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at least you have someshame that... took supportof the competition... ...and stopped my familyfrom moving out of this house. i stopped them from goingso that... ...they get more defamed andmove out from this house. you are deluding yourself... ...because bihaan willsurely win this competition. then, he'll surelywin by cheating. you'll help bihaan... win so that i can lose. you're my partner, butyou'll be on bihaan's side. thapki can never be afraud like kabir katyal. kabir, i'll not stopyou from winning. but no one can stop bihaan... ...from saving hisrights and his family. do you know? bihaan doesn't needanyone's help for this. because the one who isvictorious in the end... true and right. you also know,what bihaan is like, right? that's why... ...bihaan will win and... ...he'll win onhis own steam. i'll surely win. i'll win for my familyand their rights. later everythingwill become normal. later this family picture...

...will go back toits rightful place. only you won't be there. neither in this picture... ...nor in our lives. thapki, you won't be anywhere. nowhere. if that is the case... ...then, i'll give my heart andsoul to win this competition. so that thapki...

...moves out fromyour life forever. then, i'll get her position. sankar, do you knowwhat you are doing? how can you think that you'llreplace me in bihaan's life? bihaan is angry with me,right now. there's a misunderstandingbetween us. but, sooner or later, thiswill be cleared up. thapki and bihaan... ...will be like before.then, what will you do?

that's why, please tryto understand now. wow, thapki. you had fun withyour husband kabir. now, you're behind my husband. sankar! did my words hurt you? the truth alwayshurts like this. that is not the truth. that is the truth.

everyone knows it andaccepts this in the house. so does bihaan! now, stop convincing me... ...and convince yourself. look here. okay, let's consider thatthis is not the truth. but it's true, that i'mmarried to bihaan. you became vaaniand got us married. that is also true.

yes, that is true. but, i unknowingly madea big mistake. unknowingly, i consideredmy bihaan as a criminal. i didn't know thatisn't bihaan's fault. if i knew that my bihaan... innocent, then i would havenever let you marry him. 'thapki, you still don'tknow the entire truth.' 'i'm the disaster in your life... ...who has killed your son.'

'i won't let youknow about this truth.' 'otherwise, bihaan and youwill become one again.' so, will you break my marriage ifyou know the truth, today? what do you think of yourself? am i a puppet? you'll tell me to sit in the altar. you'll tell me togo out from here. no, thapki. you've done wrong.

i won't do anything wrong. bihaan is only mine. he'll always stay mine. i'll supporthim at every step. i'll surely winthis competition. sankar, bihaan will have to win. he's tolerated a lot. now, i can'tbear to see bihaan in agony. just because of mymisunderstanding...

...bihaan has goneaway far from me. now, bihaan has the samemisconception that i had. excuse me. yes, tell me. well, i want to participatein this competition. okay, tell me. mr. ashwin pandey... ...and mrs. preeti pandey. other than this, there's onemore name i have to write.

dhruv pandey... ...and aditi pandey. preeti, what are you saying? how can i?- excuse me. aditi, i know there's loads ofproblems between you and dhruv. but, that doesn't meanthat you aren't his wife. if you stay away, like this... ...that witch shraddha willsucceed in her plans. that's what she wants...

...for you and dhruvto be separated. come on now. please mention dhruv pandeyand aditi pandey's names. any other name?- of course there is. there's one more couple's namethat needs to be written. mr. and mrs. shraddha dhruv pandey. dhruv pandey? i don't understand. you don't need to. you just need to write it.

greetings!- greetings! dhruv is as much mine, as he isyours, aditi. do not forget. now, at every place,along with dhruv... ...the other woman will be with him,before his lawfully wedded wife. bihaan, do you remember? you created astar in my name, too. i booked a star in the sky,in your name and i've named it... ...twinkle twinkle thapki star. that star is there even today.

just like your love for me. your hatred and angerpersists even today because... ...because you love meimmensely even today. you will see... ...just as you'll be victoriousin tomorrow's match... the same way, there'llcome a day when... ...our love will win too. then, there won't be any thirdperson between you and me. kabir's goingout so late at night, again.

kabir katyal, i'll findout the truth about you today. then, i'll see... he gets my familyout of this house. that's because there'llbe no match tomorrow. that's because you'llbe defeated today itself. just wait and watch. mother! greetings!- be happy! balloo, how are you? how come you're so weak?

doesn't your wifetake care of you? now that you're here,she'll surely take care of me. sonu, how's everyone in thevillage? - everyone's fine, uncle. thapki, she's your elder her blessings. be happy, my child! and he's sonu, her grandson. please have a seat.- please come. we'd come to delhi, so wethought of coming over... ...and meeting my youngerone and all of you.

do you still address grandmaas the younger one? well, your grandmamight have aged... ...but she's younger to me, right? there's not a single day thatshe does not remember her. she would have come forbihaan's wedding too... ...but, her health didnot support her. that's the reason i've come now. i thought of spending thenew year with you all. i thought i'd meetbihaan's wife too.

she's bihaan's wife, right? tell me, bihaan, she'syour wife, right? yes! she isbihaan's wife, thapki. both of you come andseek her blessings. may you enjoy a longand blissful married life! may you be blessed with children! you two look like a madefor each other pair. grandma, now... bihaan, she's tired.

let her freshen up, and havesomething. we'll talk later. suman, take your grandmato the guest room. - yes! you sure have a verynice wife, bihaan. sonu, you peoplehave come here... ...i'm very pleased about it... ...but i don't wish to keep youpeople in the dark for long now. actually, thapki andi are separated now. i mean, we have been divorced... ...and i have married sankar.

but, how did this happen? that's something thateven i do not know. just think thatthe betrayal defeated love. son, the circumstanceswere such that... aunt, it doesn't matter whatthe circumstances are. but, grandma shouldn't cometo know about this. - why? just last month, grandmasuffered two heart attacks. that's why i came to the hospitalin delhi to get her treated. oh my god! but, no onetold us about this.

even aunt didn't tell us and... grandma had herself forbiddenher from telling you all. she said that aunt has goneon a pilgrimage for forty days... ...and that she doesn'twant to ruin her... ...pilgrimage by tellingher about all this. how is aunt now? her condition is stillcritical, uncle. the doctor has said that her heartshouldn't suffer any more trauma. if she comes to know that bihaanand thapki have divorced, then...

bihaan, i have only onerequest for all of... that i've comehere only for one day. we'll go back aftercelebrating the new year. so, can you'll pretend to behusband and wife for just one day? only for one night forthe sake of grandma. but, we can't do this.- why can't you do it? the circumstanceshave changed, bihaan. but, the good valueshaven't changed. can't you'll do thismuch for your grandma?

just for one day.isn't it, thapki? i'm wearing the vermillion anda nuptial chain for you. thapki is wearingit for kabir. how can you become the husbandof some other woman... ...even as a charade? how can you prove the vermillionand nuptial chain to be false? only i have the right to beaddressed as your wife, right? you're silent, bihaan. but, i won't remain silent.

i've snatched you awayfrom that... ...stammering thapkiwith great difficulty. i won't even let hershadow come near you. it doesn't matter if grandmalives or dies in the bargain. why have you called me up? to give you some badnews for the new year. why? what happened? exactly that which neitherof us wanted to happen. bihaan and thapki areroaming around in...

...this house as husband and wife.- what? i don't know. but, some oldwoman has come. it's for her. both of them have re-united. either come home immediately andtell the truth to everyone... ...or stay right where youare and mourn the new year. it won't be me whomourns the new year... will beyou, bihaan pandey. i'll give such a great beginningto your new year that...'ll remember it forthe rest of your life.

grandma, just two minutes areremaining for the new year. let's cut the cake that you'veprepared for bihaan and thapki. cut the cake with a prayer... ...that the bond between the twoof you remains intact forever. bihaan pandey, now,see how i... ...put this nuptial chainaround thapki's neck... ...right in front ofyour grandma and also... ...apply this vermillionon her forehead. 10, 9, 8...

...7, 6, 5... ...4, 3, 2...- hold on! is this the way you'llwill begin the new year? a new year calls fornew token of marriage. this new nuptial chainand this... vermillion.won't you wear this? quiet! - thapki! set mefree. what are you doing? now, he'll speak onlywhen we let him speak. the power has come back!

the power has come back.but, who was that boy? balloo, why are you silent? speak up!- actually... ...that boy had comefrom the jeweler's shop. i bought a new nuptialchain for thapki... ...on the occasionof the new year today. i also asked the boy tobring along vermillion with him. so, that's how he came,delivered the... ...nuptial chain andvermillion and then went away.

i was extremely nervous! a new year is about to commence andthis boy was uttering nonsense! there was a power failuretoo. i was feeling, as if... ...this could be a bad omen... ...which will harm this family.- what are you saying, aunt? as long as i'm therein this house... one can harm thisfamily in any way. i'll go away only after... ...getting rid ofall the bad omens.

grandma, please cut the cake now.the new year has already commenced. bihaan, please come! grandma.- don't feed it to me. both of you feed it to each other. you're very fortunate thatyou've got a wife like thapki. her heart and soul are very pure. promise me something. you'll never offend her. you'll always support her.

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