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the three of us are going tohappily kill ourselves. we thank all those whoare going to cry for us. and all those who do not,will be made to cry by us... ...when we meet them above. raj, aryan and veer! okay god, i cannot live here anymore. i'd told you before, if you wantedto hang yourself from the tree... should have hada lighter breakfast. i haven't eaten anythingnor have i taken any drink...

now i will drink this and die. rat poison?where did you get it from? i got it from my i'll die within minutes. aryan, what's the date today?- 16th april 2005, why? how will it kill you pastits expiry date? what are you saying? that's the reason for the increasein mice population at my place. i have a better plan than what youtwo have. do you see this railway line? within a few minutesa train will pass from here...

...and i will pass away along with it. wow, what a full-proof plan, raj! yes, my friend.can we too come along? wait we are also coming.- come soon. your planning failed. didn't i tell you that we hadto go on that railway track? we escaped once again.when will we get our freedom? even this train did not kill us. see, someone is tryingto commit suicide.

let's stop him; if we can't diethen we won't let him die as well. yes, let's stop him.let's stop him; if we can't diethen we won't let him die as well. yes, let's stop him. hey, get out... hello, get out. yeah get that... c'mon, take him out.- sir, get up. god of death?- no you are alive. why did you save me?you should have left me to die. why did you save me?

that's because we tried to killourselves but failed continuously. did you also come here to commit suicide?- yes. we all belong to the same category. but tell us why did you wantto commit suicide? i have not one but three reasons.- three? i had opened a company on my name. kothari hair oil...i had opened a company on my name. kothari hair oil... but whoever used that oil turned bald.

what about the second one?- i then opened another company. kothari water colors. school children playfullypainted each other's face... ...but nothing could take offthat paint. what about the third one? i had launchedkothari incense sticks. when the newlywedslit it on their wedding night... ...the brides started vomiting.- you mean it impregnated them? no, they vomited becauseof the stench.

and paying for their billslanded me in the hospital. these reasons are not enoughto commit suicide. change the namesof your products first. kothari is a very bad name.- what? then launch you hair oil once again.- what? but not as a hair oilrather as a hair remover. that's right, raj.and market your water colours... permanent wall paint. wow, veer! and the incense sticksshould be branded as mosquito repellent.

it will not only ward offall mosquitoes with it odour... will also solvethe problem of vomiting. what an idea! too good! you guys are very useful. all we have is great ideasand no work. we are jobless! will you work for me? yes. "unrestrained that we are,it's impossible to stop us."

"rebellious and whimsical princes,that we are!" "we are on the front page, everyday!" "making merry is our motto!come o' pretty damsel, come to me!" "this heart is crazy about you." "enough of the cravings!" "we will fulfill our wishes now." "we will live and die in love." "with the whole world as our witness" "just waiting for the one who can takeour sleep and peace with her demeanors."

"we strive to be aheadof everyone else." "capable of deflectingeven the powerful storms." "these firm steps never retreat." "we can force eventhe skies to descend." "it's useless to throwa challenge to us." dear, i was performingthis ritual for your success. where did you getthis devil for the ritual? i returned from tirupati today, bringing along god'sblessings with me.

you could have stayed therefor the rest of your life. why did you come backto ruin my life? i wish i could visit tirupati too. you are thinking about tirupatiand not your husband. i'll have to find someone elseif this keeps happening all the time. what?- come with me. venkateshwara... see, this is for you.- where did you get so much from? i was beggingwith a bowl in my hand.

oh, so that was the reasonof the missing bowl? i have earned it from my new job. this is my first salary. really? all this is becauseof the ritual i had performed. it's because of lord tirupati's grace. this is nothing. see, what i have brought for you. porridge, we will eat this in... ...the night and together we will...

and this is strawberry ice-cream... ...we will eat thisin the night and then... i'll scream and you will scream....we will eat thisin the night and then... i'll scream and you will scream. why are you screaming now?- you are trying to corrupt me. o' god! why did you throwit in the dustbin? so that you cool downand stop behaving like this. instead of cooling me downit will only make me hot and hotter.

pandit-ji... ...where are you taking it?what do you need it for? being immersed in god's devotion... i didn't have any strengthleft for anything else. my wife's favorite flavoris vanilla but tonight... strawberry will do.- what? your honor, this man standingin the witness box... ...had it been in his control, he'dgift his wife a copy of the kamasutra... ...instead of a nuptial threadon his wedding night.

he wished his wife to readsleazy books instead of religious ones. brilliant, sonia-ji...he wished his wife to readsleazy books instead of religious ones. brilliant, sonia-ji... why are you getting so excited? i can't help it. seeing sonia-ji everyday... h.s. gulati's heart takesolympic sized somersaults. olympics are held every four years. why do you come here everyday?

my lord, pronouncesuch a verdict today... which will compel men toaccept a 'no' from their wives. why do you wish to ruintheir lives like mine? okay, let's hear what he has to say. in the view of the evidences,this court has reached to the conclusion...okay, let's hear what he has to say. in the view of the evidences,this court has reached to the conclusion... that this woman hasfaced grave injustice. and hence taking a compassionatestand it grants a divorce to the lady. the court is adjourned.and hence taking a compassionatestand it grants a divorce to the lady.

the court is adjourned. congratulations, sonia-ji. you've done such a great jobfor the women of our country... just like what our leadershad done for our country. what? partition. congratulations. mr. gulati, he's my husband aryanand he's my assistant h.s. gulati. i'll just come back.- where are you going? anyway, i know why sonia-ji...

is so dedicated towards her work why?- because she married you blindly. okay. he went away insulting me. it doesn't matter how manysomersaults he takes here... it will be me who will take partin the olympics in the night. sonia! silence. baby, are you ready? lights, camera, action!

"revel in my love, my dearest." "don't shy away from me now." "my dearest." "i don't wish to revelin your love, my love..." "let your heart be with you, my love." "i am a pretty woman." "i won't be persuaded easily." "go and pacify your heart." cut!

baby, my child. this is going to be a smashing hit. i will focus my camerain such a way that it will appear... as if you are on mount everest. where did this everest come from?neeru, didn't i tell you if you are on mount everest. where did this everest come from?neeru, didn't i tell you that... i don't want any audiencewhen i am working. hey, keep quiet, he's my husband veer. such a pretty damsel and she hasgot her prince charming so soon?

what was the hurry? dia... i have secured a job. no complaints now?- no. so can we be together...? of course baby. why don't you wait for me at home? i'll finish my work hereand then come to you. what are you doing?let me light the lamp.

you want to light itand i want to blow it off. if i don't get whati haven't got in one month... ...i'll go insane. listen... whatever you wish for,cannot happen. i have taken a vowfor your career growth. but you'd taken that last month andnow i have acquired a job now. listen, i have taken this oathbecause you secured a job. take this pillow,this blanket and sleep outside.

c'mon... it's just a matterof one month, please. don't know wheni'll get my chance. my chance is inside buti stand no chance. o' god! enough of all this. think of me, at least.- give it back. a case is slated for tomorrow's date...- a date? be it love or coming together,all i get to hear is 'a date'. it's always a date followedby a date. i don't even remember...

when i had met you last.- are you done? can i go back to my case?when i had met you last.- are you done? can i go back to my case? darling, i want to playwith your tresses... and you are just botheredabout your cases. you are fond ofthe courtroom, right? hence this black coat to makeit more enjoyable for you. i am supposed to sentencesomeone tomorrow... and you are concernedwith pleasing the senses.

do they still exist!i seem to have forgotten. hey, i am the onewho is serving a sentence. please don't overruleany of my pleadings tonight... and just see the way i sustain you. enough!this court is adjourned now.and just see the way i sustain you. enough!this court is adjourned now. and you are bannedfrom entering this court... i mean this bedroom.- your honor, this is grave injustice.and you are bannedfrom entering this court... i mean this bedroom.- your honor, this is grave injustice.

i appeal against it. come on monday. this courthas an off for two days. 'till when will my life be dictatedby this law which is blind? ' 'this black coat has putthe dreams of my youth in a bind.' darling, you don't know howeagerly i waited for you today. in just the same waythat the whole of india... waited for sachin's tennis elbowto heal. but what about the lackof match practice? hope you don't lose your wicket quickly.- no, not at all.

don't worry. how does lackof match practice matter? we can surely have somenet practice, can't we? and darling, i'm infor a long haul tonight. yes, but...- oh no! now who is here to censorour love story? just wait here, my love, and i willbe back in a jiffy. be comfortable. it's you? don't youhave any shame to ring... the doorbell so late in the night?- sorry. give me the main door key andi will use it the next time around.

cut the crap and tell mewhat do you want? is she inside?- sure she is. but for you, i would alsohave been inside. really?- yes. ok let's go. oh, mr. ghai.- baby! you? here? at this hour?- just hold this. my baby! my darling! any objections? no.- so nice of you! what is this that you are wearing?

oh, it's our golden night.- what? you've been married for long!why this delay? goodness! it will be delayed furtherif you don't go. i just remember... come... come here. baby, you should sleep early if youwant to retain the glow on your face. to top it you havean audition tomorrow. unless you appear fresh as flowers orthe opportunity will be lost. right? absolutely right. i'll go offto sleep right away. what will happen of your loverif you go to sleep?

sorry honey.just one more night without me! "hearts shouldn't be brokenon petty trivialities!" "loved ones shouldn't be desertedover trifle frivolities" "for petty trivialities!" "for trifle frivolities!" "it aches here!- is a cure needed?" "it is severe!- sure, you do!" "this distance?- seems necessary!" "our moment of union?- whenever it becomes mandatory!"

"one shouldn't fight onsuch trifle frivolities!" "do something.- what can i?" "shall i continue to yearn?- you deserve it!" "come closer!- no way!" "don't make me pine!- don't entice!" "why be stubbornon such trifle frivolities!" o' god!"for trifle frivolities!" here, take's your salary for this month. and where's the third one?- go and tell your boss...

that i still refuseto pick up money thrown at me. you don't want it...?- leave it, we aren't bothered by it. what use is it? we slog while he reaps the rewards. and all that we get is loose change.- yes. very true. we have undervalued ourselves.- let's go and talk to kothari. it's either a pay hikeor it's time to say bye! absolutely!- let's go.

hey, he is trying to hang himself. hey! mr. kothari.what are you upto? get him down.- what were you doing, sir? why do you 3 always save mewhenever i want to commit suicide? but sir, why a second attemptto commit suicide?why do you 3 always save mewhenever i want to commit suicide? but sir, why a second attemptto commit suicide? that too after we have solvedall the 3 problems that you had. it's because i havea new set of 3 problems. is this your lucky number?it's always 3 problems with you!

these aren't circumstantial.i have given birth to them. impregnated some girl, eh? if you so much wished to get wet,wearing some protection... would have been a better idea.- what? what are you saying? i am referring tomy grown up daughters. grown up? so early? what can i say? one never realizeswhen the daughters grow up.grown up? so early? what can i say? one never realizeswhen the daughters grow up. rekha, madhuri and dimple losttheir mother at a very young age.

i raised them withso much love and affection. so much so that i sentthem abroad for studies even. and that's where i went wrong. they have turned so modernthat they make fun of my views. sir, why are you beating aroundthe bush? come straight to the point. i wanted them to marrymy friend's sons but they don't agree. they say they want a love-marriage. following their father's footsteps.- what?they say they want a love-marriage. following their father's footsteps.- what?

sorry, sir. sir, easy solution to your problem.- what? introduce them to 3 boys. allow them to fall in soon as that happens... ask these boysto break their hearts. that will make them see sense. they'll bring disgrace to themselves...- what? i mean they will be willing tomarry wherever you want them to. you're a genius.- of course.

a very good idea.a very fit idea. and i have 3 boys at my disposal.- wow!a very good idea.a very fit idea. and i have 3 boys at my disposal.- wow! how could you possibly find3 dimwits so soon? who are they? they're right in front of me.- are we dimwits? yes.- but why the 3 of us? well, one has to revere a dimwitwhen the situation demands. and the 3 of you, being alreadymarried, are the perfect fodder. it assures me that you won'tcross the limits of decency. simple!

sir, we are sorry becausewe can't betray our wives. yes! right.- and we are not such boys. right again! if you don't do this for me...- yes? then what? you are fired, if yourefuse to do this for me. sir, this isn't right.this is injustice. i have such a lovely wifewhom i love so dearly. how can i possibly havean affair with another girl? very right. and even shahrukh khanhad said that...

we live, die and marry only once.and fall in love only once. no, you are forgetting. afterrani's demise, in the second half... shahrukh married kajol, didn't he?- but what do you want us to do? that we kill our sweethearts?- no. no, i just want you to actlike the film heroes. don't they go abroad despitehaving their families? don't they sing romantic songswith their heroines? you also do the sameand as soon as it's pack up time... remove your makeup and goback home. as simple as that!

so what have the 3 of you decided?remove your makeup and goback home. as simple as that! so what have the 3 of you decided? sir, we're ready to go and actand sing at foreign locales. but we have some conditions.- yes, i know. i'll increase your salary, ok? how could he guess that? he has an uncanny ability toidentify greedy and mean fellows. done, sir!- ok. 'it's economy class, the flightis on time. sing, welcome aboard! '

'change your guiseand let's go abroad.' sir, but business class tickets?- forget it. let it all come. why in the world are we standingin the middle of the beach? from the timewe have had the tsunami... forget the beach, i dreadgoing near even a bathtub. kothari's daughterscoming out of the sea... won't be any lesserthan a tsunami of sorts. yes!- but where are they? guys, are you sure that thesemermaids are kothari's daughters?

of course.- but they don't look like his daughters very simple! fortunately they haveinherited their charms from their mother. it is clear that kothari's contributionto their beauty is negligible. even an upholder of decencywould have been unable... to control himself to crossthe limits with this rekha. forget one, if i were to have more thanone wife, i would be willing to betray... all of them for a chanceto be with this madhuri. dimple's dimples have made itso simple for me... to put up an actof love with her.

wow! this means we have alreadychosen our love interests! kothari has indeeddone us a big favour. now let me just find out a wayto start my affair with rekha. hey girls, stop it. don't move. help! o' my god! get up. hope you are fine! i'm sorry but this was important. thank you.

as they say, whatever happensis for the best. i was going for a swimand here i am drowning... where?- in your eyes. one down, two to go. it was a dream come true?- what? come closer. hey that's not done. now that's set! you know what... aryan, what are you doing here?

you should have been there,in the thick of action saving madhuri. just like an action hero.- relax. a chocolate hero like mewon't do action scenes. 'i'll make an entry late!till then it will be my duplicate! ' great going, my friend! come. aryan, my dear, only oneis left and that too half dead. that's nice.- go and finish the job. 'only one? here i come.' thank you. you thrashed them all up.- oh, that was my duty.

come madhuri, let's checkwhat's behind the top... i mean what's behind the rock. come. thief! 'with the spiderman near,you shouldn't have any fear! ' how dare you?- hey, but the bag is here. what are you doing? why areyou hitting the poor fellow? i won't spare him. he needsto be taught a lesson today. let go of him! thank you so much, spiderman.

if it wasn't for you today,that thief would have taken my bag away. impossible. what happens of the plan?- what? i mean, one can't possibly plansuch a meeting. it just happens.- happened to me too! what? you want me to say it plainlyor shall i sing a song? a song. "oh what a beauty." "a glimpse of hersmakes my heart go berserk!"

"god promise!" "the moment i saw youmy heart skipped a beat!" "god promise,my heart skipped a beat..." "when i saw you the first time." "and i fell in love with you" "such meetings filledwith your sweet-nothings..." "made my heart restive!" "and i fell in love with you." "when i saw you for the first time"

"an auspicious momentmade me choose you!" "what else is needed nowthat we have come closer?" "slowly but surely..." "i have come in your arms, my love!" "when i fell in love with you" "god promise, my heartskipped a beat..." "when i saw youfor the first time" "everyone wants to bewith a beautiful girl" "everyone wants to say..."

"i love you... i love you, my heart to stay" "everywhere the air is inebriated." "the days of love are here again." "it is hard to spend these lovelymoments of youth without you!" "it is hard to spend theselovely moments of youth without you!" "god promise, whati am saying is true" "you have taken my peace away." "ever sincei fell in love with you." our wives don't get useven a glass of water...

and just see at these lovelies.they have gone to get beer for us. i love you! yeah! we all love, all of you. yes!- yes!yeah! we all love, all of you. yes!- yes! but for that kothari hanging around,we wouldn't have gone back.yes!- yes! but for that kothari hanging around,we wouldn't have gone back. yes, very true. is it? this scoundrel is here tokeep a watch on you three rascals!

sir, you?- sir, it's you. yes, didn't you recognize him?he's mr. kothari. shameless guys!listen to me carefully. enough of your actingand singing duets. now just do the job for whichi have brought you here. don't know why, sir, but we don'tfeel like breaking their hearts. making merry on my money and you dareto say that you don't feel like, huh? with no worth to buy undies,you desire designer stuff? 'here, take your passport.'

'break their hearts andlet's head to the airport.' but, sir... we don't want it.- what are you upto? wait. hey, give my passport to me.better throw yours. whenever i will miss you, i willhead towards the sea to drown myself... hoping that you'll come to save me. i won't be able to come,so please take a float along. darling, the day you enteredmy life like the spiderman... you have becomea superman of my heart.

darling, i wish i were a superman. i would have come flyingto you whenever i missed you... without these hassles of visasand air-tickets. really? i just love you.- i love you too. you are leaving me aftertaking me behind that rock. how to convince you thatit isn't a pebble but a rock... under whose pressurei have taken this decision. then listen to our decision as well.having stolen our hearts at the shore...

you can't possiblygo overseas without us. yes, we too will follow you. while you take this flightwe will catch the next. really? oh, dimple! yahoo! boys, there's a twist to this tale. these girls are comingto india for us. have you gone nuts? we have totell them that we are married. having a cow at home doesn't meanwe can't buy packed milk. yes. we should convinceour wives to let us marry again.

when draupadi couldhave five husbands... we too can have two wives,can't we? try it, but don't forget we are goingto get stripped once we reach there. if our wives happen to agree,where will we have the time... and inclination to wear clotheswith two of them around? and is there anyone born tostrip us of our clothes? yeah, boy! home sweet home! isn't the clarinet ringinglouder in my house?

hey, it's not a clarinetbut the music of a mandolin. is my wife making arrangementsfor my second marriage? a similar music is also played whenthe hero in introduced in hindi movies. we are the heroes of this story. and who can dare stand against us? i have prepared this and... you will have to eat it.- yeah, this too. bhavna, who is he?- diya, what is this? you must have definitelyheard this maxim.

'one should refrain from seekingan introduction from doom and disaster'. 'and familiarity spells disaster! ' is it? never heard it before. better do it now anddon't forget it ever... as this is lucky's maxim. not a mere maximbut a maximum impact missile! crazy! brother lucky, actually they are...- i know. they are your husbands. how did you know that?

you must have heard the maxim. "just the way hardcore criminalscan identify rogues without flaw." "in the same manner as lakhwindersingh lakha alias lucky..." "can identify his brothers-in-law"- well said! guys, just see how sweetlyhe is comparing us with rogues. i too was wondering aboutthe source of his information. brother lucky,he's aryan, my husband. and he is raj, my husband. and he is my veer.

aryan, raj, and veer?are they names... or rolling titlesof some romantic movie? actually lucky isour distant relative. you three were not even distantlyrelated to each other till now... and how come you have a distantrelative all of a sudden? you must have definitelyheard the maxim. "just like artificial flavorsmake milk taste sweeter" "similarly heartfelt feelings makeththe relation of a brother and a sister" but where is your luggage?left it in some hotel?

hotel? shame on youif i have to live in a hotel. i am going to stay hereto deal with you all. monday and tuesday withthe first bro-in-law... wednesday and thursdayreserved for the second... and friday, saturdayfor the third. what about sunday?- i haven't given it a thought. well, it would be an off day. you see, i will be putting you offthe whole week. one deserves an offafter so much, isn't it?

c'mon sisters,show me my room please. and here is my parting shot. "one may have as many partnersas one may wish to have" "when push comes to shove,it's only the lord who saves" yeah! i just referred my birth-chartto an astrologer. according to him only a secondmarriage in the next three months... can save my life andsave you from becoming a widow. hence i have decided topack all your colorful clothes...

as you will be required to wearonly plain whites after my demise. can i retain this red one? please! it's my favorite, honey. what? you are concernedwith this dress? had it been another woman,she would have thought... of some idea tosave her spouse's life. i have an idea.- is it? what's that? brother lucky! diya... hey, i asked you to save my lifeand not to call my executioner.

no lucky, please. diya... what's happening? a 'swayamwar' (an ancient indian ritualin which the girl chooses her spouse). we were waiting for you. now choose the perfectbridegroom for diya. what?- so what else do you want? you want my sister to leada widow's life after your death? and you gave your consentto this, diya?

honey, what could i possibly do? lucky said that your soulwon't rest in peace... till such time i amsettled with someone else. baby! wait! baby, my darling! just wait. what am i listening? you are gettingher married for the second time? it's not my brother-in-law's birth chart says... that my sister will become a widow. i got my chart madefrom the same astrologer.

he predicts that i will marry a widow. wow! that's real good news. now we will wait for him to die. and then on an auspicious timewe will conduct your wedding rituals. hey, that makes for this maxim! "use the oven if the cooking gasruns out of supply" "what's the need to look out for a match,when the bridegroom is just close by?" can he not die today?- let me think. i am still alive, brother.- finish him.

have a look, bhavna.see he is lord venkateshwara swamy! and just see his magnificence whilehe sits prettily with his two wives... and look at lord krishna, bhavna. even he had two wives. rukmini on one side andsatyabhama on the other. yes, but... and there must be other godshaving two wives, right? yes.- and you always say that a person... ...should consider the lord as his guide.- yes.

that means everyone should have two wives.- yes. thank you!- what? brother lucky...!!! he isn't lucky.he is unlucky, bhavna. where are you taking all these pictures?they are bhavna's favorite deities. henceforth this house will nothave any picture of any such god... ...who had two wives. got it? but which god shouldi consider as my guide? lord shri ram. the one who took mothersita as his wife for his entire life.

but he had also sent her in exile heedinga washerman's nonsense, didn't he? there won't be any such problem here. "you can very welldo with only one wife" "washing machines have alreadythrown the launderer out of one's life" hold this. i don't believe this, sonia.- what's up? what has happened to you? here, have a look.just have a good look here. what? going bald?- no way. but i have two spots on my head.

i have heard of picnic spotsbut what has it to do with your head oh, you are so naive! you knowwhat two spots on a man's head mean? no! this means i will... i will... i will get married twice. what?- yes. men who have two spots... are destined to marry two times. get me a knife, please. but why a knife?- to kill myself.

i will prefer to die insteadof marrying someone else. get me a knife, sonia. will a small one sufficeor do you want a big one? what?- i mean, why will you kill yourself? there must be some other way out. no! no one can change destinies. that leaves us with only one way. i can read your thoughts. you will tolerate your rivaljust to save my life, isn't it?

ok, i won't let your sacrificego to waste. what can happen? at the most we willbe required to get a two bedroom flat. i will willingly do that.- i didn't mean this way. then?- brother lucky! wait... listen!- brother. hey, he isn't a way.he is a dead end! a dead end! c'mon guys, here, bite the bait. c'mon. brother...! lucky!

what happened, sister? because of the two spotson his head. they indicate two wivesin his life. is that all?such a small problem? i have a very easy solution for this.- what? hold this! you must have heard of this maxim. "no seeds, no weeds!" let's weed the problem outfrom its root and that's your hair.

this lucky has left mein the middle of nowhere. he threw even the godsout of my house. he just removed their picturesfrom your house... while at mine, he is waitingto frame my picture posthumously. just to let my wife have anotherspouse. this is too much! who is this weepsie baldheadcoming this way? must be some beggar! sorry, no change. i am your friend aryan.

aryan? huh! agreed thathe may resemble a tramp... but you can't take advantageof it and fool us. get lost. and his hair are his crowing glory.- that's what i want you to look at. just see what lucky has doneto the same crowing glory. hey, he's aryan.- he's our aryan. see how ruthlessly that luckyhas ploughed your field, buddy? and the blame lies with raj.- on me? yes, we could have easilymade merry on the sly, outside...

while acting as faithful husbandsat home. but we have landedin a soup because of raj. you are right, no need to getany permissions from anyone. now we will lick the creamat home as well as outside. but we can't handle even one... how can we possibly handle twovery simple! we have to just be carefulof their respective locations. inside and outsideshould be kept separate... while we fleet merrilybetween the two.

we have brought you here just becauseit is away from our home. what?- nothing... let me explain. one can't enjoya home based meeting... as much as one enjoysan outdoor picnic. really! one can't enjoysitting at home as much... as one enjoys an outdoor picnic. wish our spouses were with usand the fun would have doubled. so sad! they are always held upwith their office work. i know.

i have enough time to romance you. while the three of you chill out here... we will get you some'chilled' butter scotch ice cream. what an idea, buddy!- c'mon, let's go. the butter scotch ice cream hereis just fabulous. i feel like coming here againand again. it's so relaxing. why are we here? we have taken butter scotchfor them, right? how about some plain scotch for us?

hello ladies!- hello. may i ask you a question for oursure, go ahead. what happened, buddy?- our wives. where?- in tv. what? what are they doing here? what in your opinion is better?a love marriage or love after marriage. i wish our wives should only beon the television. why so? we could have easily changedthe channel whenever we wished to.

his marriage jokes are great! love after marriage is betterthan a love marriage. well, because marriageis like a coconut. if one eats the kernel before,all that is left behind is water. actually marriage is like footwear. once worn out all they are only usefulto hit the eveteasers. and you?- marriage is like the mango fruit. if it ripens before time, all itcan be used for is to make pickles. we don't agree.

raj! aryan! our girlfriends havejoined our wives on the television. yes. and the locationtoo appears to be familiar. even the background poolis just like the one... guys! this is live!- yeah! that means our wives are the same resort! love before marriageis absolutely necessary. marriage is like a car. the more you use it, the more you wouldknow when it may require some pushing. buddies, if my wifehappens to spot me here...

forget a car, i will be renderedincapable to push a handcart even. marriage is just like'masala chicken.' only when one tastes itbefore serving it on the table... does one come to know howsoft and hot it really is. very true!- absolutely. guys, if my wifehappens to spot me... i would be roasted liveinstead of the chicken. marriage is like a dress suit. one should try it before buyingto see if it suits or not.

if sonia happens to spot me... i would end in a shroudinstead of a suit! is that so? let us also seehow smooth it is for you. let's see how much spicedoes your chicken has... and how well doesthe suit suits you. of course, our boyfriends are here.let's meet them. scoot! we were looking outfor you. come with us. no... i need to go to the loo.

where is my one? think something fast.the bomb is about to explode. bomb! the bomb is about to explode! hello.- there is a bomb in your resort. bomb!- evacuate people fast or else... where were you all this time? i just heard that there isa bomb in the resort. get out!

where have they disappearedafter calling me here? what is going on, brother?- someone has planted a bomb here. i would suggest youto save your life. bomb? let me also see what bombis this... which has banged themall up before banging itself. where is dia? bomb diffused! on time!

he said there was a bomb here! but there seems to bean atom bomb here. "a cord in the pajamas doesn'tneed any elastic" "why take a girlfriend on a datewhen the wives are fantastic?" you must have heard of the maxim... "more butter in the popcornmeans more taste" "the first half has been so much fun.for post interval..." "keep the seat belts fastenedaround your waist" hey, what do you think?will he listen to us?

no... but why are we going to him? you kept listening to lucky's maxims,now listen to mine. we know that befriendinga butcher cannot save a chicken... but the butcheralso kills them with love. raj, you could have been softer. you scared us even more.- i say, we should go and talk to him. i think we should come later.otherwise he'll use us as dumbbells. no, let's go and talk to him.

one man but two affairs,that's injustice. brother lucky, you got shelterin this house. you enjoyed thoroughly too. and if our wives get to knowabout our affairs... they'll throw us out of the house.- correct. what will you gain bycomplaining against us? why don't you shake hands with us? then we'll turn this open air gyminto an a/c health club for you. then you can exercise at leisure.

first take your hand off meor you'll be in trouble. this is too much,now do as we say or else... or else, what? or else we'll wait heretill you listen to us. we have a lot of time...- yes we have enough time. listen, don't waste your time,i am going... to reveal the truthto my sisters. no, brother lucky...- pack your bags and... get ready to leave this house.- brother lucky, please...

hey, why are you stillstanding here? brother lucky,for one of your sayings... no sayings today,just getting you kicked out today. brother lucky...- hey get aside... brother lucky, please listen to us...- brother lucky... o' god...- i'll jump from here. come, brother lucky, we are aboutto start the prayer service. we haven't lit the fire yet. don't worry; he's comehere to ruin us.

brother lucky, we have kept thisprayer service to thank god in heaven. because our husbands were nothad they died in that blast... they would havebeen in heaven now. and we would have hadto break our bangles in grief. and i have justrecently bought these. are you ready to breakyour bangles for those husbands... who are holdingsomeone else's hands? what?- yes... when the bomb explodedin that resort...

those three were therewith someone else. we take off the wick from a bombso that it explodes a bit late... but he's ruining our livesby not doing even that. please brother lucky,what are you saying? my husband is likea lamp in the temple. he's that type of a lamp, that burns itsown house for the sake of someone else. my husband is like the firstclass coach of a train... that is reserved only for me. anybody can get into that coachwithout a ticket.

a third grade bogie.- you are trying to instigate us. my husband is as pure asthe seal on the bisleri bottle. that can be boughtin any shop for rupees ten. brother lucky, no matter what,we three won't ever believe... that our husbandsare capable of such a deed. brother lucky's missile failedworking before it could take off. our wives are so naivethat they don't doubt us at all. let's go in and controlthe situation... before he throws another missile.- right. go in, raj...

what happened?are you alright? get up... don't touch me. do you have somesacred water of ganges? no, but why?- i want to wash away my sins... and for that i'llneed water of ganges. why, what kind of sindid you commit? when i was coming home,i saw malika sherawat's... i saw her poster. and it is a sinto look towards other women, isn't it? and till i don't get ridof my sin, don't touch me. did you see that brother lucky?just seeing another woman...

makes him feel can he deceive me? i feel like crying. c'mon we'll go inside now.- one minute. okay, let's go... hey, you all are together? see, we brought god's offeringfrom the temple. you both had been to the temple?- yes. we went there to thank god,for saving the lives of our wives... in that bomb blast.

so sweet. did you see that brother lucky? andwhat rubbish were saying about them!? i feel like crying? brother lucky,what were you telling them? i was praising your deeds. here, give it to me,i'll keep it before god. yes sis-in-law, we brought it for you.- then i'll give it to everyone. offer it to brother lucky,he needs... this god's offering very much.- of course.

all the three escaped scot-free.- all the three of us... what happened, brother lucky,your missile... was aimed to ruin our livesbut it failed. hey, wait! i understood now,he's waiting to hear a maxim. then give him one.- you must have heard that maxim... you came here to drownthe titanic... but couldn't drowneven a small ship. brother lucky is left alonewith his maxims. god bless you...

we had some lovely time,your house is so nice... i didn't know your roomswould be so cozy. okay, bye now, it's time to go. give me a kiss. that was lovely. see you tomorrow, yeah. i'll give you a call.then we'll meet. okay boys... careful,i understand... that day, your saying was so good... that i thought ofreturning the favour.

titanic drowned long back. otherwise i would'vesent you all in it. be ready with you bags packed. because your wivesare going to kick you out. then you can go whereveryou wish to... singing from the roof of a train.- brother lucky, please... hey, if reveals everything torekha, dimple and madhavi... then we'll not only loseour wives but these girls too. there's nobody in the room.

you left, didn't you?and why did you bring me here? this place is very dangerous. what happened?- there's danger inside too. i'll look for her under the bed. they aren't under the bed,where did they go? where did they go? where are going so fast?- to bathe, where else? where did these girls go? i'll look under the bed once more.

they aren't here too. but i had my bath earlyin the morning. but darling, if we don'tbathe together... then how will everget to know each other? yeah, we'll cool off too.- right dimple baby... why is your heart beatingso loudly today? when you are beside me, why won'tmy heart beat fast, madhuri? come... tell me one thing, why didyou bring me under this bed?

hadn't i come under this bed,i would have been dead. now there's no problem,let's get out. are you hurt?- idiot. are you alright?do you want anything? no? come... what kind of a house is this?there's no one here. i'll ask this servantabout the owner of this house. who are you? and how did youcome in this house? you must have heard that saying...

why i am saying it to a servant? excuse-me sir,i am not a servant... but the owner of this houseand my name is kothari. kothari, then why arethese vegetables in your hand? oh that...- let it be... do you know that your daughters... have an affair withthose three rascals? and they are married.- yes i know... i see.- yes.

and it was i who suggested themto do so. that's nice... it's such a nice photograph.where did you shoot it? i got it shot in a foreign's nice, isn't it? it's very nice...- i knew it. i feel like thanking youwith a hug. but brother, why are yougiving me a hug? just as the ingredientsof a 'paan' should be right... evidence should be so strongas to convince even a fool.

brother, listen... happy wedding anniversary,brothers-in-law. thank you, brother lucky... his height is 6 feet 2but the gift is... just open the gift and see. this gift will surelymake you squirm. he's speaking as if he hasbrought a diamond set. "the channels on the television..." "are outnumberedby the wiles of a wife."

"televisions work on remotes." "wives work on currency notes." "don't change your wiveslike the channels." "it will entrap you, beware." "make your life colourful..." "with an array of vivid dreams." "the channels on the televisionare outnumbered by the wiles of a wife." "she prepares the morning tea." "she gets placatedeven when angry at times."

"listen to my advice..." "...never betray your wife." "she will always stand by you..." "remain forever faithful to her." well, you are savedbecause it's a sunday today. enjoy as much as you wish, today. it will be a differentball game tomorrow. just a minute. thank you.- no!

okay.- bye. forget it. it won't start.i will catch a cab. just like me. my wife says that i alsoneed a couple of kicks to get started. hi- hi how are you?- good. how are you? i am fine.- what happened? a breakdown? yes.- come, i will give you a lift. no need! forget it. i will go with her.

it will be difficult for youto ride a double seater. i don't really think so. thank you for giving me a lift. don't embarrass meby saying thank you. will you let her go just like that? you must have heard that adage... it's all a matter of time,sometimes it happens in the day... and sometimes at night. how cana meeting that ends without coffee... be called a meeting?actually...

actually, the parking is there... the kitchen is inside,i'll go and prepare coffee. come on. come... over there.- okay. whatever has to happenwill surely happen. no matter how many timesyou change a kid's diaper... he'll keep wetting it. whenever you laugh like this,one of us is in danger. so tell me what you did today. your nemesis has arrivedat the parking lot.

whom are you talking about?- rekha. and now your affairis going to be a big flop. hey, where are you going?wait a minute. when i enter this housei feel like entering a temple. greetings.- brother lucky. you don't haveto take off your shoes. you see, it might useful later on. your husband doesn'tseem to be around. you won't find him now.- what?

if you don't call out to himthen how will he come? oh yes! actually my husbandis very shy. at this moment he mustbe hiding under the bed. come with me... brother-in-law... where are you? he's really lyingunder the bed. raj, what are you doing?- i fell down. what kind of a person are you?you keep falling all the time.

come out, you are blushinglike a new bride. get up, brother-in-law...- no... it's time to show your face. please...- no... what are you wearing? the air was cool andso i caught a cold. if you have a cold,this brother has the cure for it. i don't need a 'bhai'but an m.b.b.s. you must have heard that maxim...

that if a brother cancure your ailment... then what's the needto see a doctor? it doesn't matter who does it,a quack or a qualified doctor. let us see you face. let's do it! that was a close shave! that villain luckymade a thorough plan. you would have lostboth the women in your life. god is there for thosewho have none else.

to save us from this lucky,god himself will have to come. hey, raj, it's the police. greetings.- greetings sir. i am khudabaksh singhfrom punjab police. we came here searchingfor a man from punjab. do you know this man? his name is...- lakhwinder singh lakha. that means you know this guy. khudabaksh singh,you've come to the right place.

this is the placewhere you will find the guy. by sending you here godhas granted us deliverance. please come this way. brother lucky, it's thethread of 'raksha bandhan'... but it's a string of our love. i always kept givingyou words of wisdom... but today i promisethe three of you... that i'll always be there for you. here, take some moneyfrom your poor brother.

there he is, inspector. the poor fellow doesn't knowthat he's going to be handcuffed. i knew it, that he was a fraud. that's the reason he managedto disrupt our lives. why did you bring the policewith you? you'll know it in a minute. isn't it, brother lucky? i have found you after all. sir, please don't embarrass mebefore my sisters.

why not? even they should know... ...who lakhwinder singh lakha is. greetings, brother lucky!- what is happening? what is happening?- brother lucky. you saved our country's respect... getting a terroristof punjab arrested. and when the governmentwanted to felicitate you... with this cheque and medal,why did you just come away? i have come here allthe way from punjab...

to give you this chequeand this medal. that when you ride a cycle,you'll have use the pedals. why do you need a cheque or medal... when you have come into this world to do good? did you hear his saying,it's not a saying but a... missile. wow, brother lucky,you are a national hero. i thought that he would bebeaten up by the police. but our plans failed and nowi feel like killing myself.

i swear... brother lucky, please wear thismedal so that i can take a snap. so that a 6/6 snapgets printed on the... front page of punjab kesari.- a photograph too! did you hear that, his 6/6 snapis going to be printed... and that too on the front page. but your photos never appeared inthe papers not even in passport size. it will surely come whenit's our death anniversary. bro-in-law raj, please takeour snap while we say cheese.

yeah raj, take one snap. how come you thought ofbringing us for a musical show? it's so exciting.who is going to perform? jagjit singh?- no. then it must be pankaj udhas.- no. daler mehendi?- no. it doesn't matter who it iswhen you are along with us. yes my madam. "hello madam, i am your adam"

"lord has created you only for me" "i was created only for you" "hello adam, i am your madam" "if you say,i'll open the door of my heart" "i'll tell your fatherthat i am in love with you" "if you say, i'll openthe door of my heart" "i promise i'll confess it too" "let the right season come" "my shining eyes saythat it's the season of love"

"we've found a reasonto close to you" "we've found a reasonto close to you." "you and i will betogether and never part" what does lucky think of himself? sometimes i wish to kill him. brother lucky is here. got you... you lost all you energy,didn't you? you get scared when you hearthat person's name...

but you want to kill him!?shut up and drink. but there should be somesolution for this problem. we'll trap him by charging himwith killing someone. but who?- us! he'll go to the gallowsand we'll be free. isn't that a good idea? why should all the threeof us commit suicide? why don't you do it?the punishment will be the same. scoundrel!

if you want to kill someone,then kill lucky. you are right.- it's a mind blowing idea. i was just joking.- but jokingly you gave a great idea. our fear of brother luckywill vanish and so will our tears... baby, give me a beer. he's sleeping so peacefully. let's do one thing.we won't disturb him now... we'll come later.- shut up. he gave us sleepless nightsand you are thinking about him.

i am thinking about usbecause if he wakes up... he'll surely kill us. he's dreaming, and thepoor fellow doesn't even know... that this will be thelast time he'll ever dream. it doesn't matter whetherhe's sleeping or is lying awake. a tiger is always a tiger.before he wakes up, we should attack. not here... hercules! does he eat iron? be careful.1, 2, 3... put him down carefully.

i hope nobody's around. you must have heard thatsaying, brother lucky... that one who digs a pit foranother, falls in it himself first. hey... what did you do?- what have you done? i didn't do anything. raj, aryan, lucky's ghost. what are you saying?- dead body... dead body? where?

under the bed... he's getting scared as if he's seenlucky's dead body under the bed. fool!- what? yes...- yes? there. i go that side, you gofrom this side, okay? where is he?only his mandolin is here. i swear, i saw him holding it.i promise you guys. but where is he now?- shut-up, we'll go outside.

you woke us in the nightonly to show us a music instrument. why did you hit me now?- when did i hit you? just now.- aryan, you've gone crazy. keep quiet. why did you hit me now?- because you hit me for the second time. why would i hit on the sly? ifi want, i'll do it openly. like this. raj please tell him...- shut up, both of you. no one will hit anyone now.shut up. didn't i say no more hitting now?- but when did i hit you?

just now.- i believe you. i did not.- shut up... now, if you open your mouth,i'll beat you up. i didn't hit anyone... ghost... lucky's ghost. i think that he'spossessed by a ghost. ghee is prepared from curdled milk. a dress when torn can be stitched.

only god can save a personwho sees a ghost. congratulations sir!here, have this sweet. why govardhan,are you getting married? not me but your daughtersare going to marry... raj, aryan and veer.- who told you that... my daughters are going to marrythose useless guys? your sons-in-law arespending your money... so freely that you will haveto get them married... to retain your money.

when i am through with them... they will in such a bad state,that they won't need... even an ambulance to land in a hospital.- there's no need for an ambulance. not just themselves, they canadmit you in the hospital too... in their brand new sports car.- what!? they've bought a sports car too? sir, if you don't mind,can i buy a scooter for myself. you see, i won't have a problemto visit you in the hospital. sir, can i buy a scooter?- shut up!

dad...- hi dad! it's good that you met us outside.we have good news for you. yes i know, my messengertold me about it very happily. so you know that we are goingto marry those three guys? isn't it great, dad? but dad, why do i feel thatyou are going to cry any moment? is that so?- what can he do when god gave him... such an expressive face?- no it's not that... every father sheds tears whenhe listens to such good news.

this is nothing; father-in-lawis going shed more tears later. leave her hand.- you have to give her hand in mine... but you are asking meto leave her hand? no, father-in-law meansto say that... if you leave her hand now,then only can you sit... in a wedding canopy with her.isn't it, father-in-law? of course. children, go inside.i'll just talk with them. by darling...- bye... i love you.

you guys have deceived me. leave them aloneor else i'll be compelled... to resort to some strict action. if you do that then we'lltell them it was your idea... and that we followedyour instructions. yes, you are right. it was i... who took you under my wing. i thought you to be good guys butyou turned out worse than that. nothing can be done now,father-in-law...

he won't listen to you. stop advising us and startpreparing for the wedding. and give us your daughtersalong with the flower basket. we are bringing the procession.our only request is that... you should welcome ourprocession with 'pan parag'. see you.- greetings. these photographs are the evidenceof your ruined lives. i know how i had to makeup myself to come here. but i could not keepthis away from you.

we can forgive you becauseyou were helpless as a father. but how can we forgive our husbands? you used them for your own motive. but those guys wentalong with you readily? brother lucky...- look at this. when i tried to tell you the truthyou did not listen to me. you thought that your husbandwas like a temple lamp. you saw him like a sealed bottleof a bisleri. and you described yoursas a first class bogie.

i am sorry, brother lucky,we didn't listen to you. we are repenting for that. you may be repenting butit is time for those guys to repent. let's think of how to teach them a lesson. but what can we do, brother lucky? a brick is a substitute to a stone... just as sugar isthe substitute to jaggery. and if you want to teachyour husbands a lesson... you must have affairs.

not with me.please. c'mon, pandit-ji. bhavna...- why are you shouting? no one is deaf here. i wish i became deaf before hearingyou sing duets with someone else. what were you doingwith that pandit? if i ask you the same question aboutwhat you were doing with that girl? don't change the subject, dia.- men can do anything they want. but it is only women thathave to do the explaining!

listen, i am not tryingto prove anything. because this is neithera court nor i a criminal. why does a lawyer's attiregive one the right to question...because this is neithera court nor i a criminal. why does a lawyer's attiregive one the right to question... why can't a bride's wedding dress... adorning me in which you tookthe seven vows of marriage? yes i did that, but since that day... i never got your love, your name is 'dia'but what did you give me?

you were able to get people to takethe pledge of speaking the truth... swearing by the 'geeta'. yes, i had an affair sinceyou couldn't get that love... because of your film career. your act will provea very big problem. you wished to visit tirupati,didn't you? now you can go becausei am leaving this house. you wished to becomean actress didn't you? that you can surely become, sincei am going to marry someone else.

you have got many couplesdivorced, didn't you? now get ready for your own caseas we'll be meeting in the court. "i shall live and die for her." "i shall love her madly,the world will watch." seeing you three couples,i remember... what my registrar had told me. that couples are made in heaven... but sustaining the relationis left to the humans. are you married?- yes and it broke off too.

my wife ran away with my neighbour. my friend, why are you ruiningeverything by speaking like this. see, everything seems to be very goodtoday. all the three brides... and the grooms are present. why don't you get us married soon. yeah, but let the witness come first. are we going to murder someoneor loot someone's place? you are our witness,and so you'll sign the papers. we have called our friendsto come and give their witness.

they'll be coming any time now. dia? bhavna?- sonia? how do you three know their names? that's because a girltakes on a husband's name... when she gets married. and today we are returningthat name back to them... by signing on this paper. does that meanthey all are married?

you were right! one should always... fall in love first and then marry.and not the other way round. we were going to tell you everything. isn't it, raj, aryan?- yes. when, after ruining our lives? no!- time is being wasted, if you want... to get married then be quick. when we were asking youto hurry up... then you were waitingfor the witness.

but aren't you a witnesswhat just happened? how will they marry us? we won't marry anyone now. we have lost our faithin this constitution. we won't marry anyone, be itthrough love or an arranged one. let's go... young men...i have often seen... people drown while trying tosail in two boats. shut up. we were sailing smoothlyin both the boats before drowning.

i just witnessed that.- hey, over smart guy! sit down. make him sit.- sit down. if someone sits in your boatand takes you to the shore... then what can we do, you oldie! you are jealous of us.then what can we do, you oldie! you are jealous of us. take this. nothing can be worse than this. this is terrible.nothing can be worse than this.

this is terrible. didn't i tell you thati saw his ghost? but you didn't listen to me. how did you three thinkthat lucky singh... will die so soon. that means you are alive? do you believe now orshould i slap you again? no, we know now thatlucky can never die. seeing you in this condition,i remembered a saying.

one more... leaving your wives for someone else... always leaves you alonein this whole world. don't eat these. brother lucky.- yes... thank you.the world is very cruel. how many bananas?- one, two, three, four... but we are only three. raj, aryan, our wives andour girlfriend have deserted us.

we were sure about one thing.that lucky is dead. but he's alive. whom should we live for now? we don't have any right to live. hey, that belongs to us. okay friends, this isthe last time we meet.hey, that belongs to us. okay friends, this isthe last time we meet. when i'll die i'll ask godto give friends like you both... even in the next birth.

i love you, raj...- i love you too. really so sweet, i was going toask for a pet dog or cat... ...but i'll ask for friends like you. how sweet, aryan?...but i'll ask for friends like you. how sweet, aryan? i'll miss you guys. friends are we ready?- yes, we are ready. one...- hey what... two...- what are they doing?

three...- stop, please stop. what should we do now?please stop. could they be our wives?- we have no complaints against you... ...please don't commit suicide.we forgive you. i promise you tonightwill be the night. please... did you see that raj, aryan,our wives have saved us... even before we could commit suicide. that means they still love us. that means our basantis'have forgiven us.

we cancel our suicide. please go and save them. please do something.- what will we do now? i cannot see them dying.- please save, dia. veer, i don't want to die. raj, it was you ideato come on this pipe... now we are hangingon it for our lives. i wish god had given me some petinstead of a friend like you. don't leave the pipe;we are coming to save you.

don't worry, dear, we are notin a hurry to leave the pipe. tell them to come soon.otherwise the pipe will give way. come up soon. dia, i promise!i shall wander no more! i swear! sonia, give me a hand! bhavna, i love you. raj, please let me go down first. you drop down a second later.i want to die married!

if we had been with you, we wouldn'thave tried to commit suicide. we have got our love back now.god will surely save us now. kothari, what are you doing?have you lost it? this not a toy that a fatheruses to play with his children. if it works then it can cut anything. hey, don't remind of our deceit. kothari, please don't do this. why, you rascals,you deceived my daughters... and are hanging here.- hey, uncle...

from the time they came to know that... they are going to beyour second wives... they have vowed neverto marry again. and so i won't leave you in peace. bhavna... sonia... you are great, brother lucky!- brother lucky! you see, your brother luckyis a great catcher. there goes raj.

please get up, brother-in-law. all the dirt can bewashed by any detergent. but the one that is irreparablewill be found in the dustbin. do you get that?but the one that is irreparablewill be found in the dustbin. do you get that? there goes aryan. move aside.there's no problem. any pain or itch can becured by an ointment... but only a high voltage shockcan cure an erring husband.

dog van. there goes... a dog and a watchmando their work efficiently. and if a husbanddeceives his wife... even his dog doesn'tremain loyal to him. brother lucky, we alwaysthought you were trying... instigate our wives. if my hand hadn't been bandaged... i would have greeted youwith clasped hands.

we always tried to hurt or kill you... but today i wish to clasp your hand. we now realized how lucky we are... that we have brother lucky with us. please stop now... hearing you three,i became emotional. i have no words to say,i am choked with emotion. brother lucky, please don'tbe quiet today. one last saying.- no i can't tell anymore.

yes brother lucky, please...- if you saying then. sita-ram, radha-krishnaare examples of god... but if you have to showa perfect model of marital bliss... then give the example of shaadi no. 1.

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