout me? he did not tell anythingwrong about you. just now this one said that.. this? - did you see? she is not respecting me neitheras a guest nor as a man. hello, if you have gutstalk to me directly. do not complain against meto other, like women. oh god!..no..i am afraidto talk to you directly. look my hands and legs are shivering.

kidding? you will lose your teethif i bash you up. hey priya...why do you fight? sit down. always talking against..talk a little respectfully. okay leave it. some will not listen even if we teachthem nor they have their own sense. what can we do?- who does not have sense? aunty, you do not know him. do you know what this one did yesterday? he phoned up from our house.

by changing his voicelike the groom of america. blew his own trumpet sayingboopathi is good and generous. hey, i agree that i changedmy voice and spoke. but why and who made meto talk like that. tell me who..who..? madam, you yourself say... you asked her about me when you saw mefor the 1st time, right? what did she tell you that day? forget about it now. - i cannot..

branding such a brilliant personlike me as wastrel! mani sent him here becausehe could not bear his torture. he is a free loader livingin the out house. would not i get angry ifshe says like that? hello..i did not say like that. you do not concoct somethingon your own and talk. you please be quiet- you be quiet aunty. wait. wastrel givesall these meanings. if you want, check itup in a dictionary.

the filthy lookyou gave at that time. there are no words forthat in the dictionary. hey shut up,you are a mannerless fellow. you do not talk as if you haveinvented the word manner. you stealthily opened my letterswhich daddy has sent me. where were yourmanners at that time? you do not talk asif you are perfect. when i asked aboutyour future plans. you lied that you are goingto become a minister or collector.

i know only to tell the truth.only you people know to lie. am i lying? get lost, man.- yes. only you are telling too many lies. hey, you are talking too much. you are only talking, too much. hey, why do you point yourfinger at me while talking? - shit. aunty? aunty take care bye. madam, i am not a verybad person as she said. he is such a type of person only..do not believe him.

hey, shut up. i will phone you up personallyand explain my character to you. do not keep this in your heart. who will keep you in the heart?- look at her. sir, give me your ticket. she gave it to youand went, did not she? that belongs to her, give yours.. hey priya, give my ticket and go. who are you man? - look at her.

look priya, we will continueour fight at home later, not here.. hey, you take care ofyour problem at home. first give your ticket. sir, both of us came togetherto give see off her aunty. there was a small problem between usbefore we could put her aunty in the team. she is angry and taking revenge. hey, am i paid by the governmentto hear your sorrowful story? first give your ticket man.

sir, you are very naughty. why are you playing the fool? you have so many tickets with you. so why bother if you do not get my ticket. so you have come without ticket. rs.500 penalty and 6 months imprisonment. sir, please leave me consideringme as your son. i do not need such a son whodoes not buy tickets. - what is this sir. sir, do not take this as bribe.

consider it as a gift.take it. i do not want.- please take it sir. you people will not understand at all. hey...be carefuldid you buy platform ticket? since 5 yrs, i did not buyticket even to travel by train. they will spare the one iswho travel free of cost. but catch the ones who do notbuy platform tickets. are you laughingafter doing all this? did you think that they will permitthe entire family inside with one ticket?

we have to buy tickets per head. hey, that is your ticket..why did not you take it for me? this is your ticket. were you playing the fool withme after buying the ticket? uncle keys. did you put lakshmisafely in the train? - yes. you have an interview on mondaymorning at company of my friend. interview card has come..take it. i do not know what trick is hiddenbehind this "gallent knight".

lets see. have you got up only now? you have to be luckyto sleep upto 9 a.m. okay, where are you goingearly in the morning? i am going to attend an interview. what happened to your interview? why do you ask that sorrowful story? why? did they chase you out askingquestions continously. they have put an end to my happiness.

say it in a way so that wecan understand. i have got the job. it seems 6 months of training hereand then posting in america. hey, you have got a jobin america, have you? he is walking away sorrowfullyas if he got a job in the forest. sir, when are you goingto give me party? foe what?- you are going to get your first pay. should not you give me a party? what a great job?

if you want, you takethe job and the salary. and give me the party. why? are not you interestedto go for work? - not at all. then, i think its true what yourfather has written about you. tell me if you do not like meto stay here. i will go back to my place. i have 10 acres of land and a tractor. i will plough and eke my livelihood. did you father educate you withall difficulties to do agriculture? so for bringing meup with difficulty.

if i sent him moneyafter working in america. will the account getsquared up? tell me, is this is a business. assume that i am buying a carthere out of my earnings. how will i share that happinesswith my father from there? i can only take a snap standingnext to the car and send it to him. but if i work at my place. atleast i can buy a scooter andtake him for a joy ride. there is a happiness in it.

why only that? at the timewhen my father falls sick. i can only phone him from america. and ask father whether he hasconsulted the doctor, taken medicines, etc. but if i am near him. i will take manito the doctor and get medicines. and take care ofhim properly, right? that is what i wish for. you only know about the thingswhich mani had written in the letter. but there are many thingswhich he has not written. my mother diedwhen i was a child.

he did not marry again forhis happiness. he lived only for my happiness. i want to be near theone who is living for me even now. is this wrong? my routine will be to work inthe fields in the morning. smoke and roam with friendsin the evenings.. and watching the movies ofour favourite film star in the theatre. coming back home at night. eating whilegetting scoldings from father. and lying on his lap.that life is enough for me.

the happiness whichwe get out of it. we will not get it even if we go toany nook and corner of the world. you will not understandmy feelings, priya. because, after marriage, forgettingthe parents, siblings, friends and everybody. going away with the husbandthinking him to be god. it may be easy for you.but its difficult for me. your husband will beeverything to you. but my mani is everything to me. on whose name shouldi make the offerings.

priya...star bharani. that is.. that is..you are going to stay faraway from all of us after marriage, right? so, i am praying to god who is at thetower, for you to lead a happy life there. do not lie in the temple.i will get angry. wait..what mistake have i commitedfor you to shout at me like this? after doing everythingyou are asking, what you have commited? hey did not you ogle at her? have you come to know about it?

what is the use of you knowing it? but that dimwit could notunderstand my love. please recommend me to her. do i have to help you to love her?you will not reform! you will not reform at all.- hello, why should i reform? for your range, your father hasselected an american groom for you. but i am not like that. i will get only a local girlwho has studied up to 10th or 12th. to get a modern english fluenta more complexion girl than me.

i am trying in the temple area.is it wrong? hey, why are you ogling?leave the place. i should not see youin any area hereafter. go.. oh god! she is going. what is this?what is wrong in this? if i ogle at anybodywhy should it bothers you? why did you interfereunnecessarily and chased her away? go...pray to god that yourmarried life should be happy. go..go..you please go.

i prayed to god thati should get you. i like you suraj. hello, is there not alimit for fun? go and pray. hey, would not you understandif i say once? i like you. i will kill you if you ogleat other girls except me. understood? i like you suraj. look, its alright even if you geta name wastrel in the house of vishu.

but do not create a situation for bothof our friends to seek pardon from each other. i will not behave in the wayto tarnish your name, enough? neither to ask youwhy you left the house, nor to send you off,brings me here. i am also coming along with you. not to point out your mistakesto your father. but to seek pardon frommy friend, mani. what to do? friendship between your fatherand me calls for it.

if a person is in thegood position. he gets appreciation,popularity and good will. but, when i was down and out. mani believed thati was an achiever. during our friendship, i soughthis help many a times. but, he did not seek mine, ever. for the first time, he asked meto find a job for you. for the person who is such agreat benefactor to me. is it a great help to him to find a jobfor his son?

did you not like the jobwhich i had fixed for you? or did someone in my house hurt you.i do not know.. uncle, nothing like that. i thought of seeing my father. so, you left the house withoutsaying anything to anyone. how can i face your father? uncle, nothing should hurt thefriendship of you two. sorry uncle, it was wrong to haveleft the house without informing you. come, let us go home.

why are you hesitating? hereafter, you are not a guestin this house. you are one of my family, okay? where are you going?come, let us eat.. priya please, listen to me..priya. so you have come?- now, why are you crying? is it because i left the house? or that i have come back?- no, wrong.. we are close friends. you left the housewithout informing me.

in that hurt i was crying. dear, it is nothing. they say, cure the wounded heartby smoking. i have smoked too much. that is why,there are number of butts. no. it seems you are in a happy mood.- because you have come. a few moments ago, i was like adead body because you were not here. if you were late by 2 minutes. i would have died by drinkingthese 2 bottles of beers. if you take 2 beers, will you die?

if you are not habituated,it will be poison. will it become poison,if an unhabituated person drinks? if you ask me in a round about way, whati can say? what are you driving at? what you mean by round about way? it may lead to flash backwhen i was hit on the mouth. you are looking tired. take rest.i will stay outside. then? this beer was boughtin a sad mood. now, i am in happy mood,shall i drink it? i mean it may go waste.why are you removing your belt?

hey, i am removing my pant, go man. you tell me to go only then, i will go. go away, blacky... - that is it. still, he acts like a child. listen to me. no, no, no, priya....i have to go on duty. please. thank god! i had asked you to clean photo of my motherand you are beating her? now, what do you want?

here garland photo of my mother. hey, what is this? is this theway you garland? you should garland nicely withboth your hands. hold this garland. you will know the strain of any work,only when you do it yourself. do not order me and talk unnecessarily. you yourself garland your mother theway you want to. okay? go, man....do you think no workcan be done without you? priya, dear.... - what is it, uncle?- come, my dear.

why did you call me?- you garland photo of your grandma. oh god! me? why not? who else can garlandyour grandma? some rascal is talking insolently. take....stand on this stool andgarland her. go ahead. priya, be careful. - do not get scared.garland confidently, i am here. which fool asked you to come inside?- you only. of course, i did. should you open it like the doorof srirangam temple which leads to heaven?

look, priya fell down on one sideand my mother on the other side. thank god! nothing happened tomy mother. only glass has broken.we can change it. am i right, dear?- oh god! uncle. what is it? - where are they eyes?- whose eyes? - eyes of grandma. some rascal have removed eyes of my mother.- it is you only. then, what? it was paintedin water colour. you have scratched them roughly withyour hands. that is why.. shut up. my mother lost her eyesbecause of you only.

daddy, suraj paints well.ask him to redraw eyes of grandma. suraj, now my life isin your hands. uncle, what is this? i have seen photo of yourmother only once. i do not remember her face.how can i draw her eyes? now, nothing has gone wrong. she has worn white glasses, right? if you put black paint on them,it will look as if she is wearing cooling glass. eyes problem will also be solved. i will kick you out. you fool.

brother, these are not your hands. i will beg your pardon considering themas your legs. before my brother comes home,somehow you draw her eyes. otherwise..if my brother comes..he will gauze my eyes out. uncle, you are talking withouthaving any drawing sense. eyes play a major role in painting. if they are not drawn properly,the picture will look horrible. uncle, i cannot draw. you want eyes, which resembleeyes of your mother, right?

come, my dear... - uncle, what is it?- what? come on, dear. eyes of priya look like that of my mother.you draw by seeing them. brother, what are you thinking? i am on death bed.now, are you thinking? brother, somehow you draw byseeing eyes of priya. brother, please..try please.. have you drawn? dear, did you see?it is just like before. brother, you have given life to my deadmother and saved my life.

you should live long..you should live prosperously. my mother. what type of look is that! like in the previous days. as salim gave the samelook to kalim in first sight. if i had slipped a little,my life would have been in danger. suraj, you have a steel body. no girl is fire of her lookscan melt you. no chance...

why are you gettingscared unnecessarily? but, to be on the safe side. please avoid seeing that girl directly. suraj, what happened to you? i could not sleep even after coveringmyself with the blanket. nor even after changing my position. suraj, do these eyes disturb you? who said? i did not like your eyes.i did not like them.

do not want..do not want..will i get flattered? if i see your eyes,will i get flattered? you are laughing andtaking away my life. are your eyes atom bombs? are they flower garlands? is there any ecstatic jail? do your wet eyes have place? if god comes to earth,he should see your eyes. he should vanish sayinghumans are poor.

rivers are not riverswhich does not bend. if there is no anklets sound,there would not be music. you made my lap as your pillow. slowly, you have put my heartin confusion. you have violence in one eye. and balm in the other eye. oh! mesmerizer..mesmerizer.. every day you should come and torture me. you should remove the obstacle.

shall i hug your heart?shall i steal your heart? shall i enter into your eyes?shall i forget my path? oh hitler lady!what did you do to me? did you see my hormonesplaying harmonium? moon will kill me andbid 'adieu' to me. it gives cool looks. even god will be in tension. oh! blossomed jasmine!blossomed jasmine. you have changed intobutterflies.

you have touched me andmade me speechless. i have lost you within me. you search me within you. how is your work going on?- uncle, it is going on well. how are your co-workers? uncle, a girl name,sumathi is good looking. hey fool! your tongue is your enemy.it is not under your control. suraj, i have a board meeting.you take priya with you. no dad. i will go by an auto.

suraj, do you have any other work?- no, uncle. - then, take her home. priya, shall we have acup of coffee? since morning, i am very muchtensed in the office. you too took tired aftergoing for shopping. so, let us take a cup ofcoffee for relaxation. priya, instead of just having coffee,shall we have light tiffin? 2 sambar idlies, sambarshould be hot. it may take time, sir.- it is alright, we will wait. it would not take time to bring.it may take time for you to eat.

i will blow and eat them. go and bring. priya, this restaurantis nice, right? colourful chairs, tables, spoons. even fork is there. usually you will find this inall the hotels, right? what have i done?why are you not talking to me? after meeting you in the temple,i have been watching you. if i come and talk to you,you are avoiding me. when i am going to the office,you are pouring water on my dress.

i am noting all these in my diary. i will also get a chance. look, i am telling youin a friendly way. hereafter, we should not haveany problem between us. let us forget the past. because, within few days,you will get married and settle in america. as men in the office could notbear my torture. they will send me back tonasik again. then, we will become strangers.

atleast for these few days,let us be happy and friendly. if you really do not like to see me,sleep upto 10 a.m. daily. i will go to office at 9 a.m. there would not be any problem. is this okay?hereafter you follow this. you should shake handswith your hand. priya, what is this? sir, where is that sambar plate? plate? - sir, was sambar hot? yes. it burnt me nicely.

take this. - for the bill? buy a dress. - for me? for me. - size? go, man... - okay, sir. you are questioning me. oh god! i cannot bear. do not tease me. take the money and go. i am your boy friend speaking. yuck! it is you?i am seeing your wedding card.

how is the design? - superb. you and puppy should definitely cometo my wedding. do not fail to come becauseit is far off. i will ask daddy and tell you. no excuses. you must cometo the wedding. what happened, talking with whom? she wants me to cometo her wedding without fail. how can i get permission of father? you want to go towedding of asha, right?

i will get the permission from uncle.you come with me. uncle, i want to talk animportant matter to you. tell me quickly. friend of priya asha is gettingmarried in ooty. - good news. we both want to go there. no need. you give her a telegramand be at home. if we do not attend all themarriages, then, i will get only telegramsfor my marriage. i and my husband alonewill be on the stage.

uncle, please we will go there and come. why? will the marriage stop,if you do not go there? yes. she said like that only. okay. you do one thing. i will book tickets for youin the train. you go. no. we would not go by train.we will go by car. tomorrow i have lot of workin my office. it is alright, if you do notcome with us. it is enough if you give us a car.

did you see? wedding of priya will be the lastwedding in our house. she may elope with someone,the way she talks. uncle, why do you talk about weddingwhen i am talking about car? whom can i send with you?.. hubby, our pappulu is there, right? we cannot send him with themfor such a long distance. you do one thing. take surajalong with you. he will take care of you nicely.

if you go empty handedwho will carry the luggage? we cannot bring a separate personfor carrying the luggage. you should only carry the luggage.bring the luggage. it seems, younger one is more adamantthan the elder. i will see to you. i thought, they may not provide usplace to stay here. it is a very nice place, superb. this is ladies room. is it so? let is both goout of the room. did you joke? shut up and get out.- why should i go?

are you questioning me,when i ask you to go out? do not behave so adamantly with me.- i am a dangerous man. if i get angry andleave ooty.. then, both of you should come backpulling the car. be careful. why are you standing herewith the bag? buddy, i did not get a place to stay. are you from the side of groomor bride? i am from the side of bride. - bride side!i like you very much, man..

thanks, friend. we have opened a centre forbachelors like us..come on.. first, i should take bath, canyou arrange for that? if you come there, you canhave everything. come on.. go, man.. brother, get in.. brother, greetings.- greetings. greetings to everyone..- greetings. who is this new party?

buddy, he is from the side of bridethat is why, i have brought him. greetings buddy..sit down..- greetings. do you smoke? are you friend of bride? i am not her close friendbut, i just know her. what do you mean? you mean...how close you are to the bride? she looks beautiful.- that is apparent. what else? she talks sweetly.- that is known by the way she talks.

apart from that? actually, i have not.. i have not moved very closely with her. buddy, he is telling only the half truth.let us arrange for liquor. hey, bring liquor for him. i do not drink. and that is a lie.. i will drink..but, not now. it will be aproblem, if they come to know. it is wrong, if you do not join us,it will be a great insult for side of groom.

have a drink and chew guava leavesand spit them. - give. guava leaves? it is my technic also.. buddy, drink.. - no... have it, man.. how is it? i mean, i want one more bottle.- bring one more bottle. now tell me.. - what? tell me about asha..- what is there to say about asha? what you know and what we do not know..tell us everything..

i and asha have a small link.. really? - yes, you fool.. after 2nd round, if i lie to you,then, what is the fun of drinking? once there was a birthdayparty for asha.. there was a piano..was it not there? - it was. playing that piano,i flattered that girl. do not tell this matter to the groomthen, he will feel bad.. i am talking about future wife of somebody;why is he getting tensed? buddy, he is the groom.

groom..! brother, i blabbered inintoxication. asha is like my sister..i swear..do not look at me like that. i do not love asha.- why? why you do not love? brother, you should not blabber like this?- what do you mean? is my future wife not worthy of your love? why you do not love her? buddy, i have a valid reason for notloving asha. - what is it? i had a love affairwith another girl.

i will kill you, man.. we are all searching 1 girl to love..and you are loving so many girls? hey, put him to sleep..he is totally boozed. you carry on.. - do not want,i have had my fill.. okay, you carry on withyour love subject. this is me.. this is that girl. you and that girl.. we both were like poles apart.

both of us were fighting everyday. suddenly, do not know what happenedto her. she smiled at me. she slowly started talking to me. she said 'good night' to me... suddenly one day, she told me,'i like you'. why did not you turn your glass? if you keep like this...what is the idea? this is my position. neither, i could say'yes' nor 'no' to her..

brother, i had a ticklish feelingsome where in my heart. her eyes.... are as powerful as eyes of baba. they intoxicated me like remi martin.i could not control myself.. why are you holding out,say 'yes' to her.. no, brother..it is wrong..- why? already that girl was engaged. buddy, i am oglingat a married woman.. you are making this a serious issue.

then, what happened? then what? war started between us. while going to the office,she played by pouring water on me. what did you do? i did not do anything on that day. next day, i took, her to restaurantand bought sambar idlies for her. i was telling her thatshe was wrong. did she get scared? - she pouredsambar on me and went away. you did not do anything.

i washed it with surf and wore it. you put all men to great shame! she poured sambar when i asked her,"why did you pour water on me"? if i ask her something elseand if she pours acid on me. along with the panti will also get burnt. that is why, intelligently, i escaped. that girl is after you.. why are you avoiding her? was that girl not beautiful?

what? gargle your mouth with whisky. she is specially createdby lord brahma.. 2 eyes are not enoughto see that girl.. i thought it was my room.- it is your room only. what are you doing in gents room? we were waiting for you. - why? was any luggage missing?- our image got spoiled. which idiot stole that? you drunkard! we never believedwhen they said you had drinks..

we told them proudly thatour suraj is not like that. yuck, you have insulted us.. oh god! puppy, i am notsuch type of a man.. i drank when they gavebrandy and whisky.. it seems, those stupids mixed bothand gave it to me. i am boozed. hey, why should we talk witha drunkard? let us go.. do not say 'sorry' to me. i will phone uncle,seek his pardon. puppy, do not..do not..

do not tell that sharp edged nose man.- hey, what did you say? puppy, tell him not to speakdisrespectfully about my father. puppy, please do not tellyour uncle. this will become a big issue. puppy, what i did was wrong.. give me a chance.. why, to drink again?- no, puppy.. give me a chance to provemyself as a good person. puppy, i beg at your feet..

puppy, please forgive me.- now what are you doing? i am begging at your feet. you are not begging at my feet.look there..you drunkard. why are you talking to him?come, let us go.. you made me fully drunk. i could notdifferentiate between stool and legs. i dashed against you unknowingly. why are you standing like this? - i wasshocked to see you two dashing. who dashed against whom? look, that man dashed against my wife.

inspite of dashing against herhe is giving her signals. i will keep an eye on him till thewedding gets over. buddy, do i have to be with youduring the entire marriage? does asha know that you havecome to the marriage? yes, she knows. then, will you do me a favour?- tell me.. until i tie the auspiciousthread around the neck of asha.. can you hide somewhere here? i know that asha will get confusedif she sees me.

i do not know how toavoid meeting her? brother, light the lamp in my life..it is time for her to come. okay.. greetings, groom.. - me.. greetings. groom is suitable for you. that is why, i selected himhow are you? i am fine..did not you bringyour wife? shall we tell asha thatbhoopathi is not yet married.

shut up, let him be immersedin the problem.. oh! that wife! she would have come. she is somewhere here only..there she is.. is she the one? aunty.. - what is it? come here.. aunty? why are you always at the back of me? he is my uncle.

why did you call me? when did you marry that man?- what do you mean? asha, she is not the onewhom i had pointed at. do not mistake me. my wife is somewhere here. i will slap you. wait..you are going.. if she is your wife, then, who is my wife?- she is the one.. how can a girl have 2 husbands?

asha, look there.- what is it? look suraj.. why are you scolding sir?- i am your husband. are you calling him. why are you scolding her? what is this? if i scold youshe is getting angry. and if i scold heryou are getting angry. what do you want now? hey what? hey look at me..- you turn that side.

look at me..hey, what is it?hey, go that side. i will kill you. why are you packing your things? we have reception and nuptialsand you are leaving so soon? yuck! you are married,hereafter, do not talk like this. okay oldy! will you pleasestay back for reception? it is not possible.i have lot of work in the office. i have lot of work. still it is okay.we have come from far off. we will stay here till reception.

who wants his permission? i wantpermission of daddy. - i will talk to uncle. do we have to stay put inthis room till evening? puppy, let us go to mudumalai forest.your friends are there. suraj, do not play with me.i will tell uncle. puppy, will you come to black thunder?we can pass away the time it will be enjoyable. priya, it will be enjoyable. we should sell this car for dates. if you do not know english,please speak in hindi.

i know only this much. i want to go to 'kalae bijli'- what? i mean it is called 'black thunder'in english. my car has broken down,can you help me? why not? we are also going there.come on. thank you very much. he is a gentle man.he is helping strangers. puppy, ask him to take the car. did not i help you as a driverfor going to the marriage?

we can go..start. suraj, did you buy tickets? sir, one minute. you also come.- why? you gave me a lift in your car. so, i will take your group photoand give it to you. stand closely.why are you looking like this? sir, i have a crooked look.but, my focus is correct. okay. take it. come closer..camera is small.

puppy, ask her to come closer.- come on. previous look was better than this. sir, what happened? my back is wounded. now, are you okay? that i will know after meeting the doctor. will you take the umbrella? that boy unknowingly touched the button.- aunty.. my hand unknowinglytouched the button.

from morning everything ishappening unknowingly. nothing happened, right?how can i say? you take me slowly. i hope i am not troubling you? - no. nothing has happened to get scared. we will go on that. wait. uncle, will you also come? giant wheel is very small.we will go on roller coast.

now, do you need this? i know. cushion seat in roller coast. if we tie safety belt,there would not be any problem. i am unable to walk.that is why i want to go on that. puppy, shall we go? puppy, take your sisteralong with you. give me a ticket. have it. start the giant wheel. sir, wait. let other persons come.

why? to rotate around? sir, what is it? it is not a cycle wheelwhich is ridden by one person. before buying tickets,you should have told this. start the giant wheel. - i cannot sir. i am asking you to start and you are arguing.come on start.. it is all my fate. stop it. - why? you are right. let persons come.then, you start it. what is this, sir?..you are confusing me.

let us go and have coffee.- i cannot. i am on duty. come on, man.- sir, i do not want listen to me. you bring me down. suraj, ask him to bring me down.i am feeling giddy. i am scared. ask him to bring me down.i am getting scared. she is getting scared.bring her down. sir, what about coffee?- you would not get it. come on. oh god.. you rascal! is there no limit ofplaying the fool? i was short of breath.

hereafter, if you behave like this, i willkill you. do you understand? tell me, hereafter you would notdo like this. tell me.... why are you laughing? tell me. i got scared. do you know?you rascal, idiot. you have talked to me.- what did you say? you have talked to me.- i did not talk to you. you have talked to me. - i did not. buddy, you saw her talking to me, right?- yes. buddy, i did not talk to him, did i?- yes.

oh god! you have talked to me.- i did not you talked to me. - i did not. what is it? you got tired?are you not well? why are you trying tocatch me unnecessary? how much ever you chase me,you would not get me. you cannot catch me. hey, what happened?why are you feeling sad? do not get angry again. now, you want me to say'sorry', right?

is it enough? not enough. okay. i will dosit ups and ask for your pardon. 1, 2, 3... was that not enough? you scold me as much as you like.scold me. okay. take this stick and beat me.you beat me as much as you want. it is better you could havenot spoken to me. uncle, are you afraid ofcoming in this? not at all. you are insulting me.it is a simple game.

straight left and then right. then,it will take a round and come at this place. have you gone by trainfrom ooty to mettupalayam? it is like that only. if you are getting scared,you hold me. look, before it starts,he is like a dead body. after coming back, we have tocheck whether he is alive or not. it is enjoyable. hold it. are you getting scared? it is like going by a flight.

you blabbered. oh god! oh god! stop it..stop it. uncle, why are you shouting? uncle, it was superb. did you get scared? you shouted. in the beginning, you too were scaredand now you are kidding me? suraj, that flower isbeautiful, right? you mean that yellow flower,it is beautiful.

just appreciation is not enough. then? - go and pluck it. what? do you want me to pluck it? you are seeing only that flower. have you seen how high it is? it is like touching the moon.for whom? for sister. your sister desires for somethingwhich she would not get. you cannot pluck a flower!but your name is suraj.

already your sister is angry with me.do not provoke her. you can only talk like this. hey, where are you going?- to buy ice-cream. normally in a family, only one personwill be talkative. only in your family, all the membersare chatterboxes. how is it possible? now a days, you are talkingtoo much. - it may be..i accept. but, i mean to say,i am not like you. do not show your hand and talk.- playing...touching game.

shall we play? - that means? now, i will show my hand.you should hit it. if your hand touch my hand,you have won. i will give you 3 chances. if you cannot,i am the winner. you start first. hey, i have hit..i have hit.. where? no.. - no, i have hit it. i have hit. that is all. do not lie.

no, i have touched your little finger. oh god! if you lie like this, you willget only female children. by telling the truth,and getting a male child. it is better to get a female child. now, what are you trying to say? i have touched you. that is all. you are cheating me. let us play again. now, i will play. yuck!

did i disturb you? not at all. you came like god and saved me. you came as a bear andasking questions? i have heard that you called me 'bear'. i will take leave. you carry on. uncle, in your short sojourn with us,you have become friendly with us. that is my speciality. coming 17th, my sister is going toget married. you must come. - sure. they perform the marriageon a shoe string budget.

are you giving me this small cardas a marriage invitation? uncle, this is a visiting card. from morning, i am getting tensedfor everything. be careful. you should walk carefully. we do not know wherethey have dug the pits. caution "pot holes". if you fall down into the pits,they will cover you by putting slabs. where has he gone? suddenly he vanishedlike the superman.

why did you give that flower to me? biryani.. - it is enough. oh, i have sipped that water.. oh, did you sip drink it?that is why it tastes sweet. i am repeatedly telling you if you eversee any other girls except me.. why did you give me flower? keep the towel and go..- it is alright. what is the meaning if you leave withoutreplying to my question? why did you give flower to me?

i gave it without any sense, is it okay?give me a way. still, why are you acting?tell me openly.. look priya, i gave that flowersince you had wished for it. that is all. do not imagine unnecessary things. hereafter, i would not give anythingwhich you desire. leave my hand. - i would not. i beg you, please, leave my hand. i am asking you to hold my hands. but, you are ready to fall at my feet?

do you know the it is implication? i do not know anything...will you please leave my hand? if we both hold our hands like thisgo around the fire.. it means that we both got married.do you know that? you imagine lots ofunnecessary things.. you are confused and do notconfuse me also. i am telling you again.. if you ever think of any othergirl, i will kill you. on your behalf, i am congratulatingthe couple "asha and sri".

i wish to share something with you. some may not understand whati am trying to say. some may get confused. but, i want one of youto understand it clearly. marriage is a wonderful eventin every life of human. the word 'marriage' itselfhas some power. it has some magic,it has some luck. that is why, everyone desiresfor married life. before we get married, we meetmany persons and move with them. if we like some one amongst them..

we wish to have that person as ourlife partner. nothing wrong in that. but, wishes of some one areeasily fulfilled. but, even after lot of effortswishes of few may not be fulfilled. the life which we are going to lead. will it be with our lover? or withthe person who loves us or with a stranger? it is not in our hands totake this decision. even after knowing this,some persons are very adamant. and want their lovers tobe their life partners. we can wish, to be born as sonof dilip kumar or son of actor rajini.

but, it is not in our handsto make those dreams come true. some persons have to compromise forcertain things in life. but, compromise becomes partof their life for some persons. in this case.. one should not be adamant notto compromise in married life. if they adjust in lifeit will be good for them. for their neighbours also. even asha and sri must have compromisedfor certain things. but, they got married happily,have not they?

i request all of youto follow that attitude. then sri, as i said,"life is full of compromises". do not stop fightingwith each other. then, there would not beany interest in life. you should quarrel with eachother at regular intervals. you should start the quarrel in themorning and it should end in the night. like this, i request you both to havesmall quarrels and live happily.. hey...fantastic man. will you tell me oncethat "i like you".

will you give me one glance,saying that 'i like you'. love is like smoke. even if youhide, it will be seen. only in love, mountains aredestroyed when hit by flowers. do not hide yourself.do not torture me.. there is no grammar for the heart. shadow of moon will fallon the river. but, it is not the propertyof river. no one gets that life whereall desires are fulfilled. our relationship has notmaterialized on it is own.

love would not fail even ifworld fails. fire fly should not aspireto become heavenly stars historical loves were fullof struggles and pains. heart wants to forgetyour remembrance. you are asking me to pluck theflowers which are blossomed in dreams. you can cut the leaves..what will you do to the roots? when they grow on the land,oh dear! where will you go? withering of jasmine flowers would notbe the part of the shadow of the tree. i will struggle to live with you.

if i lose you, i will bein distress. why are you playing 'hide and seek'in my life? have you not understood me? or are you pretending thatyou have not understood me? sometimes you make me happy bycoming closer to me. sometimes you go far away from meand hurt me. why do you do like this? you are a useless fellow accordingto your father. you are an irresponsible manaccording to my father.

but, i found you a good man..why? tell me. why are you making me mad? why are you torturing me bycoming in my life? tell me.. tell me, suraj.. you made my sister cry,did not you? sister, look there who has come. it seems marriage arrangementsare going on.. i have not come for the engagement. but you are surprised that i havecome 1 day before the marriage, right?

lakshmi, it is not that. priya attained her pubertyon your wedding. now, she is going to get married. sister is shocked because of that. sister-in-law, now a days girlsare very fast in everything. at the age of 12, they attain puberty. at the age of 18, they get married,and at the age of 20, they become mothers. at the age of 40, theybecome oldies. - what? i mean, before 40 itselfthey become oldies.

with that, everything comes toan end, in their lives. where is priya? what is it? what happened? hubby.. give.. hubby, what is this?give it to me.. my friend, mani is coming hereafter a long time. i have arranged a small partyfor welcoming him. hai, mani, welcome..welcome..

what is this? it is becomingbigger and bigger.. how are you? - i am fine. how about you? - we are fine..come in brother. just a minute. have youcome straight to meet me. or you have met your sonbefore coming here? why should i bring suitcase if ihad met my son in the guest house? look, you did not believe me..he loves me more than his son. hey! give your suitcase to her..- come in.. - come, man. it has been a long time sincewe both ate together.

i have arranged a small party for you. let us have it later. were there any hassles because of my son?- what do you mean by your son? now, he is my responsibility. he has taken the responsibilityof arrangements for wedding of tomorrow. really? - yes. how did he become so responsible man?how is it possible? it is not cropped up all of a sudden,it was lying dormant in him. you did not properly understand him.am i right? - yes. i will bring coffee.

why coffee? bring 2 sodas.- hey! keep quiet. prepare strong coffee and give it to me.- okay, brother. what man? are you pretendingto be a gentleman before her? hey! i am not pretending like that. tomorrow, there is a marriage in our house.if we both have drinks now, and some men from side of groom see us,what will they think of us? what will they think? uncle, someone from your officehas come to see you. yuck! wait for 5 minutes.i will come.

paplu, what are you doing? i am digging holes for the stage. why are you digging with a stick? then? - bring a spoon fromthe kitchen and dig with that. with a spoon? if i dig with a spoonauspicious time will elapse. my contention was the same. bring the crow bar and dig quickly..go, man. you meant that! madam, how are you?

sorry i was busy inmarriage arrangements. that is why, i did not see you. do you want flowers? if you hadasked me, would not i pluck and give you? you go..i will pluck them and come. i am talking to you and you are going away.. what should i talk to you? so much problem was createdbetween you both. and you do not seem to beeffected by it. unable to suppress the feelingslike you,

that mad girl is crying there.. i would not blame you. it is all mistake of priya. 1st mistake of priya was to love you. even after getting engaged toanother man she loves you, that was her great mistake. apart from that, she expressedher love also to you. we can call that as her foolishness. she is not matured enough to realisethat these are her mistakes.

but you are a very good person. that is why, for her well-being,you are performing her marriage. i am asking you casually, for marriage of your lover. if you do all the chores, do you think you will be called,a great 'sacrificer'? you understand one thing. human beings were born and formed customs. human beings were not bornafter customs were formed.

if she is unable to live with you,priya may commit suicide. all these things will happen later. but now in your remembranceshe is dying slowly.. what are you going to do about it? i do not know why you avoiding herand you are so adamant? but, please do not kill thatinnocent girl unnecessarily. father...when did you come here? just a minute.. do not disturb me till marriage gets over.you take care of everything.

come on...where were you? suraj was downstairs..- how is your son? he was a child under my care.. now, he has become a great man.. it is because he is under my control. come, suraj..come.. hey! ask him 'how is he'? what is there to ask.. some persons look very happy..we will go and ask them 'how are you'?

some persons may be worried. we will ask them 'are you fine'? according to me, both areunnecessary questions. i had asked you arrange a guest housefor people of groom. have you arranged? uncle, i have already givenadvance for that. have you arranged evening snacksfor the guests? i have arranged catering totake care of that. paplu was there. i have asked him to give ordersaccording to their demands.

uncle, marriage hall decorationswill start tomorrow. i have ordered for garlands. then for the stay of friends of groom, i have booked a room inambica empire hotel. you need not tell anything. i do not have to worry when you and maniare with me. you do as you wish. this is our family marriage. this marriage should not be forgottenatleast for 10 years by the guests. what do you say man?

why 10 years?.. i cannot forget this marriagefor my entire life. priya, you.. you need not say anything..i will go now.. but before i go i want to knowyour feelings. tell me truly, do youlike me or not? if you do, say 'i like you'. i will notget dejected that i did not get you. and i will go happily and sit underthe canopy. if you do not, say,'i do not like you'.

i will hide that pain withinme and get married. suraj, wait.. give me a reply and go.. i am not in a position totell you anything. your priority is your love. priority of your fatheris status. my father is my priority. so, do not give priorityto your love. forget me..

this marriage should be performedwithout any hassles. dad, stop this marriage. do not take hasty decision. i have taken a right decision,let us go back to our place. after seeing this photoyou are saying this? yes. to prove that this girlscharacter is bad. what more proof do you want otherthan this? this is common in americawhere you stay. are you upset because of this?

before marriage she wasroaming with some one. after marriage you too roamwith some other girl. who will question you? what are you saying? - hey! shut up!i will kill you..go inside.. do not spoil lif of a girl..- hey! go inside.. it will be a plus point for us ifthe bride has some minus points. i am telling you as your father.. accept this alliance. yourfuture will be bright. accept my son.. do what ever you want.- he has accepted.

i will show this photo to her father. and sell it for rs.1 croreto obtain the negative rights. 1 crore..you can give it as blackor white money. marriage will be performed.- get up, man. kinsman, it will be better if you talkcalmly without getting angry. why should i talk to youcalmly? get out. for the mistake of your daughter, you areasking me to "get out"? if you utter a single word aboutmy daughter, i will shoot you. why are you shouting?

i have come with a good business plan. if you give me rs.1 crore. let your daughter roam with anyone.i will ask my son to marry your daughter. i should stay here or go awaydepends on your decision. father, it is my fault. i only loved bhoopathi. even though i knew that it is wrong.. i could not forget bhoopathi.forgive me father. what is happening here?

without keeping an eye on her,what are you doing here? groom side people are asking mewith the photo. that your daughter is roamingwith this guy. he is asking rs.1 crore. not only 1 crore. i will giveeven 10 crores.. money is not the problem. if i satisfy his demand. it means that i have accepted thatmy daughter is wrong. can i accept? i am asking you, is it not?

mother does not know anything. you shut up! i do not liketo talk to you. brother.. - are you going to support her? please brother, listen to me withoutgetting angry. no one knows when and wherelove blossoms. if that is known, no girlwill leave her house. or like this no girl will stand asan accused infront of others. do not you know when love blossoms? that is why, after getting engagedwith someone.

she is accepting that she hadfallen in love. are you not ashamed? have i brought her up inan uncultured manner? she is a cultured girl. that is why even though sheloves some other man. she is ready to get married whomyou have selected for her. even now, you came to know thisthrough someone.. otherwise, it would have remaineda secret in her heart forever. even if you perform themarriage in a grand manner.

and even if you givethem a marriage feast. whatever they eat will getdigested before evening. they feel hungry in thenight again. after that, everyone will forgetabout this marriage. but she has to live with the personwhom she does not like permanently. you think carefully.. are the guests in themarriage important? or her life partner is important? i accept that her life partneris important.

but, after i fixed her engagement. she is saying that she likesonly suraj. ask her to explain. i will cancel the marriageright away. i do not know the reason why youselected the american groom. but, there are lots of reasonsfor her to like suraj. even after saying that 'i do not like you'. boys will pester the girls. but, even after she expressed her love.

bhoopathi explained to her thatit was wrong and maintained a distance.. that must have prompted herto love him. as he had left the housewithout informing. do you remember you brought him backfrom the railway station? when you asked him the reasonfor leaving the house. he lied that he remembered his father. your daughter priya said thatshe loved him. that is why, he left the house.. without telling this truthhe behaved like a gentleman.

that must have prompted her to like him. why all these things...? friendship and love have the same feeling. being son of your friend, youallowed him to stay in the out house. with the same sentiment,she also allowed him to stay in her heart. both are same, are they not? we can list lot of reasonslike this. but, i did not meanthat she is right. you think for a while..

by honouring your words, she is ready to get married to theperson whom she dislikes. even she is a cultured girl. and it is wrong to love a girlwho is already engaged. but he maintained a distance. he toois a cultured man. if guests in the marriage saythat she is an uncultured girl. and you feel that your statusmay get eclipsed. brother, do not separate two hearts. brother..

do not mistake me if iinterfere in this.. what lakshmi says is right... i do not have to prove to everyonethat my daughter is a chaste girl. and my family is respectable. my daughter must get marriedat the time fixed by me. that is important to me. where is he? where is suraj? i do not know what is the problem..people of groom are going away in anger. i cannot understand anything..you come quickly.

father, there they are.. sir why are you leaving the placeat the time of marriage? sir, what happened? why areyou going away? did anyone talk badabout you? did anyone disrespect you? sir, tell me.. if you were not treated properlyat the marriage hall. please do not make it a big issue. sir, tell me your problems,then onlyi can find a way out.

let it be any problem.tell me. i will solve it. you are the problem. sir, i cannot get you. what problem have i created? we have come to know about the affairbetween you and that girl. we have self respect. that is whywe are leaving the place. priya and me? oh god! i am no match to her. i do not have any link with her.

some one has misled and confused you.please do not believe those things. we are not fools to believeanything without proper proof. look at this photo. daddy, how? do not conclude with this photo thatshe is a bad charactered girl. sir, she is a very good girl. oh god! how to make you understand? i consider my father as god. i swear on him thatshe is a good girl.

she is like fire, no one can go near her.sir, please believe me. you are repeating the same thing. we are not prepared tobelieve you. sir, viswanathan is a respectableman in the society. if this marriage is stoppedhe cannot bear that. sir, he would not be able to bear the disgrace.he will commit suicide. he is an honourable man. do you mean that he is the onlyhonourable man in this world. why? do not we have self respect and honour?

answer me. sir, i did not mean that. - brother, why areyou talking to him unnecessarily? you both roamed togetherbefore marriage. are you now trying toget her married to him? if you say anything aboutthat girl... even god cannot findfault with priya. she is innocent. you have committed the mistake and you aregiving her a clean certificate? it is not that...

even her father is not bothered about her,why are you bothered? look, this marriage will not fructifyeven if you beg or cry. at the time of marriage if the bride says thatshe does not like the groom. the groom will getanother girl to marry. but if the groom says thathe does not like the girl. she will never be able to get married.do not ruin her life. i beg you. come, let usgo to the marriage hall. you must have thought about this when youposed for this photo with her. are you not ashamedof begging me?

abuse me, beat me tillyour anger subsides. do whatever you want? but, please do not stop this marriage. look, not only now. i will stop her getting married forever. if someone comes to marry her. i will come here, tell them about youand stop the marriage. hey, get lost. i gave you respect becauseyou are the family of groom.

but taking it lenience. can anyone reach his placewithout performing the marriage? i will behead you all. no my son.- leave me dad. anyone who has the guts to gohome without their legs. can get into the train. can you get a girl likepriya in your life? go to the marriage hall. hey, why are you lookingat your father?

this applies to your father too.go to the marriage hall. there is no problem uncle. the groom will now cometo the marriage hall. you go and make all the arrangements.i will bring them. ask them to go. there is no problem uncle.a small confusion. priya will become upset if shecomes to know about this. go and tell her that thegroom is on his way to the hall. no, suraj listen to me.

go away man,- do you thinkwe are going to stay here? my son will get1000 girls. i will conduct marriage of my sonmarriage in a grand manner. what type of a girl you have. come let us go. uncle, they are going away- forget it, suraj. life of priya will be ruined.tell them...call them. why did you betray me?- what is this uncle? even you are talking like them.do you not believe me? do you like priya?

tell me the truth.do you like priya or not? i like her.i like priya very much. but i have not told thisto priya till now. do you know why itold you this now? because you called me a betrayer? do you not feel it is wrong to hide thefact from me that you love priya? your friendship with my dad was moreimportant to me than my love for priya. even if i do not come up in life. but do not create any animus betweenus friends to beg pardon from each other.

only because of that, i did not wantto break your friendship. and i buried my love within me. shit! i am a fool...fool. i searched for my son-in-lawin australia and in america. but i did not search in the heart of mydaughter. with such a good groomnear me. i was searching all over the place. suraj is my son-in-law.you are my son-in-law. hey, when did you come?

i came here last night. not only that, i gave a gift tobe presented to you. gift? to whom did you give the gift? a shameless black fellow with themoustache drawn with pencil, it is him. hey, come here. - what is it? it seems he gave you a gift.- oh that girl? i was asked to give it to the groom.i gave it to the groom. the groom prior to you.- so you are not the groom. now i am the groom. - earlier?

he was the groom.- who is going to get married? now for me. what about him? - that is over. what is this? who is the actual groom? oh no...he is the groom. there was a big confusion becauseof the photo given by you. go and have dinner.i will explain to you later. generally i used to confuse everyone. but now, you all are confusing me.

i will eat and then i will talk to you.- come, let us go and eat. so you are responsible for the confusion. do not blame me for every thing.. if i had not changed the photo. you could not have become the groom? could you?..could you? i cannot.. - greetings..welcome... get lost. - hey stop man. why is he chasing me instead ofchasing the bride?

who is that? do you not have the manners to knock thedoor before entering others room! how can you go without answering me? why are you keeping quietwhen i am asking you? why did you lock the door? move away. i will scream. go away suraji will call everyone.