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spring weddings 2017


shochiku films late spring based on the novelby kazuo hirotsu screenplay bykogo noda and yasujiro ozu cinematography byyuharu atsuta produced bytakeshi yamamoto cast: chishu ryu as professor somiya setsuko hara as noriko

yumeji tsukioka as aya kitagawa,haruko sugimura as masa taguchi hohi aoki as katsuyoshi,jun usami as shoichi hattori kuniko miyake as akiko miwa,masao mishima as yuzuru onodera yoshiko tsubouchi as kiku,yoko katsuragi as misako directed by yasujiro ozu - did you arrive early, auntie?- no, i just arrived - what's your father doing?- working he didn't meethis deadline yesterday moths have just ruinedyour uncle's striped trousers

- could you mend them for katsuyoshi?- wouldn't he look odd in such trousers? it doesn't could just snip the legs off - i can probably mend them- have a go - here- you brought them with you? don't spend too long on them.they won't last long anyway but reinforce the seat good to see you i was expecting to see youat shimbashi station so i waited i missed my train

thank you for waiting.we will now proceed pass me a pencil rubber can't you find it? found it "friedrich list..."it's spelt without a 'z' "l-i-s-t" i thought so.liszt with a 'z' was the musician 1811 to 1886... i'm from the electricity company.i'm here to check your meter

please come in may i borrow a stool to stand on? - yes...- where is it? in the corridor, under the stairs - thanks- not at all' thanks professor, was list reallya self-made man? yes, and he becamean excellent economist he detested bureaucracy...

- it's 3 kilowatts over!- thanks how many pages do we have so far? - 12 or 13 pages- i see that means 6 or 7 more to go i'm home - hello, mr. hattori- hello making copies? thank you.that saves me the trouble - how was your aunt?- she went straight home

- make us some tea, will you?- yes - can you stay this evening, mr. hattori?- no, i have to rush off why? i can go to tokyowith you tomorrow tokyo? what for? to the hospital and i need to buy you a shirt collar by the way, professor... ...that last mah-jong game we had,we did over-calculate did we?

- you mean 8 and 16?- so i won after all say, noriko! noriko! - is sei at home?- why? go and ask. we'll have a game - have you finished?- well, almost no game till then what about our tea? - did you bring the manuscript?- yes, it's fine

do you want to sit down? no, i'm fine will you be home at the usual time? yes, unless there's a faculty meeting take care uncle! - have you just got here?- no, yesterday morning - you've put on weight, nori?- have i? - where are you off to?- shopping

- may i join you?- but aren't you busy? - no, i've finished- really? oh, an art exhibition is on.shall we go? - i need sewing machine needles- very well, let's go art group exhibition in uenosponsored by the mainichi newspaper takigawa restaurant you must be tired, nori i really enjoyed it.i haven't been to ueno for ages but you know, things have changed

did you see the boy aimingat the pigeon on the statue? just like william hart! here you go professor shigeno was here yesterday oh? is he still in town? - he said he was leaving today- i see... by the way, this is somiya's daughter really? and so grown up! - that little girl with the fringe?- the very same

fancy that.your father comes here often welcome! do you want sake? nori, do you want some? - no, i don't drink- do you want something else? - or do you want something to eat?- i'm fine for now - let me pour you a drink- all right - shall we order something?- be right with you! you know, uncle...

i heard that... what is it? - ...that you got remarried- yes, i have - i feel sorry for isako- why?'s a bit strange, isn't it? it doesn't seem so.they're getting on quite well i wonder. - i'd find it distasteful- what, my new wife? - no, you, uncle- why?

it seems...impure - impure?- it's dirty dirty? now i'm really in trouble i'm dirty, uh? - any better?- not at all no good, eh? what am i going to do? - so i'm impure, am i?- yes, you are i'm in serious trouble, then! - i'm back. and we have a guest- who?

i wasn't planning on coming roundbut i ran into nori in ginza what was it this time? i was at the ministryof education again a present for you, father oh... where did you find these? no wonder we couldn't find themin the house - here- oh, the takigawa! did you go there? i made her keep me company - would you like more sake, uncle?- sounds good

- do we have any?- i'll have it hot - how was your blood test?- it went down to 15 that's good she looks well it was all because of forced labourduring the war, wasn't it? and she had to run aroundto get food on her day off what an awful wonder she suffered - we don't have anything special- thank you, nori all your family's well in kyoto?

- yes, but it seems i've sinned- what do you mean? nori said i was impure - who was?- me she said i'm dirty. s that right, nori? i don't know! s isako well? she's going around saying thatmarriage is life's graveyard she's 25 but refusing to get married come to think of it, she might be right

nothing i can do about it, about nori? i suppose it's time for herto start thinking about it she's 27, right? - it's only lukewarm- oh, i'll... - make the next one hotter- i will - s the ocean near here?- about a 15-minute walk that far? - s it that way?- no, this way - s the shrine over this way?- no, that way

- which way is tokyo?- tokyo's that way - so that means east is that way- no, east is that way - oh? has it always been that way?- of course it has! no wonder ancient warlordsliked this area it's a real labyrinth! are you all right? you're not tired? i'm fine so which type do you think i am? well, you're not the jealous type

- on the contrary, i am- i wonder whenever i slice pickles, they sticktogether. that means i'm jealous that's just the way you use the knifeand the chopping board there's no connectionbetween pickles and jealousy so you prefer pickles stuck together? i don't mind if my picklesare stuck together really? young people today areso different from our day take the bride last night.she's from a nice family...

...but she ate everything on her plateand even drank sake! eating sashimi with lipscovered in lipstick! i was so shocked don't blame her. we haven't beenable to get it for a long time but at my wedding,i was too nervous to touch any food but you'd eat it now, though never! anyway, it's difficult to say - you'd eat it!- i wonder - you would- you think so? but not sashimi

- yes, you would- would i? you would i don't like weeping brides... ...but behaving like thatjust shows the parents up can't be helped nowadays how about nori? she wouldn't weep no, i'm talking abouther getting married - she's recovered, hasn't she?- yes, she has

she should've been marrieda long time ago - what about that fellow?- who? - that assistant of yours- oh, hattori? well, how about him? he's nice, but i don't knowwhat noriko thinks they get along,but there's nothing between them but you can't tellhow she feels inside - can't i?- no, you can't - they're the young generation- so?

- why don't you ask?- who? - nori, of course- ask what? - ask her how she feels about him- i see. perhaps i should try yes, or we'll never know one can never tell i'm home! welcome home. you're early - was the train busy?- no, i got a seat your aunt gave us some pickles.they're in the bag

this says the pen club meetingis on the 28th - at the country club this time- it's this saturday mr. hattori was here - when?- around noon do you want dinner now? we went out cycling together - you and hattori?- it was really nice by the beach - what did hattori want?- nothing in particular noriko! a towel!

here - you rode together on his bike?- of course not! i borrowed a bicycle - we're running out of soap- really? - my sash- here the beach must've been nice today - yes, we went as far as chigasaki- really? i've added something to your rice what do you think of hattori? - what do you mean?- i mean, hattori...

he's quite nice would he make a good husband? i'm sure he would would he? - he's very gentle- yes, you're right i like his type your aunt was wondering... about what? about you and hattori...

- what is it?- tea! some tea, please! what's so funny? he's already been engagedfor some time a very pretty girl - three years below me at school- really? he'll tell you all about it soon.i know the girl very well s that so? i was wonderingwhat to get for a wedding gift i see...

so hattori is getting married? what would be a nice gift? - so he's already engaged...- yes tell me. what would you like? - well...- what kind of gift? as it's from the professor,i'd like something to keep anything from 2,000 to 3,000 yen - i wonder...- any good ideas? i'll think about it

- with your fiancã©e?- i will do noriko, mari iwamoto's playingin concert. want to come? - when?- tonight. i've got tickets how nice! did you buy it for me? - yes, i did- really? - of course- i wonder... but i can't - i don't want to cause trouble- it'll be fine. let's go

- no...- she wouldn't mind i'd rather not are the pickles all stuck together? yes, and my knife isn't very sharp mari iwamoto - solo violin in concerttokyo theatre good evening! - who is it?- uncle? - is that you, aya?- yes - good evening- come in

- is nori in?- she'll be home soon. come in please sit down i was just on my wayback from hayama i see i've been hearing good thingsabout you - about what?- that you're very busy not that busy there's a great demandnow for typists don't call me a typist.i'm a stenographer

i beg your pardon - and you can do english shorthand?- yes, i can - that's great- not really it's great - so you're not short of money- well, i do all right - did your parents say anything?- about what? - about you remarrying- no, not recently, thank goodness - once was enough?- do you mean, marriage? i wouldn't say that

- what was his name?- who? - your ex- ah, ken kenkichi, wasn't it? - have you seen him since?- not once - what would you do if you did?- i'd glare at him - you hate him that much?- i'd run away. i really detest him - i'm back!- welcome back - what is it?- my legs have gone numb you're here, aya!

- evening- welcome back - we've just been chatting- are you staying? - yes- let's go upstairs - what about dinner?- i already had some. have you? - yes, i've eaten- let's go - why didn't you come to the reunion?- were there many people? about 15 people,including miss camellia and professor murase?was he frothing at the mouth as usual? yes, he spat all over the place.even in our tea!

no one near him touched their tea.i was fine, i was sitting far away - did she come?- who? - she married after school- miss ikegami? she was there,but she was being a bit sly when camellia asked her how manychildren she had, she said three but she actually has four.she's hiding one! - four, already?- yes, that's right - and you remember 'pollack'?- ah, miss shinoda she's leaving her broadcasting jobto get married

- to whom?- a notable family in mikawashima - really?- well, that's my guess - oh, thanks- some bread and tea - thank you, uncle- will this do? - oh, there's no sugar- no? - it's fine, father, i'll get it- all right, i'm off to bed, then - night, aya- goodnight - do you want some bread?- later - he forgot the spoons, as well- i know

was she there? miss watanabe? kuro? no, she wasn't she's pregnant now.a big one. seven months - when did she get married?- she hasn't yet how awful! these things happen.divine providence, you know that leaves only you andmiss hirokawa unmarried - really?- when will you get married? - i won't- hurry and get married

- no way- go on! look who's don't have the right to say that i do. and with authority! no, you don't. you're a divorcee i do! it was my first innings! i'll get it right next time so you're still playing the game? of course! i chose the wrong ballin the first round i'll hit the right one next time

so, come on and get married what's so funny? i'm being serious don't you want to eat some bread? - later!- i'm starving - i'm fine- i'll eat by myself, then - actually, i will have some- i'll go and prepare some - do you have any jam?- yes just a little bit - but you mean a lot really- yes!

bu-chan? why aren't you playing baseball?have you had a fight? bu-chan! why are you so angry? it's not dry yet, the enamel - what enamel?- on my bat - oh, did you paint it red?- yes, i did so you splashed the paint everywhere.your mother will be so cross - she already is cross- and you cried? i did not! go away, noriko!

big talk coming from a crybaby what? i'll get you with this!go away, nori! shut up, bu! - noriko!- has your guest gone? she's leaving. please come down you're not allowed out today! this is somiya's daughter, noriko.this is mrs. miwa i'm miwa.i often see you in kita-kamakura - forgive me for staying so long- not at all

- goodbye- thank you for coming noriko, come with me sit down there what is it, auntie? well... isn't it time you got married? oh, that? please, auntie, it's fine it's not fine. now sit down i've found a nice fellow.won't you at least meet him?

mr. satake's a science graduatefrom tokyo university... ...and from an old familyin matsuyama he works for nitto chemicals his father used to bethe director there before the war he's 34. just right for you and his office speaks very highlyof him. what do you think? hey, who was that american actor... that baseball film recently? - gary cooper?- cooper, that's him

he looks just like himespecially around his mouth but not the top half listen, how about it?won't you meet him? he's a fine man, really won't you? i don't want to get married yet not yet? why ever not? well, there'll be problemsif i get married like what?

my father it's fine, i'm used to it... ...but he can be very difficult if i leave him, he'll be in trouble but you can't help that but i'm the onewho understands him the best leave your father out of this.what about yourself? - i don't want to do it like that- then you can never get married that's fine with me

listen, knowthat mrs. miwa you just met? think she'd suit your father? what do you mean? your father will need someoneif you’re no longer there i was wonderingif she would suit him come here and sit with me she had a good husband... ...but he died, leaving the poor womanwith no children. what do you think of her?she's a sound woman with good taste

- does father know about this?- i did mention it to him recently what did he say? he was polishing his pipe,but he didn't object to the idea then why do you need my opinion? but i need to knowhow you feel about it it's up to him, isn't it? welcome was it at your aunt's? nothing special the bath's ready.the temperature's just right

hey... - what?- what happened at your aunt's? is anything wrong? where are you going? hey! shopping excuse me? - hello- oh, hello. no one's home today - they went out this morning- oh, i see they told me they were goingto see a noh play

then would you give them thiswhen they get back? - yes, of course i will- tell them i came to thank them certainly. sorry for your trouble goodbye, sir i'll go and chop some wood hey, come and look at this that's mr. hattori, isn't it? - i thought he was marrying noriko- me, too sn’t it an amazing photo?it looks just like him

and the bride looks so beautiful today's noh was really quite good shall we go to the takigawa to eat? what shall we do? i have to go somewhere - where?- it's nothing - will you be home late?- i don't know sorry for keeping you waiting, noriko i've been busy baking shortcake

i put in too much vanilla,but they're delicious let's go to the other room goodness, your hands are cold fumi, bring the cakesto that room, will you? what gave you that idea? tell me, why? no special reason will you try some? - is it very difficult?- what?

- becoming a stenographer- no, it's not that difficult i can manage, after all come on, try some. it's delicious but why are you doing it now? what are you trying to do? i told you, no particular reason you can't work for no reason i wouldn't be doing it,if ken had been a decent man i only started workbecause i got divorced

- someone like you should get married- save your advice - i'll advise you anyway- i don't want such advice just get married for no reason! - aren't you going to eat it?- i don't want it - have some!- i don't want to - it's delicious- i've had enough just a little piece.i made it. try some! - i don't want to- eat it. i'll make you - i don't want it!- no need for hysterics. fine, then!

this is why you should marry - where are you going?- home home? are you really leaving? i thought you'd stay over!stay overnight! where have you been? at aya's i got a letter from your aunt she wants you to visit her on saturday.the day after tomorrow she's mentioned it to you, then,hasn't she?

go and meet him.he'll be there as well - can't i refuse?- just go and meet him once if you don't like him,you can turn him down come here sit down your aunt must've told you already,but his name is satake i've met him,and he seemed like a nice fellow i'm quite sure you'll like him just go and see for yourself

you can't remain like this forever... have to get married some time i think it's the perfect time what do you think?your aunt's been concerned about you - you know?- but i... i just want to be with you that's impossible it would be most convenientfor me if you stayed, but... - then why not...?- no, that won't do

i've been using youfor far too long i couldn't let you go,and i must apologise for that it'll be a huge worry to meif you don't get married soon but if i marry,what are you going to do? i'll manage - how?- i'll get by - that's not good enough for me- why not? your shirts and'd leave them dirty and you wouldn't shave in the morning

well, i'll shave in the evening if i wasn't here to clean up,your desk would be a mess you'd end up eating burnt rice,like that last time you tried to cook i can see you'd be in trouble but...what if i were to release youfrom these worries? for instance, if someone elsewere to look after me? - which someone?- it's only an idea so, you're going to dowhat uncle onodera did... ...and take a wife?

will you remarry? the woman we saw today? you've decided? honestly? stay away, father.go downstairs. please! anyway, go and visit your aunton saturday we're all so worried about you you will go, won't you? please

it'll be sunny again tomorrow what did nori say? she's not said anything about it nothing? it's been a weeksince i introduced him i have to give his family an answer i realize that i don't want to push herand complicate things his family has approved of her noriko shouldn't findanything bad about him

nori likes him.i think she really likes him why did nori go to tokyo today? you're too easy-going on her, brother i must have her answer today - when is she back tonight?- i don't know look, i found a purse it's a good omen!the wedding will go ahead shouldn't you turn it in? i will, but it's such a good omen.let's go

so what was he like? what type was he? - was he fat?- no - skinny, then?- no then which was he? he used to play basketballwhen he was a student is he good looking? what's he like? my aunt thinkshe looks like gary cooper amazing!you always liked gary cooper

but i think he looks morelike our local electrician does he look like gary cooper? yes, very much so what? then they bothlook like gary cooper? i'll give you a slap! but well done to youfor going to the introduction it sounds good don't think too much about it,just get married! there aren't many good men around.grab him while you can

- i can't bear it...- what? - arranged marriages- don't ask for too much you'll never get marriedunless it's arranged - but...- but what? if you liked someone,could you go up and propose to him? you don't have the'd just squirm and blush - that's true- an arranged marriage suits you fine i proposed, though... ...and look what happened to didn't work out.

men are sly and can't be trusted they show only their good sidebefore marriage... ...but once they're married,their bad side comes out love doesn't always meana happy marriage - i wonder...- it's true, it's the same if you don't like marriage,you can always leave him of course you can, don't worry all you need to do is smile at him he'll fall for you,then you take control

- surely not- yes, that's how it works - do you think i'm joking?- i wonder! yes, that's the smile! try that. i guarantee it'll work nori's late shall i come another time? wait a little longer.she should be on the next train i hope she approves - she will. i know she likes him- you think so?

she's shy. she's old-fashionedfor her generation you think so? think she might be botheredby something trivial? - like what?- mr. satake's first name - kumataro satake?- "bear boy" it's a fine name. sounds strong you're much more old-fashioned.she wouldn't mind such a thing doesn't it make you thinkhe might have a thick, hairy chest? these things do bother young girls

if she marries him,what should i call him? "kumataro-san" sounds so crude... ..."kuma-san" is too common,but "kuma-chan" is even worse! but we've got to call him something that's my point!i'm thinking of calling him "ku-chan" - ku-chan?- what do you think? oh, she's back! - i'm home- she's coming well, that was definitely when...

- i'm home- welcome back welcome home - i'll go and ask her how she is- hey... - what?- be tactful don't worry! oh, welcome home, nori-chan hello about that meeting... ...have you thoughtany more about it?

what do you think? i think it's a splendid arrangement,don't you? well, say something.what do you think? - yes- you will? - yes- you will! really? you will marry? thank you. i'll notify them that's all right, then? oh, how wonderful. i'm so relieved! - how did it go?- she'll marry. just as i thought

really? that's good listen, i have to run now.what a relief - i'll tell them immediately- yes. thank you - i can still catch the 9:35- yes, but you'd better hurry now my worries are over.i'll sleep soundly tonight i'll come again to discussthe date and other things - drop by to see me some time- i will - i told you that purse was a good omen!- you'd better report it of course i will

- i won't lock it. goodnight- thanks. take care! - bye!- ah, bye! - your aunt just left- did she? she was really happy are you sure about your answer? yes you're not just giving in, are you? no you're not reluctant to go, are you?

- no, i'm not- i see. that's all right, then - did you sleep well on the train?- yes so did i. when i woke up,we were already at seta i completely missednagoya to mawbara sorry to keep you waiting.i feel refreshed - are you tired, nori-chan?- no, not really i'm glad you came - noriko's getting married soon- really? - this is our last trip together- congratulations! that's wonderful news

congratulations, nori-chan hey, nori-chan, what's he likecompared to me? there's no comparison - who's better?- of course, you're much nicer, uncle oh, is that true? shall i treat you?how about lunch today? - shall we go to hyotei?- that'd be nice - misako wants to meet nori- really? i'd like to meet her, too but the "impure one" is coming, too

is that all right? kyoto is very nice. it's so relaxing there's nothing like this in's so dusty there do you come to kyoto often,professor? not for years. this is my first timesince the war ended nori, how do you feelabout the "impure one"? you're so mean tell me what you think what's this "impure one", father?

hmm? i'm filthy, right, noriko? we walked a lot today - aren't you tired?- no last time i was here, the bush cloverwas in magnificent bloom what are you going to do tomorrow? misako's coming to see mearound 10:00 where are you going?you should go to the museum - shall we get some sleep?- yes i'll turn the light off

i'm afraid i was very rudeto uncle onodera what about? his wife is such a nice person they make a wonderful couple i shouldn't have called him "impure" don't let it worry you - it was an awful thing to say- he didn't take it seriously - do you think so?- it's fine it's fine

father... ...i was feeling angrytowards you, but... i'm glad nori decided to get married she'll certainly make a good wife having a son is better.daughters are no good once you've raised her,she leaves and gets married if they don't get married,you only worry... ...and when they do get married,you feel let down can't be was the same when we got married

that's true father, hand me those how time flies we just arrived,and now we're already leaving but i've really enjoyed kyoto i'm glad we came one can't have everything,but i wish we'd had a day in nara, too oh, this... i wish we'd done thismore often together

this will be our last trip together once we get home, you'll be so busy.your aunt will be waiting i hope we get seats on the train i couldn't take you to visit many places,but your husband will he'll take good care of you what's wrong? i... i just want to be with you, like this i don't want to go anywhere.i'm happy being with you like this

i'm happy just as i am marriage couldn't make meany happier i'm happy the way things are now but, you see... no, no. you can remarry, father i just want to be at your side i love you dearly, father my greatest happinessis to be with you please, father...

why can't we stay as we are? i don't believe that marriagewill make me any happier that's not true it's nothing like that i'm already 56 my life is nearing its end yours is just beginning.a new life is just about to start a life which you and satakewill build together a life apart from me

that's how both life and historyprogress marriage may not bring youhappiness from the start it's wrong to think that marriagewill instantly make you happy happiness is notsomething to expect... ...but something you create happiness isn't about getting married happiness lies in the couplecreating a new life together it may take a year or two... ...or even five or ten years' workto create that happiness

only then can you claimto have become a true, married couple your mother wasn't happyin the beginning we had our troubles for years so many times i found her weepingin a corner in the kitchen but your mother put up with me you must have faith in each other you must have love for each other show satake all the warmthand affection you've shown me all right?

then your new, true happinesswill emerge understand? you understand, don't you? - sorry for being so selfish- you understand, then - it was very selfish of me- well, i'm glad you understand i didn't want you to get marriedfeeling the way you did marry himand i'm sure you'll be happy it's not difficult i'm sure you'll make a great couple

i'm looking forward to it soon we'll laugh about this talkwe're having tonight i'm sorry... ...for worrying you all the time so...just be happy.all right? - i'm sure i'll be happy- of course you will i know you can do it,i have no worries be happy i got worriedwhen it started raining last night

i'm glad it cleared up - rain would've ruined the day- yes - where did you go on your honeymoon?- yugawara noriko's going there, too.are there buses only from the station? - no, you can get a cab- oh, there are taxis? - professor, you're wanted upstairs- very well your daughter's such a beautiful bride - go upstairs and have a peek- very well... she makes a wonderful bride

- oh, she's ready now, brother- i see - is the car ready?- it's arrived thank you. thank you all all ready, eh? - we'll go on ahead- please do - i'll take this along- thank you nori-chan, do you have your fan? you're such a beautiful bride i wish your mother could see you

well, shall we get going? we don't want to be rushed do you have anythingto say to nori? - no, i have nothing more to say- really? nori-chan, let's go, then these many long years... ...thank you for everything be happy, and be a good wife remember, be a good wife

shall we go, then? aya-chan, want some? this is my third i can handle five - once i drank six and i fell down- did you? professor onodera came herewith your daughter recently - that's right- i was amazed so grown up.she's not with you today? we just saw her off at tokyo station.she got married

did she? and you saw her off? - many congratulations- thank you thank you! uncle... - where will she be by now?- i'd say around ofuna'll be lonely from now on not too much i'll get used to it ready for your fourth?

listen, uncle... - are you really going to remarry?- why? it worried noriko. that's whatseemed to bother her the most don't do it. why would youdo it again? you mustn't all right? i mean it but if i'd said otherwise,she'd never have got married you're wonderful. amazing!i'm so impressed don't worry, you won't be lonely.i'll visit you often. really please do, aya-chan

i certainly will i feel wonderful i'll take my fifth! that's my fill remember to visit me.i'll be expecting you of course, i promised.i don't tell lies like you do what? or at least not so convincingly it couldn't be was the biggest lie of my life

- welcome home- evening - did she get off all right?- yes, thank you that's good.i offer you my congratulations - i'm indebted to you- not at all goodnight give my regards to sei goodnight, then 'night

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