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yes, it happens. this is the way it happens. in everyone's life, it surely least once.. ..when the first rays of the sunspins dreams.. ..when waves in the seamake music.. ..when ecstasy is in the air,..wayward times. how i wish i could swingon a rainbow of colors! what they say is this age, it happens. in walks a stranger, and becomesdearer than life itself..

..and he convinces methat i was made for him. it is a strange passion,mixed with shame. i am tongue-tied. there is a strange longingin the heart. these emotions i cannot expressin words. maybe.. this is being in love. my grandmother tells me.. ..someday, from the land of my dreamsa prince will come.. take me awayin a palanquin.

grannie is so naive.. maybe.. but who knows how he will be? someone.. somewhere.. god must've made someone for me. - captain, ready for the journey?- yes before you start your journey,congratulations. you will get promoted very soon thank you sir.

no karan. you deserve it. it's the outcome of your courage. left, right left... every man is a soldier. - in life every man is bound by duty.- left, right left sometimes, it's in battle. left, right.. at times, it's in relationships anyways karan..

your leave has been sanctionedfor two months left, right left colonel sahib, for methe sooner the better out there, someone is waiting for me. go on, live it up fullfill you wishes. - good luck, karan- thank you sir. "a waft of fresh breezetouches my heart" "i thought it was you"

"everywhere i look.." "i see only one" "you" "only you" "i am obsessed with you" "no, don't ask mewhat i'm pining for" "days without you are tough,the nights are difficult" "in my dreams.." "in the questionsmy heart asks.."

"you are.." "only you are" "there are stars in my eyes" "you belong to the stars" "your veil is fragrantwith the blossom of spring" "every path, every goal.." "everywhere on earth.." where's the girl? i will see that side.

- look over there.- no! this way! get back. run.. they're going to kill me!they will kill me! who? kill whom? we've left those goons behind relax.. have a drink of water

who are you?what's your name? sahiba. - nice name, isn't it?- yes. where are you from?where are you going? where to? palanpur. then you're on the right train tomorrow morning,detrain at chakkibank and take a bus to palanpur

you'll be there in five hours. let her rest take some rest, child.go to sleep - yes, let's leave- let's go. let her take rest. let's go. it's okay. there you go. your ticket to palanpur.i'm headed for khemkaran

thanks. - one tea.- coming up take it. you want to eat something? the ones who were after youlast night.. who were they? assassins murderers. what? last night they killedone of the girls at the hostel

i saw them. they come after me you are joking. why didn't you complain to the police? i don't want mess with the police - i have enough of my own problems.- problems? palampur.. - the bus is going to palampur.come on sit. - your bus sit down please. come on sit.

have a nice journey. - what's up?- nothing. tire puncture we mend, and then we move. hurry up, man hey... hey man, your bag your luggage drop it listen..

look.. sahiba, listen.. this is important look, in case you want to jump.. you know, the jump might not kill you it could leave you a cripple you could break arms, legs.. you'dend up becoming a burden on others come over here. come on. come on.

give me your hand come on.. - give me your hand.- let go! - let go of my hand!- look. if i let go, you're going to die come up. try to pull yourself up. strange! if you're so eager to kill yourself,you should've told me so

i wouldn't have saved youfrom the goons last night there you were, fighting for your life.and now you want to kill yourself! i wasn't trying to kill myself. - it was just..- what? well, what? practicing divingfor the olympics? now she talks! because of you. all because of you!i missed my bus because of you!

the next bus is eight hours away!all because of you! let me know if you havea place to go to! i'll tell your parents how you died now don't cry please.. - please..- leave me alone. why are you after me? it's my life!what's your problem? okay fine.

but there's surely a problem,isn't there? guess why you're feeling like crying? because you haven't hadanything to eat since last night my colonel tells me that an armycan't fight on an empty stomach so shall i get something to eat? after a meal, we'll havea hearty fight you might even get outof this militant mood and we become friends. oh ya..

i am karan khanna. i mean captain karan khanna. rajputana rifles. i am sahiba grewal. sector 17, mal road, palampur. here you are i've invited my troubles.why did i have to refuse? in the end, all girls marry.had i got married.. well so what? now i can't go back to college.i can't go home either

- it would've been better if i died- hey.. you're jumping right to the endof the story how about the in-betweens? i might beable to make head or tail out of it you will not understand. what use it anyway?nothing can be done now dad wanted me to marry right afterhigh school. granny saved me. else.. - not a better liaison!- you're out of your mind, yogi! - is this any age to marry?- what else is she going to do? i'll go to college! grannie!

i have decided. she goes to the city for the best of education! i was the first girl in the familywho left home to go to the city for the first time, i tasted freedom.for the first time, i got to know.. that there's a world outsidemy home, my village as if there lay before me clear skiesand i wanted to fly like a free bird what with humans, we always wantwhat we don't have you want to a free bird amd i..

i want to get home as soon as i canto get myself into a cage! like those bird so you've found yourself a cage? yes my love. nisha forget it. tell me about yourself i had just stretched out my wings,i wanted to fly i was preparing for second year examswhen i received dad's letter - he wanted me to marry hisfriend's son. - sahiba.

i'd never get a better prospect just because he was dad's friend's son!i called sweety and ajay right away how preposterous!i didn't want to marry him - tell me, why not?- what's going on, aunt? do people get married this way?i don't even know him! all my friends have boyfriends! they'll marry someone..they feel fit enough. goodness! have you made boyfriends?

you think i can't? if your dad gets to know,he'll chew you alive! you take the next train home how can i come? my future is here. - try to understand, aunt!- you'll give me a heart attack! tell me, are you married already? yes, and so what? aunt, you don't get this.

- ruination! damnation!- tell us what has happened? she has disgraced herself! sahiba got married. brother, wait.. - don't take the auspicious things.- nothing will happen. one minute. hello! hello! hello!- what happened? why did sahiba disconnect? i thought, so it's over for now.i'd see what comes for the first time in my life, i wasforced to tell a lie! what an insult! - when one's own child is rotten..- you don't say that of your offspring

never again in my life shall i seeher face! for me, she's dead! buddy.. i tell you, the next time i see her,i'm going to kill her! i'm going to shoot her!for me, this is the end of it! i have no child! not anymore! - for me, sahiba is dead!- sister.. - sahiba..- grandmother.. grannie became sick. in what was a home full of laughter,everyone was morose.

all because of me sahiba, you should come home as soonas you can, with your husband your father might calm downonce he sees his son-in-law no saying what he might do otherwise.for him, this is an apocalypse i don't know why? i have a whole family. yet today,i feel as if i'm an orphan for me, all doors in life are closed in the bloodlines,no doors are closed you don't know my father.

i think you're scared of him aren't you? soldier that i am, fear is somethingi overcome everyday the truth of it is, it isn'tas insurmountable as it seems all it takes is a bit of guts. ask me why i'm telling you this why? because you're going home you'll home, and you'll straightenthings out. they will understand

where am i going to find the courageto speak up to my father? how about me coming along? to drop you home for my sake? why?what is it to you? oh! tough question. what if i say i'm doingit as a human being? will that do? shall we? come up

"you are the love of my life" "to your drums i shall dance" "i'm spellbound" "what have i found,what have i lost?" "the magic of the momententhralls me" "how do i tell you?i am ashamed" "read it in my eyes" "the word is prem (love)" "spring gives usthis bounty of flowers"

"how will you describe it?" some sweet talks. "does the kohl in my eyes smile?why does my veil fly off?" "the answer is in the wind" "someone from somewherecomes stealing.." "and writes it all on my heart" "a bit of pining, some anxiety, someshamefacedness.. that's being in love" "to die for that desire..that's being in love" "no one knows how and whyeveryone is madly in love"

"the only word the fireflies speakbefore they leap into the fire" sahiba.. sahiba is here!with her husband! - sahiba is here!- sahiba. everyone come.. sahiba has come. sahiba has come.. thank you lord for saving our honor!my sahiba is back! sahiba has come back.. sahiba is back.

come to me, my child stop! you go back the way you came.else, you're dead! what are you doing? for the first timesahiba comes home with her husband.. i don't accept! not this wedding! notthis daughter! not that son-in-law! mother, tell her. the ties are severed.she has no place in this house! severed? like cutting water into two? come on in, my child just you take that next step!

if i don't shoot you! i'm no raghavendra grewal.. go on! shoot me such pretenses about being the man!first, you will have to shoot me don't you stand in my way, mother.such dreams i dreamt for this girl! she has destroyed all my hopes! and you will destroy hers? what a sense of justice! come to yoursenses. go on. you're late for work what are you standing here for?let's organize the welcome

yes, yes.. sahiba has chosen a prince! yogi couldnever have found someone better aren't you getting late? good luck. "our dear sahiba'shusband is handsome" "may sahiba's husband live long" come in. sweety, who'd say she's just-married?she doesn't even wear vermilion monica, you won't's a modern marriage

just sign up in court, and you'remarried or divorced the day isn't far when signaturesin court will produce babies! - oh my god.- please spare god what are you doing, aunt?- shut up you're lucky no one bitched abouta newly wedded bride without ornaments - does it look nice?- i don't like all this every woman loves to wear won't even wear a few bracelets? you are beautiful. isn't she karan.

karan, you have donelots of favours on us. thank you for bringing sahiba home.we thought we had lost her forever lose her, so easily? pretty nieces aren't meant to be lost!besides, i haven't any children - so we decided to make do with her.- raunaq, uncle.. son. how about that lovely somethingto celebrate your homecoming? lovely, lovely... no ronnie..

the son-in-law comes home for thefirst time! what's wrong with you? let them rest.- well then, afterwards! we will drink later. weren't you the one who was supposedto reason with them? at the first chance, i'll dispelall the misgivings they love you very much you are a lucky girl. eat some more. you look feeble have more.- karan, your parents?

i don't have them.- meaning? i'm an orphan no past, no future? do you do anything, or?- yes captain in the army my daughter sahiba is the sole heirto my millions. surely you know? yes, now that you tell me what nonsense are you talking?- straight talk, mother this boy has seduced my daughterfor the sake of her inheritance

that isn't the case, is getting this wrong shut up! you went away to getan education, to get some sense and this is the outcomeof three years in college? you fall for a smooth-talkingso-and-so and you ruin your life? nothing of the sort happened, dad!tell him has he the face to tell me?he's dreaming in millions! how can you cast aspersions on anyone - without even knowing him?- you keep quiet! one more word..

what's this sudden vanity about money? this is every father's concernfor his daughter i won't let his dreams come true! marriage isn't like a markon the sand to be erased at will. even if it's carved instone i shall obliterate it! name your price! say it why don't you say it? stop it now, yogi.i've seen more of life than you

one who cares, never heart someone. but this boy will showhis true colors one day. watch out.- there is no need to watch it out. relationship are made in hevans. why did you have to get intothis controversy? you should've toldthe truth and escaped. i didn't get a heard it all it's enough. you should leave.

and tomorrow. what will you tell them afterwards? where's this husband of yours gone? let me see what happens at most he'll kill me, won't he? let him.- hey.. where did all this talk of killingand getting killed crop out of? your grannie just paid mea compliment. i'm not a deserter where are you taking me?- just come along

what is the matter? this is our bedroom from now on in this room?why not in our own room? that bedroom has been givento sahiba and her husband what nonsense! for them,any bedroom would do why am i being thrown out of my room? this is their first night here they get the best room as if you don't understand?- i don't! and i don't want to!

first he walks into my house,and then he walks into my bedroom! the camel gets to stay in the tent,and the occupant is thrown out! fantastic! first night!go on, give them everything! "let the flowers blossom" "my lover has come" - goodness!- "my lover has come" standing at the doorstepis no good. step in what's all this?- your first night here! come in! are you the shy type? happens.happened to me on my first night too

what a beautiful match!god save you from the evil eye keep this son.- what is this? a memento. this is your first nighthere. you mustn't refuse. keep it come on.- yes let's go what a lovely pair!now sit down i'll tell you what's to be doneon the first night together oh god... what are you fellows doing here?

this is their first night so we willsleep with sister and brother-in-law. sunny and bobby you better move out.- hey.. or, i'll thrash you come on, clear out all of you - our plan is ruined.- he is so thin. "i'm in love! not a word!i'll go to bed wherever i find one!" "we're in love!" hello.. there she is.- darling, the bottle please

we're sitting right here.- what for? it's their first night together.- yes, he's right this is where we celebrate!with that "lovely something"! yes.. eat, drink, make merry, andoff you go to sleep right here! when are you going to understand? they need rest to get onwith the rest of their program! what a lovely idea! a program, is it?let's sit down to enjoy it

sit down. what are you up to?- get on with it! i love you for this. - my program.. come on, wife. how about ours?- not me. you take her sorry, sorry.. you too?- still sitting? start cracking come on kids, go to bed wonderful people! they're mad

what are you doing?let me have those you are my guest.sleep on the bed "come to me, my love" "you're in the prime of your youth" "for you.." the milk is laced. gulp it'll father a son. guarantee! why are you standing? come on you sit here. with your hero take some rest

how are they going to react.. when i tell them tomorrow.. between us.. there's nothing between us let's talk tomorrow good night.- good night. so sahiba, do we see red eyes? looks like the son-in-law didn'thave a good sleep last night, did he? you see, sahiba and i aren't relatedthe way you think

you mustn't talk like that.he is your father-in-law just because he said somethingin anger, doesn't mean that.. you will deny this relationship..will you? share it come along welcome captain you look as intense as an actorplaying a role in a movie! didn't sleep all last night, did you? that's karan. you've met shah rukh.that's sachin tendulkar over there.

sachin hit a double century dove gets a bonus feed. what was that movie in which the daybegins with feeding pigeons? yes, dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge!(the braves carry their brides away) - like you. what now?- i want to say something important - but no one here takes me seriously.- i do, my friend tell me what is the problem. what you think of's nothing like that. reacting to raghavendra's outburst?outwardly, he's a bit rough. deep down inside, he's as loving.that's the way he is.

that isn't the case. look,i'm not what you think i am. there's no such thing betweensahiba and me. you mean you don't believein traditional marriage. there is one more couple who doesnot believe in traditional marriage. hey, simran did you hear.they are like us. husband and wife but just like lovers. like shree faryaad.. like sasi-punnu..romeo juliet..- i know.. the rituals alone don't makeman and wife.

- it has to be a union of hearts.- yes. - isn't that so, karan?- everyone is so wrong. no problem. what you feel at heart,that's important! what the world thinks,that's not important. who cares? when i first metsimran in toronto then.. was it in a book shop? he has gone and noit was in a restaurant.

- strange folks! no one understands!- what's up? what they think i am, i am not!and they think i am, what i am not! - and they won't understand!- tell me, i can understand. brother-in-law. what, captain? in a fix? hey, get back soon.i can't wait any longer. sing, please. please. "i am lost in a wilderness."

"i am yours." "where my heart is." "i don't know." "here i am, restless." "on my lips, is your name." "i am a stranger in my own world." just look at what's going on! "ever since i fell in lovewith you." "i have been feeling so strange."

"for stealing my heart." "this is your punishment." "you have learnt how to pray." "i've learnt what it isto stay up all night." "i'll tell you the truth." "in the pangs of the heartthere is pleasure, my love." "hide me in your arms." "what is this longing?tell me, my love." "i am afraid."

"in this ecstasy, let us not makeanother mistake." what are you staring at? out there in the midst of a thousandstars, their shines one star that one? the pole star. i get to see itfrom my town too. listen. i'll still look at watch it too. that way, a part of ourrelationship will still be left. leaving?

don't worry. i'll speak to your father right away.i'll explain everything to him. okay. - what are you lost in?- nothing. i was just wondering how strangethe ways of the world are. someone loses, someone gains. any way good luck captain. karan.. i just can't understand.

what kind of a joke is this? you walk in when you please, andyou leave at your own sweet will? who do you think you are? don't you want that too?that i should leave sahiba? don't you try to teach mewhat i want and what i don't want. dad, you're still getting this wrong. what am i getting wrong? someone walks in and sayshe is my daughter's husband. he comes with my daughterto live in my house.

he spends the night withmy daughter in her bedroom. and now he says that he is leavingher! as if nothing has happened! what's this all about?tell me! tell me the truth! what are you doing? is this howyou express your concern? you shut up. what's that noise?who is screaming? raghavendra. he's arguing with karan. and karan is going to walk out!

- good god! why is karan leaving?- could be a tiff between man and wife. raghavendra is making a mountainout of a molehill! karan! listen son. - please hear me out.- i won't! not a word! but you get this clear. if you evertalk of leaving, i'll kill you! karan! don't leave! don't leave my sahiba! she's naive. i'm apologizing to youfor her sake. i request you..

grandmother.. - what's happening to you?- mother. - don't you touch my mother!- out of my way! call the doctor! hurry! quick..- please call doctor, urgent. doctor, no cause for concern, is it? you should thank karan, mr. grewal. he gave first aid in the nick of time.he has brought her back from the dead. it was a major heart attack.

she is still in a critical condition.she mustn't take any kind of tension. she will come toher senses in a while. till such time that my mother hasrecovered, you needn't go anywhere. understood. thank you. thank you, buddy. karan..- karan.. karan..- grandmother.. son.. don't leave. don't leave my sahiba.

who's leaving? i'm not going anywhere.i'm not leaving you now. i won't. take rest. what did you ask for, karan?for release? - for your happiness.- will i have it? a prayer said whole-heartedlyis never refused. sahiba fall in step,or you'll be left behind. don't stop. not for my sake.go on.

not for your sake?it's for grannie's sake that i'm here. i hope she recovers soon enough.then i'll be on my way. towards my goal. this wait is getting too much for me. what is scaring you, sahiba? cast fear from your mind. some time you willhave to face the truth. you're being childish. how will you recover unlessyou take your medicines?

who wants to be any better? as soon as i'm fit and finethat son-in-law is going to leave. for god's sake! have the medicine. - i won't.- i will give you my sware. think it over. if you won't takeyour medicines, i'm leaving. give that to me. water. open your mouth. from you, i'll take anything. give.

we pleaded and pleaded,but you wouldn't listen. he says once, and you agree. he isn't only my son-in-law.he's my son. after all he is my buddy. wow, great.. "there's a pretty girl." "wonderful!" "in the house with a window." "she walked outall dressed to kill."

"that's when i eyed her." "if i could only talk to her.." " life would be made!" "when she walks with a swagger.." "..everyone's heart skips a beat." "everyone in town.." " talking about her." "don't you mess with her!" "this fellow seems to beout for the kill!"

"he's trouble.he's simply a wonder!" wow "calling for first love.." "..with passion in his eyes.." "..comes a wizard fromthe land of magic." "calling for first love." "let it sink in." "this is a strange feeling." "don't let it show in your eyes." "it's a scintillating feelingfrom head to toe."

"she doesn't have an inkling." "shall i tell youwhat i'm going through?" "she's coy, i'm ecstatic." "she's a wonder!" "just look at that face." "as pretty as the moon." - sunny! after potty, you take a wash!- no! i want sahiba to wash my potty. what's up colonel? fighting off mummy?but you aren't wearing your pants!

he won't let me wash his potty!what a bother. no problem. let me give him a wash.come on. - mummy! the water is so cold!- are you enjoying it? yes, you should get some practicein advance. say what sahiba? i'm telling you, your first bornis going to be a son. i want daughters. not just one. three! three! oh my god. so fast.

daughters? as if it's allin your hands? karan tell us, how would you likeyour daughters to be? i... the first one, exactly like grannie. those eyes full of fun, and the wayshe laughs.. just like a sparkler! - yes.- sparkler? - the second.- sparkler. the second,like my mother-in-law and simran. quiet, like a flower.

wherever she goes,she will carry a fragrance. - and the third?- the third.. the third is going to be my monica and sweety. you've pissed on his shirt!you shameless fellow! that's a good'll surely have daughters. your shirt is soiled.go and change. and what are you doing here?who will give him his shirt? go on! you're all grown up now!and you pissed all over him.

the children have grown sofond of you. they keep disturbing you. not at all. i enjoy it. really! you know,god creates people for each other. they only have to hit it off. - isn't that so?- you think it's true? in my life, this is the biggest truth. you've found a partner for life. i'll find someone for you.

but you've never said what kindof a man you'd like.. ..someone you'd like to marry.someone tall, like i am? or short? - short.- short. and his color, like mine? no? dark? - fair.- fair. and his hair?will it be straight? or..

- curly.- curly? sorry captain nothing can be done for you. but karan, you've never told mewhat kind of woman you like? i.. someone with long dark tresses. with eyes big enoughto mirror me. and at heart.. heart she should beexactly like you

i am leaving. how long will you be away? - a year or two.- what? i mean, a day or two. that's great relief fromthe clutches of the wife. must you say that? if you hate me so much,don't ever come back - my brothers will take good care of me.- monica. "i'm tied to you for lifetimes!"- enough!

- karan, drop me to the station.- sure. - it's time for my train.- sahiba, you go along too. on the way back, karanwill have some company - we're going too!- no spanners in the works - you stay here.- considering this one's size.. ..that's some spanner! stranger, don't go.. for grewal industries, thisis the 22nd factory. sahiba chemicals. - congratulations.- to you too.

raunaq, whatever we do, we do itfor our family, for our children. that's right. excuse me, sir. yes, come in bhandari. sir, i've drawn up the transfer deedof your shares in the sugar mill. - show me.- transfer deed? yes. mr. raunaq has given awayhis entire shareholding to sahiba. raunaq. i haven't given sahiba a wedding gift.whatever is mine, will be hers.

after all she is my daughter. she's my daughter too. - are you missing preetam?- no. i'll be leaving too. grannie is fine now.what do you say? whatever you think best. will you miss me? afterwards, you'll remember me,won't you? remember? i can only remembersomeone i've forgotten.

i'll think of you, grannie, everyone at home. sometimes i feel as if i'm not goinghome, as if i'm going away from home. then why are you leaving? don't! but i have to go. nisha must be waiting for me. what's wrong with the weather? what does nature want? sahiba, there's a house over there.let's go in. you're getting drenched sahiba.

so concerned about me getting wet?i'm drenched already, inside out. why don't you see that? rain is wonderful. it touches youand you are aflame. why are you standing out thereand getting wet? come in. look who's here. - a new pair of deer?- no. our first guests this monsoons.a wet, wet fairy, and a wet prince. she is my wife, sudha. greetings.- greetings.

by the way i am pranay. karan.. sahiba.. how sweet!- greetings. you're completely drenched. come inand change. you might catch a cold. - oh yes.- please.. please..- please come. pranay, by the way..- yes. he'll need a change too, won't he? oh yes.

- please come.- please come. nice sculptures. my wife sudha paints these easelswith the colors of love. how nice. have another drink. you'll feel warm. no thank you. this fire is enough. come on buddy, come on. the fire out there won't be enough.light a fire within.

else, in this weather,you'll turn to ice. will you stop talking,and let him have some rest? why not? let them rest. we'll rest too.what do you say? if you need anything,we're in the adjoining room. come on, now. relax. this is such a strange night. but it's exotic.

and what a storm! sometimes a storm rages within too. lightning strikes deep in the heart. don't talk like that, karan! you love someone else! - did you say something?- what? no. love is a strange obsession. everything else pales before passion.

people look for love everywhere.but love.. love finds it's wayinto lovers' hearts. hello! remember me? i'm the one you love. love is sometimes so distant,and yet so close. sometimes, so close and yetso distant. for one look, one would even die!as if.. like the dry desert sands thirstingfor the first drops of rain.

when it comes like a flood,it sweeps everything away. if it falls gently like a dewdrop,it will drown you! but thirst it never slakes. that's how love is. sometimes, it's a strange hunger. at times, a pleasurable pain. sometimes, it makes me feelas if i've won everything. then again, i've lost it all. forget it.

you won't understand all this. you can't understand what love is,unless you're in love. so easy it was for youto let it all out! and here.. my heart.. ..the heart is here, isn't it? why do i hear your nameevery time my heart beats? whenever i look at you,why am i breathless? time comes to a standstill!why, oh why?

why do you have to beso lovably nice? why, why, why? god.. i love you karan. i love you. "madness." "madly in love with you." "every moment i think of you." "in refusal lies acceptance?"

"is this love?" "i'm footloose." "it's time for the madness to begin." "in time for the eyes to meet.." "..the skies will touch the earth." "at nature's call.." " look at you, and i went mad." "ecstasy has arrived." "i don't know when day isi don't know when night comes."

"i've lost hold of won't let me rest in peace." "i'm going to pieces." "but in your arms i will blossom." "i'm no more in my senses." "never will i forget thisrain-drenched night." good morning. it's morning.. i never realized. - all night the storm raged.- the roads are clear now. - we should be leaving.- sure. after you've had tea.

have. here comes your son-in-law. aren't you getting latefor your prayers? - you see, last night..- later. we have a prayer in the house.get ready. come. 'sanskrit chants.' - prist.- yes sit down by the holy fire. - pass it on.- yes.

the auspicious time has come.. with some good things... good times.. during this holy ritual.. ..while our ancestors look upon us.. ..we give you this turban,and we accept you as one of our own. the first fold signifies youracceptance into this family. from today, you are one of the family. the second fold signifies your equalright to all that this family enjoys.

the third fold asks you to swearthat come sorrow or joy.. shall never leave this family.the fourth fold is responsibility. if ever, for the sake of the family,you are called upon.. forsake your own interest,you shall never hesitate. may you be happy forever. you may now anoint your son-in-law. touch your father-in-law's feet,and seek his blessings. never mind. bless you. - mr. jagdev..- yes?

come up and give it to him. - take this.- what is this? a gift for you from grannieon this scared occasion. from now on, you have equal rightto sahiba grewal's estates. - how can i accept this?- why not son? this house, this family is yours.from now on, you aren't an orphan. i have only one wish left.i don't like these court weddings. what's a wedding without crackersand fanfare, for the world to see? an event for all members of societyto witness and bless.

only then this relationshipbears fruit. now i'm going to finalizean auspicious day for the wedding.. ..i'll have you take your seven oathsbefore the holy fires. - have it.- grandmother. he'll be here. very soon. come in sahiba. some, karan. - eat some, my child.- no mummy, i'm not hungry. eat it up. not to be shy. you're going to fast thewhole day for your husband.

- must i do it?- you mustn't talk like that. you keep this fast to seekyour husband's well-being. here, eat some. shall i bring more? how delightful! it's sahiba's company of everyone in the family - monica, why aren't you eating?- he isn't back yet. i think he has forgotten completely.and then he'll say he missed the train. you aren't a newly wed's been eight years. don't you know? husbands become moreand more forgetful as the years pass.

here he comes! "my heart aches to tell you this." "tell me you love me." i'm not talking to you. oh please don't walk darling. win her over, preetam. today isn'ta day to be cross with each other. what to tell you friend govind ram chhatopadhay his relative had thirteen daughters,and no sons. they went from temple to temple,asking for a son after the thirteenth.

and god answered their prayers.he gave them a son. he was cute when he was young.he grew up and he became ugly. - you know how he used to walk?- how? like this everyone in the family was sad. one son after 13 daughters,and he was so ugly. neighbors told them to try again. theytried again, they got another son. he was cute when he was a kid.he too grew up and became ugly. they were sad.

2 sons after 13 daughters. both ugly. everyone said see the doctor. doctor prescribes vitaminsand 3 kilos of milk a day. so after milk and vitamins, they giveit a try and they get a son again! he was cute when he was a kid.he grew up and he became ugly. stupid. 3 sons, all ugly. i was about tomiss the train because of them! they came to board my train. i said, make it fast,the train is leaving.

just look at the way they walkedto get on the train. the first one.. the second one.. the third.. they missed their train. but i couldnever miss mine, could i? no way! my train was on the right track. love it leads right into my darling's lap! okay, it was all lies. i just said itto make my darling laugh may god never give anyonesons like that

smile, smile! how did you likemy love story? it's a hit!- what a love story! that was my story. now tell uswhere you met sahiba where you met isn't important.tell us, who proposed? you, or sahiba? it must've been sahiba, no? no. it must've been karan- let me guess! must've been sahiba. i tell you, it was karan sahiba said it.- karan said it

i'm telling you! happy? captain, what are you lost in? it's all like a dream, simran sometimes,i remind myself that this isn't home. it's just another stationon the journey through life. every journey begins from home, son may you live forever in marital bliss bless me.- blessed! you're too much!

take this sahiba.- give. karan put vermilion in sahiba's hair. on this day no marriedwoman stays without it let's go out. come on.- these kids.. no problem sahiba. just pick it up carefully- yes. what are you doing? at last! vermilion graces the beauty.

karan, how about a fewwords in praise of my doll? go on, say something i would just say that... tonight, when you look up at the moonafter the day of fasting.. the moon will be stunned to see you "my lover is so charming" "i want to give him my heart" "there's no one like him" "he makes my bangles jingle"

"he gives color to the hennaon my hands" "he adorns the dot on my forehead" "come to my love, i thirst.give me your fragrance" "i must get into his dreams" i have become like a priest. i cannot tolerate the pain. i have become crazyafter becoming a priestess. this ailment really troubles me. i am hoping and waiting..

and looking at the path.. "this distance i can bear no more" "every moment of this separationa suffering" "loneliness is even more painfulit sets my body, my mind afire" "oh, will someone tell him?" "this separation i can bear no more" "his lips i have to kiss wet" "my lover, so charming" "no one like him"

yes, my heart says your body so fragrant of sandal;let me write the word "love" all over let my drops of dew play a mischiefupon your ochre lips dripping wet yes, my heart says... at your feet where the anklets chime,in your arms so fragrant of sandal.. with all my heart, i want to tell youhow frantic i am i want to caress yourtousled lovelocks i want you mirrored in my eyesresplendent as a bride on this fragrant soil,i want my desires writ

i want my love etched.etched in i shouldn't been thinking this way. thinking what way, my al pacino? tell me, tell me... how about a "lovely something"?come on, man my dear... where are you going with all this? to the hall- the hall? go on

i've heard of people dying of hunger.aunt sweety is attacking her food i'm afraid she mightgorge herself to death what is the matter, sahiba? i don't know all evening, i've had this acidity.i feel strange feeling strange?- cheddi lal get some lime for sahiba coming up- enough, enough.. give it to her. quick.suck on it

good girl. how do you feel now?- better goodness!- what happened? nothing! our sahiba is expecting!get out of my way! where's everybody? do you hear?our sahiba is expecting! amrit, what is it? no! the fortunate weep such tears.let my tears flow i don't understand. you're going to become a grandfather

our sahiba is expecting. so at last you've won me over you're going to become a father! "he brings joy to my home" "his sincerity, has won me over" "at my age, he comes to meoffering support" "don't stop me.i'm going to dance today" "what a wonderful fellow!" "he's the light of my family!"

nothing like that, karan! all dayi didn't eat anything. just acidity and aunt sweety blows everythingout of proportion! i don't understand anything anymore! go and tell them! there's nothing between you and me. we only know each other. just that only aquaintence. i'm very disturbed, karan!i'm cracking up! no one trusts me anymore. nor you!

i am sorry, karan. i am sorry. you have the right, sahiba. but don't apologize, not yet you will have to exercisethat right later on you know the lotus petals close at sunset sometimes, a wasp intoxicated on honeygets trapped inside the petals strange, isn't it?

the wasp can chew throughthe toughest of wood but it can't make it's way throughthe soft petals of a flower that's how i am trapped and now, i cannot find my waythrough the maze i never imagined an orphan like me couldget so much love from a family unaccustomed to kinship,you see sahiba.. am i to break thehearts of these people? this sin i shall not do

enough... there's only one way out. afterwards,curse me to your heart's content i will have nothing to say. what do you mean to say? i'm running. like a coward i swore i'd help solve your problems. i'm breaking my promise. i'm running there's still a leeway throughthe maze of petals

if the petals close shut what am i going to do? tell me. what you say is right you are right. after all,you have a life of your own for how long can you livesomeone else's life? your grannie's papers. i've transferred them back to you

whenever in life you face the truth god will always be with you you'll remember, won't you? so at last you leave us, captain? was the hospitalitynot up to the mark? no, uncle raunaq. i will never be ableto repay this debt of love but i have my own compulsions. sorry.

what's more compelling than love? maybe my compulsion too, is love. no captain. i cannot be so beguiled you mean you don't love sahiba? no. not that way sahiba and i.. have you considered whatyou are leaving her with? yes.

but she always knewi'm headed somewhere else i love someone else you are in trouble, are in trouble.. take a good look into your heart.what do you see in there? tell me! what do you see in there? nothing of the sort are you sure? at least... i have done nothing knowingly.

what if you were to fall unawares? would you not hurt yourself?you'd hurt yourself worse come with i will tell you someting. look, these are the birds i love. i caged them. i fed them lovingly then i realized. if i love them,i mustn't hold them in cages i set them free. but at sunset,they all came back to their cages now i think i should've shutthe doors to the cages..

to prevent them from returning. ever! why does one man love another so much? anyway.. if you have decided to go you are free to go. please go. karan. don't go don't leave me

i won't be able to live it's true! look, my love for youruns rife in my veins! i want to live, karan! i want to breathe! i'm in love with you!very much in love with you! you see what a moment's separationhas done me? i love you so much! do you know what you are saying, girl?

the truth- truth.. such deceit? he hasn't deceived anyone not you, nor me hasn't he deceived?hasn't he deceived? he has set my family on fire!and you say he hasn't deceived me! if ever again in my lifehe stands in front of me i'm going to kill him!i'm going to kill him! "anyone i see.."

"i imagine it's you" a dream is it? "ask me what it isto be ionely" "i'm going mad" friend, here's your of luck thank you. mr. tejeshwar singhal is here show him in- okay. is it right to finalize sahiba'swedding with singhal's son so suddenly?

it's all in the family till now. before the world gets to know.. all right do what you want i hope you had no problems?- not at all everything was fine... - greetings brother..- greetings. how are you? how are you tejeshwar?

hello everyone.give me your blessings have a long life.- no, don't get up. i was passing by.i thought i'd ask how you are i heard you were unwell. how are you? at this age, there are ups and downs. i have only one responsibility left. before i die, sahiba must be married. that is, if you say yes. don't talk like this grandmother.

a good deed brooks no delay. call the priest and finalize the date. lord be praised!- lord be praised! this is the most auspicious better a day for a wedding. no objections. that's six days away.i can do it in three days. i have full faith in you, tejeshwar. my best wishes. my son vicky is yours.your daughter sahiba is mine.

eat this. let's embrace. congratulations. give this to the bride. 'religious chants.' bless you, my child. put the dresses in the car. okay madam. greetings, sir.

nisha.. oh my god... oh my god...i am so happy to see you. i don't believe it! you're back! i can't believe it. did you miss me? do you know how long i waited? do you know how late you are? i would've come earlier.

but i met a girl on my way. captain, have you been havingan affair? she was in trouble. i went to drop her home. they took me for her husband. you've no idea how i made it back. sounds interesting. you know nisha.. it was as if there was a speedbreaker.placed right in the middle of my life.

as if i was being told, look aheadthat's where you have to take a turn. what was so special about the turning? i nearly found a home there. happenstance. i found a sense of belonging amongst strangers. forget it. you tell me. sam is out shooting.he should be back by evening. nisha, i want to tell you something.- say it

excuse me madam. you are getting late. they've been calling. you're expected at the shooting.- i am coming. i am so sorry i will have to go. i must go. but this evening, we meet.oh yes, there's a party tonight and for you, a surprise bye karan.- bye. and welcome back. keep in your eyes.

the face of your lover is in your my breath my lover resides. sahiba, in darkness a person for a moment or two.. can stand in the darkness,you may rest. but life, you can't live in darkness. life? what life? you should not talk like this.

why did you play a dim sum game? why did you fall in love with him? love? who has a hold on love? it just happens he came into my life like a storm. and i.. like a dry leaf, i got carried away. period.

life doesn't stop at incidents. time. time is the greatest healer. by and by.. you will forget karan my memories of karan.. are as deeply entrenchedas an idol in a temple what is a temple.. ..bereft of it's idol?

enough. now cut off your heart. he isn't going to come back. he will. my heart tells me he'll come. he'll stand before me and he'll say.. i am captain karan.. rajput rifles regiment.. i am crazily in love with you. and teach such a lesson...

few words of love.. - few words of love..- what you're doing isn't right? excuse me... here you are. what are you staring at?are you happy? you haven't told me whatthis party is all about that buddy is a surprise. hi..hi.. actually you know what... karan...

sameer... hi buddy, welcome home. back..once again we are together. sam, why are you late? sorry, same business.. oh my god, you are looking great.seriously. thank you darling.. what's the matter, karan? nothing.

haven't you told karan we're married? that was my surprise for him. actually i was waiting for you, sam. will you keep staring?won't you congratulate us? congratulations...- thanks buddy. and what a day to arrive. here you are, and we'releaving for america tomorrow. and you know what nishais the first indian model.. be selected forthe ford advertising agency.

hi, sam.. hi.. all set for tomorrow. great atchivment., congratulations nisha.- thank you. why did you come out here, karan? what happened? karan, look at me. could you possibly? i am so sorry.

but why didn't you ever tell me.. ..that you're in love with me? i thought you're only a friend. friend i was. friend i am. friend i will always be. for friendship's sake,i will tell you something if you love someone, make it apparent. else, it might be too late.

we girls are like creepers.we need support. we cling to what ever we can find. in sam, i have found support. that support. i have lost. i feel as if i've lost everything! no karan! no! this is not the end. you have a whole life ahead of you.

and nature shows the way. you know it. that's the path we tread upon. someone's loss is someone's gain. that's the way life is. promise me karan. that you will move on. promise me. how strange life is.. ..someone loses, someone gains i can see that star from my town too.

once i'm back home, i'll look at it. you watch it too. a part of our relationshipwill still be left "in a few words, i tell youthe story of my love" "come, be the king of my hearttake me for your queen" "i have lived life before" "but in life, there wassomething amiss" "we have come together, my heart, we've agreed too" "you are my love"

"never leave me.never be cross with me" "i am naive. i have been childish.but you are the king of my heart" "take me for your queen" "i am the king of your are my queen" "you colored me in your hues,you drove me mad.." "it was you, it was in your eyes" "i am driving myself crazy" "is this the outcome of beingin love with you?" "has the love-crazed heartever listened to reason?"

god, bless you. come sahiba. my blessings, for all of you. come sahiba.- may god deliver you. may god bless you always. shall we begin the rituals? the boy and the girlmay exchange rings. 'sanskrit chant.' what happened sahiba?

call the doctor. hear her? now she's cooking up a new story! tejeshwar's son vicky is a murderer! i saw him with my own eyes, grannie! and he drops right into your lap? asking to marry you! who's going to believethis fancy tale? but it could happen, couldn't it?

he could be the one.. quiet, raunaq. it's simple.she doesn't want to marry vicky. she's just making excuses. i'm telling the truth. sure! she picks up someone on the way,and she says he's her husband. that was the truth. and now she says thatthe man she is about to marry.. a murderer? of course, that toois the truth. grannie i... amrit, ask this girl what she wants. why is she bringing us to disgrace? why don't you give me some poison? because as long as i'm alive.. one can stop this marriage. no one.

vicky, what's your problem?you should've disposed of the corpse. why did you have to keepit as a memento? and here's a new problem. sahiba is the onewho saw you in the act. dad, i think i should've killed her.should i do it now? don't be silly, vicky. that murder case isn't closed yet. we're nobility by name only.but our coffers are empty. for us sahiba isn't only a name.

she's our checkbook into millions. all our lives, we will be ableto live off her. what if she opens her mouth? once she is married to you.. ..she will fast for you're well being. she won't send you to the gallows. this wedding shouldpass off without hitches. how dare you set foot in this house? you enter my house and youdefile the honor of my family!

you took advantageof my courteousness! hit me. to your heart's content. my misdemeanor is as such.- misdemeanor? you have deceived betrayed our trust! you ridiculed us! what a lie! why didn't you tell the truth? i tried. no one listened.

even i became a bit greedy. never had a family, you know. of these relationships,i was oblivious i have wronged you.but i did it unwittingly. i have come back to atone. what you have done is unpardonable! get out of here! else..- i will. but please let me see sahiba.for once. don't you dare utter her name!

she is getting married. what?- yes. she's getting married no! please don't do this! don't do this! father... when i came here the first time,it was for the sake of a friendship. but now i stand before you..

..for the sake of my love for sahiba. hold your tongue, you ingrate!or, i'll kill you! leave me! let go! out of my way! go away, karan! go away beforeall hell breaks loose! my daughter is going home,with her husband. just go away! go! don't you even stop to look backat this house! get it? get out of here!

sister sahiba... karan is here "god, why give me a heart?" "why give me ioneliness to suffer?" "strange are your ways" "i have no one to listento my pleas" "what have i done?" "why am i damned?" "where is the one.i want to tell what i feel?"

"so far away.." "where is the one who promised mea world of my dreams?" "the moments of the past.." " not dig up" "oh desire, do not destroy us!" "seas of tears, now dry" "pray, we do not meet again" "time is stilled" "endless pain"

"every trace of love, wiped out" "oh what have i doneto deserve damnation?" "without youi'm drained of life" "the light has gone outof my life" "hearts once broken,are never mended" "god be damnedfor breaking hearts" "some angst, some grief,some prayer, some anguish" "one who has never lovedknows not this pain" "no lip speaks the painthat the heart feels"

"the flames of passionextinguished" keep this sweetmeat here. do it fast. why is the handset still lyingon the table? i told raunaq to carryit over to the bridegroom's.. formalize the engagement. but this raunaq.. raunaq, raunaq. raunaq, didn't i tellyou to deliver these sweets?

why haven't you gone? please stop this wedding.- what? what are you saying? use a knife if you want to breakyour daughter's heart. don't force her to gowhere her heart won't.. go along with her body. raunaq, talk sense. you won't realize whata father's responsibility is.. ..when it comes toa grown-up daughter.

that's because you haven'tany children of your own. what a preposterous statement! you mean sahiba isn't my daughter? shall i tell you something? my love for her is far greater thanyour blood that runs in her veins. the first time i held herwhen she was a baby.. i thanked god for not giving me a baby ..because i might never havebeen able to love to my own as much. i reared sahiba.

like a tree rears a creeper.. her every heartbeat i know. today, she is sobbing.. and that pain i can feel here!and i can't bear this pain any longer i beg of you! call off this wedding.please call it off! remind me again raunaq,that you are my brother! else, i'm going to send sahiba awayover your dead body! ronnie.. well done, children!

is this what i have lived to see? i beg of you. let sahiba go away with dignity. after that, you can dowhatever you like. what's up, uncle raunaq?why have you brought me to the temple? why does one go to a temple?to stand before god, isn't that so? why did this happen, karan? after youwent away, my whole life went awry! do you know whomi'm being married off to? uncle raunaq has told me everything.

you aren't going to marry a murderer dad just won't believe me. my brother is hell-bent. you have only one way out.take sahiba with you, and run! wherever. just go somewhere. we can run away, and we'llmake a life for ourselves. what about the relationshipsthat we'll ruin in the process? i don't think this is the right wayto go about it. right or wrong, i don't know.

but for the sake of yourlove you must make this compromise. every religion eulogizes love. we won't let selfishness tarnish it. as far as compromise is concerned,for me this is a holy war. win or lose.. ..but i shall not make a compromise. as long as god is with us.. will come to no harm. keep the faith.

much-married that you already are,come on, formalize this one. make sure the veil coversmy face properly. you want to wearthe bridegroom's veil? i'm going to make you wearthe hangman's noose! let go of my son! it's for the sake of her inheritancethat i'm putting up with you. she even saw me in the act of murder. once the wedding is over.. ..sahiba's story is over.

you ingrate! who needs enemies?friends like you are enough. traitor! i'm goingto pay you back for this.. what's the hurry, yogi? let'sget over with the wedding first.. i'm not about to let yourevil design succeed, singhal. i have to succeed, yogi. for us,sahiba is a matter of life and death. unless your sole heir comesinto my family, i'm ruined. i've come for my daughter-in-law.and i will take her away. let go of my dad.else, i shoot him.

i said leave him. the honor of this familyis now in your hands. only one thing i beg of not bring us to ridicule. my best wishes! my best wishes on sahiba's wedding but i'm afraid you won't be ableto attend your daughter's wedding. as long as i'm alive,i won't let this wedding happen. that's provided you're still alive i was just telling my son thathe mustn't leave any evidence behind.

not a shard of evidenceis going to be left here. as soon as the weddinghas begun.. men will start the fireworks.they will set this mill on fire. as the wedding proceeds,so will the fire here. while bride and groom take their oathsby the fire.. ..the fires here will engulfthe two of you. come son the marriage procession has come.the marriage procession has come. it was great fun.

come. it's time. call the bride's father.he will give the bride away. - where is he?- where has he gone? - raunaq- yes. everything has beenburnt down. father.. all this wealth means daughter is my true wealth. if i cannot save her, i will neverbe able to forgive myself. please rise.

religious chants. run. run. damn! - what are you up to?- take sahiba inside. brother, what has happened? bash him up! bash him up.. hit him. sahiba.. sahiba..

doctor.. we tried everything possible mr.garewal. still there is nosign of any improvement. nothing can be said yet let's hope for the best. remember.. told me thatyou can't live without me? you remember, don't you? and today.., you want to leave me? not like this is this the way? sahiba... sahiba, if you leave me.. ..i will be lonely again. i will be left all alone, once again. please don't leave me. don't leave me.

i never realized my daughteris so deeply in love not all the books in the worldcan give as much wisdom.. knowing what love means bring the car over. i'm hurting!- careful. sister.. slowly.- oh what am i to do? step aside.- dad! don't worry my darling,you're going to be all right.

silence! it's going to be a daughter!- just like mother. be careful.

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