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tanuja. no! this is impossible. get up! how are you here? what are you doing here?where is malaika? what did you do with malaika? come on, answer me,why are you quiet? actually i've not done anything. such a big fraud. you cheated us so badly.

hey, even if you take 70wedding vows instead of 7... ...then too you'll never become adaughter-in-law of bedi family. please go from here. no, aunt. actually malaikahad to go somewhere so... dare you.- rano. no, rano. you'll not raise your hands. today not only, god will also notsee her with evil intentions. what are you saying? she'snot your friends' daughter, tanu.

she's tanuja. pleasedon't go by her face. i'm not going by her face. but i've seen her nature. i know that she's not tanu,she's tanuja. but still... no! you'll not raise your hands. okay. i'll not raise hands,but please tell her... open her mouth. has shedone something to malaika? has she killed her in anger? enough, rano.

nothing has happened to malaika. malaika, it's goodthat you came on time. these people are ina misunderstanding. please explain them...- what to explain them? i literally don't understandanything. and, you. you're in this bridal wear.aunt, what is all this? i was going to marry rishi.then, how is she here? malaika, you got a little lateand she took advantage of that. yes! and look, she's wearingyour wedding dress.

she put the veil, wentand sat in the altar. and she got married to rishi. tanuja, what did you do?such a big fraud. malaika, you're taking me wrong...- i was wrong when... ...i brought you in this house.i brought you in this house. this is how you repaidme for my favour! i did all this for you only. you only...- really! you took my would be familyand husband from me...

...and you are sayingyou did it for me. a person wears the shoes so thatthe thorns don't prick his feet. but the same shoesare thrown out... ...when it startto hurt the feet. leave from here. get her out. stop! uncle! you! yes, i, raj singh bedi! the patriarch of bedi family.

the person you want tokick out of this house... now the daughter-in-lawof this family. the elder daughter-in-law. rishi and tanuja got married. they got married withall the rituals. they got marriedin front of everyone. rishi has taken sevenvows with her. he put a nuptial chainaround her neck. he put the vermilion on herforehead in front of everyone.

in front of everyone. uncle, you are supporting theone who deceived all of us! malaika, stop it already. stop it. i accept that i amwearing glasses. but my eyes are very sharp. i am very far-sighted. you are calling her a cheater. i know who is reallycheating this family... ...and who is thewell-wisher of this family.

i tolerated youconsidering you a girl. i thought, you mighthave some shame. but you turned out to bea very shameless girl. you are calling tanuja a cheater. malaika, see yourself. ask yourself. what are you saying to her? you are saying such things to herwho was supposed to become... ...bedi family's daughter-in-law!

but you are supportingthis treacherous girl... ...who deceived allof us wearing a veil. she is not a cheater. she didn't cheat. i got this marriage done. i had told tanuja... wear the bridal dressand sit in the dais. i had told her to coverher face with the veil. and i had given her a promisethat no matter what...

...the veil shouldn't be raised. this poor girl wasn'teven aware that... ...she was about toget married to rishi. whatever she did... ...she did it on my insistence. why did you do this? whatever i saw... ...after that, no fatherin the world would want... ...his son to get marriedto a girl like malaika!

dad, please tell uswhatever you saw. rishi! son, whatever i saw... one might have thecourage to hear that. tanuja... ...i'm sorry. i'm sorry, dear. i had lied to you. i had lied to you that... ...malaika wants you... sit in her place inthe dais for some time. i'm sorry. you? tanuja, i'm rishi's father. and i didn't want rishi toget married to this girl. but what have i done after all? what have you done? areyou asking me about this? or are you instigating me to revealthe truth in front of everyone? which truth, raj? what doyou know about malaika?

mom, not since today... ...i know it since the dayof the henna ceremony. when i had gone to give herthat gift, at that time... ...malaika hadembraced some man. it's okay, dad.what's wrong in this? i mean, embracing each otheris quite normal nowadays. friends do embrace each other. yuvraj! i'm not a small child!

even i've befriended many people. the way, the manner ofabusing makes it clear... ...whether the person in frontis a friend or an enemy. in the same way, the mannerof embrace makes it clear... ...what is theperson's relationship. mom, when i asked malaikaabout that man... you know what she said? she said that theywere the sinha's. mrs. sinha! there was no mrs.sinha out there.

yes, mr. sinha was indeed there,the one she was embracing. and then, when i wentto get those flowers... ...out there, i saw her get outof a car, and walk into a hotel. and i followed her. she went to a room inthe hotel, all alone. and then... ...what i heard out there... ...if i were to mention it here,my mouth would feel shamed. the respect you have for awoman would be obliterated.

and so, i didn't say a word to her. but i did something. i decided that this girl... not worthy of being thedaughter-in-law of the bedi family. that she should never be thedaughter-in-law of the bedi family. what are you saying? uncle, you are mistaken. that night, before hugging mr.sinha, i'd hugged mrs. sinha too. but it was dark there, so,you might have not noticed.

aunt, you do know that i'vebeen raised in america. and out there, hugging businesscolleagues is quite normal. how was i to know... ...that a mere thing wouldsnowball into a huge issue? and as regards thathotel, it's a lie. it's a lie. i did notgo to any hotel. i had gone to the parlour. and my car broke down on the wayback, and hence i was late. uncle, you do know howmuch i love rishi.

i've waited six years for him.i've loved him for six years. and do you know, whenrishi proposed to me... ...that was the mostmemorable moment of my life. yet, i wonder why youspeak like this, uncle? uncle, i respect you so much.i consider you as my dad. so why do you playaround with my dignity? i don't know what you sawand what you didn't. all that i know, is... ...that this innocentlooking face... that she portrays, well,she's not as innocent as she looks. she has worked magic on magic. well, her magic can work on you.not on me. and neither will i letit work on my son. fine then. whatever i saw issomething i'd show all of you. i will show malaika'strue face to everybody. the man she went tomeet at that hotel... ...i'm sure he'd stillbe in that hotel room. and when malaika wentto meet that man...

...well, somebody musthave surely seen her go there. the truth will be out, for sure. okay, prove it. if i will prove then...- then what? all have to accept rishiand tanuja's relationship. you all have to believe that... all have made amistake to recognize tanuja. fine. fine! what's fine?

dad, it's a marriage and nota game. what are you saying? rishi, it's not a game butit's about the heart. rishi, i started hearingyour heartbeats... ...when you hadn't evenentered the world. you were in your mother's womb. rishi, i can still hearyour heart beat today. your heart was not happyto get married to malaika. it's your mind which isgoing against your heart. okay, if you will notprove it then... by your own will... ...will throw tanujaout of this home. it will not happen. let's see. rishi... also come with us. - mom!- let's go. - yuvraj!- yes, dad. let's go and get the car.- yes. - yes.- let's go.

hang on, what's the hurry? call the person later. first let'sgo to the hotel and know the truth. shall we go? okay. let's go. trust me, i didn't doanything knowingly. raj uncle asked to mesit in the dais. tanuja, you don't need to use wordsto make some people believe on you. let's go. the florist, who isoutside the hotel. - yes. i saw malaika from there andthen i chased her to the hotel.

you will know the rest of thetruth in the room. let's go. this is 105. this is the same room.- dad, let me check it. 'you have to promise methat after marriage... will come to me in thisroom. you will come, right?' 'what was the need to meet shekhar?everything is ruined today.' what if they see him? i guess the doorbell is not working. let me check byknocking the door.

open the door. isthere anyone inside? come outside please.

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