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happy to be together on "happy together"! - hello. / - hello. - hyunmoo, / - yes. with whom do you feel awkward? - awkward / - kim jimin. - bingo. / - yes. (there was a rumor about him and jimin.) - i will give you a gift. / - thank you. you got the first answer.

- you gave me another one. / - yes. thank you. you're very calm. it must be true then. - i won't say anything. / - all right. you won't say anything. - they're here. / - they're here. they're here just on time. - hello. / - we don't have time. - she's the girl of "happy together." / - hello.

they're shin hyeseon and sung hoon. welcome. - please come this way. / - he's handsome. there are seo yoojung and song jaehee. - he's the man. / - jaehee's here. seo yoojung is here, too. it's tony. - hello. please have a seat. / - jaeduck is here too. everyone is now here.

- please sit down. / - here? - it's perfect. / - you sit here. the right side of my face looks better. - your seats are here. / - stop it. what are you doing? please have a seat. i'm so glad to see you here. today's "happy together" is unique couples special. we have shin hyeseon and sung hoon, seo yoojung and song jaehee, and tony and jaeduck.

(welcome to the happy house.) these days, your weekend tv series are - they are very popular. / - very popular. she came back after four months. she was a hit when she came here last time. there were four of us, and we drank about 40 bottles of soju. - 40 bottles! / - no way. - kang dongwon. / - there was a kiss scene.

was it nice or what? tell us. what's that now? (now she's kissed sung hoon.) - then why go on a blind date? / - i didn't do that. but that staff told me that you were here with a girl last time. (they act as a sweet couple in a weekend tv series.) so? did you cry that day again? people are going crazy about this couple.

indeed. - they think you're really dating. / - i know. you look very sweet together. please introduce yourselves. - okay? / - why did you groan? (myungsoo scolds her.) - say something. / - she's changed a lot. - she's relaxed. / - yes, she is. - that's not it. / - she's more relaxed now.

- i'm having a heart attack. / - why would you? - go to a hospital. / - that's not what i mean. - it's just pounding hard. / - my heart is racing. (that couple is adorable.) hello. we are the new couple of a romantic weekend tv series. (they act as a couple on a weekend tv series.) - i am shin hyeseon. / - welcome. sung hoon, please introduce yourself.

hello. i play as kim sangmin on "five enough". i'm sung hoon. in the tv series, you two are so sweet that people are totally in love with you. on this year's kbs entertainment awards... i know that it's still too early to discuss it. you'll get the best couple award. they're the strongest candidates. - no. / - no?

- no. / - why not? there was "descendants of the sun" this year. - so we couldn't get it. / - it might be hard. when he brought up "descendants of the sun"... more than one couple can receive the best couple award. right. but there are many couples from that show that deserve it. there are many couples from that show.

you have to be popular in the second half. we forget things. it will be nice if you give it to us. she's right. - i see. / - they won't refuse it. - of course, they won't. / - we'll gladly take it. all right. that's our first couple. our next couple is a little... are they a new idol group?

their outfits are too much. they prepared too much. she's wearing aluminum foil. (she's wearing a matching t-shirt and a silver skirt.) he's got a foil perm, which was popular back in the 2000s. (matching t-shirts, a silver skirt and a foil perm) it's impressive. - isn't she the stylist? / - she's the head stylist.

(they look like a stylist and an assistant.) she looks like a head stylist - and a hard-working assistant. / - exactly. that's how they look. please give them a mirror. please welcome seo yoojung and song jaehee. (the second couple are yoojung and jaehee.) we met during a community service. we're a community service couple.

- i am seo yoojung. / - i am song jaehee. - hello. / - yes. community service couple. last time jaehee was here, - he was so popular. / - indeed. we thought jaehee will finally rise to stardom. - i was a hit that time. / - yes. i thought i was going to be like hyeongyeong. (he thought he will become successful like her.)

however, i... - i thought so, too. / - i was a little humble. - humble. / - i thought it was all right. you wanted to be calm. i told myself to stay calm... but the people around him were even calmer than him. it was too calm that he just ended up - disappearing from the industry. / - so i asked the "happy together" crew to help me.

they made me get all excited. - they made you get excited. / - they really did. when was the last time you were on a variety show, yoojung? i've been really wanting to be on "happy together". - is that right? / - yes. there are three shows i want to be on. what are those? "happy together", "i live alone"

and "the law of the jungle". but now i've been on one of the three. using this as an opportunity, i want to... by the way, i think both of you seem too ambitious. - hyeongyeong became popular. / - she became what? - she became popular. / - hyeongyeong did well. - hyeongyeong did well. / - yes. what's wrong?

(was i not good enough?) you have to do well. i prepared for this. i had heard about the other guests for today's episode. they are the popular ones. - they're popular these days. / - sechs kies and h.o.t. we wanted to be prepared, so we had these made in a rush. actually, our original plan was to dress nicely.

- i know. / - but he thought we wouldn't stand out if we do that. that's why we got these t-shirts, and we put the title of our show on the back. - i see. / - there's the back part too. - that's unique. / - also... - and you also put... / - that's the other channel. you're blocking us. why are you standing in front of us?

what are you doing right now? we have to do something. but you're supposed to promote our show. gosh, this is funny. tony runs an entertainment agency, so let's ask him. how much is jaehee worth as a talent? when i saw him in the waiting room, i thought he looked like a model. he was tall and - he looked tough. / - but?

- you were surprised? / - but i never would've guessed that he would be so funny like this. - i never imagined. / - he has a lot of flaws. he's got that character for sure. but i think that's rather a good thing. h.o.t had both toughness and cuteness. (he looks tough.) (he looks cute.) it's very good to have two

- opposite characters. / - he promoted his songs. - "candy" and... / - "candy" and - he promoted h.o.t. / - "warrior's descendant". please welcome tony and jaeduck. hello. - yes. / - please introduce yourselves. should i say it? hello, we are brothers from the two most popular idol groups...

what did he just say? - he said something strange. / - he did. tony is tired. he's worn out. i kept thinking about what to say. i see that tony's shirt isn't buttoned up all the way. yes. he's much more open than he used to be. - yes. / - in the past, he buttoned up his shirt all the way to the top.

but now he opens up his shirt. i thought he was ricky martin. he's great. relax, tony. hello. we are brothers from the two most popular idol groups. we are also housemates. - i am kim jaeduck. / - i am tony an. - tony and jaeduck. cross. / - cross.

- cross. / - there are so many people who are waiting for h.o.t. to come back. - how's it going? / - sechs kies is back successfully. actually, we started talking about it even before sechs kies started discussing. - sechs kies came back, / - yes. and now we're pressured. we didn't know how we would make a comeback. i see.

- through which show will we do it? / - you could do it - that's what / - through "two days and one night ". - we are debating about. / - what? - he suddenly interfered. / - sechs kies appeared on "infinite challenge" for their - comeback. / - so they should be on a rival show. yes, that's right. "two days and one night"? - all members? / - h.o.t will come back

- on a travel show? / - great. how long have you two been living together? they live together? including the army life, it's been about eight years. who acts as the wife then? i do. in the past, many fans used to call themselves - tony's wife. / - right. but these days, they say i am tony's wife. i get that a lot.

living together for eight years isn't easy to do. - right. / - he's been living with changhee. - but they separated. / - there's us in comedy, and there's tony and jaeduck in the music industry. - wow, that's... / - how long did you live together? we... we lived together for about six months. then we moved in together for four years. - moved in? / - moved in?

what was the reason for divorce? well... there were personality differences - and we had different opinions. / - right. changhee and i learned a lot by watching them. we promised that we wouldn't fight like tony and jaeduck. i heard you don't fight. - right. / - you don't fight, do you?

we've never fought much. i nagged him once because he flipped his socks. they are like a real married couple. i know jaeduck. he's like a good and wise wife. he's the type who takes good care of his spouse. he's the type who makes breakfast for you. he's very sweet. that's why you don't fight. when he had his socks flipped six or seven years ago,

i thought, "why would you flip your socks?" "it won't get washed properly when you do laundry." i felt sorry, so i told him. "please take off your socks properly." - properly. / - and he said, "i don't want to worry about that." he's the macho man. he didn't want to interfere with each other's lives. he knew it well. even before me,

he had been living with many different people. (what?) that's not what i meant. he'd been living with many different people. he had lived with h.o.t members. - he had lived with many people already. / - i know. - he's lived with many people. / - yes, he has. ever since then, i had never nagged him about anything. why are you laughing, hyeseon?

- they're like a married couple. / - i know. they are like a married couple. so we have three couples here with us today. actually, hyeseon - has changed a lot in four months. / - i know. she was known for her kiss. - she kissed kang dongwon. / - yes. at the time, she looked like she had nothing to lose. - she has a lot to lose now. / - i got nothing to lose.

- is that right? / - you act like kim heesun. that's not right. - why bring her up? / - what did she do wrong? - that was so random. / - that really was. why would you mention her here? i think she's nervous because of sung hoon. - right. / - that's it. no, i'm not. (she seems pretty excited.)

- what's going on between them? / - are they serious? - something's going on here. / - sung hoon. many people wish that you two will actually go out. - are you really dating? / - there is a rumor... - look at each other. / - no, there's nothing. there's a rumor that there's something going on between you two. - you can't look at him. / - i can. - you're dating, aren't you? / - no, we are not.

when ahn jaehyeon and ku hyesun were here, they denied that there was anything going on between them. they said there was nothing going on. but they ended up getting married. sung hoon acted really strangely. (he laughed awkwardly.) that was very strange. (sung hoon laughs strangely.)

(watch your mouth, saeho.) it was as if he was threatening me with his eyes. i heard you fell for him for his looks. - i didn't fall for him. / - no. i didn't fall for him. i just thought he was handsome. - that's the same thing. / - it's the same thing. he's handsome, and he has a big physique.

so i thought i would look small. when you act together, don't your feelings grow? yes, when we're acting, it's hard to not develop feelings. i think we need to have those feelings for acting. now, the viewers have - high expectations, so... / - is it for the viewers? yes. that's right. hyeongyeong whispered to me

that you're wearing matching socks. (no way.) - what's that? / - you're both wearing jeans. (sung hoon tries to hide them.) wait. i didn't even think about matching them. - what's going on? / - it's not what you think. - are they dating secretly? / - no need to deny it. tony, you're a sharp man.

- i know what's going on. / - tell us. they must've agreed to wear something matching without making it obvious. they agreed to wear them. couples like matching things. (they wanted to wear something matching.) usually they would secretly wear matching bracelets. - right. / - you don't have the same stylist. - no. / - they are different.

then how did this happen? i didn't know. there were different socks, and she told me to wear this pair. that's why i put these on. they didn't deliberately match their outfits - like you two. / - they didn't. that's not what happened. who wears like that these days?

- it's outdated. / - if you say you're actually dating, we wouldn't believe it. gosh... even if you tell us that you are dating... - we are not dating. / - it can't be true. i'd believe it more if these guys say they're dating. how dare you. calm down. - calm down. / - i am sorry.

i shouldn't have said it. you're amazing, tony. - i was just joking. / - that was a good one. he's just joking. you've gotten much stronger than before. he opened up his shirt today. we only spoke to sung hoon. how do you feel, hyeseon? even if it's acting, how do you actually feel about sung hoon? he's great.

- he's handsome. / - yes. it's acting, but do you have any feelings for him? has he ever made your heart flutter? he has. - what? / - i knew it. i was sad that he said he doesn't have any feelings for me. - really? / - she's very honest. she is very honest.

- he made my heart flutter. / - right? it happened one time. what was this scene? it was the scene where sangmin was at a cafe confessing his love for yeontae. he said we'll go out if i don't say anything on the count of three. - and it made your heart flutter? / - yes. when he was doing this,

my heart fluttered. my face blushed. - your face blushed. / - your face blushed. can you show us? - please show us. / - please. - do you remember it? / - they're insisting. he's sweating. your upper lip gets quite sweaty, doesn't it? he needs a tissue. he's weaker than he looks. he sweats a lot.

jaehee must've started right away. i am already doing it inside. (he didn't have a chance to do it.) (they react the same.) they gain much attention. i wasn't sure if i should mention it or not. - you'll get your turn. / - you will. i know you're shy, but if you don't say no in three seconds,

i'll take that as a yes. what's that? (he always does this.) (he makes her turn away and gets close to her.) - this must be it. / - one, two, three. that's three seconds. you didn't say no so we're officially dating. - i got flushes. / - she's getting flushes. - that was good. / - can you show it to us again?

that's so cool. (he starts making space.) what? why are you making this so proper? - he'll make your heart pound again. / - he's so cool. - how handsome he is. / - my goodness. - why do we have to do this? / - you have to. - he's handsome. / - i agree. i will kneel down here. - he's so handsome. / - i know.

oh, dear. he's about to propose to her. what if he actually does it? that'll be amazing. why do we have to do this? then, i approach her... (that's so sweet.) what's this about? why do we have to do this? (she removes the cushion.) - what's with that reaction? / - my goodness.

- why are you being so shy? / - remove that. - what's wrong? / - the scene was like this. take the cushion away from her. give it to me. (she holds it tight.) - you're only acting. / - exactly. - i can't do it. / - you're just acting. you're acting, hyeseon. - it's your job. / - still...

- there's something going on. / - nothing's going on. if you don't say no in three seconds, (she looks elsewhere.) then, i approach her. - he approaches her. / - my goodness. - once she turns back... / - she turns back. one, two, three. (she's not convinced.) (this is not it.)

- this is not it. / - my bad. in an interview, sung hoon said that you are friends but you're open to something more. i'm not saying that there's something on between us, but it's my kind of philosophy. i like yeontae which is the character she plays. that's the type of woman i like. i like hyeseon, too. - she makes my heart pound. / - he's lying.

- you must like him, too. / - no. i actually found something interesting about him. if he gets a tough question, he massages his shoulder twice. - he does it twice. / - you're observant. - he might have bad shoulders. / - when he was asked about hyeseon, - he presses on his shoulders. / - is it a signal? - i think there's a reason for it. / - that's right.

- i dislocated my shoulder. / - really? he's telling you to watch your mouth. - all right. / - that's what it was. i heard you whisper to her a lot. - what did you say to her? / - i'm playful on set. hyeseon is very sensitive to temperature. - she's very sensitive to it. / - i am. if the temperature drops slightly, she finds it cold. - he knows all about her. / - so?

so i'll sit next to her and say, "hey, can i give you a hug?" (oh, dear.) this is what he did. (they're too embarrassed to watch.) - that's not a joke. / - how's that being playful? - this is not a joke. / - it's not. i do it because i know that she won't like it. if she says yes, i'll obviously get embarrassed.

- what do you say to him? / - i think i'll fall for it. i say, "forget it." that's what she does all the time. - really? / - that's why i keep doing it. did that make your heart flutter? - he's not making things up. / - i don't think so. what do you say about this, yoojung? he says he's being playful, but if a guy says that... it sounds like there's a hint of truth in it.

wouldn't you keep thinking - yes, you'll start to think / - about it? - why that person said such thing to you. / - i know. - it'll make your heart flutter. / - i'm pretty random like that. you don't have to make excuses. - is that right? / - yes. i think it's misleading. - seriously... / - yes, i'll keep thinking about it.

- hyeseon... / - i didn't take it the wrong way. - is that true? / - yes. - i didn't think about it again. / - why not? (this is awkward.) you're really good at this. - it's so awkward. / - it is. i'm being serious. - didn't it make your heart flutter? / - no, it didn't. - were you fine? / - my heart didn't flutter for him.

you don't sound truthful at all. she's not being sincere about it. i didn't even doubt it. i didn't take it the wrong way. - it's okay, sung hoon. / - in the beginning... what? what's okay? - you can keep doing it. / - really? anyhow, this is it for now. we got to talk to sung hoon and hyeseon. we prepared a few questions along this line,

but we didn't expect them to wear matching socks. - we talked longer than we thought. / - that's right. (they're still good friends.) i'm worried about how things will go with this side. we can't take too long with them. - we have to interview them quickly. / - that's right. - he talks too much. / - really? yes, you'll get fed up listening to him. - does he talk that much? / - he talks too much.

would you have considered him a prospect if he was less talkative? (she's hesitant.) - you see / - okay. jaehee's face is quite pale. i don't consider men with pale faces. - he looks dark to me. / - my face is dark. (his face is dark.) - i'm dark. / - look at your fingers. you're pale.

(is she trying to find an excuse?) - he's darker than you. / - i look tan, too. - you picked the wrong excuse. / - gosh... - what is she talking about? / - she is... i was a little concerned about being her partner. why? it's because they have a good chemistry. you could see that they're in love. for us, it's different.

i was also shocked when i heard that you were my partner. - why? / - i heard you had an episode featuring beautiful women. - we had one. / - that's right. i was given an offer for that episode, but... we didn't have enough space. - my bad. / - there were many guests. it was an episode about entertainment queens.

i heard you're friends with hyunmoo. - we're the same age. / - are you? yes, we are. we've watched movies together - and i've been to his house, too. / - really? we're getting confessions from some of you. - you've been to my house? / - i was there last time. - what's going on? / - there must've been more people. i wasn't there alone. we watched a movie with our friends.

- you must be close. / - yes. i don't know where the rest of my friends went, but when we got in the car after, it was just us two. - look at this. / - this is no joke. then, he said this to me. "yoojung, you are" "a nice person but people don't know about it." - i was being serious. / - i wondered why he said that. - of course. / - is he interested in me?

- that's possible. / - i was thinking about that, - and then he said something. / - all of a sudden? he said, "do you want to go for a massage?" - you love massages. / - i do. i like massages and she looked tired. i thought i shouldn't go, so i just left. and then a few months later, he said he was going to a resort. he asked if i want to go. do you remember?

- i did. / - there were many people... - hey. / - is that so bad? why are you sweating so much? (his upper lip is sweaty.) - why do you both sweat a lot? / - we both sweat a lot. he usually stays still but he was fidgeting. i know what she's about to say. (he sweats everywhere.) they're young, so it's possible.

i understand that but... - we were with our friends. / - yes, - there were a few of us. / - it wasn't just you two. i said no and he didn't contact me for a while after that. he calls me every few months when i'm starting to forget about him. where did he want to go now? - you see... / - he wanted to go out for grilled tripe.

i asked him where the restaurant was - and he said this. / - what did he say? "there are too many people here so if you come," "you might feel uncomfortable." he was being protective of me. i know what this is about though. - what is it? / - when you called about tripe, you didn't just call her, right? - you called a few women... / - my goodness.

(is that what it was?) i don't call many people. i didn't call everybody. i just called up a few friends to see who i mean. (he was hoping a few friends would be available.) - this guy. / - that's not it. - my gosh. / - i wasn't putting it out there. - that's horrible. / - i know.

i'll leave early today. after you had tripe, why did you look for houses with someone else? she probably knows more about real estates. let me ask you again. why did you do that? well... that time... sorry? - let us hear it. take your time. / - no, i mean... she probably knows more about it. oh, dear. your back is burning hot.

- what's wrong? / - i get hot easily. - his face is about to explode. / - my back is hairy. - your back is hot. / - it's because of my body hair. - do you have hairs on your back? / - yes. let's sit up. all right. we've finally - reached jaeduck and tony. / - he looks like ricky martin. jaeduck, you've been roommates with tony for several years now.

and what i've been always curious is... sechs kies is important to you and so is tony. from jiwon and tony, - who do you... / - who do you get along better with? - be honest. / - oh, dear. (he freezes on the spot.) - do i have to... / - yes, you have to. that's like asking if you like your mom or dad better. they are not your mom and dad. it's jiwon or tony.

i'm going to make one person feel bad though. that's not the point. that's not what we're asking. you must have a preference. hold on. i realized this during the shoot. jaeduck has a habit of touching people. it's probably because the topic for today is romance, but jaeduck keeps touching my thigh and it's getting on my nerve.

it's getting on my nerve. i didn't touch your thigh! you touched me about eight times so far. (at first, he looked at tony with loving eyes.) (he touched tony like they are an old couple.) (his hand continued to make contact with tony's thigh.) (even when hyeseon was sneering,) (jaeduck continued to touch tony's thigh.) did you count them?

i don't usually mind it, but all this talk about love made me feel uncomfortable. - even hyunmoo got involved. / - you are right. this episode should not have been this complex, but adding hyunmoo in the picture made it worse. perhaps he will be in commercial for a resort soon. - a resort? / - he will do this. (forget about hyunmoo's commercial for a drink.) do you want to go to a resort with me?

(do you want to go to) (a "happy together" resort with me?) - you know, / - it's so funny. yoojung should be in it, too. who do you prefer between jiwon and tony? i am sure they have merits and faults. that's right. before sechs kies disbanded, - i was best friends with jiwon. / - i see. however, jiwon and i were apart for many years,

and i met tony in the army. i am much more comfortable around tony these days. it's a pride of mine that we have lived together for so long. - living together with a man / - it's quite unique. is not an easy task. when you were members of h.o.t and sechs kies, - such thing was unimaginable. / - that's right. even though they're friends now,

- they used to be rivals. / - that's right. they didn't look at each other. they used to avoid eye contact. i was especially rebellious - against h.o.t. / - you were? i didn't say hello on purpose and - pretended not to see them. / - it's like a mind game. - you wanted to look strong. / - yes. back then, i was competitive

in a twisted way. i remember not greeting them. - i kept my guard up. / - tony, what do you say? the truth is, while h.o.t greeted and had small talks - with other groups, / - what about sechs kies? it was different with sechs kies. even if we passed by each other, we kept our eyes on the road.

- i see. / - i see. - that's how we were back then. / - let me show you. we could recognize h.o.t members from far away. of course you could. - they were unmistakable. / - that's right. - they spotted us. / - "there is h.o.t." - of course. / - however, we didn't say hello. - here they go. / - they are passing each other. (finally)

(they get close to each other.) they are avoiding eye contact. (ignoring each other) (get out of my sight.) we ignored each other. you were so close to each other. we ignored each other from 50m away. even when you saw each other. we pretended not to see them.

seniority matters in music scene. h.o.t debuted earlier, right? yes, they did. that's why i thought sechs kies members were rude. i heard that jaeduck was scolded by jiwon in the elevator. jiwon does not make his talk long. he simply scolded me with swear words. i see. he used swear words.

- can you give us a re-enactment? / - can you do that? - i can't do that. / - we will bleep out the words. - i'm curious. / - give us a vague description. did he use a swear word that is related to a dog? he didn't use such vulgar words. "he didn't use such vulgar words." (not everyone is as vulgar as myungsoo.) - it was not that bad of a word. / - i heard that - i didn't mean to pick on you. / - you jumped higher

on the stage every time jiwon scolded you. - for an example... / - show us the regular jump first. i jumped lightly when he didn't scold me. (lightly) - he is good. / - let's say jiwon scolded you. "you punk." (his jump is quicker, higher and bigger.) - there is a difference. / - wow... it made me jump differently.

there is a big difference. "i should get my act together." it's understanding that jiwon used swear words. he should have welcomed them. - i did. / - did your dance change as well? show us. i usually dance lightly. - is that all you got? / - and say jiwon curses at you.

(energetic) (charismatic) (he uses every ounce of energy in his body.) jiwon was a competent leader. that's right. jiwon was a competent leader. - we talked about sechs kies. / - that's right. let's talk to tony now. - his looks have been preserved. / - that's right. tony looks much younger than he is.

- he hasn't changed at all. / - thank you. i think the happy-go-lucky attitude is tony's charm. he is always smiling. he is accepting of everything. i saw the look in tony's eyes just now. it looked like he was thinking, "you know nothing about me, saeho." - maybe i was wrong. / - "you can't read people." when he is with me,

he smiles and accepts everything i say. - i am optimistic. / - that's nice. i think that's what helped me and jaeduck get along. when i first started my military service, - jaeduck had moved up a rank. / - really? - yes. / - really? i was the most recent recruit, - and jaeduck moved up / - he had seniority. from the bottom rank in eight months.

he was the new recruit i had after eight months. i can't imagine welcoming tony an of h.o.t as the new recruit. - me being a year older than him, / - that's right. a senior in the music scene and - a member of a rival group / - they were your rivals. made things a bit awkward. - it was hard. / - it was hard at first, right? i know i shouldn't have done it in the army,

but i spoke semi-formally to him. you shouldn't have done that. he is my senior in the music industry. i knew i would see him again outside of the army. for an example, i could have said "private, get me a glass of water." instead, i said, "private," "please get me a glass of water." that's what i did.

most soldiers call subordinates by their names. they do, but i couldn't do it. - i see. / - jaeduck is a nice guy. tony, you must have been aware of his consideration. i was very aware of it. it was more apparent in the beginning. this is what he first asked me to do. he asked me - to follow him to the shower. / - he pulled you aside.

i thought it would be a military discipline, so i followed him with a nervous heart. he said, "private," "take off your trousers." (private, take off your trousers.) what is going on? - what? / - this really happened. - why did he ask you that? / - i thought, "what is going on?"

i can't believe you actually did it. you should have refused! let's listen to the rest of the story. he told me to undress. i thought i had no choice but to do it. i took off my shirt and began to take off my trousers. i guess the situation felt - strange to jaeduck, too. / - i bet.

he said, "it's nothing strange." "i wanted to teach you how to clean the shower room." - i see. / - water would splash everywhere. using the shower head would have splashed water on my clothes. - he was being considerate. / - why did he tell you to take off your pants, not your clothes though? he should have said, "take off your clothes" "if you don't want to get them wet."

- he ordered tony to undress first. / - that's right. - things were awkward between us / - that's right. and i couldn't hold a long conversation with him. i had already taken off my trousers. - this is so funny. / - he had undressed first! i thought, "i guess it can't be helped." he led by example. it may sound strange,

but such thing happens in the army. - that's right. / - there are only men. you take off your trousers all the time in the training center. that's why i took off my trousers first and asked him to do the same. you should have explained the situation first. i led by example. you made the situation worse by undressing first.

in that brief moment, tony must have had so many different thoughts. - army is a scary place. / - to be honest, i thought he was trying to settle a 20-year-old feud between sechs kies and h.o.t. i was worried, but he explained right away that he wanted to teach me how to clean the shower room.

nothing else happened. i heard that tony isn't interested in women. really? maybe it's just a rumor. i don't know if i should say this. why is he not interested in women? i think it has been almost three years. for over two years, i have not been in a relationship.

one day, i pondered on why i am not in a relationship. i came to a conclusion that i don't really feel the need to be in one. - my goodness. / - listen. listen. what's wrong with him? it's all jaeduck's fault. since i live with jaeduck,

i feel less lonely. - he has someone by his side. / - when i was lonely, i wanted to go on dates with women. i had a desire to be in a relationship. however, i no longer have such desires. - they shouldn't live together. / - jaeduck, are you single as well? yes, i have been single for about a year. i don't really want a girlfriend these days either.

since i am busy with work, i don't really feel the need for one. don't the two of you grow apart when someone gets a girlfriend? (how does a girlfriend affect their relationship?) - one of you has a girlfriend... / - you get jealous? that most certainly happens. - we grow apart when i have a girlfriend, / - yes. and i can't help but be mindful of him.

(he becomes mindful of his housemate.) he is ridiculous. you become mindful of tony. - my attention moves away from him / - it can happen. - when i have a girlfriend. / - yes. then i worry about how tony might be upset that i am growing distant. this is like a scene from a drama.

jaeduck is home after a date. upon seeing jaeduck, tony turns off the tv he was watching. "you should come home early, punk." that's the kind of scene i am imagining. (he feigns indifference but is secretly jealous.) - wouldn't you agree? / - what a fitting scene! - right? / - that's how it is. tony was reproached by his ex-girlfriend

when he brought up his plan for the honeymoon. since jaeduck and i drink often, we talk about everything. we have talked about having a joint wedding. the topic of a joint wedding naturally led to the idea of going on a honeymoon - together. / - the thought occurred naturally. we thought it would be fun for two couples - to travel together. / - that should be fun.

i jokingly asked my girlfriend at that time, "how would you feel" "if jaeduck joins us on our honeymoon?" she said, "are you out of your mind?" women think differently. - i realized that / - that's possible. - women don't like such things. / - really? hyeongyeong, let's say

your boyfriend has a best friend. how would you feel about traveling with him and his girlfriend? i wouldn't mind if i am close with his girlfriend. however, it would be uncomfortable if we're not close. women can find such situation uncomfortable. - wouldn't women / - that's right. want to spend time alone with their husbands? i don't think that's the obvious case these days.

hyeseon, what do you think? - i... / - do you only care about sung hoon? no. stop teasing her! i won't give up. i will follow them. i think hyeongyeong is right. - right? / - yes. i want to go on a honeymoon with my friend's couple.

you want your friend's couple. - not your husband's friend. / - her friend's couple. - you want your friend's couple. / - my friend... we wouldn't want a joint honeymoon if our wives don't know each other. - the future / - when they get to know each other... we are planning is... ("the future we are planning"?) - what? / - what are you talking about?

- for goodness' sake. / - that's ridiculous. you should plan it with your future wife. why are the two of you planning a future together? when tony and i each get married, i wish our wives would be close friends. - i want to go on trips together. / - that'd be nice. i don't want a big wedding. - you want something small. / - we talked about having a small wedding with families and close friends.

i understand the preference of going on a honeymoon together, but i don't agree with living in the same house after marriage. - how incredible! / - that's a bit strange. - my goodness. / - they want to live together. - seriously. / - they want to stay together. we discussed this with close friends. we wouldn't live in the same house.

- in the same village? / - in the outskirts of seoul, - we would live as neighbors. / - that's a good idea. - it would be in a town. / - that's our plan. - that'd be nice. / - we'll live in separate houses. excuse me, but it seems like saeho wants to join them. changhee should be here. he should be sitting next to me. become a couple with changhee. you think about him, right?

i miss changhee. saeho misses him. we had a similar conversation. if one of us becomes rich, we would buy a plot and build two identical houses. we would have gardens. - gardens? / - yes. - it'd be nice to have barbecues together. / - wait. - when we talk about it, / - should we live together?

it seems like a good idea. but listening to saeho made me realize it's strange. it sounds strange, right? saeho showed me a different perspective. there is a reason why i want to be friends with tony's future wife. tony and i have lived together for a long time. it's about time we tire of each other. who will?

- goodness. / - i'm talking about us. - tony is hurt. / - it goes that way. i don't know why you had to bring it up here. - tony is hurt. / - he is sulking. he is sulking. - my goodness. / - jaeduck should cry now. that would complete the drama. both of us can have so much fun. i wished we would have more friends to do things with.

- what we're doing is better / - what will you do if - if shared with four or six people. / - your wives don't get along? i am worried about that. i really am. that's why we will take time... you should worry about the bond between you and your wife. listen to yourself.

worry about the bond between you and your wife, not the bond between tony's wife and yours. - look after your family first. / - that's right. what will you do if tony's wife and yours fight? it's important that i marry someone i like, but i consider tony's opinion, too. - i see. / - tony has to like her, too. - goodness! / - tony's approval is needed. - how strange! / - he shouldn't like her as a woman.

i don't know who will marry jaeduck, but she needs the approval of jaeduck's parents-in-law, - tony and sehyeong. / - that's like 10 interviews. it will be impossible. she'll also need to keep a garden. - oh gosh... / - everyone will be her neighbors. if she wants to buy him a shirt, she'll get one for tony and sehyeong.

she will have to travel with other couples, too. - jaeduck's ex-girlfriend / - they will need a big van. used to buy - present for me, too. / - really? that's unbelievable. i care about those around me. it's important that my significant other also cherishes the people around me. - it won't be easy. / - seriously.

hyeseon looks troubled after hearing jaeduck talk. - it will be hard. / - why do you say that? she is shaking her head. i wouldn't date someone like him. (she gives up.) - what about you, hyeongyeong? / - i wouldn't either. - what about you, yoojung? / - i am a bit like him. what? are you lonely these days?

you must be jealous! my goodness. don't be jealous. - i am not jealous. / - you are! let's hear more from tony and jaeduck later. this is interesting. apparently, sung hoon has always wanted hyeseon - to play his romantic interest. / - really? i knew it.

i wouldn't say that. - hyeseon was in "she was pretty". / - that's right. i was more interested in her relationship than the lead's. that's why i thought it would be fun to work with hyeseon someday. i didn't know an opportunity would come so soon. what did you like about her? she was really cute in "she was pretty".

i still think it's her biggest charm. - she is cute. she really is. / - that's right. - thank you. / - when does she look the cutest? - they look so serious. / - well... let's see how cute she can be. when does she look the cutest? she is just... my goodness. - he's blushing. / - it's... is she always cute?

- is she always cute? / - you are right. - she is always cute. / - i see. she appeals to men's protective instinct. wouldn't you agree? - she is not normally like that. / - really? - she is easy-going. / - i act tough. it feels like she's my little brother. however, she becomes the cutest woman in front of the camera.

"she becomes the cutest woman." hyeseon said that sung hoon is as snob in real life as his characters in dramas. - my goodness. / - is that true? - is he snobby? / - did you really say that? it's not like that. - she touched him. / - they are like a married couple. "it's not like that, honey." when i first met sung hoon,

this is what he said to me. as he immerses himself in his role, he might treat others like his character - in the drama. / - he becomes his character. that's what he told me. i realized then that he gets immersed in his role. this is what he did once. an wooyeon was with us. he exchanged numbers with him,

but said that he doesn't need mine. - that time... / - in the beginning of the drama, - we argue a lot. / - i see. - you were immersed in the role. / - i didn't want to be friends with her at the time. that's why i thought he is very similar to his character. while sung hoon is very handsome, - he is fond of dad jokes. / - is that so?

i don't know about dad jokes, but he talks to himself a lot. it only looks like i am talking to myself because you don't respond when i am talking to you. - my goodness. / - why didn't you respond? - it's not like that. / - seriously. are the two of you actually dating? - why didn't you respond? / - it's not like that. jokingly, we said

that you look like a married couple. even if we want to stop, you keep dropping hints. he wasn't talking to me. this is what he says. "since we are done with the shoot today," "i guess we will work on this scene tomorrow." he does this. - he was talking to himself. / - i was talking to you. we are in the scene together. - no, we are not. / - no?

- my goodness. / - maybe we should give them some space so that they can talk. it's a good idea. you should leave. (give them some space.) leave the studio. i am glad saeho thought of it. seriously. did someone call me?

he goes back to his seat. he is back. - that was funny. / - yes. - i have a question. / - ask away, tony. have you met outside of work? - he is smart. / - that's a good question. - he's smart. / - we never have. - never? / - that's right. we exchanged texts for "happy together" shoot.

- you don't call each other. / - no texts at night? - i never have. / - she never picks up. (it's the moment they have been waiting for.) stop playing around! - you never pick up. / - don't be ridiculous. you haven't called me! (she's using her nasal voice.) did you hear that? (saeho is in love.)

- it's not like that. / - "you have not called me!" "you have not called me!" i see that hyeseon drives sung hoon wild. - she plays with his heart. / - my goodness. don't stress him out too much. she even made me want to call her. i almost called her. my goodness. hyeseon says you never called her. i called her late at night.

- you called her late at night. / - were you drunk? - he called her late at night. / - no, i go to bed late at night. you mean the time you called me few days ago. - yes. / - i remember. i answered the call. - did you? / - he called at 4 a.m. - you called at 4 a.m.? / - i called you at 4 a.m.? - it was around 4 a.m. / - it's becoming interesting. why did he call her?

he probably called her at 4 a.m. because he missed her terribly. he was hesitant to call her but... - he missed her terribly? / - he called me by mistake. my phone rang at 4 a.m., so i woke up. i was like, "why is he calling me at this hour?" and i answered the call. "hello?" i just heard this static sound, - not someone's voice. / - he probably pocket-dialed.

- was it pressed against something? / - it sounded like - it was in his pocket. / - it was a pocket call. it sounded like - a pocket call. / - you may be on his speed dial list. - that's not it. / - when you get a call at that hour, you usually think something might be up and ask the caller why he or she called. this one obviously looked like a pocket call, so i didn't even ask.

was there no answer when you said "hello"? i said, "hello? hello? hello?" but there was no answer at all, so i just hung up. - this is what i'm thinking. / - tell us. i tried to think from his perspective. he called her at 4 a.m. - you'd all agree that it's very late / - that's right. to have a conversation. - he wanted to hear her voice, / - that's right.

- no. / - so he held his phone upside down. he's sweating from his upper lip again. he probably called her but didn't know what to say. exactly. he probably felt awkward and shy. there are many things we'd like to know about you two, but this talk keeps going in this direction regardless of our intention as you two keep saying these things. - they're doing this to themselves. / - exactly.

there's a scene that everyone talked about recently. yes. it made us wonder if they're actually seeing each other. it made us think that because it looked so real. shall we go in now? (in the drama, "five enough") - are we really late? / - no, we're not that late. - oh, my. / - look at that. we can hang out a little more.

(he didn't expect that from her.) you can go if you're really tired. (she gets cold feet.) are you really going to go like this? - she's being very direct. / - he's so handsome. (the viewership rating skyrocketed) (at that very moment.) - my goodness. / - that's not acting. that's definitely not acting.

- are you speaking from experience? / - are you okay? hyunmoo knows because he has experienced something similar. that's right. that's not acting. - gosh. / - oh, my. the viewership rating skyrockets once again. - my goodness. / - look at that. tony is sitting straight all of a sudden. tony seems so focused.

it's been a while for him. oh. did it go on for an hour? they should get the best couple award. i won't change my mind. i won't let you go until you kiss me. hurry up and give me a kiss before someone shows up. (yeontae's counterattack) get home safely. hey. you can't just go like this.

gosh, she's a pro now. (yeontae has become a pro in dating.) "that was so lovely. those scenes were very memorable." i'm sure you two made mistakes while shooting the scene. - how many times did you do it? / - i'm sure they did. they were bird's-eye view shots. it must've taken at least an hour. the director said that

he intentionally filmed extra shots. i must say that it was very lovely. you two look so good together. that hand detail was awesome. - it makes me want to date. / - pardon me? - it's making me want to date. / - really? do you want to date or kiss? both. i'd like to do both.

i'll take it slow, though. the kiss can wait. that's fine, but don't come home late. (tony will be waiting for you at home.) tony wants you to come home early. don't you fall for each other when there are kissing scenes to shoot? don't you develop feelings for each other? it'd be hard to view it purely as work and go home right away.

- we do that. / - we go home right away. - is that so? / - after saying goodbye, you must... (they must reminisce the moment after saying goodbye.) - goodness. / - you're too much. you're taking it too far. - great job today. / - stop it already. (are they trying to hide their feelings?) - you've watched too many dramas. / - what was that? - that was too much. / - it was funny, though.

you've worked on many dramas, too. hyeongyeong? we were also a couple in one drama, but it felt so different from this. - was there a kissing scene? / - yes, we kissed. - seriously? / - yes. - how was it? / - i slapped him a lot. what's your real intention for marrying me? (in the drama, "it will be okay") (can we expect passionate kiss scenes?)

you're such a punk. (she slaps him.) (oh, my.) hyeongyeong and i were in love in that drama. however, i had already seen too much about her - before i fell in love with her. / - what did you see? - you mean in reality? / - in the drama's plot? - no, in reality. / - in reality... it's because the two of us are so close.

my heart didn't flutter at all. as you can see, she's so cute. she's very adorable. i'm looking at her from here, - and i think she's really lovely. / - yes, she is. but hyeongyeong is... i actually mentioned this last time, as well. she's better suited for afreecatv than network television. (does she have a crazy side we don't know about?)

- he knows so much about me. / - we're close friends. - chemistry exists for a reason. / - i agree. - there must be something. / - that's true. it was all about acting for you two. - yes, it was too / - it was purely business. hyeseon. you told us previously that you're a huge fan of won bin. when i was young, i watched a drama called "autumn in my heart".

i enjoyed the drama. as you know, won bin starred in it. i was completely smitten by him. i couldn't even watch tv whenever he appeared. - were you shy? / - whenever he was on tv, i just couldn't look at him. that's how much you liked him. - that's so strange. / - she's so cute. so is he still your ideal type?

- do you like someone else now? / - i have... no. i just decided to let my feelings go. (i've let him go to nayoung.) - i see. / - who's your ideal type now then? - i don't have one yet. / - you haven't found one yet. - you don't have an ideal type now. / - you look like won bin. - gosh, no way. / - don't you guys agree? - he does resemble him a bit. / - no, don't do this.

did you see? he has a great body. they both have strong features. - wait. that photo is too... / - oh, my. - which one is won bin? / - seriously. which one is he? - which one is won bin? / - my goodness. which one of the two is won bin? (what's going on?) isn't the one on the left his wax doll? - he looks so cool. / - you're pretty cool.

- isn't he a different person? / - he's cool, indeed. - he looks dashing. / - he does. - he's handsome. / - he is very handsome. - do you like strong-featured guys? / - he's handsome. i like guys with strong features as well as those with soft features. - do you like all men? / - sure, you could say that. - he's getting jealous. / - no, no. - so she likes all men? / - i see.

- then i'll ask you point-blank. / - great. i love when hyeongyeong is like this. she's very direct. who is a better kisser? gang dongwon versus sung hoon. (sung hoon versus gang dongwon) - we're talking about the scenes. / - that's right. - tell us who was a better actor. / - we want to know how you felt while shooting the scenes.

- it's just about the scenes, right? / - exactly. - i'm at a disadvantage. / - why? the scene with dongwon was in a movie, so they had more freedom with censorship. however, our drama is a weekend drama. so you don't want to lose? he didn't get to do all he wanted. i wasn't satisfied because... - why was it unsatisfying? / - it was unsatisfying?

(does he wish he had more freedom?) no, that's not what i meant. are you talking about the drama? i wasn't completely satisfied with how the scenes turned out. i was thinking, "i can do more." - but, we had to follow / - right. - the standards for weekend dramas. / - that's right. we'll take that into consideration.

please repeat the question. who is a better kisser between gang dongwon and sung hoon? - in one, two, three. / - in one, two, three. what should i do? - sung hoon. / - yes. (yes) (he's shy.) (hyeseon chose sung hoon)

(over won bin and gang dongwon.) (congratulations to you.) (today is your official first day together.) (be "happy together" forever.) even if it's a weekend drama... it's just about the scene. even if he had to hold back, - he beat dongwon. / - even if he wasn't satisfied... "i could have done a much better job."

he won despite all the disadvantages. - it's just... / - as we already mentioned, it's a weekend drama about family. however, you two have turned it into a romantic comedy. - they really did. / - why did you choose sung hoon? when i think of each scene i enjoyed shooting that scene with dongwon too, of course. that scene itself didn't make my heart flutter, though.

- but this one did. / - i see. i guess my heart flutters easily. - so the kiss with gang dongwon... / - seriously, we're not trying to go in this direction at all. they keep making us suspect them, so we can't help but ask. he must want to kiss her now. (his upper lip area is sweaty again.) is that what happens when you want to kiss?

- i saw you sweating earlier. / - when you want to... - did you... / - what are you talking about now? (does hyunmoo feel like kissing someone?) i sweat a lot because i'm hairy. - do you know what's scary? / - i got heat rash here. yoojung has abandoned jaehee. (jaehee has been abandoned.) (he's sad.) jaehee, you have to survive by yourself.

yoojung is busy talking to hyunmoo. i keep telling myself, "i can do it. i got this." i haven't been able to say anything after we got back from the break. (he barely had chance to talk.) hyunmoo and upper lip... i just called him upper lip. both of them are sweating from their upper lips because they want to kiss someone. yoojung, i heard that you said you can see yourself

in jaehee because you two share many similarities. jaehee is such a nice guy. he doesn't speak up even when things bother him. - i'm like that, too. / - i see. but both of us are almost 40 years old now, and i started thinking why i worry so much about what others think. these days, i lose my temper when things bother me. - jaehee has also... / - i also...

- we get angry together. / - i'm halfway through my life. i used to be so worried about what other people think. - so far. / - but i decided not to be like that. (he checks their reactions.) you look so concerned today. stop checking our reactions after you finish each sentence. you're doing it now, too.

- stop being so concerned. / - be confident. jaehee, i heard that you said... - yoojung's style is old. / - me? - i like fashion. / - i see. i must say that yoojung's style is a little old-fashioned. - i see. / - is that so? in what way? yes. i don't think she follows fashion trends. for example... these days,

not many people wear flared trousers. - those wide-leg trousers. / - i wear those. wait, you do? - you're wearing them now. / - it's the trend now. - the trend is back. / - jaehee. it's the trend these days. - everyone wears them now. / - boot-cut jeans. - everyone wears them these days. / - you know skinny jeans, right?

those super tight jeans. that's what he wears. - isn't he such a bad dresser? / - he's terrible. the flared trousers trend is back. (i feel bad for him.) i know that now. this is definitely the most flustering experience i've had this year. i'm struggling to cope. - i see. / - that's how he feels now. - oh, you prepared special things? / - perfect.

- you should show us. / - i'm excited to see them. - you just need one good thing. / - it's your time now. what did you show us the last time you were here? that time, i... - ♪ you raise me up ♪ / - there he goes. (that was definitely memorable.) (he lifted up everyone's spirits.) - i've been doing this for ages. / - what is it? i can impersonate choi minsoo

singing lee seunggi's song. - i see. / - that will be fun to watch. if i can't make you guys laugh with this, - i might have to go home. / - it's his secret weapon. let's focus, everyone. in the drama, "sandglass", choi minsoo pushes - ko hyunjung like this. / - oh, that scene. (in the drama, "sandglass") i thought i could make you mine this way.

you're mine. "i thought i could make you mine this way." "you're mine!" (it sounds just like him.) ♪ because you're mine ♪ what am i going to do? why? that was good. - you did a good job. / - it was good. why did you stop?

(he was too worried that they might not like it.) - your microphone. / - it was good. - why did you stop? / - i wanted to hear the song. it was funny. (jaehee, wake up.) (jaehee, you can do it.) (it's from jaehee three months ago.) you guys must've noticed each other's weaknesses, too. tell us. we know you both have many strengths, but...

- sung hoon gets tired quickly. / - seriously? yes. even if he doesn't really feel fatigued, - it shows on his face. / - does he get dark circles? - no. his eyes... / - do they turn red? - his eyes get bloodshot. / - they don't look focused. the director says, "his eyes have lost focus." - "let's wrap up the shoot." / - you feel fine though. - i feel completely fine. / - what's her weakness? i haven't found any yet.

(their sweet chemistry is explosive.) - goodness. / - they're enjoying this. - well... / - goodness. - that was sweet. / - i shouldn't have said anything. i'm sure everyone is thinking that those two should date. - they'd make such a cute couple. / - i know, right? they look so lovely together. do you know what she just said?

- what did she say? / - "thank you." - really? / - well... (she scratches her head.) - what's wrong with your forehead? / - it's itchy. - why? / - isn't it a sign of being in love? - that's right. / - love makes you break out there. - yes. / - that's right. hyunmoo, i'll scratch your forehead for you. (he wants some sweetness in his life, too.)

- what are you doing now? / - i'll scratch hard. - come and scratch my forehead. / - i'll do it for you. here. that feels so nice. i really haven't found any of her weaknesses yet. he's actually very straightforward. i'm sorry to say this, but why are you reacting this way about their romance? (he looks like a member of the audience.) why are you reacting that way?

are you hyeseon's father? why did you do that? i'm sorry, but how old are you? i'm 28 years old. - oh, you're 28? / - why do you ask? i've been observing her, - and i think that jaeduck... / - oh, right. - she's close to... / - no one was expecting this. - this is... / - the tables are turned.

- i didn't expect this at all. / - she's very close to his type. - she's feminine and cute. / - thank you. what are your thoughts, jaeduck? yes. she's cute. (they are the sweet couple.) (then here comes the intruder.) - let's ask her then. / - it's a side question. - sung hoon versus jaeduck. / - what should i do?

- in one, two, three. / - sung hoon. sung hoon. (she didn't hesitate at all.) why did you do that? i didn't even say anything. why did you have to make a fool of me? - it's because i don't know him. / - it's tony's fault. - i'm sorry. / - i just met him for the first time. - this isn't what i was going for. / - what did i do? hyeseon, that was harsh.

you should've at least pretended to consider it. why did you say, "what should i do?" let's talk about your ideal types. hyeseon, let's start with you. - me? / - what kind of guy do you like? someone who is accommodating? - someone who is accommodating. / - yes. don't you care about looks? a gentleman.

i can't say that i don't care about looks at all. are you attracted to cute guys or sexy guys? which category does sung hoon belong to, then? - he's handsome. / - i see. he's also well-mannered, right? yes, he is. he must be your type, then. just looking at him makes her... there's no reason why you two cannot date.

- no, please. / - well... - we're working together now. / - yes. they'll know when the drama ends. the drama isn't over yet. - i see it's not yet over. / - when actors meet in dramas, they usually date after the drama ends. we'll have to wait and see. they could start going out after.

- it looks hopeful, right? / - yes. (we'll wait for the good news.) sung hoon, what's your type? me? i prefer cute girls over sexy types. (he points at her.) i tend to like cute girls. he's confessing everything. i don't know what we can do any more. - they might say they're dating now. / - i know, right?

i think i've always been attracted to cute girls. hyeongyeong is cute, too. (her cuteness is explosive.) - she's awesome. / - she's pretty. she's like a cuteness vending machine. she can make all kinds of cute faces. hyeongyeong versus hyeseon. in one, two, three. (whom will he choose between hyeongyeong and hyeseon?) i choose hyeseon. i'll explain.

hyeongyeong is very cute, but she was trying too hard to look cute. - that's hilarious. / - no. please don't get me wrong. you don't like girls who aren't naturally cute. that was too forced. you want the entertainment award too much. - hyeongyeong is like a machine. / - yes, she is. - a cuteness machine. / - that's right. i heard that yoojung likes

guys who wear glasses. - they can't be handsome, though. / - really? do they have to be handsome? she likes men who aren't handsome. - i'm attracted to specific things. / - what are they? i like guys who wear glasses or men with beard. (did you say beard?) (hyunmoo is known for his facial hair.) he has so much facial hair.

(he puts glasses on.) - he has so much facial hair. / - oh, my. am i handsome? - well... / - he actually looks pretty good. hyunmoo is your type. - looking good on you. / - you look better with those. - what do you think? / - well, - they look good on him. / - i like guys with slanted eyes.

- look at him now. / - is he your type now? (i'll give you what you want.) she's saying this is her type. - if i don't shave for one day... / - right. - you're her type. / - i also like guys who are smart. hyunmoo is very smart. (why do you keep calling me?) - he's her type, then. / - it's definitely hyunmoo. - he's really smart. / - he's very clever.

let's ask yoojung. hyunmoo versus sung hoon. in one, two, three. he's so disappointed. (hyunmoo is disappointed.) i'm so annoyed. i really am right now. take a few days off and rest. yes, i should go alone. - that was fun. / - that was hilarious. i heard that you two recently had a fight

because of slippers. what happened? i nagged tony recently and told him to wear slippers at home. i said that because i saw him walking around in the house from behind, and his soles looked so dirty. (his soles looked so dirty.) - that's what moms say. / - they looked black. i said, "tony, your feet are so dirty."

"wear slippers at home." he said, "no, i don't want to." i don't like wearing slippers." he said he'd just wash his feet. i know why he was so upset about it. we have two dogs. both of our dogs love playing with our feet. - they bite and lick our toes. / - they lick... he was worried about their health.

oh, the dogs' health? yes. he was worried that it might be bad for their health. he kept telling them, "his feet are dirty. don't lick them." - he said that to your dogs? / - yes. i find wearing slippers uncomfortable. if he wears slippers, he wouldn't have to wash his feet.

it'd be much more convenient. wouldn't it be better to mop your floor well? clean your place. it'd be better not to walk at all. then, wouldn't it be better to stop living together? (i lost.) a bit of mess doesn't really bother me, but jaeduck gets irritated by it. - he gets happy when i clean. / - is that right?

i like seeing him happy, so i feel rewarded when i clean our place. - there you go again. / - any plan to have a kid? - that's the conclusion. / - will you have a kid soon? - stop it. / - i don't know how to explain it. regardless of our intention, this is always the conclusion. i don't think it's just two people living together. - i think of him as my family. / - your soul mate.

tony said this. "i don't need money or fame if jaeduck is in my life." did you really say that? - that's so romantic. / - tell us why you said it. in the past, there was a time when i worked very hard to make a lot of money. i was also obsessed with success and focused on running my business. i was actually very depressed then.

i achieved the level of success i wanted but became depressed. (his depression was caused by...) i thought of the reason, and it was because i felt lonely. i realized that money or power can't buy friendship. jaeduck and i met when we were having the hardest time of our lives. we were both having financial difficulties

and other problems. now, things are going well for both of us. we got through the hard times. we are close friends in hard times and bad times. i feel like i found my life companion. even if we have to go through hardship again, i think we can get through it together. i heard you two left a will for each other. you two talked about a lot of things.

they're like an old married couple. - did we talk about it? / - so you left your wills. - when is your funeral? / - oh, now i remember. we talked about it - while having a drink together. / - what did you say? i asked jaeduck to wind up my estate and sort things out if i got into an unfortunate accident. that's what we talked about.

- wow... / - don't friends talk about this? changhee and i used to say that we won't die alone. - you won't die alone? / - changhee said if he has to die, he'll die with me. - what about you, jaeduck? / - i asked tony to take care of my little sister when i'm gone. i heard you two have similar personalities like an old couple. when i was young,

it was hard for me to talk with other people. now, i can make eye contact while i'm talking, - but i couldn't do it back then. / - is that so? i used to act as if i had been isolated from other people. however, tony embraced me. he understood why i acted that way. instead of pointing out my weaknesses,

he told me good things about me to help me become confident. he gave me courage. to be honest, i think i owe him more than i can repay him for the rest of my life. when my mother passed away, he was working in jeju island. the funeral was held in busan.

he couldn't get a flight ticket to busan, so he went to seoul and drove to busan. he helped me out many times like this. i'm still very grateful. there are some people who feel uncomfortable when i express my affection for him on tv. as i think i owe him more than i can pay for the rest of my life, i wouldn't mind saying this on tv

because i'm telling my true feelings. jaeduck became emotional. i hope people understand my affection for tony. - of course. / - i hope they will think of it as - good friendship and loyalty. / - you conveyed - your feelings well. / - it's friendship and loyalty. i'm mortified. (h.o.t and sechs kies are) (iconic groups of the 1990s.)

(the rivals who didn't even greet each other) (became friends when they were having hard times) (and became alike over time.) (now, they're best friends) (who take care of each other all the time.) they told us a great story. jaeduck even shed tears. - i'm worried about you two. / - you don't need to. they already told a touching story. - i think jaehee has / - jaehee?

a good story that will make us forget their story. he can open up about his girlfriend or any shocking story. hwisoon was worried he might not get much airtime, so he revealed that he had a girlfriend. without his girlfriend's consent. that's right. suddenly, he said, "i have a girlfriend." - he made a video letter for her. / - we didn't even

ask him about it. he made a video letter for his girlfriend. we didn't even ask him if he had a girlfriend. you can tell a sad story and wail. you can confess your wrongdoing. - that's right. / - we'll forgive you. why would he need your forgiveness? - why would you say that? / - we'll edit it later. you can say something that will be the talk of town.

- they say it's your last chance. / - that's right. the staff said it's his last chance. you can do this. this is the last present we can give you. this is the last chance we can give you. - you should take this chance. / - jaehee. if you ruin this, you won't be here until june in 2017. when i was in the marines... - he finally began to tell a story. / - that time...

you know how movie characters spin a gun and put it back in. - so? / - i wanted to try that. - without bullets? / - there were no bullets in it. - i'm relieved. / - while i was practicing the trick, the gun slipped out of my hand and sparked. i took a look at the gun and found out that the trigger - was it broken? / - was broken. i painted over it using a black marker.

- to cover your mistake? / - yes. (he glances again.) is that all? - and then... / - okay. let's talk about your girlfriend. who are you dating? - what happened next? / - the girl you spotted? - that wasn't even interesting. / - well, that's... i would have slapped your face.

if you were my junior comedian, i would have slapped you. - i can't believe him. / - i'm sorry. just tell everyone how much money you have. have you ever stolen money? how much is in your bank account? - say something impressive. / - looking at his face, i think he'll be hospitalized after recording this. he might need an iv.

if you can't tell us how much money you have, tell us your health examination result, at least. i feel so sorry for him. when he heard he'd be on this show, he became so enthusiastic. he suggested we meet for 30 minutes to make up a story. he kept giving me tips. when we met in the parking lot, i saw him getting out of his car arrogantly like this. he seemed very energetic,

and i thought i could trust him. yoojung, when did you feel that jaehee wouldn't be - as funny as he thought? / - he lost his confidence. once he started talking... (he's terrible at talking on a variety show.) - i was excited to have him here. / - me, too. my appearance on this show will probably have a negative effect on my mental health or my daily life.

("road for hope") - this experience will / - it's getting interesting. make me give up on my passion for becoming a good entertainer. - it's painful. / - i see. there was nothing i could say to them, so i thought i should at least hold their hands. they desperately need your love and hope. unique couples special.

i can see how these couples are related to each other. - it became clear now / - that's right. - for some couples. / - we want to stay as we are. (we want to stay mysterious.) we named this segment, "ikfdi". - what's that? / - did you combine tv shows? - "ikfdi". / - that's right. this is "ikfdi" that combines "immortal songs", "king of mask singer",

"fantastic duo", "divine voice" and "i can see your voice". - it would be an ultimate show. / - that's right. - all music programs are combined. / - exactly. the couples will give exciting performances where they can show off their good chemistry. the judges will be hyunmoo and myungsoo - who host music programs. / - yes. we'll give candid evaluation.

usually, in music contests, the judges evaluate the contestants' harmony and chemistry. - i'll focus on how funny they are. / - is that so? - they don't have to sing well. / - is that all? yes. i really hope jaehee will make us laugh. (please make us laugh.) - myungsoo, how about you? / - i look forward to a good laugh. - a good laugh? / - yes.

- they have to make us laugh. / - that's right. the first pair, jaehee and yoojung, will sing "why" by cheol and miae. - i like this dance. / - me, too. - they look great. / - indeed. - this style suits them. / - that's right. - it suits them. / - yoojung especially looks great. - exactly. / - yoojung looks so pretty. i think i ruined the good mood.

- that's not true. / - i didn't mean it that way. ♪ you are my lady ♪ oh, no. i'm mortified. (jaehee had difficulty adjusting to a variety show.) (will he be able to redeem himself?) (they're off to a good start.) that's good. show your faces now. - they took their shoes off. / - wow. (they dance without shoes.)

they must have practiced a lot. - he's good. / - he's good. (everyone is impressed.) (he's awesome.) look at yoojung. (they dance with excitement.) i understand why he sounds so angry. (jaehee sings his part well.) (how well will yoojung sing?)

(don't get me wrong.) (unexpectedly, she makes a funny voice.) (yoojung helps jaehee make people laugh.) (you are the only one for me.) she's funny. (her nasal voice is weirdly addictive.) she's so funny. (yoojung, who desires to become an entertainer,) (and jaehee, who has difficulty making people laugh,)

(are giving an unbelievably funny performance.) look at their dance moves. - that was so funny. / - my goodness. - yoojung. / - yoojung. (yoojung didn't see him giving her a high five.) - yoojung. / - all right. it was a completely new style of singing. didn't your noses hurt? it did hurt.

you sang like this. ♪ don't get me wrong ♪ ♪ where is the resort ♪ "ikfdi". tony and jaeduck will give a dance performance. tony and jaeduck. (h.o.t and sechs kies will perform together.) i can't see because of the mask. - they're the to-duck couple. / - right.

- you can take off your masks now. / - we have a plan. okay. i see. - wow. / - what's this song? - isn't this "we are the future"? / - isn't it? ("we are the future" from h.o.t's second album) (released in 1997 with a powerful group dance) (in the beginning of the song.) - here they go. / - in one, two, three, four. - what happened? / - what's wrong?

stop. you are out. - please wait. / - i'm sorry. - please give us another chance. / - we can't. - this isn't a live show. / - they're out. they're out. (they celebrate the elimination of their competitors.) - they should be eliminated. / - one more chance. - you have one more chance. / - okay. you'll be out if you make a mistake again. music, please!

(finally, they're in sync.) - they pulled it off. / - that's good. (jaeduck, the dancing machine) they're amazing. (and tony, the legendary idol star) we are the future! (they dance in perfect sync.) ("the way this guy lives" by sechs kies) (extreme jumping dance)

he seems tired. (jump higher and quicker.) he used to move more lightly. (jaeduck is still energetic.) (tony is out of energy.) ("candy" by h.o.t) - it's "candy". / - it's "candy". (tony makes a mistake.) why did you make a mistake?

he forgot his group's choreography. (tony, we have to release a new album.) (he tries his best to the last moment.) (it has been 16 years since h.o.t retired.) (but they still remain in people's memories.) (for their fans who have always been supporting them,) (we wish h.o.t a successful comeback.) - candy / - wow! tony and jaeduck finished their performance.

judges, please give us your reviews. - the two of them are out. / - i see. were we better than them? we had high expectations. they were supposed to jump in turns. they jumped at the same time. i was really disappointed. tony ran out of breath so easily for his age. he's gulping down water.

the judges keep criticizing tony. - dance wasn't my specialty. / - i see. excuse me. did you just climb to the peak of a mountain? you look like you just made it to the peak of mount everest. thank you for your performance. finally, the last pair of "ikfdi" will perform. please welcome the cute couple,

sung hoon and shin hyeseon! they'll sing "all for you" by cool! (they chose a romantic song, "all for you" by cool) what are friends for? you said i'm heavy. so you should hold me tight. if one of us has a crush on the other, it should be you. why am i messed up because of you?

(romance between friends always begins with a fight.) (the girl sings first.) (she expresses her feelings) (through the song shyly.) (she turns toward him.) (now he starts singing.) (innocent yeontae meets outgoing sangmin.) (when people are truly in love,) (love games are meaningless.)

you can't leave like this. (sung hoon delivers the feelings of love) (very calmly,) (but at the same time, his voice is appealing.) (they sing together with good chemistry.) (i promise you) (i will do anything for you.) (they become more than friends.) (and then, they become lovers.)

i love you. (like yeontae and sangmin) (grow their feelings for each other,) (their performance was like a romantic movie.) i'm sorry. i wish they had made a romantic entrance to show their chemistry. they should have hugged at the end, at least. this is how a couple sings

at their first time in a karaoke. - that's right. they're shy. / - they sing shyly. - they felt quite lively. / - that's right. - they're out. / - now... (because they weren't funny at all.) - i'm sorry. / - only two teams are left. (only these two teams survived.) which pair is the winner of "ikfdi"? (which is today's winning team?)

jaehee and yoojung! (jae hee and yoo jung win.) (that's a shame.) - this will be helpful for jaehee. / - congratulations. - thank you. / - congratulations. we'll enjoy watching the romance between you in your drama. we hope you'll remember today's episode when you become a couple.

- exactly. / - we hope you'll become a couple. tony and jaeduck, thank you for being here. i hope h.o.t come back soon, this will be a good news for many people who are waiting for it. - we'll do our best. / - all right. we'll see you next time. thank you! - thank you. / - thank you. (please look forward to our next episode.)

("on the road" by dia)

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