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2017 wedding


hello virgo this is trudy with virtual tarot and i'll be reading your 2017 year-long tarot reading and i will read one card for every month and these free psychic tarot readings will be available for the month of december posted on the youtube free channel after december please find them in the subscription only section and you will find the link below after the

december time period has elapsed and so let's begin the very first tarot card that comes up for virgo for you is the emperor in the month of january and this card crowns the entire reading and if you're learning how to read the tarot cards and please do i will be offering hangouts this year where you can join a group and will together learn how to

read the major and the minor arcana it's going to be really fun and so please if you would refer to the diagram that is on the on the right and it should be coming up right about now so that you can see the entire spread and the emperor is at the very top now the emperor is the major arcana father card i like to call this the card of the

patriarch and so the emperor energy suggest that this month and actually the entire energy that opens the year will be that of protection sort of an energy of protection and it can mean that there is a father figure around you that is protecting and providing for you or it can also mean that the archetype of the father surrounds the entire reading and

so when we speak to this archetype it really has to do with feeling secure and save in a world that can seem at times quite confusing and so the father wraps his arms around the child and allows the child to feel secure and that would mean secure in a way that can be primitive and when i say that i hear them saying

for some of our burgers they may not feel as safe or have not in the past felt safe in the world venturing away from the security of the compound so to speak or wherever you live you may feel tied to the place where you live because to wander away may mean in your mind eventual death even so the community itself may be holding you a little bit

too tightly to its breast and that comes to mind for some of our virgos but also there are reasons why very positive reasons why we would want to stay within our communities and not venture out too far because we do have the ability to work within our network and feel stronger because we've got the community at our beck and i hear that for some of

you as well there may be some decisions coming up because the next card that we see in the month of februari is the lovers and that's another major arcana card and so this is a big year for virgo we're opening up with majors and the lovers the lovers is a decision that may need to be made and that decision may impact your relationship with your

father or the archetype of father and when i mentioned archetype i'm speaking to your ideas perceptions value systems that you hold very close and that it's kind of like an operating system that your brain has been downloaded since birth with all of this data and so the data that's been downloaded into your specific operating

system would have to do with family and how you were nurtured it's really more about nurture the nature and so looking back into the family and how you were nurtured and who the father figure was what he represented to you with in your childhood early development process these are things that you might want to re-evaluate as you move into 2017

because in february there is a decision that's made and if you're in relationship this decision can have more to do with the father or who the father represents to you that for some reason is impacting your relationships moving forward and so if you're a male and you're listening to this reading you may want to re-evaluate how you represent

the father within relationship or how your father affected the relationship that your parents had or if you did not have a father figure within your family unit you may be representing a paradigm that you really need to maybe evaluate investigate a little more or find a mentor for the females out there again

father is coming up very strong here and necessarily doesn't need to be your biological father this could be a parent or someone whom you have adopted or his adopted you as a father type parent and so we might have a couple of these but then in your life is a lot of us do i mean we we have stepparents and we have

grandparents we have all kinds of relationships where maybe one of the partners within relationship it seems more parental and so again evaluating relationships and looking at how you play the parent to your partner may become very important to you in the month of februari and now if you're looking for love you may find that this

paradigm this father figure is inner father nature needs to be examined because you have to come in line with this energy in 2017 in order to to create better relationships new relationships to to rebalance relationships and so that is coming in really strongly i'm hearing for virgo because everyone wants to be in

relationship and if we're not in relationship with another person we're still in relationship with ourselves and so this is a very very important energy that's coming through for you and i do believe all of our verticals will be looking at this especially because we've got this ! march which is the hanged man coming up

another major arcana card and i have to say this reading is full of major arcana cards so it's a very big year for you it's going to be a great year for you the hangman is a wonderful card in march and it speaks to sacrifice it speaks to giving up willingly that which is not serving you and it also speaks to stepping back and learning new lessons

and being wide open and allowing yourself sort of letting yourself off the hook in a way that's what i'm hearing here in march and you might be letting others off the hook as well i'm not taking yourself quite as seriously but there's a sense of enlightenment that comes along with his card because once we step back and we

disengage and we don't expect outcomes to be pre prescribed then that will open us up to a whole new set of possibilities and i do see that coming up for you again because we've got the night of swords coming up for you in april and again i always say into every life a few sorts must fall now swords aren't necessarily the worst of the suit

but sometimes they can represent disruption chaos thinking that we may not be ready for new insights folks charging through our lives without asking for permission with their ideas and thought patterns and that's really what the night of swords is all about and you know you can read this card a couple different ways but in this

reading i see that there might be some ambivalence toward your stepping back and not attaching yourself to outcomes or to becoming too involved in what it is that other people other people are doing now reversed again it can also just mean that your thought process is a little bit scattered in a month of april this might have you you know it's kind

of like when you decide to change in operating system and i'm going to go back to that again and he decided to rethink some of these old thought patterns this old data it gets scrambled up a little bit and you've got at some point to redownload a new operating system and this feels like the scramble this feels like the bits and bytes going

by that don't make a lot of sense in april and so april may just be a month where you're just not understanding you've gone through a lot of change here in the past three months and the stepping back period has been really great and you sacrifice something something of high value and it could even have it could be a relationship

because we do have this to that i'm sorry this major arcana lovers card popping up right after the emperor you may have sacrificed a relationship or you may have made a decision in the past about a relationship and you re-evaluating that relationship and there's a sense of wonder as to if you have done the right thing and that's in

march but a bit of jitteriness in april and if you are if you are just out of a relationship this can simply mean that there's another one that comes through for you for some of you this one comes through and this is an aquarius and libra or gemini male who rushes through but who isn't able to back up what it is that he

communicates and so he's just out there communicating away but it's not he's not backing anything up specifically that can mean that there's someone out there who have you met who's just texting away it's just a text-only relationship but there's nothing behind it another thought is that they're telling me that there could be again some issues with

digital communication email just whatever is happening around you in the digital world even social media you might be fine that there's just this disconnect and if you're looking again for love online there's a total disconnect i would not look for love in april its to me a month that's just far to stop and start and if

you think something's going somewhere it's not it'll just fizzle out and so with that standing back and reassessing then we're moving into a far better time period may we have the world and the world tells us that there's some type of graduation in may that's coming about and so you're able to take everything that you've been

working on or a specific situation in your life where you have tried to go to the next level and you've been able to achieve this result certification in may could be even finishing something and putting it on the wall this is the ability to step forward receive that diploma and move on to the next iteration of your life you may find

that it's the time period where you finished up everything that you needed to finish up where you are and you're ready to jump in the car and go to the next place or you may find also that whatever it is you've been dealing with is this this struggle this a bit of a power struggle within relationship that has to do with a reassessment of how you

grow up your childhood your father figure that you've gone through all of the steps required to get to the next level so that the relationships moving forward will become much better again if you're tied to your the security of your social network the place you grew up wherever it is that you feel safe and secure inside of the kingdom

you will graduate from that in may you will be able to step outside of that you've done the work you re-evaluate it it's not been easy specifically you're going to find in april that there's a lot of stuff start stuff going on and it can also mean that there is a passing in april of someone who will be able to allow you passing could be physically or

mentally allow you to move to the next level and graduate so to speak out of this situation so you can move outward and toward a new hopeful enlightened it's like a rebuilding its it's the ability to find out more about nature about who you are about your dna about what you've got the hood spot inside of you and that is coming up that's really

really nice you're going to turn at the corner and you're not going to be afraid because these changes have been made and you're ready to move out into the world in a grander way a bit a bigger world a galaxy of possibilities opens up to you and that can mean so many things that could mean that you're ready to move

somewhere else even on the planet you might find that it's time for you to go and that go is a big go but it also can mean that wherever you are looking to go to that that decision has not been aligned with this idea of insecurity or this fear that if you move outside of the safe zone you will die because you are

already reborn and you've moved away from that and tight feel as if some of that thinking it might come back a little bit moving on toward the year but you're able to deal with that the star is really a beautiful card it says that whatever you do this this movement toward finishing up a project or school

even this is am a card the spring all of you who are graduating all of you who are receiving accreditation all of you who are moving on in your lives towards something that is bigger this will result in you being seen as someone who's much stronger and shines brighter in a bigger world moving outside of the boundaries of again the kingdom which

means your neighborhood your town even your city even your state moving beyond the walls of that can even mean you get perhaps you're developing a website and that website is really put on the map in the month of june you're going to start to see things working out if you're on youtube you're going to see that everything is much bigger and bolder and

that you've got the ability to really do what needs to be done on camera because you're not afraid any longer and you're not bound by the terms of what perhaps the father or the male dominant aspects of society those ideas that are in the back of your brain those ideas you have moved beyond now the father's in the upright again in

this reading and so this is a positive role model that you have had in the past however there is disruption within the lovers card in that is it is reversed and so i wanted to speak to that this opens the entire year and this lovers card that is reversed simply means that you need to align yourself with his energy and if your father once again did

not provide for all of your needs you can realign your father you can change the past through visualization through meditation you can actually change your perception of your father and i love to include some of those visual as a visualization meditation exercises below because we can actually change our paths and chip by changing our paths i'm

talking about changing our thinking and that will in after we change our thinking we change our lives in turn so it's a beautiful thing the next card to come up for you when we're moving into the summertime now in july is the eight of wands and the a.m want is a great card because after we decide that we're going to move out and beyond and into

this stellar complex of possibilities we've got this card that's just speaking to how do we how do we communicate all of what what we learn how do we even communicate in a new language i'm hearing that for some of you how do we learn code that will enable us to move forward how do we speak a love language with a

new partner this is all about languages and commute vacation it's part of mercury the card of learning how to communicate with in this new environment and there's going to be a lot in july a lot of practice happening there a lot of learning a lot of stepping back that needs to happen and spirits telling you that if to craft

your words and to strategize before you speak you may also find someone with in this new environment whom you are very attracted to that could even be your existing partner but you've got to become the best communicator possible in the month of july also if you're looking to travel you might want to delay that

travel or at least if you're traveling with a different few different people make sure that you're communicating all of your plants we do have an eight here and so that can mean that there's a large group traveling together but i do see that that all does come together and those plans do come together in august we have 10 and that's great because the

traveling everyone does get together even though perhaps the communication has been a little squirrely and all of that does happen we've got this 10 it's lovely it's all of these different generations people pets grandma's the grandchildren new in-laws in-laws daughter-in-laws big celebration going on here

it could be a wedding it could be the announcement of a trust it could even mean that someone dear has passed and you're dealing with the inheritance in a very lovely way for some of you it can mean that someone is taking care of you within a multi-generational family or even an organization it can also mean that you're providing

for others around you and that that you are as a pentacle and we've not had any penacles come up because everything's been a fairly major but this card is your card this is duck heart of virgo this card speaks to your ability to care for those around you and to make sure that they feel as if they can rely upon you that they have a solid and firm

foundation underneath their feet and that will allow them to take off so it's quite a lovely card moving into september we've got the nine of cups beautiful card which if this is just a lovely month again lots of great cards here this card tells us that whatever it is that you want you can have it it's sort of like the genie taking the

genie out of the bottle and asking for three wishes and show that can be an awful lot of fun if you're looking for love again you can have whatever it is that you see that you want and so just go up there and pick someone and have a lot of fun with that because toward the end of the year you've just got a great year coming up

it's your time it's your time to fall in love to to chase your dreams it's also a great time to go out and just enjoy life it's a nice time to hang up your worries and to have the best time that you can possibly have it also speaks to its interesting if you are taking care of family members and speaks to a time

where everyone is really happy and getting along well and all of your needs are met your meeting everyone's needs and their meeting your needs you almost feel smug in as to what you've achieved or as to the fact that you do have is that fabulous foundation it goes beyond counting your blessings it's being an

almost cocky about it moving out into the world and and saying hey look at look at how lucky i am i've got everything that anyone could ever want it's just a really great type of energy and so you've got the best situation possible here people want to be with you you may have

to take a little timeout from people because you're just you're just everything that anyone could possibly want to be with and i think a lot of that may have to do with the fact that you don't need anything yourself satisfied here going into the end of the year and you're feeling so good that even when offers come to you suitors

come to you potential projects come to you you're sitting back a little bit and wondering whether or not even need that because you have a full plate of joy you're absolutely happy in all aspects of your life and this hasn't happened for you for a while and so this is really great it's time to open up and accept a new

relationship possibility it's time to open up and allow your partner if you already coupled to to play the book maybe you know how a relationship there's always someone who is the giver and then there's the givi well they're the giver and and you're the givi or the receiver you're the one who receives the gifts

you're sitting in that seat where others give to you because they want to and you don't have to ask for it and you've got so much you might not you might take it for granted a little bit even moving toward the end of the year because you are you just overwhelmed with people who just want to they want to give you their adoration their

appreciation their love your popular and this is the time this is a time in your life where you should open yourself to these possibilities because toward the end of the year in november and december we've got the wheel of fortune which is all about timing and then we have the page of cups in december which is all about offers of love and even new babies

and so moving toward the end of the year if you're looking to get pregnant this is the time open yourself up if you've been in a relationship and you're making adjustments all year long and i can see that making adjustments and getting in line with your partner and actually finding a way to get pregnant that

happens and you are together feeling good and it's all about it's all about alignment energy work how do you line your your energetic body with your partner's energetic body which will help you align physically i hear that for for all of our virgos who are trying to get pregnant it's an energetic year for you of alignment and that in essence and the

ability to if you are one of those couples virgo couples trying to get pregnant a trip to family will allow you to conceive i'm hearing that loud and clear now this is overview for the year you may need to go and stay with family and that will help you align the two of you or go away and stay somewhere where you

feel supported the two of you and you can relax that will help you again if you're looking for love this is the year you're going to do some major work in the beginning of the year and this work has to do with male female yin-yang for those of you in same-sex relationships but power and reflection and so you're doing with male and female

archetypes and how do you align the two of them in order to create a a sacred union that allows the two of you to become one and move into this next iteration of glory and worshipful love toward one another this is the time to mutually adore one another and to also incorporate family larger structure foundation in to your

relationship and again if you're looking for the next move the next step and you're concerned that if you were to leave the compound and again your your home your block your neighborhood the city the state to live and even the country that you live in you're going to find that you are able to step back and reevaluate what it is

that makes you feel protected safe and secure you're going to do all of that work in the spring and then toward may there's some stops and starts along the way and and and that may mean that you're trying to make this happen you're trying to take this new paradigm out into the world and it feels a little frenetic but

you do it actually after a couple of false starts you do it and you make this move you make this major major move either physically or just in your mind because that energy will be projected out into the world into the universe and once it is this whole new set of possibilities will open up for you and again you're going to

have to learn to speak the language you're going to you're going to have to learn to communicate in this new environment and that is a bit of a challenge for you in june and july july you've got a new organization a new place you two really awesome you love it could be a charitable foundation i i'm hearing

that for some of you and not-for-profit but it's a grand opportunity and it's going to make you feel great you're you're seen as someone who has it all moving toward the end of the year and october november december are fabulous you've got so many possibilities offers and even more offers other people coming to you with additional possibilities

that your kind of you you're happy you're so so happy with the situation that you've landed in that you're you're not even ready to accept new offers but but spirits saying go ahead and open yourself up to accepting these new offers because this is a great time for you it's a really good time for you to get

out there and to show the world that you are full of heart and soul and and if you do in pr make sure that your works or messaged that you document what it is you do and are doing and that you share this you do not become so a self-satisfied or you know you don't want to stop in your tracks the timing is great

wait for you it toward the end of the year but also you moving forward into 2018 you want to show what it was that you were doing toward the end of the year in 2017 because the end of the year of 2017 is your time and so don't allow yourself to get lazy i guess and step back and and say well i've got it all this is this is it this is where i

wanted to be i've achieved everything that i've ever wanted well yep but we have a moment in time and then we step forward and that's what i'm hearing spirits a end-of-the-year you need to share out what you've done in december in a good kind it's it's not this is not a selfish act

this is the sharing your your gift to the world share out don't be shy i'm hearing that for some of you and if you're not good at it to sign someone within this family this ten of pentacles share out what it is you've been doing because the world want you needs you and we want to see what you doing so thanks

for go what a great reading wow you and it's all crown by this emperor and so there is protection and provision for you out there and again if for our virgos because we're starting with this good daddy cardiff daddy wasn't so good this is the year to turn that around by either finding a mentor re-evaluating

your perception of your father spending some time with your father becoming the good father or appreciating within your partner what they do for you and how they provide for you all of those things are coming into play and it is the year of the father and so bless you virgo thank you i enjoyed doing a 20-17 year-long reading for you if you're

interested in hanging let's send me a comment in the comment section let me know this is a very very complex reading to do because as you can see we've got 12 cards but that's something that we'll be exploring within the hangouts how do you read 12 card side-by-side in a wheel that would be the culmination of

our of our believe it's like a three-month class but but yes you learn the meaning of each and every one of these cards and how they relate to the card beside it and how do you channel spirit while you're reading and how do you trust your higher self your guides your intuition but it does all come together and again it's a practice

practice and also a lot of emptying of the self and so i look forward to speaking with you all of you about learning how to read the tarot because it is a magical magical tool bless you virgo and again i will see you for love readings in 2017 thank you for watching me, trudy of virtual tarot and happy 2017!

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