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see this, aunt. i have made the husband and wifefor you, myself. this is you andthis is uncle mohan. this is my wedding gift for you. aunt, why are you crying? are you sad? yes, my child. i'm very sad. due to him? but, it's your wedding today.

you shouldn't be sad today. or else, all yourphotos will look bad. thank you, devanshi!- for what? for showing me the wayto seek the truth. for taking me on that path... ...wherein i can find theanswers to all my questions. they've been eating me upfrom within for seven years. 'i don't know if mohan isresponsible for sarju's death.' 'but i do know,that his death... in some wayrelated to this.' hey, let me put it. patience, you wrestler. you neednot be hot-headed for everything. you'll be seated here, in theroom, if the button breaks. "my lovely guy is outto watch a movie." "one who's loved by the disciplesis off to see a movie." what is this?- what do you mean? i'm singing and praying too. you'll mount the mare. youcan't do that without prayers.

it's a matter of suchhappiness for us disciples. no need to forma relationship, okay? back off. i don't want to do this.- hey! irrespective of whether you believein it or not, i'll be doing it. just be quiet, andlet me do it, okay? you truly are very lucky. does anyone makes the servantof the house a son-in-law? but, may mata kusumsundari be blessed. that she's making youa part of her family.

your luck's truly shining.let me do the prayers now. 'she would have medead, if she had her way.' 'anyway, kusum sundari has made allarrangements to stop the marriage.' 'i have to make somearrangements too.' 'i can't take such a huge risk.' if you don't believe,god is nowhere. but if you do, you'llfind god everywhere. there's god in this air. god in the fire.

there's god in the soil. and in the water too. god is in the heart. and in one's breath too. god is all over. lord krishna opened his mouthand showed mother yashoda... ...the universewithin it. what more proof do youneed about god's presence? but, in spite of knowingthis, people...

...ignore god and keep sinning. you do know the situationthat prevails. people are runninghelter skelter... stash their black money. but, they aren't aware... ...that they'd savethemselves from the world... ...but, how will theysave themselves from god? 'the entire universe?' 'that's really amazing.'

whatever you learnt in this prayermeet today, do bear that in mind. and if you have any questions,you can e-mail them to me. goddess durga...- praises to her! live long, son! 'this live sermon isall very well.' 'but as of now, i'mworried about mohan.' 'i have to stop his marriageto geeta at any cost.' careful, geeta. uncle bhagwan!

yes, rajjo.- where is the priest? he should be the oneto come first. i don't know, where is he? even i was thinking about it. you had sent oneman to his house. but, he said that hishouse was locked. the auspicious timehas started off. how will the marriage happen ifthe auspicious time passes by? 'i dealt with the priest,because i don't want to marry.'

'he won't come here.' where is the priest? uncle, i'll go and check. okay. i'll not spare that person. there's a marriage in ourhouse and he's not present. why is everyone impatientabout the priest? please ask this sillyquestion to someone else. don't trouble me.

vardaan, please listen to me. tell me. - why do we needa priest in marriages? because only a priest knowsthe chants for a wedding ritual. a wedding ritual can't happenwithout the chants. i also don't understand allthis rituals till date. they've to just applyvermilion on the forehead. they call the priest andmake him say so many chants. and they assemble so many people.for what? but, i really liketo attend marriages.

there are sweets, fritters andhuge varieties of dishes. i've also got a chanceto eat profiteroles. and the best part isthat you can dance. vardaan, please tell me.if someone else... ...recites the chants inthe place of a priest... ...then can the marriagetake place? once again you askedme a question. yes, the marriage can take place.are you happy now? vardaan.- what happened to you now?

and, where can i get those chants?- in the books. where can i get the books?- in the library. where will i get them? what do you call it? in the library where allthe books are kept for reading. our school also has one infront of the main gate. you'll get the book ofchants in that. okay? vardaan.- hey, girl from the urn. if you ask one morequestion, then i swear...

...i'll put you back in that vesselwhere you were found. get it? 'she's irritating me.' 'first of all, i'm upsetabout this marriage.' 'my nice aunt geeta is marryinga bad person like mohan.' 'and this on top of that.' in the library? sorry, my mistake. is the marriage over? how will the marriagehappen without the priest?

what do you mean?the priest hasn't come yet? he's supposed to be invited beforethe cards are distributed, right? did you forget to call him? how will we forget? mata herselfcalled the priest. but, i wonder why... why hasn't he come yet then? am i the priest's secretary thati'd know why he didn't come? he's not come and themarriage is stalled.

and on top of that, you're askingvague questions. move. hey, listen to me. she's perennially angry. the priest hasn't come as yet. the priest hasn't come? that's not possible. a wedding at mata kusum sundari'shouse and the priest hasn't come? surely, it's mohan's handiworkin whisking off the priest. he's losing it.

let me hear sarju's voice. let me check, if therecording is all right. anyone who takes part inthis wedding... - mata! mata!- yes, rajjo! apart from the priest birju..., there's none of his ilkin the whole of jwalapuri today. it seems as if they're allin the same boat. mata, isn't this a bit disturbing? yes, rajjo. sure it is.

i was thinking alongthe same lines too. but, no worries. i'lltake care of it. you take care of theother preparations. yes, mata. how does it matter if thepriest is here or not? anyway, this marriageis as good as cancelled. 'anyone who dares to be apart of this marriage... exactly sarju's voice.same to same. nutan!- yes!

there's no trace of the priest.- what will we do now? i was thinkingas to what we'll do, now. shall i call him?- no. the second thing is that, iwas about to get a heart attack... ...and he seems tobe least bothered. hey, it's not my wedding. mineis done. it's your wedding. that's getting stopped.go do something. why do you scream? well, it's in goddessdurga's hands...

...whether this marriage happens,or not, right? if the wedding happens, it's fine,and it's fine, if it doesn't. 'why has the priest not come?what's happening?' mata is here. greetings, mata!- live long! mata, nothing seemsto be happening. that priest has not come... ...and when we went to call theother priest, he did not come too. why are you getting so restless?- there's so much work left.

the wedding is stalled too. live long!- why are you so restless? if the need arises,i'll get them married. but, mata does not know all thechants that a priest knows. nutan, you don'tdoubt mata's powers. mata, i just said so. but, if the priest had come...- the priest is here. the priest is here. not to worry.

he was trying to getaway, in the bus. i did tell you...sorry! he's a bit hassled.but, nothing to worry about. he'll say the chants beautifully. what was i saying?well, he was getting away. i told him that he hasto perform a wedding ritual... ...and that's he's runningaway, like a scalded cat. but, he's not listening to me. then, i took god's name, tiedhim and brought him here.

now, there's no problem,finish the wedding. mata sundari,please forgive me. i finished all my prayers andprepared myself to come here. during that time, somepeople came into my house. they assaulted me badly. and while going theythreatened me... ...that, if i'm seenin the village then... ...they'll bury me alive. and they've also threatened allthe brahmins in the village.

you know that everyoneloves their life. that's why i was leavingthis village and going. tell meabout those impudent people. i'll teach them alesson right now. i don't know, everyonewas wearing a mask. i couldn't recognize them. i think that... ...they are villagerswho are orthodox. who don't want awidow to remarry.

goddess durga, when will thementality of people improve? mata, you're great. mata, justignore their mentality. now that you've decided... ...then no one can stopgeeta's wedding. no one! yes, priest. willyou recite the chants? yes.- let go. ashu. yes.

thank you. geeta wouldn't have got married,if you had not come on time. well, no need to thank me. by the way, thewedding was necessary. and everyone should get married. am i right? wow! today my destinyhas changed. that girl is impressed by you. well, i can't see thegirl from the urn.

did she really go to thelibrary to master the chants? 'i'm the little goddess anda part of the goddess.' 'i can also perform this marriage bymemorising chants from the book.' i'll have aunt geeta's marriagetake place, no matter what. vardaan told me all kindsof books are kept in the library. then, the books of chantswill also be there. but this is closed, howshould i go inside? 'i'll get thebooks of chants anyway i can.' 'what should i do? howshould i go inside?'

'sacred chants.' 'oh god! there areso many books.' 'it's difficult to getthe book of chants.' 'oh, yes! i'm the little goddess.' 'i can bring that bookto me with my powers.' book of chants, pleasecome to me. oh no! nothing has happened. goddess durga, you'll have tohelp the little goddess this time. 'goddess has given a signby showing this table.'

'it means that i'll get mybook if i climb on the table.' 'book of chants.' oh no! 'black money.'

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