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is mumbai a very big city, father? yes, my son. it's a very big city. so how will we see allof it in just four days? we will, my son.i'll take you around the city. i want to visit the sea and also have my photograph taken on the beach. sure, son.we'll have your photo taken. want to be photographedwith amitabh bachchan. all right, son.that will be done too. okay?

brother, your son is very talkative. and i must say,you sure are a very patient man! you answer every questionof his so appropriately. makes one feel he's your son. actually, he's my brother's son. my brother andsister-in-law are no more. so the two of us are bringing him up. we're taking him on a tour of mumbai. wow! no one could have guessedhe is not your son if not told.

you sure love him very much. as if he were your own son! tea vendor! snacks! uncle? aunt? goli, have you seenthe movie "deewar"? yes, and guess whichline i liked the best? "i still don't pick up fallen money." i loved that line whereamitabh bachchan says,

"you must be very happy today." let's go and see that movie again.- oh yes, let's do that. who are you? why are you crying? my uncle and aunt have lost their way. not your uncle and aunt, it's youwho has lost your way in this city. i'm terribly hungry. i haven'teaten anything since yesterday. you get nothing by got to snatch it. get that? goli! get him!don't let him escape! - nab him! the paschim express hasarrived at platform number four.

you are requested tolook after your luggage. contact the police immediatelyin case of any suspicious activity. alright! as you wish! i'll be there in about an hour.tell patil. thief! who are you? where did you pick him up?- near navrang, sir. stand up! pick that up and get going.

ladies and gentlemen, please help me! i was a soldier. i lostmy eye-sight serving the country. and now i'm forced to beg. please give thisbeggar whatever you can. he's robbing a beggar! look! he's robbing a beggar! haven't stolen it? only collectedthe fee. i have done your treatment. you were blind earlier.but you can see now, right? sit down there. go on!

strange guys! they rob a beggar! may you rot! just you see! what is your name? tony. - your father's name? pony! i want a straight answer, okay? it's a straight answer. you call me to the police station sooften and ask me the same questions. my name. my father's name.

my father died wheni was still a child. i don't even remember how he lookedhow then will i remember his name? you believe in god, do you? he's the one who did me thefavor of sending me in to this world. i have so many questions to ask him. where were you at 8 last night? last night, i.. - hurry up and answer. speak up. i do remember,but this is a police station.

one has to be carefulabout what one says. and last night, i.. yes..i was at my aunt's place in colaba. i go to her placefor food once in a while. she makes excellent can call her over. she could come here as well as to the court. he's lying! fine then, i'm lying. telling you the truthin the beginning is futile.

because you think whateveris told to you first, is a lie. but i'll speak the truth what's the question? you snatched a bag from ajeweler at zaveri bazar last night. it contained some cash and jewelry. where is it? amazing story, sir. why are you pinningsomeone else's crime on me? i've given up all this! these days, i work as anapprentice at an automobile garage.

sir, no raising your hand. no violence. i told you, i haven't done it.that's it! do you have a witnesswho can testify that i did it? no! beat me up now, and i'll own up. but i'll go back on my words in court. and i'll tell the judge that iowned up because you guys tortured me. what good is that to you and me?

may i go? let's go, goli. - what's it, tony? everything okay, tony? munnatold me the cops had picked you up. what for? - mere time pass. what the.. i told you about mr patil, remember? i've taken an appointment,we've got to meet him. he keeps needing guys like us. when are we meeting him?

i've heard a lot about you. you've made lifemiserable for the cops. i've heard things about you too,patil, sir! you know this goli? - yes. pestered me like mad. - really? has been pestering methat i must meet mr. patil. so i said, "let's meet him today." right! how about talking business, mr. patil?

oh yes, that's whati've called you here for. not for a chat surely. you see, some guysare fond of driving cars. and they take loans from the banks, but forget to repay the loan. i've got five such cases. you've got to pay them a visit,collect the money and bring it here. if they don't pay up,bring the car keys. i'll pay you 2000 rupeesfor every car you bring.

does the bank intendto sell the cars in scrap? scrap? what do you mean? the metal, the engine, the tyres. what are you saying? it's a 2002 model. you speak nonsense. mr. patil! i know what price the carsfetch in the market. - alright. i'll charge 10,000 for every car. now look.i've got boys to do the job for me.

but i called you here becausechandu said you're a nice guy. chandu is wrong! i'm not a nice guy. let me know if you can takeup my offer. else i'm leaving. hold on. why are you in a hurry? i'll pay you what you're asking for. this file has the namesand addresses of all the debtors. goli, take good care of this one. bring the car keys to me andcollect your share of money. right? mr. patil.. shouldn't have taken uphis offer in the very first meeting. chandya! the money's toolittle for what he's doing. vikas patil isn't calledthe "smart patil" for nothing, okay? "when the flowers bloom." "it's silky, it's glittery." "it's pearly, it's golden." give me two days more, please.i'll repay the loan. please listen to medon't take the car away. just get out of my way.haul it up.. go on.

i'm giving you apost-dated cheque. - yes. please don't take the car away. yes. - you can have thewhole cheque book if you wish "when anklets are made." "there's brass. there are beads." "and there's a string to bind it." what are you doing, mister? who's going to pay the loan? 'if you wish to drive a car.'

'you got to pay up. have to recover.' "there's a cloud." "like kohl" "there are raindrops." the heart goes crazy." enough! pull up here. you stay here. come inside if wedon't return in ten minutes. - fine. "when the season of youth arrives." stay here.i'll go and check with anna.

scoundrel! - no, anna! don't! i've been in the businessfor twenty years. and it's always youraccounts that are crooked! anna, there's a guyfrom the bank out there. he says if you don't repay the loan,he'll take the car away. really? bring him in. go on. well, smarty?you've come to collect for the bank? if i don't pay up,you'll take the car away? alright.

pick up the key ifyou have the courage. goli! pick up the key. hey! catch him. well, smarty,you thought you could get away? move it! you did the right thing. shetty was gettingto be a bit too smart. he needed to be given a dose. and i've taken care of'll face no problems.

and then, he's not dead. if he had to die so easily,he wouldn't be a shetty! sit down here.c'mon. and give me the keys. 1-2-3-4! where's the 5th? here's the fifth key. give it to me.- i'll collect 20000 for this. you're talking about money! i've saved you from serious trouble. it's for you that ispoke to shetty's contacts.

spoke to the cops.who haven't i spoken to? did i ask you to talkto shetty's contacts? to talk to the cops? no, right? it wouldn't make any differenceto me even if shetty had died. hey! - hey! i'm collecting 20thousand for this key. 20 thousand, okay? i'll pay you 20 thousand!i'm paying you 20,000!

why do your worry? here's the money. one, two, three and four! i'll let you know if there'sanother job coming up. take care! mr. patil, you shouldn'tbe giving him so much money. it'll drive him out of his mind. chandya, he's already out of his mind. and crazy guys likehim are very useful to us. i'm not called "smartpatil" for nothing! here you are, goli. distribute it.

wow! smile across the face! here you are, guys. enjoy yourself! count it. 1-2-3-4! what've you planned, goli? i'm going to see sapna perform. i've got a ticket for you too. no, my friend. - so don't refuse me. i'm going to sleep at home.

sleep in the air-conditioned hall. i'll watch the show, what say? ok! you think the price is high? you have no idea of madam's price. i quoted a low price becauseyou said it's a charity show. and i'm just her secretary! i'm not her fatherto take any decision. look at the craze for her.look at the demand.

look at the queue. no singerhas been able to stand up to her. that's because the magicshe wields goes to your head. and you're haggling over the price?how is it possible? mister, this is my seat. let's see! oh yes! can't you see he is resting?go and sit down somewhere. go on. strange guy! what did you say? come here.

"my crazed heart." "my crazed heart wouldn'theed any reason." "it was so difficultto reason with it." "i had to go and see my beloved." "my anklets had to chime." "modesty holds me back,and love draws me out." "i now walk with my eyes closed." "i have loved so whathave i to be shy about?" "at last,i had to take the veil off my face."

"my lord is angry with me.he won't be placated." "i have set out tobring my love around." "it's so difficult for me to return." "i had to bow my head in reverence." sister, please. move aside! out of the way off. madam has to rush. madam! move. - hi.

step back! back off! why are you standing here?move back! move back, will you? move back, will you? why are you pushing? why? they're merely seeking her autograph. whatever she is today,is because of them! you get that? madam! - excuse me! i'm obliging, right? who wants one? here! - don't crowd around.

don't crowd around. please. you waste your time here, andthe recording is sure to be cancelled. burnt me! don't set me on fire! i'm still alive! what happened? how did i get a burn? was it the cigarette? i had a dream,that you're lighting my funeral pyre.

why do i always havesuch dreams about you? at times,i dream of you throwing me in a well. then there's the dream ofyou chasing me with a revolver. and of throwing mebefore a railway engine. are you a friend or an enemy, tell me. go to sleep. why are you smokingso much so late at night? i see! i understood! looks like you'vebeen dreaming of sapna.

you know my friend,it's all about what your status is. a man must always dreamaccording to his status. well, she's far beyond your reach. she sings and dancesout of her love for art. she's a big man's daughter, you know? what do you mean by big?am i a small man? i've made so much inthis city too! - is it? the stuff here. it's all mine. blurts nonsense!- wow! you've made so much!

wow! how much you have made! every police station has yourphoto in their gallery of rogues. they're so respectful to you. listen now, stop using theright brains on wrong things.. ..and go to sleep. you go to sleep! - you go to sleep! go to sleep, because yourdestiny has gone to sleep. and i'm going to keep awake. because my destiny has awakened.

get back! what sort of production is this? the crowd is harassing us! - yes, sir! c'mon! - do not take any tension. drive them away! madam will be angry. please get back and letus get on with our shoot. why don't you understand? natu, you'll zoom in from here and.. there's so much of a problem here!

tell her the shot is ready.go and call her. natu, are you ready? hurry up! excuse me, madam! your shot is ready. what? shot is ready?clear the crowd first! the heroine's not to be seen. please move back. please move back, our shot is held up. the lady will go back home. please go back. - but ihave moved back. how much more?

back off! back off! - move! so? where do youwant these guys to go? back there! - go! get back there, i said!behind that car. it's a song being shot till now soon,it'll be action time. back off! get back! what are you doing there?come here. get back! come here. get back!

thank you! thank you very much! you were amazing! you cleared the wholefield with a mere slap! you see sapna madam there? i'm her secretary, pankaj. - tony tony! what a pleasure to meet you!i'm delighted! will you have something to drink? please sit down. sorry. spot boy, get a chair!where are you?

hurry! goli! - bullet? my name is goli. i was scared. get another chair. now look at this,boys and girls. 1-2-3.. 1-2-3.. 1-2.. look, with your whole body. 1-2.. like this.. move the whole body. 1-2.. he just can't get it.

raju, what are you doing?move your feet. show him the step, santosh.- yes, sir. look, it's so simple. like this? - have you comefrom alibaugh. are you pregnant? move your feet! go on! show him again! like this. and like this. it is so simple!he just doesn't seem to get it. really? can you do it?

of course! don't laugh. want me to show you? no, forget it. whatever for? sit here. sit comfortably! mister, can i perform it? it's not about flexing muscles, okay? it's a dance.have you been trained? - no. so how will you do it? i wasn't trained inmuscle-flexing either.

why don't you try himout if he's so confident? "this fair maiden" "has stolen my heart." "morning or night,or a bright afternoon"" "she says she praysfor my well-being." "this handsome boy" "looks like a thug." "morning or night,or a bright afternoon" "he says he prays for my well-being."

"i really do thinkyou are a fortunate girl." "for the line on my palm saysyou are the one who'll be mine." "at what you say,with my hand in yours" "you sure have sentmy heart pounding." "in every lane..- there's a hue and cry." "it isn't a good thingto tease me every day" "to appear in my dreamsall through the nights." "by god, that's my state too." "all day and night,you are the only one i think about."

"the whole world" "appears to be round." "this fair maidenhas stolen my heart." that was excellent, madam.- thank you. i've composed the other song too.please attend the rehearsal tomorrow. yes. - we can decideabout the shoot there. okay! - bye! thank you. - all the best. bye. - see you.

she gives you a fingerand you grab the whole hand? what do you mean? - what do i mean! you were featheringher cheeks very lovingly. you could not take your hands off her.- oh, get lost! okay, bye. - bye. that.. - what happened, madam? tony! we forgot. you dance very nicely. very nice.

great dance! it's all over, okay?now get her out of your mind you two just aren't equals! let me tell you,i want to be an equal in love. no matter what i have to do. when does anu's gambling money go out?- on friday. what's today? - friday. there's a car coming this way. he's going to ram into us!

that's all? everything is perfect. what say? well goli, the money isbeing put to good use, isn't it? perfect use! shit. 1-2-3-4. "come and take me away." "my beloved, drive me crazy." the lady is in demand.

she cancelled a confirmedrecording just to record for you. but you're still the same old scrooge. i'll raise the packet a bit. i want the figure i told you.confirm it with mr. bakshi. ok. - brother, tony! move it, man. what brings you here? i get it.glamour has enamored you too, right? recording a song? well yes!

who is the music director? myself. very good! you must. if you have a duet in the album,tell me! i'll get madam to sing. well, no problems ifyou have zeroed in on someone. madam is busy anyway. oh no, mr. pankaj.this particular song is different. only ms sapna can sing it,no one else.

thank you. i must leave. call me up. i'll get your work done. coming ma'am. hurry up.i have to go for another recording. don't forget to call! c'mon! this way, madam. look here. excuse me! your pendant, sir.

'i think i must talk to him today.' excuse me! are you a regular here? to be honest, this is the first time.i came here only to see you. actually, i've fallen in lovewith you and i want to marry you. what do you have to say? i got this made for you. i'm all alone. if you want me to meet someonefrom your family, i'm game. come.

am i dressed properly?- perfect. shall we? tony! well, it's all set for you. 'i do believe now,that you are really present!' you run the world. 'you've done so much for me,' 'let me take over now.' 'no more shady businesses.' 'my life is all set.' the bus will be here any moment.- yes, the bus will come soon.

what will you have during the break? i have packed some wafers.don't misbehave in class. concentrate on your studies. the bus is here. come on. there is a bus. driver! hang on!stop the bus for a minute. bye, mama! bye, papa! shall we go? - come on! you forgot his tiffin!

you always forgetto give him his tiffin. he's going to starve the whole day. you'd better have it. take it. you'd better eat it now. what tiffin? nothing! 'look tony, you are wise, no doubt.' 'golden opportunities rarely knock!' 'don't goof up.'

i'll drop more fracases, honestly. what? nothing. come! good morning! - good morning! yes? hello! sapna! come in. would you study the report later, sir?

no, this is urgent! prepare the file,i'll be there. - okay sir! how come you are here?- sir, this is tony. and tony, this is doctor ajay saxena. greetings! - greetings! sapna, i have an urgentreport to prepare. be comfortable,i'll be back soon. - okay. do you know who this doctor is, tony? my future husband. my fianc√£©e.

i'm going to marry him. we've known eachother since childhood. move! get up, tony. listen to me. get up. go away! - c'mon! does it look good, tony? you have caused a traffic jam,and the people are stressed out. you are dead drunk.

i'm ashamed! my friend, come here.come to me. - no. come here. - what the.. why are you ashamed?what's my mistake? did i abuse them?did i? - no not at all. did i hit someone? - listen to me. no! - i didn't hit anyone. listen to me. listen to me. right now, you are lyingbang in the middle of the road,

and this trafficsnarl is because of you, and you ask me your mistake! come on, get up. people are honking. come on. get up. why are they honking? listen, tony.- i'm marrying this pretty lady. why are you honking? play the wedding bugle. let's go.

come on, dance.- alright, i'll dance. here you are! watch it! this way. drunkards! "i'm a reveler, i make merry." "i'm the king of hearts,yet lonely in my kingdom." "get off my back, o love!you are dubious." "whoever knows when you'llshow your true colors?" "cast a glance at me,too sweetheart, love me" "i have given you my heart, trust me."

hey tony! - yes? this reminds me of a own creation. want to hear? - let's hear. let's hear. "those eyes havesaid something for sure" "do not blame me if i'm carried away" wonderful! don't try to con me now. - what? you took that out of a movie.

hear an original one from me. - shoot! "you act so vainbecause you are drunk." yes. "look at me!i'm not drunk, yet i'm intoxicated." i could die for it! "am i drunk on your eyes?" "or is it the booze?" "why do i have a feeling" "that you love me madly, too?"

"let me confess tonight." "i've been pining for you,but i never found you." here's a fresh couplet,'s about booze. let's hear. - my creation. "i barely visit the bar,and i hardly drink." "but when tresses create magic,i drink hard even off season." applause! goli, you are conningme again. - what? it's pankaj udhas' ghazal.

man, you catch me every time.- hear mine. absolutely original. alright! - say it! "they visit aunty's bar yet,why do they drink less?" amazing! "they are not real drunkardswho count every swill." amazing! hats off to you "i can't live without you." "it's true, believe me."

"i'm helpless, believe me." "you can even kill me." "what makes you helpless?why do you grieve?" "i belong to you,so does my heart, my love." goli! sapna was singing very well,wasn't she? listen to me, tony. - okay. stop dreaming about sapna. it's not going to come true.- no way, goli. it will come true, really. - damn!

i'm going to make it big. well! - do you remember? what? - do you remember what i said? sapna doesn't love the doctor. her parents have chosen him for her. sapna is in love with me. for her sake, i'll become a rich man. you think you can become richand challenge that doctor? - i will! when you become rich you thinkher parents will marry her off to you?

exactly! - you are silly! goli, i'm not silly. that doctor is silly. yes, the doctor is silly,i'm silly.. - no! you are my friend. the doctor is mad. i'm your friend, right?so listen to this! - ok. education, job, business fame, identity,they all matter in life. no way! i don't wantto study and become a doctor.

i just want to mint money. once i have money,sapna will belong to me. what have you done? he's the guy i was talking about. it's him. tony. a real daredevil! mr mallya,do tell me if you need him anytime. leave that. where is my snack? the one you stole fromme when we were kids.

tell me. - at home! where the hell did he land from? who is he? a very strict officer. he has got many licenses cancelled. i hope he doesn't spell trouble. hello, sir. - hello! do you keep bengrix? yes, sir.- how much do you have? where is it?

here it is! how much do you have in stock?- lots, sir! new stocks have arrivedjust the other day. officers, confiscate the entire stuff. do the packing well. mr. sinha! hello, mr. gosai. hello, mr. sinha. what are these?

vaccines. prescribed for? for saving infants from hepatitis. which company imported it? our company. can you tell me the expiry date? august 2004. august 2003. that means, this medicine has expired.

it was funny, dad. i had to tell themthat i'm your youngest son. hello, sir, mr. sinha on the line. yes sinha? dr. gosai from fda wantsvaccines to be destroyed. give him the phone. one moment. he wants to talk to you. hello. why did you take the trouble, doctor?

i was planning to meet you in person. you'll have to destroy the entirestock of this particular vaccine. what are you saying, doctor? the stock costs millions. i can't bear such a heavy loss. you are talking aboutprofits and losses, are you? this concerns the lives of children. nothing untoward will happen, doctor. this can be used for a yearor two more after the expiry date.

what are you talking? it's a vaccine. i understand your point, dr. gosai. i had even asked my elderson to test the vaccines.. ..and get your re-approval. i'm sending him over to youroffice with a letter and a packet. no, mr. mallya,i don't want any packet. i'm not giving my approval.just do as i said or else, i'll have to take actionagainst the company. that's all. this man is responsiblefor the problem.

sorry sir! we had verylittle time for the dispatch. the labeling staff musthave not removed the old labels. what were you doing there? why weren't the old labels removed.. ..when the orders wereto put on the new ones? i'm sorry, sir! i'll think about your fate later. i must fix dr. gosai first. patil!

hello sir! - hello! only you could get this file endorsed. do tell me if you need more money. our relation will go a long way! you know why? that's because there'sone great thing about you. you don't ask any questions. you accept a contractand complete it in no time. why are you going to delhi?

there's one thing bad about you. you ask too many questions,and leave your task undone too. give me my money, mr. patil. here you are! and this.. "a ring." "put a ring on me, my love." "sweetheart, put a ring on my finger." "take my pictures andkeep one in your wallet."

"in my fantasies,in my books, i search for you." "on those colourful nights,in my dreams, i probe." "where have you hidden yourself?" "come, make me yourbride and take me away." "o my love!" "just tell me this much,when will you come to me?" "either call me over,or tell me your whereabouts." "i wait for you in anticipation." "come to me, sweep me off my feet."

2"a ring." there's a hell of a problem. we have to move to mumbai right now. forget the show and come with me. attention, please. i'm sorry,we have to end this show here. please cooperate. silence, please. please cooperate. i'm sorry! madam, i need to reachmumbai at the earliest.

just get me one ticket, please. i'm sorry, madam. the flight is full. i'll certainlyget you confirmed on the next flight. all passengers are requested to.. i tried other airlines too..they're full too. a friend of mine,the duty manager, is off today. what should i do? i have a confirmed ticket..if you want.. it's mr. tony! the problem is solved.

don't ponder.just get the boarding pass. thank you, mr. tony. let's go, madam. madam, here's a confirmed ticket. what the hell!aren't you going to mumbai? not me, you are not going.i gave her your ticket. - i see what the hell! i'm going to mumbai try to understand. what nonsense! understand what?

i'm going, and that's final. why do you always have to trap me? why don't you understand?- am i your friend or sorry! thank you very much tony. you have solved a grave problem. she had to leave on an urgent matter. thank me. i'm going by rajdhani now. is that so?why do you need to take a train? you are flying with me.- yes, mr. pankaj is with you.

nothing to worry, okay? i'll fix you later. mr. goli, calm down.i'm buying you a flight ticket. will you buy me snacks first? sure, come with me.i'll treat you to gujarati food. welcome back to zee news. the police today presented dr.hargobind gosai in court. dr. gosai had approved anexpired vaccine of surya pharma. the vaccine has killedthree infants until now.

nurse! ?/ call the doctor quickly,please! my kid! look here, madam. - stop! please save my child.i have only one child. just look at my child seemsto be the reaction of some medicine. please check my child? please let us go in. i have to see children condition.- move back, please. don't crowd around here.back off - you can't behave like this.

hit him, hit him. hit him. break it. break it! come out! break are playing with kids health. down with food and drugadministration department! this way! this way? - right ahead! where? - right ahead! papa!

are you all right, papa? what happened to him, mom? not to worry, dear.everything will be fine. but how did this happen?what did the doctors say? now what? you're married to sapna. now, buy a ticket and leavefor switzerland for your honeymoon. i always told you thatyour line of thought was wrong. you've seen the fussit has created, right?

now when sapna gets to know that you are the causeof her father's ruin, will she garland you for that? can you dig a void in a girl'slife and yet win over her heart? tell me. i'm the one who's done thewrong and i'll correct it, too. where's patil? - i don't know. i asked you, where is patil?- have you gone mad? rana, get him!

there's a football matchbeing played in my office! that tony's scoring goals out there. he wrecked my guys as ifthey were pieces of furniture broke my furniture tooand now he is looking for me. you can understand whyhe's looking for me, right? not just me, he's not goingto spare you either, mr. mallya. he's one dangerous guy!- what are you trying to convey? that we ought to be scaredof him and hide in our houses? look, patil.

i don't care howyou deal with that boy. he's your responsibility,and your man. what i want is the newsof his death at the earliest. what are you saying, mr. srivastav? one minute. talk to madam. here! - hello! we called you with great hopes, mr.srivastav if an able lawyer like you refusesto take up this case, who will? not just me, no lawyer is going toaccept this case and ruin his career.

no one can save dr gosai in this case. but.. - i'm sorry! hello! mr. shrivastav! my lord, a doctor is someonewho is directly connected with a man's life and his suffering. this profession has been given anexalted status, pretty close to god. when a doctor representsthe government his responsibilitiesincrease manifold. this poison was soldas a drug in the market.

one that claimed thelives of several children. this happened because ofone signature, approved by him. dr gosai's crime has not just casta slur on the doctor's profession. but has also raised aquestion mark over humanity! such is the gravity of his crimethat no lawyer accepted his brief. i have produced enoughevidence to nail him. i now request the court to give theseverest of punishments to dr. gosai. that's all, your honor. thank you! based on the facts andarguments regarding the case.

the court agrees that whatever dr.gosai did, was a grave crime. however, as per thetraditions of the law.. an accused has theright to defend himself. and so, this court judges that dr.gosai should have a lawyer and that he is remanded topolice custody till the next hearing. you rascal! he has killed our children! kill him! kill! let me go!- he has killed our children!

beat him up! thrash him! papa! spare him! beat him up! leave me! as you can see, peopleare very angry with dr. gosai. they're getting violent.. ..and the police is findingit difficult to control them. obviously, people harborgreat resentment against dr. gosai. the death of three children hascreated tension in the whole city.

people are trying to break thepolice cordon and reach dr. gosai. the police had to resort totear-gas shells at several places. at some places, the policeeven had to beat the public. however, people's resentmentoverwhelms the might of the police. anything untoward couldhappen in a situation like this. it remains to be seen as to whatsteps the police take to ensure.. ..dr. gosai's securityand control over the public. the lives of severalchildren were saved.. ..due to the presence ofmind and hard work of the doctors.

the doctors have severelycriticized dr. gosai's doings. today, in the court,the lawyer for the state.. ..appealed for the harshestpunishment for dr. gosai. however, the judge, j.r.dixit asked.. ..for a lawyer tobe appointed for gosai. he also directed thepolice to take him in custody. according to latest information a.. ..committee is being setup to enquire into the matter. it remains to be seen how the policegain control over the public ire.

this is radhika sen from zee news. you are listen our reporterradhika sen about dr. gosai case. we will give you more news about this. keep watching. please, give him hand wash. i'll see to it that he brusheshis teeth. you go ahead and eat. brush your teeth quicklyand i'll tell you about a new case. fine, grandpa. doesn't it feel fresh?

you must brush your teeth afterdinner every night. - indeed, grandpa. like a good boy. who are you?and how did you get here? watchman! shyam! i've locked up yourfamily and the security men. i want to stop you fromtaking a wrong decision. what decision? dr. hargobind is innocent, sir. how can he be innocent?

he has given an approvalfor a wrong vaccine. he has even signed the test reports. i forced him to put his signatureon them. i was paid to do it. and how much hashe paid to tell me this? he's not a child that anyonecould get him to sign on anything. i had threatened him.- what threats? and how could he give in? he ought to have thought of theresponsibility and position he holds. for fear of death, he gave the nodfor poison to be sold as medicine.

was the fear of deathmore powerful than his duties? he has committed a big crime.he must be punished. the law's the same for get out! what are you doing? what? please don't kill him!he's my only heir! - grandpa! please don't kill him!please! - grandpa! grandpa! that's exactly how dr.hargobind was scared too. get him!

take the car behind. move the car. you! where has he gone? get down and take a look, chandu.- why must i? you go. help! you sit cozily in yourhouse after killing our children? we'll drag you outof your house and kill you! come on out!

they don't care if it is kids,or anybody else who dies. all that they'reconcerned is the cash! they won't come down like this. they'll have to be dragged here. stay away, mother! are you listening? will you come down on yourown or must we come up there? kill them! why are you throwing the stones?

because of this doctor, threechildren have lost their lives! have you lost a child? have you? no.. get the hell out of here! mr. saxena, do not breakthe alliance at a time like this. please accept my daughter! once she's married, her life.. must we make our liveshell for the sake of her life?

the whole city isspitting at you folks, and you want us tokeep up this alliance, so that our name is tarnished insociety. is that what you wish for? my husband is notthat kind of a man! he has surely been victimized. i know it deep down in my heart! but the world doesn'tgo by what your heart says! the whole world knows what dr.gosai has done. brother,we're already very depressed.

by breaking this alliance, pleasedon't.. - you're wasting time. what you wish for is somethingthat's not going to happen. a murderer's daughter can'tbecome our daughter-in-law. say something, son! you have approved sapna too! i think dad's right. hear that? you may leave now. and yes, make sure you hideyour face when you're going out. we mustn't be putto any inconvenience.

we're a respectable family. 'you're wasting time.' 'what you wish for is somethingthat's not going to happen.' 'a murderer's daughter can'tbecome our daughter-in-law.' 'i think dad's right.' 'hear that? you may leave now.' 'and yes, make sure you hideyour face when you're going out.' 'we mustn't be putto any inconvenience.' 'we're a respectable family.'

don't get close to me! lay off! i've killed! i've killed children! i've killed! what did you say? you've killedthree guys it's your profession? but i'm a doctor!and yet, i've killed children! i've killed children! i ought to be giventhe severest punishment! the severest punishment!don't touch me!

hello, dr. ajay saxena speaking. you found the righttime to desert me! you promised to stand byme throughout my life, didn't you? and you couldn't sharea few difficult days with me? i'm glad that your trueface has been revealed! look! before saying anything to me,look at your own family. at the things the wholecity is saying about your father. but you're not therest of the city, are you? you were so dear to me.

you also knew papa wouldnever do this. - i was wrong. the truth about himhas been exposed now. i can't ruin my careerby marrying you. i won't beg you to marry me either! now look.. - dr. ajay saxena.. ..the career and futurethat you talk about.. something youhave due to my papa. who got you an admissionin the medical college? it was my papa!- you're talking too much!

remember how you stoodsheepishly before him? - enough! and this hospital inwhich you make a living? who got you the land to build it?it was my papa! the family respect and honor youand your father are talking about.. i don't want to listen. all thanks to the favorsmy father did unto you.. and i'm glad you've rejected thisalliance. - what do you want to say? listen! a woman has fallen off that building!

what? where? watchman! mom! open the door. brother dheeraj, careful. careful. easy. 'you found the right timeto desert me!' you promised to betogether for a lifetime! 'and today, you couldn't shareeven 4 days of turmoil with me!'

let go off my hand. live my hand. live my hand. your father is innocent. can you tell them thatmy father is innocent? will you come with me and tell them? please come with me!tell them that my father's innocent! faster, please. faster, please. we're in a hurry.

why don't you understand, ma'am?visiting hours are over. you'll have to take specialpermission from the jailor. you're not.. - where is the jailor? i'll have a word with him.- come to him. take me along. - he'll deal with you. sir, this woman just won't understand! sir, i'm dr.hargobind gosai's daughter. i must see him immediately.please do something. what did the constablesay to you, madam? -he was..

visiting hours are can't meet him now. you better come on monday.- monday will be too late, sir. i must see him immediately. i must tell him that thecharges against him are false. he's innocent! sir, my father haslost the will to live. his hopes would be rekindledwhen he meets this man. please let me see him for justtwo minutes, sir. just 2 minutes. look, miss. i've toldyou that i can't bend the laws.

strange man! can't you understand? it has to do with myfather's life and death! anything could happen to him. i want to tell him that thereis someone who can prove his innocence that he'll be released from prison.- so what's the problem? you can tell him all this on monday. i can't do anything for you. sapna! let's come and see him later.

it's just a matter of two days.nothing's going to happen to him. what are you looking at? looking at the strangetwist my life has taken! the man i was supposed to marry.. ..the one who promisedto stand by me all my life.. ..the one i sharedso many dreams with.. ..has today deserted me at a tim.. ..when i need him the most. and you..

..a total stranger.. ..whose love,i could never understand.. are the one whobreathes life into me today. where is the giftyou wanted to give me? you do the honors! "my heart is lost in your obsession." "i have fallen in love with you," "i have fallen in love with you." "he who didn't evenspeak to me till yesterday."

"who did not even look at me!" "today he has fallen in love with me." "in you, i have found godliness." "i have found every happiness." "god has begun to be kind to me." "love has finallybeen merciful to me." "i find myself in my beloved's arms." "the dream i had, is now fulfilled." for how long will the goat be safe?

one fine day it has to be sacrificed. fortunately for you, thevisiting hours were over, my friend. but there will bean explosion for sure. god must show a miracle now thatold man must have a bout of amnesia. there's another way too. let's run away to dubai. forget about the girl, okay? hurry up, madam.we can meet the doctor today. the visiting hours are from 11 to 2.

but i've got to taketony along with me. look here, is independence day. they have relaxed thevisiting hours today, madam. we have very little time.we must leave immediately. but tony? where will i look for him? you can take tonyalong some other day. you won't get a chance like this. let's's late already. c'mon, get up. papa.

how have you been, papa? you'll be released very soon. yes. stop having this dream, my child. that's not possible now. - no,'s not a dream. it's the truth. it'll be proved in court that thecharges against you are false. yes! my child, it's only you who canthink like that and say such things. there's no one else in the city. there is, papa! there is someone who willsay that you are innocent.

yes, she was here. she knows everything now.was terribly angry. yes. - is miss.sapna in? - yes, she is. why are you here? go away from here.go away! i said, just get out! listen to me, sapna. not a word!don't want to hear a thing. what's left with me now,that you want to snatch? you destroyed my ruined my father's life. he is charged with murderand he is behind bars now.

and my mother.. lost outto this grief, and embraced death. do you understand themeaning of death?she is dead. she is dead. what else can i offer you?want to kill me? here, kill me! go on, just kill me! if you can't do that, get out of here! get out! i hate your very sight, tony! i hate you! go on, hate me!

i'm destined to be hated! my life is nothingbut contempt and hatred! sapna, i agree i'm responsiblefor what's happened to you. but i did all that becausei wanted to make you mine. i wanted to raise myselfto match your status. how was i to know that the doctorwho i forced to was your father? not just your father, i wouldn't have letthis happen with anyone. but at that moment,i was just obsessed with getting you.

destiny hurled me intodarkness as soon as i was born. i was seven, when my uncleleft me sleeping in a train. i grew up in squalor. at the age of seven,i worked in a liquor shop. hunger taught me to steal. to snatch! and then, i chose the paththat i happened to tread on. sapna, i had no one to tellme what's good and what's bad. i was all by myself towipe off the tears of my agonies! in my life.. the only sign of love,happiness hopes.. you! but, today? where? - there! where's tony? where's your lover, tony? he's not here. where is he? where's tony? tell me. where? speak up. he was here. he's gone.

he was here, but he's gone?where did he go? i don't know. where did he go?tell me or, i'll smash you. where did he go? - i don't know. you don't understand? - i don't know. where is tony? do you recall? when it comes to romance you are game, but ask about his whereabouts,and you are nave, right.

the name is patil. vikas patil. if you don't tell me where he is,i'll throw you out. don't mess with me.pakya, tell her what i did last time. you are hiting me. pakya, take care of her. hi tony. where were you?i came here looking for you. ask her. i was looking for you, i swear. well patil, did you hit the girl?

no, tony. a misunderstanding.. tony, don't hit me. stop! tony! enough. not more. what are you up to? you smashed my office first,and now, you've smashed me. brother, what do you want from me? don't hit me. who gave us the contract fortaking signatures from dr. hargobind? no, don't mess with him.he's very dangerous.

raj mallya. relief pharma's owner. raj mallya! oh god! bloody hell! tony, i have toldyou everything, okay? let me take a breather.i want to chew a betel leaf. i want to chew a betel leaf. oh god! there is no betel leaf. let me have a cigarette, please.

thank you! listen, don't mess with raj mallya. he's a very dangerous man! would you give me a light, please? you riddled me!but i'll forget that too. i'll forgive you, just spare me. patil is.. i saw patil's goons on my way out. this place isn't safe for you.

come with me. hurry up, goli! how did they restore the phone line? did you pay the bill? - no. i didn't pay the bill. when did you arrive?- just two minutes before you. why isn't he picking up the phone? i think you dialed the wrong number.try again he's standing right behind us!

run.. hands up. all right, this way. i want to speak to your mallya sir? regarding? regarding dr. hargobind gosai. at the moment, he is.. i've knocked out your guy, patil. the slightest delay in putting meon to mallya and i'll shoot you, too.

hello, mallya residence. this is sinha speaking.let me to talk to sir. hold on, sir. yes? - sir, mr. sinha on the line. yes tell me, sinha.- sir, there is a boy in the office. hi dad! - he says that if.. one minute, sinha. come, son. - dad! happy birthday.

thank you very much, dad. dad, where's my gift? will you surprise me this time too? that i won't tell you.see it when you get it. where are you celebratingyour birthday? i too won't tell you dad. find out if you can. i had found out last year. but you won't find out this year, dad.

you bet? bet. and if i win,the gift will be of my choice. done. - done. take care. bye, dad. bye. bye, son. yes sinha, tell me. sir in the office there is..hold on a minute. there is a boy here whohas a pistol in his hand.

he wants to meet you. he wants to talk about dr. gosai. he says that if i don'tlet him see you, he will shoot me. who? who doctor? meet me first, mallya. then you'llremember yourself, who the doctor is. you are threatening me? i'm not threatening you, but sinha. if he doesn't let me see you,then i'll shoot him. sir, do you want tomeet him or not? - no!

sinha! sinha! what happened? hello! - he shot me! a gift from vijay's dad. happy birthday!- yes, i'll let him know. happy birth day. - thank you. excuse me! there is a gift for mr.vijay from his father. vijay, there is a gift fromyour father down there. - what? there is a gift from yourfather down there. - what? a gift?

my dad has sent me a gift. yeh! baby yeh! check it out. for me! open it! wow! wow dad, you are the great. dad, you are the great. wow! she is hot pack! she is dame hot. "love lies strewn"

"at your feet." "there's only radiance in those eyes." "intoxication worshipsbeauty tonight." "life appears to be helpless." "marvelous is your beauty" "let me commit a crime! for,the night itself is transgressing" vijay! come out! don't move! let go!

let me go! come on fast move move. leave me. overtake him! drive faster, tony! faster. happy birthday! do you see the outcome of beingsired by a scoundrel of a father? tell me something. you move around

in cars worth 6 millions. you go to pubs. dance all over. blowing up your father's money. did you ever bother toknow how he earned the money? speak out, jerk. your father is a punk. he slits people's throat. he sells poison in the garbof medicines.

but you don't need to worry. his matter will be settled. he has entered tony'smind and so he's dead. want to say something? so say it, man.why take the trouble? allow me. he will die. he will die in vain. he doesn't know my father. oh no, don't worry! he'll surely get to know your father.tony is on the job, right?

hello! - raj mallya. tony here. your son is with me. he is alive. your son is with me. if you want to save your child.. no, i just telling you only. come on, come've to get there fast. move. you have to reach thecourt by eleven tomorrow and you got to confess that you are responsible for thechildren's death, not dr. gosai.

are you threatening me? no, i'm just telling you that you have to reachthe court by eleven tomorrow. taking me on will provevery costly for you! if you want to live,drop my son home, safe and sound. i will. i'll surely drop him home. he will be your son, no doubt.. ..but he won't be breathing. do as i tell you.

tony, listen to me. what will you gain by dr.gosai's release? join hands with me,and name your price. fail to realize this,and you'd be in deep shit. enmity with me willprove very costly to you. i have shown manytonys the way to heaven. guess you don't love your son! you'll soon knowhow much i love my son. don't forget that i'm raj mallya.

vicky, tell him to give us vijay's whereaboutsif he wants to live. or else.. where's my brother? tell me. speak up! vicky! - yes dad. i don't think he'sgoing to give in so easily. do something. - come on, boys. john!

mallya, sir! give me five minutes. catch him! hey stop! i'll shoot you. don't shoot!we'll never find vijay if he's dead. ask him for the last time, vicky. tell me. where's my brother? speak! 206, royal resort. charni road.

mustn't trust him, dad. take him along. is this the building? yes, this is the one. no signal. you were right, vicky. you guys shouldn't have trusted me. vicky! vicky, my son!

open it! hey mallya! how did you like my game? i set him up. you held me on the phone. i knew your men would reach me. from the torture to this explosion,i had planned it all. one of your sons is out. if you don't reachthe court tomorrow.. ..your other son willsuffer the same fate too.

at eleven tomorrow, in court! else, you'll find vijay's corpsein your house at twelve tomorrow. all the evidences and testimonies.. ..prove the charges leveledon dr. gosai. dr. gosai took undue advantageof his status for selfish reasons. the court holds him responsiblefor the death of all those children. and for this heinous crime,the court convicts him.. - my lord! not dr. gosai, i committed this crime. i'm responsible forthe children's death.

i had floated a proxy companyand marketed those vaccines. raj mallya confessedto his crimes in court. he admitted to marketing the spuriousvaccines to make up for his losses. he connived with patilto put honest dr. gosai to shame. patil, in turn,entrusted the task to tony. the court deemed raj mallya.. prime accused and sentencedhim to life imprisonment. for desecrating his positionand misusing his rights.. ..though under pressure, the courtsentenced dr. gosai to 5 years term..

..and for threatening dr.gosai, for forcing him.. do a barbaric actthe court sentenced tony.. three years imprisonment. later on, yielding to the requestsof various social organizations.. ..and taking into considerationdr. gosai's services.. ..he got a pardon of two years. even today, raj mallya isserving time in jail for his crimes. dr. gosai is running a schoolfor mentally disabled children. as for tony, he married sapna..

..and is leading a common man's life. "she says she prays" "for my well-being." "this fair maiden!"

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