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'the person with whomgoddess lakshmi is angry with.. ..he feels likethe world is angry with him.' 'and the personwho receives goddess's blessings.. ..all his troubles come to an end.' 'that's why it is said.. ..god grants in abundance.' 'there are many mysteries in thehistory that humans have solved.' 'similarly,there is an unsolved mystery.. ..which a british archeologist davidhad written in this book in 1932.'

'he has written complete details.. ..of his extensive researchon kanishk empire in this book.' 'and he believedthe king hid kanishk's wealth.. ..somewhere here to protect itfrom the enemies in the battle.' 'to prove his belief, he haswritten many evidence in this book.' 'this locket is oneof the evidences.' 'this is a key to the boxthat contains the map to treasure.' 'he somehow managedto find the key.' 'but he could never find the box..

..without which it was impossibleto get to the treasure.' 'four months ago, we foundthe box containing the map.. ..and that to in black market here.' 'after four months ago.. ..i got permission from thegovernment here for the excavation.' 'david died herewhile doing research.' with the foolproof information.. ..we must find the keyand the treasure too. sir, the treasure must beof great value, right?

you'll be glad to know that the valueof the treasure is 50000 crores. students, more than the treasure.. ..our main aim is to showthe glorious history of past.' the pride of terrorism,i'm talibani sultan. presence of terror. i was glad to hear thatyou are aware of the terror. you're a hard workingand honest man. i came to know you'vea box to some treasure. and you want to find the treasure andhand it to the pakistan government?

that's a good intention. you got educatedin foreign country, right? i think you've forgottenthe traditions of this country. like you study in books.. ..we don't have an electedgovernment in every 5 years. i'm the government hereand i'm the ruler too. where's the box? the moment you find the keyto this box, you will hand it to me. otherwise, i will finish you.

come. listen to me carefully.from this moment.. ..the air you breathe.. ..the water you drink,the land where you stand.. ..everything belongs to me. whatever you find here,you will show it to me first. no one will leave this placeand go. until you don't find the treasure.. ..all of you are my slaves.

gautam varma versusbangali baba company. i apologize for coming late.greetings. aren't you aware of the rules?who is he? why are you late? sorry, your honour.he is client gautam. seeing the ads by this imposteron tv and trains.. ..he has suffered great loss. he had assured my client thatluck would come to him in 60 days. he gave this ordinary locket to myclient, but luck didn't come to him.

since he wasn't able to paythe electricity bill last month.. ..there is no powerin this house. moreover, he advised my clientto eat only once a day. i request the courtto compensate my client.. ..for his physicaland mental agony. i never imagined ofgetting such a peculiar case. on the given testimonies,the court sentences.. ..that bangali baba's companyreturn 13,000 in cash.. ..and rs. 250 of the postalcharges to mr. gautham.

and i suggest mr. gautam that.. ..he stops believing in such thingsand focus on hard work instead. thank you, your honor. along with good judgment,you also gave me good advice. god bless you. - thank you, sir. as soon as you get your money,pay my fees. - sure. mr. gautam. having faith on you,i lost all my money gambling. had i told the judge,he would've fined you.

i tried my best.tell me what's my mistake? your stars are in trouble.- have some shame. time has changed. there is no hurdlesin your horoscope now. all the planets in your horoscopeare very favorable. look here. i brought this lucky amulet fromthe highest peak of the himalayas. wear it for once. very good.

the aura of brightness i seenow wasn't seen earlier in you. with this amulet,all your bad luck would vanish. you told me the same earlier too.will it bring luck? your doubt every time.what's the harm in trying? - okay. listen,its market value is rs.25000. since you are a regular customer,i'll give you discount of rs.10000. you deduct the court's orderand pay me just rs.2000 only. if you don't want..- i'll pay you. rafiq, where's our duty today?- from srinagar colony to madhavpur.

we've to refill 12 atms with cash. lottery results will be out today. what does my horoscope tell today? what do i say? all the planets arelike the politicians of our country. if one supports, the other wrecksthe entire supporting system. i don't know whom to believe. this is your horoscope. this day is lucky for you. from4:17 to 4:22 is lucky time for you. after this it is bad era,you'll ruin everything.

yes. astrologers andfeng-shui say that.. ..if you want a good future,be born in a film star's house. lottery won't bring you luck. whether or not you win the lottery.. ..but repay my money alongwith interest. understand? you are mocking me. what will you dowith so less salary? i'm at least in peace. like you, i don't spendthe entire salary on lottery.

chikky, did you go to school?- i couldn't go today. why? - i had been to jailto meet my father. he said i will get spoiltif i play with you. darn it. my job is betterthan your father who is a thief. wait and watch. i'll demolish this shanty and buildamusement park for your kids one day. where are you going? - lottery shop. lottery shop? gautam is againgoing to lottery shop.

you read out and i will check. 99. - 99. 63. - 63. are all the numbers there? first four serial numbers are commonin all the tickets, read further. 57. - 57. 4. - 4. the milk will boil and get spilt.turn off the stove. wait, my time is good.

check. - read further. 1. - yes, there is 1. tell me the last number quickly. number 8. 8! wow. you won the lottery! i won! how much you won? rs. 15.

stop dancing. how much?- rs.15. consolation prize. bad time begins. i was dancingwithout knowing it's rs.15. why were you dancing? you got luckyfor the first time in life. you're right. even i will get lucky someday. i will then buy you teain five star hotel.

you took away all our pocket money. when will you repay it?in this birth or in the next birth? i will surely repay. i wonder if i'll get to see rs 1000note before going to college. you always say are very hopeless. come to the atm exactly at 4. i'll show you a bundle of rs. 1000.okay? 10 paisa, 10 paisa,10 paisa and 20.. ..that's 50 paisa. - father, will youplease stop counting the change?

that money has no value now. son, if i give 50 paisa to a beggar,he will surely take it. but for your lottery tickets, evena beggar won't take it. understand? have hot piping coffeeand stay calm. mother, my tiffin. vegetable is getting cooked,wait for 5 minutes. - 30, 40. because of your stinginess,i'm not getting lucky. you count change when i go outand also when i come in. you have more change than a beggar.

you wretched, even if goddess lakshmisigns the cheque for you.. ..even that will get bounced. goddess,i don't know what your name is. but all i know is thatyou are our family deity. why did you make my family poor? you should've madeat least one person rich. grant us plenty of moneyand they should see sense. do some miracle, goddess. balu, keep the bags out.

careful. will you light thousand lamps today? yes priest, since i've made a vow.- good, dear. i didn't see anyonemore devoted to god than you. you have great faith in will surely get a good groom. in the film 'oh my god',paresh rawal got tired.. ..screaming that it is stupidityto believe in blind beliefs. our duty is to work hard.. ..and god will grant the fruit.

keep your stupid advises to yourself. today, you'll see me getting lucky. baba has told methat it is my day today. along with rs.2000 for the amulet,i've paid him rs.1000 extra. let's forget about luck. if you want to become a millionairequickly, this is the perfect chance. forget what i told in the vehicle. you crook, did you meet some don thatyou are giving me criminal ideas? if it's not mine,i don't want a crore.

if it is mine, i'll notleave even 1 rupee. - gautam. come fast. show me rs.1000 note. sir. these kids live in my shanty. they have never so much money. if you permit,can i show them the money? thank you. come, kids.quick. have a look. wow. can we touch them?

sir,the kids want to feel the bundle. they will feel it and give it back. don't worry. please, sir. thank you, sir. the note is real. come on. where did they go? we got lot of money. let's run away. - wait. don't run.

don't go leaving me. wait. quick. run. you brokemy sacred coconuts on them? the thousand coconutsthat was offered to lord shiva.. ..i was supposed to offerthem at kedarnath. what will i tell lord shiva now? if the coconuts were that preciousyou should've hired a security guard. here. replacement coconut.offer it in kedarnath. i wish to breakyour head with this coconut.

race part 3in the middle of the street. listen, you dropped your money. move aside. hey. - what are you doing? let go my child. - let go the child. please save my child. sir, why did you beat them? they robbed an atm. when we wererefilling cash in the atm..

..few goons came thereand robbed the atm. they were armed as well.- then what did you do? i nabbed themputting my life at stake. you should be rewardedfor your bravery. my company will decide that.i feel i will be promoted for sure. wait. the police is here. today, an ordinary security guardhas shown so much courage that.. ..we just can't stop praising him. it is necessary for usto encourage such people.. that there isno crime in the country. you were sensational, gautam. gautam. - yes. these days, only cricketers andpoliticians become the breaking news. i was glad to see you on tv. today, i will announce of installing tap.. front of your house.are you happy? for the first time,i'm feeling proud of you. why did you stop? sing and dance.

dance. sir! supervisor sir! the management has decidedthat the money you protected.. will be rewarded10 percent of it. brother. will you lend me rs 1 lakh?- what? why should i give? i nabbed the is my hard earned money. sir, you are hereto give me good news, right? wait for some time,you will come to know everything.

your horoscope saysthat you have bad luck. sir, have i only been promoted.. ..or will i get 10 percentof the money i protected? not promotion,you got demoted, you fool. entire episode is recordedin cctv camera. go back to your places. if you'd paid attention towards work,this incident wouldn't have happened. stop advising me.tell me about my promotion. if i tell you the truth,you will be amazed.

the bank has warnedour security company. be glad you are not fired. this place stinks. why did khan bring me here?i hope he is not lost. from today your duty is here only. here? what am i to secure here? forget that. you can now bring the kidsin the shanty and play here. there is no camera here.

he is so lucky. he got promoted to the dump yard. gautam, did you buy a new perfumewith the reward money? great smell. probably, he planned the robberyjust to get famous. he got ruinedwearing the baba's amulet. if he does anymistake in the dump yard.. ..his posting will bein the public toilet. the security agency has startedinvestigating the robbery.

through cctv camera footage.. ..that security guard gautam'sirresponsibility lead to robbery. the thieves got nabbed.. here he is. he also brought shame to our shanty. a man like him shouldbe thrown out of this shanty. there is a new twist in srinagarcolony atm theft.. - gautam is here. gautam, who nabbed the thieves.. ..has been warnedfor his carelessness.

you are stinking.were you cleaning sewage? go and bathe socks smells better than this. do i still stink? if i'm still stinking, i'll get myskin ripped by the butcher. you couldn't stand the smellon me even for a minute. i've to standthe entire day in that stink. you stopped my education. you also didn't give me moneyto commence a business. being a father,have you ever asked me what i want?

you gave me birth and left meon the streets of the shanty. i'm so unlucky to havea father like you. - son. why are you blaming mefor what you've done? had you not taken the kids to atm,this wouldn't have happened. tell me. what's my fault? he is already stooped so much.. much more will he stoop? it is better to not have a sonlike him. - calm down. he is upset. there's more raininside than outside.

'pushkalawathi diamonds.' 'i am sathyanarayana varma.. ..i left a will bequeathingmy entire property.. my son narendra varma.' 'the house, land,everything got ruined.' 'i could only save 900 diamonds.' 'today, in 1947,it's value is rs.60 lakhs.' 'only my son, his son and his heirwill have right on these diamonds.' 'nobody else can claim it.'

father. father, get up. what is it? - get up, father. i want to sleep. - father. grandpa has left a will for you. he says he has left900 diamonds behind for you. do one thing. i'll give you the keyto the locker in the morning.. ..go and deposit them. okay?i want to sleep now. sleep later. get up. - what is it?

have a look at the will. he has left 900 diamonds for it. 'i thought there was onlyone mad man in our house.' ..only today i learnt that evenyour grandpa was a mad man. son, probably yourgrandpa must've dreamt.. ..of earning so much wealth for me. he didn't give me a single penny,he made this will just to kill time. and he has mentioneda clown like you in this will. take the will andlet me sleep in peace.

tell me something about him.- what is it? your grandpa died when i was young. after few years,even your grandma died. as far as i know your grandpawas riding on a broken bicycle. had he got diamonds,would he use a broken cycle? listen, i think he wasmad to make this will. he died, now don't kill me. go and sleep. go otherwise i will call mother.

'1947, august 15.. ..hindu and sikhs werebeing thrown out of pakistan.' ''i was in home scaredlistening to radio.' 'even police are unableto control the rampaging rioters.' 'police have requestedpeople to stay indoors.' 'thieves are killing famous peopleand robbing them.' 'the entire city..- i called my friends seeking help.' mr. mohammed,i'm sathyanarayana here. - tell me. i'm really scared.

can i stay in your housetill the riot ends? if you stay with us,they'll kill me and my family. please don't tell anyonethat we're friends. hello, police station. there's riotsand bloodshed outside. i'm alone at home.will you provide me with security? 'i'm the owner ofpushpakalawathi diamond shop.' darn it.i'm not able to read the address. it's very difficult to come now, sir. if you want to save your life,leave the country immediately.

'i lost my senses in fear.' 'i then saw some peoplecreating commotion outside.' come out. 'before they could get to me,i decided to leave from there.' 'i put the money, jewels and diamondsin the bag and ran towards my car.' 'some people saw me escapingand started following me.' 'but i somehow managedto escape from them.' 'they knew about the diamondsi was carrying with me.' 'i was scared about my death.'

'hence, i worshipped goddess on theway and kept moving ahead quickly.' 'there entire city was filledwith dead bodies.' 'there was riots everywhere.' 'there was very lesschance to escape.' 'when i was young, i knew thatduring the battle, the king.. ..used to take the secret route.' 'one day, i saw it.' 'but i never had the courageto go inside.' 'but there was no other optionother than taking risk.' - darn it.

the termites have ruined the pages. 'i entered thesecret route with fear.' 'i went downclimbing down the stairs.' 'i opened the door,there was a dangerous cave.' 'even the sound of my footstepswere scaring me.' 'i didn't knowwhere i was going in the quagmire.' 'i then rammed into a stoneall of a sudden.' 'as soon as i rammed into the stone,a chain fell into my hand.' 'i got scared.'

'i decided to return backwith the chain.' 'since all the routes were similar,i lost my way.' 'after roaming insidelike a mad man for 4 hours.. ..i lost hope in life.' 'i was exhausted.' 'therefore,i stopped in a place to rest.' 'there were birds made of ironin the place where i sat.' 'my bag containing diamondsfell into one of them.' 'due to weight,the wings shaped lid fell down.'

'the top portionof the pillar opened.. ..and my money and the bag containingdiamonds went somewhere inside.' 'i tried really hard to open it,but failed.' 'i tried to move the stonekept nearby, but it broke.' 'suddenly the earth started tremblingas if there was an earthquake.' 'the stone bridge split intotwo parts and i fell inside.' 'only god knows howi survived from the well of death.' 'if anyone follows my instructions.. ..he will probablyfind those diamonds.'

all the important informationare missing. where's goddess hinglaj temple? where was my grandpa's house? yes, there. do it carefully.don't break anything. do it carefully. dig there. you are wasting my time. hurry up. useless. - mr. mansoor. we are looking for the treasureand it requires lot of patience.

if you lose patience,there will be hurdles. yes, sir. sir, please come here quickly. what is it? we have found a bird made of iron keep it safely in a bucketand send it up. tell me, father. there's good news. - what happened? we're very near the treasure.

we have found the statueof the bird of kanishk empire. the same heartbeats. i can see the same fear. there's no change in fear. but this isn't fear of me. his only fear is if i willget hold of that treasure. sultan doesn't give anotherchance for hard working people. you are very honest. if you get out of my sight,you will probably survive.

hereafter, you will bein this professor's position. if you work honestly,you will be rewarded. run! you will liveuntil you don't stop running. should i believe in those torn pagesor grieve over my bad luck? if it was a lie,then why'd grandpa keep it safely? darn it. i don't understand anything. goddess hinglaj?

'photo exhibitionof ancient hindu temples.' 'don't forget to cometo state gallery of fine arts.' 'you won't get such opportunityagain and again.' 'sunidhi.' looks like she's a great devotee. 'hinglaj temple, pakistan.' is this temple in pakistan? - yes. would they allow visiting it? by the way, it will be a pilgrimage.

but it is dangerous to go acrossthe border even to worship goddess. it's not that easyto get visa to pakistan. seek blessings right hereand go home. don't be happy becausethe world didn't end in 2012. the danger got postponedjust for few days. sins have increased so muchthat the world will surely end. you can understand onlyif you study the sequence of events. sometimes tsunami,sometimes earthquake.. ..sometimes flood andterror attack at times.

at times, rain in summerand flood at times. therefore, before the world ends.. ..we must worship all the famousand ancient temples.. that your sins get washed away. no one will go to templewhen the world is about to end. they will go to the beachwith a beautiful girl. i was indeedtalking about such evil thoughts. we will find many idiots like himto stop us from being devotional. don't pay attentionto people like him.

so far,i've visited many ancient temples. and my next stop is the most powerfulgoddess hinglaj devi in pakistan. we have told the pakistan embassy.. is the last wishof many people to go there.. ..hence, they are readyto give group visa. so don't think. those interested incoming to pakistan raise your hands. you probably won't getsuch an opportunity again. she talking as if she's going to somepark for a stroll and not pakistan. i cracked a joke earlier by mistake.

not a joke. you've committed a sin. sin? please, madam. take me to hinglajdevi temple to wash away my sins. probably my sins will get washedaway because of your devotion. look, if i take you there,it will be a sin. you better find some otherbeautiful girl and kill your time. don't call yourself as beautiful. sorry.

if you try to flirt with me.. ..i will get you crushedunderneath the truck. stay away from me. hello. is it dr. ravi? - yes. i'm sunidhi here. - tell me. you used to woo mewhen you were in 10 standard. i got your number from yellow pages. yes. i remember. tell me.- actually.. ..i'm taking devoteesto hindu temples in pakistan.

you too were quitedevout then, right? it's past. are you interested to join me?- hang up the phone. everyone is refusing. i will go mad.- are you crazy? i was supposed to take 1000 devotees. if i don't take at least one,my promise to goddess will be broken. what do i do? don't even ask me. i've to goon an occasion with your mother. i won't even ask you. i have to go totemples in pakistan and not resort.

i must go to pakistan either bylying to the girl or convincing her. grandpa! show me a way! you may not get anopportunity again to go there. if i go there, i will die. are you sunidhi? my name is gautam. i'm the president offraudy and fraudy organization. don't mind. i'm hearingthe name for the first time. it is becausewe didn't do much publicity. how long has beenthe trust open?

i opened it wheni felt the need. - okay. i want to go to pakistan with you.- really? i swear on my organization. i thought no one will come with mehearing the name pakistan. fill the application form. come to my house along withyour passport and money. here.- what will happen if i get caught? my house deity is with you.everything will be fine. go. just a minute.

catch me. i caught you. you could've appliedblack dot instead. why are you so worried?- anyone home? ms. sunidhi. please come in. come in. please sit.i thought you won't come. here's my passport and the money. it is my childhood photo.

i look handsome, don't i? girls used to woo me. i'm sorry. i then had six packs andnow it is family pack. your complexionwas quite fair earlier. i was so devotional thati never applied cream ever. i'll be blessed going on a pilgrimagewith an ardent devotee like you. i'm booking two tickets to delhion 28 in nizamuddin express. i don't mind even if you take mein general compartment. i will walk on my knees.

okay. - i will wait for your call. i will leave. - okay. mother, have i put on weight?- you were perfect earlier. now, you have grownthin fasting for days. how can you that farwith that stranger? there is nothing to worry.goddess is with me. whatever she wants will happen.- carry extra food. i think that fatso eats a lot. who is he?

qayamat raju, head of thesecurity agency in pakistan. he is an indian.he married and settled down there. he's well known to shabbir uncle. he'll pick you up andalso drop you back in the border. i've already talked to him, okay?- okay. qayamat raju. he seems like the symbolof unity between hindu and muslim. he wants to go to pakistan.he has lost his mind. tell him to give up this crazy ideaand work here sincerely. let him say whatever he wants,but i'm going. - but..

grandpa, you risked your life.. ..confronted all troubles andhid the diamonds safely. i will find them. bless me. stop being stubborn. i cannot ruin grandpa's dream. bless me. take care of yourselfand come back soon. instead, you could've blessed mesaying 'bring back the diamonds'. but you didn't. - think again, son.

don't worry. unless i have yourand grandpa's blessings.. ..nobody can harm me. sorry. i am late. - you? asking as if you'reseeing me for the first time. no. tell me why did you cometo meet me for second time? fourth time. - fourth time? you're a great devotee of god. you're always immersedin the devotion of god.

you don't know how fastthe world is changing. i'm gautam and you're taking meto pakistan with you. i was not supposed to take you.don't try to fool me. the world is about to end very soon. therefore, one person does notrecognize the other. look, you gave me this chip. check the passport. i suspected the very moment whenthat fatso was showing me the photo. i won't take you along.

who are you to refuse?who am i to argue? it's god's wish. even a leaf cannotmove without his wish. he indeed sent meto fulfill your vow. don't you feel so? you're confusing mein the name of god. i'm not confusing you. god has placed my good fortuneof visiting hinglaj temple.. your hands.

the train will arrive any moment.think about it. fulfill the vow of goddess's devotee,otherwise she will be upset. god! what's this test? where's your indo-pak border? he's not useless like you,he's a security head in pakistan. everyone waits for officials. oh.. welcome to pakistan.the land of commotion. my name is qyamat raju.

i was here long time ago,but i was checking you from my radar. why through radar? we wouldnot eat you if you had come closer. i'm here to pick you up andnot answer your questions, okay? have you metosama bin laden, anytime? i was the one who informed theamerican agency about his den. so what if i'm no. 1 security guardof pakistan, but i'm an indian. you could've informed themabout dawood's whereabouts too. even india doesn't knowabout that. wait, this front seatis very special.

do you expect me to travel on top?- go and sit behind. you can hit on her in go and sit back. i will hit you first. your boyfriend is very proud. mr. qyamat, he's not my boyfriend.- oh, the line is clear. isn't the phone engaged?- no. oh, take this.- what is it? write the information in thisand sign this agreement. if you can't sign,then put a thumb impression.

why? for safety. no one canharm you when i'm around. i will get you bothback safely. is he asking for your lifethat you are questioning him? he's not a liar like you.shut up and sign it. thank you. this is a bandof god. keep it with you. shout 'help' twice,and i'll be there. what if the enemy shoots usbefore we shout for help? don't worry about him,you carry on. please.

shut up! - if you want to besafe here, remember three things. what? - no. 1, don't tell the truth. no. 2, save yourself from bomb. no. 3, especially for you, boy,don't talk too much. he's an expert inthese three things. this liar can do anything. this is a very dangerous zone. sultan rules this place. listen tome carefully. remove the dot. cover yourself with scarfand don't lift your head.

if anyone asks, don't sayyou're from india. you'll get killed. i'll pay the tax and return soon. will they chop our tongue if we lie? not you, but me, if it's for her,they'll remove her kidney. then they'll remove the skulland play like a ball. - stop the car! greetings sir!- where are you going? how long? hey, why did you come out?go inside. - who is in the car? my friend.

this gift is for boss.goodbye. couldn't you sit inside quietly?i had to pay rs. 1000 more. - sorry. what does he think of himself? go from here! excuse me, uncle.move the cart from the way. are you deaf? dead end, you are standingon the dead-end of life.. ..and have parked the cart in themiddle of the road? we've to leave. expiry date, move the cart ori'll finish your validity.

even an impaired old manisn't afraid of him. how would he secure us here? didn't your father find anyoneelse other than him? what?- nothing! sit. old man, you may be a cannon,but i am filled with gunpowder. i'll kill you, rip out your skinand make a cover for my seat. even a donkey won't getscared from this fool. he is telling biggerdialogues than his height. all is well.

if we remove his turban and shoes,he's shorter than that donkey. i'll kill you! if you trouble me,it's like inviting death. i will crush you with my jeepor shoot with ak-97. i will practice shooting today. i hope he doesn't kill that uncle.- he can't even kill an ant. stop, mr. qyamat.please listen to me. - what is it? let's take another way. i spare him as you told me.

or i would've killed him today. your donkey is better than will listen to me. come on. come on.- the journey has just begun. don't know what this dwarf will do. hey, the one you seeinside the car.. ..i swear by this gun,you won't see him when i return. elders have said.. ..everyone dies from a bullet. who was that man?- i was giving you an example.

come on.goddess hinglaj temple is here. you go in, i'll clean the vehicle. oh goddess, you wash others sins,but no one cleans your temple. i think, i'm fortunate to do this. listen, help me!- you do it alone. you are goddess's devotee.i'm here on visit visa. how can i share your good deed? i made a mistake by telling are useless. you don't appear like locals.- yes, uncle.

we're from india.- i thought so on seeing you. the temple was closed 60 years ago,who else would come to visit it? it's very old temple?why is it left to ruin? i've read the historyof this temple.. ..according to that, this templeis 700-800 years old. after the india-pakistan partition,this temple was left ruin. - oh. shri sathyanarayana varma. pushkalavathi grandpa's diamond shop. same bag!

what are you all searching for? all of you? uncle, who came here before me? what is he searching? three months ago a groupcame here with similar bag,.. ..they noted downwhat's written on that plaque. who were they?- some archeologists. their office is in ghorkhustia little away from here. hello. - don't you know tocall after reaching there?

first ask me if i'm alright. how are you?when are you returning? i'll be back when i getthe diamonds. - diamonds? i will finish my work andthen will leave pakistan. he came to loot this countryin the name of visitor visa. let me find out his reality.let's begin this match. india-pakistan premier league. have you offeredprayers peacefully? let's go.- let's offer evening prayers also.

there's an ancient templein ghorkhusti too. goddess there is waitingfor devotees like you. there are no temples in ghorkhusti. how do you know that?- almighty told this to me. but this is a temple.- there's only one god. only archeological sites,no temples there. i've to visit officeto know the details. what's it about?- about this temple. okay.

it will be nightuntil you reach there. we'll have to stay somewhere.we'll go there in the morning. sit. i'm well-known in this tea-stall. but you get me a tea today. come on.- drink with your own money. hey, don't mess with me.i can blast this entire place. if you talk too much,i'll make you stand in a market. i will blow you to pieceswith a bomb. i'm very famous here. terrorists fearme. you won't get me a tea?

give him one tea. mr. qyamat. - what is it? somebody is here to meet you.- meet me? who is it? he says he wants torepay your loan. is it? where is he? wait. take this. will you havethis bread? baked bread? i'll give you one freeon another. there's a sale. look, he wants to kill me. mr. qyamat, did unclerepay your loan?

i know wanted to get me killed. good that i escapedor my ghost would be sitting here. i will not spare you. look, sunidhi is here. get down. go and sit back. yes, make your sistersit beside you. please, come.- mr. qyamat.. look very fresh today.- yes, i'm feeling refreshed. listen.. - what?

i doubt this man. - what? stop whispering.shall i call uncle? hero, look there is yourarcheological site. stop. - what is it now? how many timeswill he make me stop? does he take meto be his driver? driver for free. why is your car makingso much of noise? i don't hear any noise.

that deaf old man's spirit hasgotten into you. check it. i'll find the address of the temple. check properly. the noise of this caris better than his. he fooled me.i've got an idea. madam.. he's not here to visit temple,he's here to look for diamonds. i think he is an indian terroristor a don's aide. he told us that thecar was making noise.

but he doesn't know thati can hear him. look here. hear it. did he say anything?- i can hear a donkey braying. donkey braying? it is the same voice. looks like donkey's wifeis hitting him. - is it? yes. - let me hear it. he turned into a donkeyor did he fool me? one minute, madam.i will listen carefully.

i will tell you then. excuse me.- yes, tell me. i want some information.- take a right and there's our office. thank you.- thank you. who is in-charge of this site? what do you want? i'm gautham from india,.. i went to visit hinglaj temple,.. ..they said you came...- where did you get this?

this bag belongs tomy late grandpa. i came here to getinformation about him. he'd written about hinglaj temple,hence i've come to pakistan. even his name is writtenon the stone of the temple. father, son duo said evenyou took a similar kind of bag. hence i've come to gather information.- where are the diamonds? there were no diamonds,the bag was empty. i hate lies. are you really hereto find your grandpa?

i'm telling the truth. i swear. i'm here to know about my grandpamyself. i don't know anything. we got similar thingsin excavations here. we thought there's someconnection with our research. but after wasting one year.. ..when we inquired.. ..we learnt the bag belonged tosome diamond merchant in peshawar. it means grandpa wasa diamond merchant? if the bag belonged to your grandpathen he was diamond merchant.

sir, i can have a lookat our research file. may be..- i told you whatever i knew. go to peshawar and enquire. we have many thing to do. i've a locket like that. thank you my lord! i'm blessed! i thought i would diewithout seeing the treasure. my lord... my lord!

my lord, am no more slave. the key we were searchinghas come searching to us. tell me. - sultan, the treasure ofkanishk dynasty will be ours soon. the key we were searchingis with an indian. great... well done, my son! money... gold! earth... sky! ask him what else he wishes for? if i don't see the key to treasureright now, i may die in tension. indian!

sultan has orderedto make your wish. ask whatever you wantin exchange of key. this key is not for a sale. and this is my grandpa's souvenir. i can't give you. if you want to have look at it,i will show you. if you don't give it,i know how to take it from you. if you want to live, give the key. i will give you plenty of money.take it and leave.

i don't accept the thingthat doesn't belong to me. and i don't let go the thingthat belongs to me. goodbye. catch him! qayamat, start the vehicle.- where are you? come on, hurry up. start the vehicle! faster. indian, you cannotget away from here.

you can't leave pakistantill i get the key. i'll kill you. what happened?why is he threatening you? i don't know.- he appears dangerous. you must've teased his wife. is he threatening to kill youwithout any reason? where is the key?which key is he talking about? he says this locket is key. i said it's my grandpa's locket,but he doesn't believe me.

he escaped! idiot, you lost the keyto my good fortune? how dare you? call the military. alert the police. send our men. i want that key at any cost. he mustn't cross the border. catch him. i invited trouble by bringing you.what did you hear? - what do i say?

had you heard what i heard,you would've fainted. i think he is a terrorist. what do we do now? you look intelligent, how did you..?- don't say a word. mr. qayamat knows the truthabout you. - what truth? whatever you said in hinglaj temple,i heard it through the earphone. what did you hear? about the round diamonds. they are mine. - you are lying.

i'm telling the truth. otherwise,why should i come to peshawar to die. no one can beat him in lying. i saw and heard it myself. he can't fool us anymore. hey! stop! hey. - stop the vehicle. we are in trouble again. you are the biggest trouble. greetings. - bring the passport.

passport. - show him the passport. show him the passport. why have you come here? what is the purpose of coming here?- to visit temple. which temple? hinglaj temple. - does anyonecome here to visit temple? get inside. come on. you too. how dare you stare at me? move.

keep your hands behind your head. hurry up. we found her, sir. if sultan doesn't get the locket,you will be dead. you will be hacked to death. none of you will survive. keep your hands behind your head.come on. commander gani calling, sultan.commander gani calling. over. tell me, commander gani. over.

sir, the indian you are looking foris in our custody. he has a companionand a lady too. get in the vehicle.- he is surely a terrorist. he also killed the policemen. he will kill us too. i'm so unlucky today. don't kill me. stop! god in the temple and satan outside.

how are you connected with them? firstly, i need to find out what'stheir connection with the locket. will you stop fooling me? please stop suspecting me. i will answer all yourquestions in two days. it will be my responsibilityto take you to india safely. i'm the only child for my parents. why did you come to pakistan?please tell me the truth. my grandpa wasa diamond merchant here.

before the partition of indiaand pakistan, he was in peshawar. because of your grandpa's fairy tale,you put our lives at stake? i wonder where i am trapped.stop the vehicle. why? - i said, stop.otherwise, i will do it right here. he wants to do it at the wrong time. it is now or never. man, continue your journey. if we are alive, we will meet again. i cannot accompany such an idiot.

sultan's men will find him somehow. therefore, i'm quitting this journey. you can have this jeepas a gift from me. take it as a giftfrom a brother to a sister. i won't stop! - i said, stop! you signed an agreement of taking meacross the border safely. if you leave me in the middle,i will file a case of cheat. i rather fight the casethan dying here. i will drop you safelyin peshawar indian embassy.

they'll send you safely to india. but i.. - stop it. am i a terroristlike them for you to fear me? find a safe place for us to stay. and then you can leave if you want. i believe you're not a terrorist,but they are. what if they make me their agentand me to america? i think my family will getthe insurance money very soon. i gave him four sleeping pills,yet not working on him? what kind of pills?

nothing. i have bad stomach,hence i took four pills. oh. i see. this is fine! 335, 336.. - idiot. 450.. 356.. what have you done? sit down. he's unconscious.

why did you beat him? what could i do? coming to pakistan,he's locking horns with people. look, whether it's a locket or a key,we will give it to the archeologists. you go to india and i will get freefrom my duty. let's go. what about him? - don't worryabout him. lord will be with him. after he regains his concisions,he will find his way himself. they will kill him.i'll take him back to his parents. i think he is mentally retarded. alright. ask his parentsto take him to a good doctor.

what sound is that? don't be afraid. they are playinga dangerous game, buskashi. no rules andregulations for the game. one who picks the dead sheep putsinto the ring, he'll take the sheep. what's your name? munni or her whatever you want. come out. - let go off her. friends, we found a new toy to play.- help. let go off her, else i will riddleyour body with bullets. - leave me.

hey. mr. qayamat, do something. no. leave me. get him on a horse. no. leave me. i'm dead. help. this girl is here to please us. splendid.she's beautiful and young too.

it is not fun playingwith the dead sheep. whoever puts thisbeautiful girl in the ring.. ..he can marry her. you indian,i will make you mine today. take her from here. who are you?- doesn't matter to you. i played according to your rules. you said winner will take the girl. well done. she is yours now.

let's go. hey. stop. stop. look, mr. qayamat is there.- i'm here. why are you swaying? i think i got piles sitting on thehorse. i need to consult a doctor. we finally reached our destination.stop. look, he already startedlooking around the place. you know what place is this?it's old diamond market. understand? you will get the details aboutyour grandpa here. go and enquire.

i'll inquire tomorrow morning.where are we going to rest tonight? listen, if we go to any hotel,we will die. isn't there a safe place here? am i a thief to haveinformation of every town? what are you saying? hospital? i found one.- what did you find? thank you. tell me, sir. it's a serious case.get him hospitalized.

what happened to him? i'm not a doctor.examine his entire body. doctor will come tomorrow,is it okay? no problem. fill up the admission form. this is your ward.let us know if you need something. i'll go to diamond market tomorrowmorning and find my grandpa's shop. both of you will stay here. i suggest you to take him along.

don't take the patient out.i'm very sick. you go with him. o mother. sir, there was a diamond shop calledpushkalavathi, you know about it? i don't know. there was a diamond shop herecalled pushkalavathi 60 years ago. do you know where it is? yes. go straight and turn left,there's an old diamond shop. you'll probably getsome information there. - thank you. don't mention.

sir. - yes. move away. take him away. did you find him? - yes. i've been lookingfor the key past 10 years. when i learnt it's with you,i was overjoyed with happiness. whether you found it or stole it.. ..doesn't make any difference to me. i want that key.

what key? did you remember anything? how many times have i told youit's a locket not key? - shut up! whether you call it locket,key or anything. if you give it to me,i'll allow you to go back to india. otherwise, you will die here. i'll not give it. you will see senseonly if you are thrashed. once you get the key,i know you will kill me immediately.

you will kill me if i give itor even if i don't. i'll not give it. never. do you know people fear methan respecting me? they fear me. they fear my terror. before i'm back,develop fear of me in him. tell me,otherwise i'll break all your bones. where is the key? pierce his finger with needle.

tell me! will you tell me or not? stop. i'm asking you for the last time,where's the key? try as much as you want.i won't tell you. i won't tell you anything. neither he fears death or me. take him topeshawar tomorrow morning. hack him to piecesbefore people at the square.

find his friends andshow them his head.. ..and we will getthe key automatically. you have time till tomorrow morning. if you wish to tell me,your life will be spared. how many times will you beg me? even if it is 1 crore,i don't want it if it is not mine. and if it is mine,i'll not leave even a single penny. look properly.he must be somewhere around. please stop.

water! how did you get hurt? where is sunidhi? what do you mean? a woman pointed gun at me andtook away sunidhi with her. why didn't save her? i got scared seeing the gun. she gave me the address. and said she will take good careof sunidhi until you come.

did she tell her name? - she didn't. but she didn't appear danger. the address is somewherenear the diamond market. come with me. - why me? you are a bachelor,but i have a family. please forgive me. you are injured. who hit you?- i will tell you later. i'm tired answeringall of you here in pakistan.

now, you will answer my questions. i know all of you areafter this locket. but you don't know what'sso special about this locket. tell me. listen.i will give you four real diamonds. mansoor or sultan,nobody will find out. if you don't tell me,you will lose even that. think about it. - who are you todonate the treasure of our country? until we are alive..

..we won't let thieves like you tosteal the treasure of our country. this is my grandpa's wealthand i'm his heir. now, tell me who are the thieves?you or me? where did you find it?- that's none of your business. how do you know about it?- he'd written about it in his diary. what else was written in it? to make you understand, i'll have totell you the fact about 60 years ago. oh no. grandpa's fairytale again. i don't want to hear yourbaseless story. - i want to know.

please don't. - it's necessary to getto the root of it. please sit calm. now i know how thosediamonds reached there. this bird is the symbolof 400 years old kanishk empire. the king of kanishkhid all his wealth.. a cave to safeguard it from enemies. since no one should knowthe route to the cave.. ..he built a pot likesecret route above this statue. all the birds were the locksof the pot. when certain amount of weightis kept on those birds..

..other birds starts shaking andthe lid of the pot opens on its own. your grandpa's diamond packetwould've been perfect weight.. which all the locks opened. the lid of the pot would've openedand the packet fell into the cave. untie me. if you reach the diamondsof your grandpa.. ..not just the diamonds, you'll alsoget the king's invaluable treasure. look. many people have losttheir lives trying to find it. some died in thegreed of the treasure..

..and some with the aim ofbringing the history to light. dreaded terrorists want toacquire this treasure at any cost. like mansoor and sultan. my father wanted to bring the historybefore the world, but he got killed. death was right before him.. ..but he never revealedthe secret of the treasure. 'i've good news for you.we're very near the treasure.' 'we have found the statueof the bird of kanishk empire.' 'thanks to almighty.that's very good news.'

'the secret routeis underneath the ground.' 'i will inform the press.' 'no, not now.' 'until i don't informthe government officials here.. won't tellanything to anybody.' 'especially sultan,he shouldn't know about it.' he wanted the treasureshould go to people. to fulfill father's wish and todefeat sultan, i'd to intervene. our aim is to acquire this box.

according to father's research papersthere is a map in this box. we have to understand itto acquire the treasure. this box is with sultan.we have to attain it. this eagle shaped locketcould be the key to this box. prior to your grandfather.. ..this locket was withbritish archeologist david. people say he did enter the cavetaking this key, but never came back. may be your grandfathergot this key from his neck. that means, we need that box.- it is not that easy.

this is sultan's house.well secured place. his bedroom is on the first floor. there's a secret roomunder the bedroom. i heard mansoor say thathe keeps important documents.. and money there. i'm sure he must'vekept the box there only. but no one dared to enter this room. the one who triednever came back. where do these transformersget power from?

this transformer will lead usto the secret room. my life belongs to you. it's my good fortuneto sacrifice it for you. your enemies are my enemies. your aim is my aim.your victory.. the generator will startis just 5 minutes. go carefully. i walking on the path of almighty. your courage.. why did the power go off?go and check.

god willing. your sacrifice will leadyou to heaven. i'm proud of you. come. as soon as the clutch is pressed,the bomb will get activated. and when you release it,it'll explode. as soon as you enter the market,press the clutch. and as soon as we give signal,release the clutch. may almighty grant you success. my child, it is a noble deed.

before us, you will meet almighty. remove the mask andsacrifice your life with a smile. are you scared? i know all of them are ready to die. but your dream ofmany years will get ruined. think about it, sultan. he insulted uscoming to our own nation. do you've a wire? don't be afraid.- what's this? until i don't release the clutch,nothing will happen to us.

remove the belt. do it fast. be careful. sit in the car! slowly. give it to me. something is wrong.- this is the key. this is what father had written. but why isn't the key fitting? father's researchcan never be wrong.

it is written in david's book also. if we open the box with wrong key.. ..the acid bottle would breakand the map would burn. it'll take years to understand this. the picture of hinglaj devi templeused to be like this in the books. and yes, the route from the templeto the cave was also mentioned. this is what grandpa had written,but i couldn't understand. your grandpa.. i'm telling the truth. - 1, 2..

..3, 4, 5. there are five stages. only after crossing them.. ..we will be able to reach the caveof treasure from hinglaj temple. we have to cross thesefive stages somehow. i think these symbols are indicatinghow to cross those stages. let's go there tomorrow morning.. ..only then the secretof the map will get revealed. there are so many stagesand locking systems. it won't be that easy.

look, i think we will beinviting trouble going there. she has a reason to be afraid. going there is like facing death. nothing will happen to anyone. the first step has been taken. even the result will be good. grandpa's blessings is with me. i think the route to the cavemust be somewhere near the idol. according to the map,it must be somewhere here only.

where is it? if it was here.. - be careful. my guess was absolutely correct. it is perhaps some clue. the five stages as we thought,there are nothing like that here. there are only circles here. as see in the map,if we put all the circles in order.. ..probably, the doorto the treasure will open up. give me the map.

hold this. this way. turn this arrow. slowly. what's this sound? the treasure could be here. it's betrayal to makemy dream come true in my absence. no! have you gone mad? you threw awaythe map? i'll kill you.

i won't require the map anymore. you must've studied the map'll get me the treasure now. take me to the treasure. otherwise, i will kill you. don't try to act smart. don't move. kill this girl. will you take me to the treasureor shall i push her into the well? shall i send her to the treasure?tell me. - no. i will take you.

move. open it quickly. hit it hard. break the door. hit it harder. go up. - go up. go up. you read the map, didn't you? you want to kill me.that's your plan, right?

the map is not a guide bookto be so clear. idiot. watch out. it's back to its old form.- i don't understand anything. what is this? i think we have to lock it. i think you're right. you lock it, i'll hold it. turn it more. why did it come out?

i think the lock broke.i did something wrong. there is a secret behind this too. we have to go insidebefore the water comes up again. we've 5 minutes. let's go. how'll it be possible in 5 minutes?`- keep this in your bag. let's go. you go first, we'll follow. where are you going? you go first. the water is coming. go.move away from the door. are you a human or a demon?- go.

let them die. stop staring at me. come. how to go out? the way my grandpa came out. ali, give me match box. light that one. where are we right now? i think this is pakistan and kabul. that means kabul river is nearby.- correct.

are we going in the right direction? god knows which wayyour grandpa went. hurry up. go up quickly. run.- run. that's the bridge which grandpamentioned in the dairy. keep on moving. sunidhi.. - keep on moving. nobody move. don't run! what are you doing? stop.

the bridge will collapse. gautam, be careful. sunidhi, hold the rope tightly. gautam. it will break. sultan, the weight on the bridgeis increasing. throw someone away. no. hey. listen to me, sultan. no. leave her.

leave me. - no. leave me.- if you harm her, i will kill you. leave me! - leave her. if i throw you away, your lover won'ttake me to the treasure for sure. i let you go. no! - ruksan! she was destinedto get killed by me. what could be better than this? help.

sunidhi, jump as soon as it is near. gautam. don't leave me. hey. leave her. let her die. you sacrifice your lifefor the one you love. don't let go my hand, sunidhi. don't be afraid. i'm with you. what's this? my grandpa was here.

move back. 'to reach to the boxamidst the well.. need to fix the flowerthe other way.' 'as per the book, the wheel needsto be turned to the right thrice.' 'the upper wheel needsto be turned to the left thrice.' 'and then once to the right andwhen you press it in the centre.. will find the wayto the destination.' my grandpa survivedfalling from here. i think the way to go out is down.

he wrote abouthim holding something. don't touch it. one wrong step,all of us will get killed. nobody knows the consequencesof touching anything here. give me the bird. what's happening? do i come here everydayfor me to know? in that case,why did you throw away the map? the girl who knew the map,you threw her into the water.

give me the wheel. the door closed immediatelyafter the sound. open the door. open it. don't scream.all of us will get killed. - open. open. all of you will die. silence. what's this? it will kill us. sultan, move.

sunidhi, go inside. everyone, move back. i made a mistake trusting you. how will we get saved from this,gautam? - there will be a way. the king would've done somethingto stop this thing. i found the way to stop it. i need to remove the tridenton the ball. the ball will then fall on the platekept down and this thing might stop. how do i remove the trident?

i think the treasureis behind that door. go and open the door quickly. if we step ahead, we will die. as soon as we keep our foot on thewrong place, arrows will be fired. there won't be any chance to escape. the trident could be the key. you go first. almighty! your job is over now.

how will you go out? i will become a bird andfly away with the entire treasure. but i won't spare you. kill him! what are you waiting for?hack him to pieces. no. - shut up. i already saw the treasure. but i wanted to see fearin your eyes for a moment. i never saw that.

now, see your lover dying. one indian is enoughfor thousands of terrorist like you. almighty saved me.. that i avengemy father's death. since the flow of water was fasti came to the other side. with whatever i'd read in the map,i reached here with its help. almighty always protects good people. we have turnedthe history into reality. i found the diamonds.what grandpa said was true.

grandpa, you are great. don't you want anything elsefrom this treasure? your father wanted entire treasureto be handed over to the government. his soul will rest in peace. thank you.- how will we get out from here? grandpa would've also writtenabout a secret route to india. the route i had taken.. ..will lead you to india border. grandpa has left many thingsbehind for his daughter-in-law.

will you become his daughter-in-law? of course. when mother herselfwill make you wear this.. ..she will say that her stupid sonfound a beautiful wife.

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