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bridal 2017


(the following program may not be suitable for viewers under 15.) (viewer discretion is advised.) mr. fox? (episode 14) what? you had a dream, didn't you? so? isn't this... what you saw in your dream?

what is this? this is what you saw. how do you know that? i see it, too. the thing you saw. hello, geum bi. your dad sent you a present. i heard it's your birthday today. happy birthday to you

happy birthday... happy birthday to you i wonder what's in here. you must be really happy, eun soo. eun soo, do you want to get a shot now? get lost. i'm not getting a shot from you. eun soo. get the intern guy to come. the interns have a lot of things to do. you can't even locate the vein.

you'll only make it hurt more. you're a mean brat, aren't you? do you want to die? why would i be at a hospital if i wanted to? what are you doing, children? you should be friendly toward each other. stay out of this, mister. eun soo. the interns are really busy. - they don't have the time. - and?

have they got less time than me? i'm going to die soon. and they have less time than me? i wanted to see you because of geum bi. until the gene therapy gets completed, we'll have to find a way for geum bi to hang in there. do you know a way? i'm going to inject her with cyclodextrin... in her spinal cord.

the side effects will be too severe. if it's effective, we should put up with the side effects. of course. it's not like... every patient develops side effects. she could lose her sense of hearing. there might be other side effects yet to be discovered. if it'll slow down the disease, we should give it a try.

that's enough. - hwi cheol. - he said it's dangerous. she's already sick. what if she loses her hearing? i'll pretend i didn't hear this. i heard you have dementia. it's true. i envy you. for what?

you'll lose your memory. don't glare at me. i really do envy you. over time, you'll forget that you're sick... and that you'll die. you can live and die in peace. i'm in peace right now. that's because you don't know what it means to die.

no! ji eun! don't die! no, don't! don't take her! no, don't do it! don't! you can't take her! your dad doesn't know, either. you probably know better than him. did you become friends with her?

what happens when i die? why do you ask? i'm curious. why would you be curious about that? i've died a few times, and it was nothing. when i play games at the arcade, i die at least three times per game. stop joking around.

my gosh, you should be thinking about getting better. why are you saying that you'll die? i'm not just ill. you're here because you're ill. why else would you be here? i'll die. hey. what happens after people die? well,

if you do good deeds, you'll be at a good place. (when i die...) when i die, i'll go to a good place. (when i die, i'll go to a good place.) it's so close. why won't they come? is this your place or something? not bad. you found me.

how old are you? why do you care? i'm 13. i'll be 13 in 2 years. you're much younger. what? you're just two years older. i'm only two years older than you, but i've done everything that you are doing right now. how do you feel now that you've asked people?

are you less scared? what about this picture? have you seen it? yes. stop lying. kids who'll die soon... see those pictures in stages. do you want to know what else i've seen? if you're curious, don't sleep at night and wait for me.

did she really ask you that? my mind went blank, and i couldn't say anything. i'm so old, yet i couldn't even answer her. she went through a lot within a short period. we have to create a safe environment, so she won't think of anything bad. i'll have to adopt her first. yes. get ready for the interview.

they will ask a lot of questions. above all, they'll want to know how you'll support her. if your finances seem unstable, they won't let you adopt her. a business? i had a hundred different thoughts... when i saw the tree you made on christmas. jae gyung and i decided to do that. i guess you're growing up, too.

you should join us. me? i can't afford an office. it's as if we have an office already. it's a bit complicated. hey, trust me. it's as if we have one already. to be honest, i am in a situation, and i do need a job.

this is so sad. what did that little kid do so wrong... to deserve such a horrible disease? you can be sad later. let's talk about your business. yes. you can be the ceo. what are you talking about? i'm the ceo! i don't care what my title is...

as long as the work is legit. what will you do? a private detective agency. are you saying we'll go after cheating couples? what if i can't get past the interview? my goodness. (credit information) my kid is really sick. i want to adopt her as soon as possible.

please let it work. sure. you must be really worried. (center for your everyday needs, ceo mo hwi cheol) what does this company do? we assist and serve everything... you need in your daily life. that's about it. i see.

okay. did i pass the evaluation? i'll look over it... and let you know the result. did you have to pick out a place like this? it looks like zombies will come out of here. gosh. this is chi soo's room. he sleeps here? where is he now?

when we told him about our situation, he let us use it. did he? strange. anyway, we're not doing anything involving... adultery, spying, or anything else illegal. i heard you the first time. this does make me feel good.

we'll be doing something normal now. i'm going to work my guts out. we should file a report at the tax office now. do we have to do that? what are you talking about? of course, we should. (everyone must pay tax honestly.) (business license) (please don't abandon unwanted babies.) (pull the handle and place them inside.)

i've been needing a man's help. this is really a load off my back. thank you. there, there. hello. it's really cold out, isn't it? this must be a new baby. - yes. pretty, right? - yes. uncle.

- play with us. - guys. - don't be like that. - play with us. - uncle. - uncle. play with us, uncle. are you okay? - yes. - uncle. play with us. shouldn't you go see a doctor? no.

by the way, you must come here often. i do. i haven't been able to for some time, but i started coming here since the break. a student in my class kept reminding me of this place. why did you come here? no reason. you must really like children. not really. then why are you here?

you don't even like children. because of some kid. you must have many secrets. i sinned a lot. so you're a bad man. let's go. you said you wanted to know what dying is like. i'll be there soon. don't wait up and go to bed.

come on. (room 6) young jun, bring us more soju. i don't understand what the hassle is about. they're going to completely forget after a few days. (morgue) get in there. why would i go in there? you'll know once you experience it.

you're scared, aren't you? if you're not up for it, you can leave. what the... where did she go? is eun soo missing, too? i said where did she go? gosh. if you're scared, you can stop. close it for me.

what should i do now? close your eyes... and think like you are about to die. you can see them, right? the dead. it's all a lie what they say about paradise. once you die, you'll perish away. that's all. i'm going to die only a few years into life. why was i ever born?

why did you give birth to me? it's a rare disease called niemann-pick disease. there is no known cure. all right. here. and here. you won't... live... until you become an adult. i know it's harsh to say this...

to a nine-year-old, but it's your life. i thought you should know. have some. if something happens to me, - look for him. - who is this? your dad. what's your name again? eun bi? i'm geum bi.

what do you know, then? you don't know where aunt is, and you don't know who your mom is. does getting older make you an adult? you always do bad things, you never take the responsibility, and you always lie. you always blame others, and you sleep in a car because you're homeless. dad.

what? what did you say? nothing. don't call me mister. i'm your dad! if you ever call me mister again, i'm going to stitch your mouth up. haven't we met before? don't you dare touch her. i'll put you down. i won't send geum bi away.

if you stop her from coming to school, i'm quitting school, too. don't cry. i'll die before you do. if i don't get a heart transplant, i might die tomorrow. but my so-called dad won't even visit me. it's like he's saying that we are better gone. i thought that was the case, too.

when i first found out about my disease, i cried every single day. i was scared and angry. but... as i think about stuff in here, i met my dad after i got sick. a lot of good things happened, too. nonsense. do you think you're so different?

if you're different from me, why are you crying? i no longer felt scared... after i thought about dad. i can't stop crying after i realized... that i'll never see him again. you're crying because you're scared. if you die, everything is over, including your dad. when you die,

your dad will forget about you very quickly. if he forgets me, that'll be very sad. but it's okay. he's been really good to me. he's not even my real dad. before i realized he wasn't my dad, i kept complaining that he treated me badly, and that he was ugly. we fought on that rainy night in the tent.

i still liked everything even after knowing... that he's not my real dad. dad doesn't care if i'm his real daughter or not. i guess death isn't all that bad. thanks to my disease, i met dad and kang hee. i found my mom, too. i kissed jae ha, and chi soo became a good guy.

it's like getting disappointed... on a picnic day because it rained, but you feel better because the sun came back. thinking about that... made me cry. you should think about it. i'm sure good things happened after you were sick. my mom said... everyone just lives every day preparing for tomorrow.

one day, a day without tomorrow will come their way. that's why we should be happy about today. i think she's right. but why am i so sleepy? i want to go out now. hey! that troublemaker. where have you been? i told you not to be exposed to cold air.

do you want to live here forever? - my goodness. - geum bi. why are you smiling? do you know how worried we were? geum bi, where have you been? to the funeral hall. why? i lied inside of a coffin. you must be joking, geum bi.

i went to the morgue and... what did you say? why would you lie in a coffin? did eun soo... she talked you into this, right? i knew it! i walked in by myself. why, geum bi? why did you do that? i thought i'd understand...

what death is by pretending to die. what do you think you're doing? i thought i'd be scared, but it wasn't just scary. geum bi. what's with you? i'm sorry. don't ever go in there by yourself again. go in with me.

don't go in by yourself. what did i say? we do everything together. live or die, you do it with me. did you forget already? don't just wipe your tears. wash your whole face. this water's good for your skin. did you have to follow me in here to nag? you're so ugly.

you're ugly even after you washed your face. do you remember we're meeting the counselor tomorrow? don't forget. we won't. i have to go to work now. will you try to stop getting into trouble? i will. wash your own face, too. (dad)

(happy 13th birthday from taeyang life insurance) (our groceries are on sale.) the call cannot be connected. please leave... eun soo, get a grip. we need help! over here! can anyone help us? leave me alone to die. get lost. leave me alone. i can't believe i left it behind.

this brat's always disappearing. excuse me, did you see the two girls? geum bi and eun soo are both gone. again? eun soo has a weak heart. these two are just... why are you up here? get lost. die, then.

do you remember what you said to me? you said paradise is a lie, we perish when we die, and that nothing good ever happened. is that true? did nothing good happen since you were born? there's no paradise, and it's over when we die. is that why you're crying?

because you're scared? i miss my dad. get up, will you? eun soo, wake up. eun soo! geum bi! what are you doing here? eun soo's sick. help her first. are you okay, geum bi?

(daehan hospital) even if there are risks, i think we should give her the spinal injections. you're quite resolute. your reputation's ruined. you have nowhere to turn to. this is about life and death, so i'm risking my life. i want you to do the same. i will. if it means i can continue my research, i can risk everything.

i will do everything i can to help. - can't you reach him? - no. what kind of a dad is he? his daughter's dying. i sent him a text, so he'll call back. it could've been much worse... if it hadn't been for you. thank you so much. how did you know where we'd be?

there's a famous saying. what is it? "when geum bi is somewhere..." "and she is in trouble," "her dad will come running." that's just stupid. we have to meet a counselor. hurry up. i'll let you off this once.

wait for me! did you crawl into a coffin? good for you. it is very positive... if one can face and accept the fact... that death is a natural part of life. is it? death finds everyone. we all try to avoid it.

that's why children like geum bi end up... having to face the scary situation alone. the adults feel just the same. as parents, you should think about death first, and then discuss it openly with your child. we were so ignorant. we only worried about her. - counselor. - yes? what should i tell a friend who thinks...

that death is all bad? she won't listen to anything i say... and she's really, really stubborn. why don't you make it easy for her by using... a familiar picture or story? why do you want to put on a play? you can play this. why should i play that? that's monstrous. we were told not to think death is negative.

you saved eun soo's life. you should take responsibility for that. what does that have to do with this? who will write the script? i'll write it. i won't be in it alone. you're in it, too. sure. that makes me the lead. she is so ugly. (application for adoption)

(criminal record) i think we need to reject mo hwi cheol. he was sentenced to probation... for fraud. we could get into trouble if we let him through. do something for me. pets these days are considered a family member. you must be heartbroken. how can i help you?

i was wondering if you could help. i see. come and have a seat. i think my wife's having an affair, but i can't catch her at it. i heard you can fake evidence. enough to charge her. how much will that cost? 10,000 dollars? fill this in for me. you shouldn't have come here.

find another agency to do that for you. you bet. he's right. we don't do that kind of thing, sir. - sorry. - okay, then. hello, mo hwi cheol, sir. stop it. let's have a meeting. a meeting? what do we have to yap about? can you talk with more class?

let's put on a play. what's the genre? a kid's play. she must feel cold. (kim min ji) hello, sir. take a look. (organ donation form) sir. please, sir.

sign the form for me, right here. i will give my life for you. you're no human being. do you want my child's heart... so you can save yours? just because my kid's in a coma? i'm... i'm truly sorry. but if i don't do this,

my child will die, too. (eun soo) (where are you? when will you visit?) (hankook university hospital) eun soo passed out. call me as soon as you get this. eun soo... can i have pizza? forget about it.

just eat what they give you. i thought no one could feel worse than i did. you must be so desperate. i don't know how many years i spent on the road. eun soo's still... way down on the waiting list. i am... such a coward. don't say that.

now eun soo will know why you were absent. maybe i did it knowing that... i'd never find a donor. because i couldn't bear... watching her suffer. will you do a play... with me? (a play for the patients) have a seat. there's no need to rush.

that's the best seat. this play... is hosted and organized by "bureum", a company... that does all your errands for you. please wait in your seats... and the play will begin shortly. i hope you enjoy the play. congratulations on your debut. good luck, geum bi. do your best.

wait for me. don't follow me. i said wait for me. stop following me. don't come closer. do you want to come with me? once upon a time, in a small village, there lived a little girl with a glass heart. one day, small cracks...

began to appear in the girl's heart. her warm heart slowly began to grow cold. the girl's father ran all over the place... to find her a new heart. but everyone needed their heart, so no one would give him one. as time passed, the girl began to resent... the father who always left her alone. her father came to a realization...

only when the girl's heart almost lost all warmth. he realized that instead of swapping her heart, he needed to blow warmth back into it. the girl's father held the girl tight... and put his heart close to hers. the girl's father... wished that... the girl's heart would fill with warmth... as he said...

i was... so foolish. can you forgive me? here we go. promise me something. what? what is it this time? later on, when i'm very sick, i will forget everything... and not know what's going on.

i'll become like that. when that happens, don't operate on me... or do anything painful to me. i hope you won't do anything like that. do you want me to promise you that? and... when i die, cry only for a bit.

don't think of it for too long. men, especially dads, don't make promises we can't keep. really? i'd have been upset if you'd promised right away. right? you're so sly. you have to say one more thing.

- you're so ugly. - you're so ugly. (my fair lady 2016) she might be fine. she's so normal right now. she has less than 10 years to live. you can't be so laid back. the spinal injections. i'll have them. as the disease advances, her personality may change. she may become more aggressive and cranky...

and possibly depressed. i won't do it. physical therapy is hard work. stand up. i said no. she said no. you're making things worse. i'm afraid. i'm afraid i'll end up hating her. what should i do? there's nothing i can do.

don't give up now. protect her to the very end. it's tough, isn't it? had i known it would be like this, i wouldn't have come looking for you. sorry.

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