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don't leave me, murli. no, murli.- relax. relax. there's no murli here, just me. and you're madhu.. are you okay? fine. in treatments like these wecan focus on only childhood memories. but the things that youtell me about your past life.. just your imagination. of course,your stories are really interesting. it's not a story doctor, it's true.- okay, okay. cool. madhu, your dream world.. sorry..your stories..- doctor! seems so real. believe me, doctor. even in this life i meetpeople whom i met in my past life. i remember every small detail.

but.. i haven't met murli yet. you will find theprince of your dreams. but don't skip your medicine. hey, teeny.- hi. see you later.- okay. hey..- sorry bro.. you.. sorry..i'll reverse the car.

you fool, are you stupid? did you drive a rickshaw before this? what are you looking at?which department? are you new here? this is my parking space. hey..are you deaf. where are you going? security. get me out! bloody idiot.

he smashed her car. hey..wait you rascal. wait. - if she findsout that you smashed her car.. ..she will break your bones.- whose is it? it belongs to a grumpygirl from creative department. i'll get her mirror changed. forget the mirror, she won't spareyou even if you buy a new car for her. you don't worry,i will handle whatever happens. is that so?- what else?

then let's make a bet for 1000.let's wait and watch. let's catch the lift. orelse we'll have to walk all the way. hi, madhu.- hi, jagan. you're in big trouble.- why? that grump is right behind you.- what are you saying? by the way, my friend ashwin. he broke your little car's side-mirror.- hey, shut up. little car? he even gave that name to your car.- shut up.

peter, we need medicalinsurance for ashwin. of course. - soon allhis bones are going to break. sorry, i smashed your car'smirror while parking my car. i will replace it. you recognized me. yes, you're that grump..jagan was telling me. sorry, i was turning my car.. don't apologies.only you can lock horns with me. you've my permission.

we're met before, haven't we? no, i am new to this office. i just joined 10 days.- which department? system admin.- ohh.. murli, look at me when you're talking.- look, my name isn't murli. it's ashwin. i see..then look intomy eyes and say it. you see..beautiful girlsare always a menace. if you give them space,they will bother you all day.

won't let you sleep atnight..and also expect gifts. what else can i say?practically ruin your life. so i don't look atany beautiful girls. by the way, i can look at you. because you're not that beautiful. bye. i knew will come back. how? my heart said so.- you're mistaken.

actually i forgotmy mobile in the car.. ..and i am only going to collect that. we met because fatewants us to meet again. i am not a pervert like you think,honestly. there's you,there's me, the car, phone.. ..this is our fatewhich can never change. jump! yes, are you okay?- yeah. give me your hand.- murli!

quickly. quickly.quickly. open the lift door. yes, come on..come out. come here. are you okay?- are you okay, sir? kali, are you fine?- kali? who is this kali now?- ashwin, are you okay? why did you leave me with this menace? she looks like a lizardand sounds like a lunatic. she has me confused.

she can devour an entire human being,let's get out of here. good morning, sir.- good morning, my electricity pole. how is everyone today? what happened? why are you sulking? what happened? did your secondgirlfriend ditch you too? i swear..i hope that didn't happen. sir, you can't go through here. why? why not this way?

sir, there's been an incident. incident? what incident? the lift's cable snapped. bu*** do we live in the jungle. how can the lift's cable snap? file a case against that company,understand. and fire that maintenance guy as well,i don't want to see his face. careful. you're madhu, aren't you?

did you get hurt.- i am fine, thank you. good. very good. kiran, this is my friend.he saved madhu. really.- you showed great courage. have we met before? no, sir, i am ashwin. i joined as system admin 10 days ago. just call me kiran, that's enough.- okay, sir. how old are you? 22? 23?

25, sir. oh, don't look that old. and why are you all standing here? don't you want to get back to work? the lift's out of order,not the stairs. come on..get back to work..come on. come on.- it was a bad day today. move-move-move..- let's get out of here. see you in the evening.- okay.

ashok, these are young's our job to look after them. this is their place too. hi.- hi. hi, mallika.- what? sorry-sorry..meera. so madhu, that adventure wasjust a trial for the game, right? oh, god.- stay there, madhu. and now watch my adventure. meera, we'll go to ootyfor the new game i am making.

and we'll rehearsethe entire game out there. how's the idea?- you.. i'll clobber you with my shoe. yes, come in, guys. morning, boss.- good morning, selvel. how's everything?- how am i looking? naughty boy t-shirt, huh? looking good,but you're too old and fat for this. hi.- oh my, god..what are you doing here?

you were in that liftaccident just 30 minutes ago. and you're back to work. that's the spirit. come on, sit down.- thank you. hi, meera.- hi. tell me one thing, how doyou keep getting fairer every day? do you know what i feelevery time i look at you? if i was 20 years younger,i would've definitely proposed to you. you can still propose to me.- honestly? you're hotter than all theguys sitting here. - oh my, god.

you're so hot, meera darling. i've called all of youhere to congratulate you. because the 'gangs of ganges'game which we released last week.. ..which has seen 1 billiondownloads in 7 days. and it's become a super hit. but..let me tell you one thing. this shouldn't be the only game. the games which wereplayed on playgrounds.. ..first came to your tvscreens and now your mobiles.

right. so all the entertainmentis at your fingertips. so we.. ranjan. please, get out. i don't want anybodywho is not 100 percent here. anyway..the entireworld is eagerly waiting.. ..for our next seven games. yeah! don't be so happy.

we won't have time to die either. because we must launchseven new games in three months. that's impossible.- what? it's a bad news.- why? you know i hate these words. look at those whomade the pokemon game. they conquered themarket like a hurricane. so tell me,if they can do it, why can't we? so no sundays, no holidays.

we're working 24/7for next three months. you must have faith in yourself. these are competitive times. you know that. and in order to achieve it,we must work 24 hours. and in multiple shifts. kiran, you can keep me in any shift.. ..but no night shifts with this jeanie.- this is not fair. i want to be with you.- stay away.

you're killing all my feelings. shut up, jagan. sorry, sir.- we must do it. i know this is a challenging task. so..before we get into this grinder.. always, we'll havean explosive party at my farmhouse. yes. "you only live once." "come on..come on.."

"come on.." hello.- hey murli, my system has crashed. it's not booting. i'll be there in 2 minutes. that a newway to flirt with girls? no. something wrongwith the graphics card. hey stupid, did you do something? not him, it was some cat. someone fed some sauceto the computer as well.

oh, so it's a cat and mouse game. ashwin, just a minute. my game is's stalled my work. can you check it please? my shift is over, i am leaving. he murli, wait. i've a gift for you. what is this for? you gave me a gift as well,don't you remember.

now it's my turn. when did i gift you anything? how is it?nice, isn't it? you liked it? seems like this entiredepartment is crazy. happy birthday. hey..madhu. this is my room. wait, i've something for you. hey, ashwin..see this. how is it?

last night you came in my dreams. and you were wearing this hat. and you were looking sexy. wear it. i'll look like a clown in this. madhu, please don't do this. madhu, please. madhu. madhu, i don't want to wear it.. madhu.- madhu.

uncle. - all the guestsare waiting for you downstairs. and you are here. come on, dear.- okay, uncle. ashwin.- hey.. middle-class! stay in your limits,or your parents will lose a son. i see..your threats don'tmatch your expressions. what was that old owl saying?- nothing. he's always got his handsin his pockets.. - forget it. ..does he wear loose underwear?

shut up..let's go. hi. madhu.- don't move. what are you doing? madhu.- stand straight. leave me..- i said stand straight. looks nice, doesn't it. saved. get lost.

hey.. she's showering me with gifts. tell me something,are you least interested in her? i am.. i feel so restlesswhen i don't see her. that's called love..- hey.. you got it. but when she tells me herlong makes my mind boggle. this is the only cure for her.

now she will stop giving me gifts. look, there comes your santa claus. i wonder what she's got for you today. hey, ashwin.- hi, madhu. hi.. what the hell. what have you done? it's what you think. you liked me..gave me this belt. i liked tommy, and i gave it to tommy.

that tommy..- what's wrong, madhu? did you drop something?- i will.. what are you doing? it hurts.- how dare you insult my gift? have you lost your mind?- careful. see jagan, he's insulting my gifts. madhu, your gift shouldbe more personal, more intimate. your gift should be somethingthat stays close to his body. something he can'tseparate from himself. what gift is that?

sometimes right..sometimes left.. and then i hung on to something. i would've surely fallen to my death. and just then..that big swingstarted tilting to one side. hey juliet, don't break this chair. just then murli threwa rope and swung towards me. he jumped up like amonkey and caught my hand. and then he pulledme up on the swing.. ..he hugged me tight and kissed me.

you don't believe me, do you?it's true, i swear on you. ashwin and i are stellar lovers. here comes brother murli. what are you doing here? please tell him, aunty. can't i meet my in-lawsbefore the wedding? what do you have to sayabout this breaking news? keep quiet..- sharda, how about some coffee? so dear, how is your father?

do you know her? why won't i?isn't she your brother's wife? she is my brother's wife. my son's marriedand i don't know. hello.. i forgot to give you this. - doyou know that my son is married now. i don't want your gift.get out of here. aunty, he doesn't understand. back in burma, when we were in love.. you know what he would get me?

green pumpkin, yellow mustard,eggplant..and what is that called? tangy tamarinds. you remember the tangy tamarinds. aunty, please tellhim to take my gift. stop showing such attitude. take it.- yes, now go. you're so stubborn. aunty, see you. bye, uncle. what kind of gift is this?- she is stupid.

she gets just anything. 85. hey, how does sheknow your correct size? she sees it every day. she knows my size very well. she must have measured it. oh my..when did she measure this? hey, i was talking about the cap.keep that down. that girl is crazy. i must teach her a lesson.

what other gifts does she give you?i want to know. quiet. get out.- mother.. don't try to be too cheeky. get out.- come. let's go out. oh god, why do these strangegirls always come after me? meera! mother, save me. somebody there? help! meera, what happened?- save me! save me.

save me.- save you from what? he.. he was trying to pull my dress.- what? it was strange.- who? they are trying to molest me, ashwin.- who is it? let's go take a look. they came in a group.- in a group? they came out of the vent. okay, relax.calm down. calm down, okay.

relax.- what's going on here? something scared her.- what scared her? i don't..- you get out. go away. i will handle this. madhu, that 3d game is ready.can you check it? yeah.. meera sexy! leave me..leave me! move..

leave me! no! don't kill me. i want to live. meera. don't kill me. move. meera! stop! i don't know how this happened. no, i don't know anything about it.

madhu, don't be scared. ashwin!- all of you will be questioned. come here.- no will go home. madhu, i'll be right back. not just this lifetime.. ..i will never let youtwo unite in any lifetime. i will kill you! meera! meera! meera! what have i done?

doctor. doctor. meera is still alive.she just spoke to me. check her nerves, please.- she's dead. i've already checked. please, doctor, check again.- madhu, calm down. calm down. madhu, control yourself.- meera spoke to me, ashwin. meera, say something.- she is dead. no. meera just threatened me, ashwin.- madhu, let's go from here. please, stop crying.- no, meera.

i can't believe it.this is all my fault. yes. i pushed all of them sohard to work and meet deadlines.. ..and now look what has happened. enough. enough! madhu, are you consulting dr.radhika or not? i was going to seeher after this project. no way. nothing is more importantthan your health. ashwin.- yes, sir.

it's your responsibilityto take madhu.. dr.radhika and treat her depression. okay, sir. please.- thank you, sir. let's go. okay, so let's begin. what is your name?- samudra? and year?- 1961. okay..what is the story?- story? murli was very strange.

help us move this stone. now push. hey skinny, give me five. you will get beaten up. pervert. hey old man, you go..i'll do this. hey..stinky, are you stupid? stop leaning on me. don't you have anything better to do,always bothering me!

this is just an excuse,i know you're crazy about me. no..go flaunt your beauty to him. go! come on. he can't handle me.- so what? do i look like a wrestler to you? your body makes my heart restless. hey..take your hands off.always sticking to me like glue. mallika..don't you see this prince,stop trying to woo this fool. hey..who did you call a fool?- you, stupid.

murli was pulling somethingup with the rope, and just then.. that swing's going to break.- someone save my daughter. someone save my daughter. stop murli, what are you doing? have you lost your mind? you will fall down. save me! look out! murli!

mother!- someone help them. someone save me too. look, he saved her. he's a hero. no need to be scared, you're safe now. why are you shivering? son, it seemed likegod's come down to save her. if it wasn't for you,she would've have survived. are you from india? mom's indian, father's burmese.- i see..

it's an old love story.- quiet..don't talk nonsense. that's whatyour life is worth. you just compared me to god..andnow you're trying to buy me. no, son, that's not what i meant.- you didn't. it's a token of my happiness..- life doesn't have a price-tag.. your daughter is invaluable,take good care of her. money isn't everything. forgive me, son. what is your name?- no, problem. my name is..- his name is murga.

shut up. it's murli. bye, murli. get back to work everyone. he didn't finish his work. fine. what difference does it make.- i won't pay you. you should explain him.- we will work. i said you to explain him. and you..- leave him. i will explain you.

i used to live with my papa.. ..and he was a high-ranking officerin the burmese army. - go safely son. take care.- bye. bye.- bye. i could see murli in all my injuries. suddenly i spotted him. stop! stop! murli.- what?'s that beautiful girl.

our eyes met. i kept staring at himunder the pretext of plucking flowers. now this was my daily routine. i would come..seehim..he would look at me. i would pluck a flower,put it in my hair-bud and leave. one day when i got there,i didn't see him. i was surprised. the flowers weremissing from the trees. these are for you. pardon me.

give it. give me that bowl.- yes. what are you thinking? eat it. move the stuff. sukhi.- yes, ma'am. out of the class. come on, quickly.- where? you move, he'll be the goalkeeper.

oh no..he ruined it. slowly. stop.. kiss..kiss me first.- look ahead. kiss me. do you want to get me killed?- do it. do it. here. open your eyes. samudra, wake up. samudra, wake up.

your hair is so nice.- what are you doing? papa! papa, now.- come out! come out.- it's not his fault. leave him.- i hate indians. wait, papa.- where are you running to? leave me. i will kill you. no more hair,and no more of that bloody indian. wait, i'll apply these. i will burn every mark he gave you.

2nd march 1962.. the burmese army usurpedthe ruling government.. ..and arrested the prime ministeron the army chief's orders. since that day martiallaw was declared in burma. while arresting the president.. ..the army murdered hisson in front of his eyes. the army also announced.. ..that if anyone tries to revolt,then he will not be spared. and a law was passed that..

..any indian occupying high rankingposition should be fired immediately. get out from here. - the governmentseized all indian properties.. ..and in order to make them bankrupt,the government.. ..dropped the rate of its currency. not just that, but indian newspapersand indian cinema was banned as well. indian shops were burnt to ashes. due to lack of basic supplies,the indians got agitated. and in order to suppressthis revolution.. ..the army was let loose on them.

the indians staged a protestin front of the corporation.. ..and many indians wereinjured in the process. many parts of rangoon were burning! don't worry, everything will be fine. stop this madness, and eat. light a candle and pray. how are you? after so long.- i am fine. how are you? samudra.- murli. samudra.

i.. i am going. where?- back to my country. i can never forgetthe days i spent with you. the thought that i can'tsee you again, makes my heart.. afraid. this is the consequencesof a poor man's love. should i go? you cannot leave me.i will go with you. i can't live without you.

take me with you, murli. samudra, this is not possible. if they see you with us,they will kill us. i will die without her. hey, murli. hey.. mallika, open the door. mallika, help her wear a sari. get inside quickly. go on. you must take off your jewelry.

the indian governmentsent a special ship to rangoon.. bring the indians back home. they were being forced to leavetheir wealth and well-wishers behind. the indians were livinglike refugees there. brother, at least spare that.- get lost. get lost..- brother, please.. i will have nothing in my own land.. ..please spare that.- i said get lost. please return that.- get lost.

curse you..may you rot to death.. keep moving. move..move aside. let us go. murli, my daughteris somewhere at the back. i'll take a look. close the gate. why close the gate?my daughter's still back there. murli! murli!

catch the child. i am with them. hey.. we're all together.let me go inside. let's go inside. i beg you, let me go. open the gate. keep walking, or we'll miss the boat.don't look back. let's go. don't wait. keep moving.- samudra. murli!- come on.

go get my murli.- how did he get stuck there? he has stuck there.- calm down. take the nuptial necklaceoff..and let her wear it. don't stare at me. hurry up. sir, listen.. listen, that boy is her husband. sir, let him come in.- get lost. sir, i beg you.- take them out. leave me. get lost from here.

why are you beating him?let me come inside. have mercy on us, sir. please, let him come inside.- leave me. let him come inside. have mercy on us. please, take pity on us.- let him come inside. i beg you. hey constable.- sir is calling you. let that boy come inside.

you're a nice man.- get them out..get all of them out. let's go. hurry up.- hurry up. let's go. hurry up. the boat's leaving.quickly. hurry up. stop the boat, quickly. captain rasool, stop the boat. follow me. quickly. hurry up. find them,search every nook and corner.

you go that way. find them..find them. how dare you touch my daughter?- shut up. did you find them?- no, there's no one here. no general, please don'thold on to my ship anymore. you're smuggling my property.- i am requesting you. please, general. please, mind your language. i am not smugglingany assets from burma. did you find them?- i came here for the indians.

did you find them?- no, sir. please let us go. we're running out of time.- and you? let us not waste time.- get everyone off the boat. you can't do as you please.- don't leave anyone on the boat. you're not listening to me. move aside. mallika, what have you done? so this is where they are hiding?

get them out. leave us.- come on. leave us, papa.- samudra. samudra.- come out. sir, let her go.- leave me. arrest him.- murli. murli. get him. hang to death. don't take my samudra from me. sir. samudra.- come on.

come on.- murli! papa, i can't live without murli.- hey, get out. leave us. let us go.- have you lost your mind? stop crying. leave me. catch them! you're kidnapping my daughter. stop! let my daughter go.

stop! stop..or i will shoot! i didn't know how to save him. we were both drowning. then i made a decision. murli! murli!- madhu. madhu, what happened?- they killed him. murli!- what happened? madhu, what happened?

we've been betrayed. mallika betrayed us.- madhu. madhu! madhu! are you fine, madhu?- you fine? yes, i am fine.- let her rest. water. please, sit. the youngsters these daysare under a lot of stress. especially the it guys.

and the employees of yourcompany are under most stress. the burden of work putspressure on human emotions.. ..that it turns into their illusions. i am trying regressiontherapy on madhu. in this case we see that.. ..the borders of illusionand reality are bound together. illusions turn to reality,and reality turns into illusions. and what about her past life.- it's nonsense. just her imagination.- i see.

but one thing's true,she is madly in love with you. i know, doctor. she must attend sessions regularly. and take her medicines regularly.- okay, doctor. ma'am, are you okay now.- yes, i am okay. you feel better?- i am perfect. so shall we go? you know,when you were murli in burma.. ..your antics wouldmake me laugh really hard.

you were always this skinny. madhu, carefully. what are you doing?- even after less educated. but you had a sharp mind. i think i left the carkeys in the clinic. - what? wait here, i'll go get it.- come soon. what? come. "you' love." do you have a death wish?

sorry. come on. are you okay? i am okay. let me drive. move.- why should i? sit on my lap and drive. come on, let me drive.- no, i will drive. why are you driving so fast? this is how i drove whenyou sat in my car in burma. she is going to bore me again.

are you crazy? what.. madhu, slow down. slow down. drive slowly. what are you doing? drive slowly. first kiss me and then i'll slow down. kiss me. kiss me. kiss me.kiss me. kiss me. - open your eyes. kiss me. kiss me.

look ahead when you're driving. you won't kiss me. now watch. hey, madhu.. stop on the side.madhu, stop the car on the side. come them. get them out..slowly. she will be fine.. ..we've taken thewater out of the lungs. take her oxygen mask off.- okay, doctor.

you want to kill her. sir, she would've diedif he hadn't brought her here. you should thank him. doctor, i want to shifther to a better hospital. sir, don't worry. you can take her withyou when she's conscious. don't worry. nurse. give an injectionto the patient. - yes, doctor. sir, come with me.

i don't get it,why did kali kill the police officer? how can you say that kali kill him? because kali's fingerprintsare on the knife. is that so? that's why i suspect him. but what could be themotive behind the murder? jailor joseph died without a reason. these days you can'ttrust girls either. even though she knewkali was a murderer.. ..a girl like kalyaniran off with him to mumbai.

sir! you're wrong,kali didn't kill the jailor. how do you know? i can tell you where he was a conspiracy. kali was.. kali didn't kill him. kali is innocent.- madhu.. madhu.- what happened? madam, what's wrong?- what happened madhu?

tell me. what happened? tell me. inspector gopinath, he's righthere with the jailor's dead body. madhu, you don't worry.we will go home. - where did he go? once you take some rest at home,you will feel better. sir.. sir, weren't you with him, wheni was talking to inspector gopinath? where did he go? the same man who has a cut here. gopinath? i am the area inspector.

i am dhanshekhar. i camehere because someone informed me. no..he was right here with the body. i telling truth.believe me, it's true. - sir.. was my car thatmet with an accident. and she is my friend,i'll give you all the details. come, please.- okay. narcotic drugs. sir,this patient is addicted to drugs. how is that possible, doctor? we're good people.

sir, the patient's report says that.. ..she's been takingdrugs for a long time. doctor, she will be humiliated.please, change the report. sir, this is a police case.i cannot do anything. sir, i'll compensate you foryour efforts, it won't be for free. i can give you 100,000. madhu, i need to talkto you about something. no, let's talk in the office tomorrow.- i'll see you day after. you go home. sleep well. take care.

thanks, son. you lace her drinks with drugs,you'll be behind bars soon. i see..acting smart with me. you're trying to driveher insane with guruji's drugs.. ..and now you're trying to blame me. hey, i will skin you alive. uncle leave him. uncle, please.- who do you think you are? move. madhu, get in the car. go.

your room is in a mess. come here.- did you call me? come on.- closer? closer. i am missing him. oh murli. oh, so you're one of them. i love you! kiss me.- how disgusting is this?

what can i do, madam? madhu madam was saying.. ..'kiss me..i love you'.- mom.. mom.. madhu, your actions are not normal.- mom, that.. if the news spreads,who will marry you. oh, god.- nothing, mom. wear your dress and come down quickly. okay. come soon.- go on.

sit and eat properly. mom, i am getting late.- madhu. come, brother. we need some money, sign this cheque. just last week i gaveyou a cheque for 10 lacs. what did you do with that? i gave all the details to your mother. we had to give bonus to mill workers,that's where we spent the money. give it.- yes.

what's this 18 lacs for?- custom duty, dear. sister, this is too much. your husband has clearlystated in his will that.. ..if anything happens to his daughter,the entire wealth will go to a trust. i don't get it.. she makes you crave for every penny. how long will you endure this? she is crazy.- yes, brother, even i find her weird. but we can't force her.

otherwise, we won't getthe money that we're getting now. well, let's arrangeto get this money first. her office burdens her with work. and if she gets stressed,they send her to a psychiatrist. and we've to endure her insanity. what if we involve guruji.. yes, that will be right. don't worry about herblabbering in her sleep. it's her past life memories,which is true.

sister, get some camphor.- yes. guruji.- yes, son. when she remembers her past life,it makes her very restless. there's a solution for it. if you eat this,it will give you mental stability. if you eat this alongwith the herbs that i gave you.. will solve your problems. guruji.- yes, dear. i am in love with someone.

and a dead girl hasthreatened to separate us. is there a solution for it?- okay. this has special power. if you tie this,evil spirits will stay away. guruji has said so. do you think i am a dogand you're putting a lease on me? why do you listen to such imposters?be practical. see you..i've work to do.- wait..i want to share something. do you know what yourname was 150 years ago?

was it sangram singh?- no. indraprasad.- another story. you were a king, and i was your queen. you and i went riding onthe same horse to our honeymoon. look, i must go take careof something important. please. but we're meetingfor dinner tonight, okay.. hey, get up.- uncle..let him go. he's my friend. uncle! uncle!- don't you get it once? you're trying to woo my niece.

uncle.- move. i am not..i am trappedin this mess too. i want to escape,but she doesn't let me. - i know.. what's cooking in your evil mind?- uncle. you want her wealth withyour fake love. - uncle, please.. hello. i've no intentions of becominga part of this insane family. hey..- hello. if you're so arrogantabout your money..

..then keep her lockedup in your home. why do you make her work for peanuts? go on..go to dubai, new york.. find a rich suitor for her. tell her to find some rich guy,marry him and settle down. you..- how cheap. if you even think aboutmarrying someone else, i will.. not in this lifetime, but we'remade for each other in every lifetime. you won't understand the reality.

you don't know what love is. you won't know itsvalue when we're together. but you'll realizeit when we're apart. maybe that's the destinyof this unfortunate love. madhu. do you believe in this thread? we don't need any lifetimeto bring us together. i love you. beat him up.

i called you last night,but you didn't answer. i can't stay away from you.- and by the way, ashok.. hey..- oh my, god..look whose coming. jingle bells. hi doll, how are you? you know you're notwell and your back to work. no-no, go home and take rest. ashwin, take her home. okay, sir.- and see that she doesn't drive. okay, madhu. now go.

one strawberry, one coffee. ashwin, you're notserious about our love. hey, do you knowfor how many lifetimes.. ..we've been trying to be together.- madhu, don't start that again. we were truly inlove in burma as well. we were also born asindraprasad and snehbhaga. we were king and queen back then. but we could never be onebecause of meera and my uncle. this time we won't let them win.

ashwin, for every lifetime we mustprove that no one can separate us. no matter what anyone does.- stop it! that's enough, madhu. get up. come with me. come on.- where are you taking me? wait. mohammad..- yes, sir. show me meera's death footage. rewind that and zoom in again.- okay, sir. look closely. when the sheet came off,you were standing there and crying.

her lips weren't moving. did you see? you were talkingto the dead body, madhu. no, it's not my imagination. ashwin, clearly there wassome error in the recording. meera really talked to me..- madhu, please shut up. the movies you watch, the booksyou read turn into your imagination. now there's kali, there's kalyani. and that inspector gopinath,with a scar on his face. it's all in your's just an illusion. it's nonsense.

no ashwin, believe me.- madhu, try to understand. you're mentally sick. madam, there's someonehere to see you. madam, that guy reading the newspaper. thanks. sorry, i am commissioner gopinath.- hello. hello. - hello. a constable from thehospital called me yesterday. you asked him about my scar.

this happened 25 years ago. i handledthis case when i was an inspector. kali and kalyani togethermurdered a jailor. but since they ran away to mumbai,the case was closed. but i am surprised.. two look like kali and kalyani.- no, sir. that's not true. kali and kalyani didn't kill anyone. they didn't go to mumbai either. i know where they are.

right here. this is the place. there was a banyan tree here,but it's no longer here. hey, was there a banyan tree here?- banyan tree.. there was no banyan tree here.- get going. sir, it was here. that banyan tree was right here. many years ago,the tree fell in a storm. the roots still existnear the tea stall. there are the branches.

here? where here? i don't get it. inspector.- sir. disperse the crowd. sir. sir, look what we found. don't use any shovel or anything else. and listen, be careful whileremoving the soil. - yes, sir. come on, it's done. come out. udayraj, come torasarpadi railway station.

send forensic experts immediately. and call the press. did you recognize them? that's you, and that's me. this is not a film,where the dead man can be alive. amazing. we've opened a 25 yearold close because of you. madhumita, you're unbelievable. i can't imagine.- thank you, sir.

actually,you've the key to this mystery.. i want to know something else. i'll see you again,you can leave for now. constable. sir.- i want to stay, sir. that's all right, we'll meet againafter completing the formalities. you can leave for now. velu.- sir. drop them at their office.- yes, sir.

go on.- thank you sir. come.- bye. madhu, why didn'tyou tell me this before? you knew everything, didn't you? because then you would'vethought that i am making a new story. at least now you believe me. see you, sir.- okay. i'll call you. hi.- sweetheart.

darling, come. wait, i am coming. hey..- what the hell, man. how dare you flirt with girls?whose letter is this? you're the newspaper boy, aren't you? so go throw newspapers. go. i've come to meet my girlfriend,so what? oh, so she's your girlfriend. come on.- hey, what are you doing man.

where are you taking me? you scared the dog,this means you're lying. i am scared of thebulldog that's inside. her brother.- i see, so i am a bulldog. who's there? he's your future son-in-law. what's going on in this house? is this what you taught your daughter? i just went out jogging, and he wassignaling her, she was signaling him.

he will elope with her soon. is this how 9th grade children behave? bro, call your sister.. you look like a labor. what if i hadn't come on time? i would've given herthis letter and left. i guess he won't listen withoutgiving the love-letter. get up. how dare you write a love-letter?- hey, what are you doing? aren't you ashamed?- hey, stop it.

naughty boy.- how can you beat my boyfriend? tell him, pushpa.- boyfriend? hello, when yourgirlfriend came here.. ..we welcomed her,offered her bournvita, fed her food.. ..switched on the ac/fan for her. in fact,we even heard her stupid story. but you didn't have a problem then. and now,you're insulting my boyfriend. you want a boyfriendand love-letters in school.

stop blabbering.- hey.. this is bound to happen if you wear.. ..the underwear yourgirlfriend brings for you. stop being such a loudmouth, or.. what are you peeking at? hey, is this a love-letter?- what else? this is the ntsc application form. bro, read it. application form?

what was all the gestures. the reason is your dog. he is afraid of dogs,so he was calling me out. if i loved him,i would've taken him to mother.. ..and would've introducedhim to my mother. pushup, i too love you.- you love me, fatty..get lost. have you seen your face? get out.- beat him. what are you doing?- thrash him. leave him.- oh, god! my head is paining.

take this. get me some coffee. you only brag at home. you said that you andyour girlfriend found bodies. but your names are notmentioned in the papers. look closely, it must be there. the newspaper saysthat this commissioner.. ..dug up the groundto find these skeletons. that's what it says in the news. brother, according toyou he was shot in the head.

but there's nothinglike that in the newspaper. you want to see that. look. now do you see it..the bullet wound. i don't want to see it. i won't be able to sleep at nights. hello. - commissioner,this is ashwin speaking. madhumita's friend..- yes, ashwin. i want to meet you urgently.

i am here for an inquiry. i'll be in my office in an hour. see you there.- okay, sir. i am commissioner gopinath. i want to meet madhumita.- what for? reason? for a small inquiry. sir, she couldn't sleepall night due to her illness. she is sleeping now,so don't disturb her now. we've opened an oldcase because of her.

she needs to answer some questions. wake her up.- her health is much more important. when she wakes up,i will tell her that you were here. sir. someone calledashwin is here to see you. come in, ashwin.- hello sir. tell me.- sir..'re on all the headlines. did you find it alone, or.. ..did kali come in your dreamsand tell you where to find him.

listen, madhumitabelongs to a nice family. so i don't want your names tobe splashed all over the newspapers. that's why i didn't.- that's okay, sir. sir, there was a finger atthe digging spot, did you see it? and it had a ring with r on it. but it's not in any ofthe pictures in the paper. take a look. i've a doubt, sir. one is kali and the other is kalyani.

they both don't have r in their names. when did you take this picture? during the dig. why, sir? did i make a mistake? did you share thispicture with anyone? no, sir. not yet. shivraj..- it's my phone, sir. there's a finger missing from the dig,which also had a ring. yes, sir, i know..- what nonsense!

don't make excuses.- sir, but that i.. surround that area completely. immediately send someoneand find that ring find every nook and cornerbut i want that ring at all costs. there is a railway station there.passengers keep coming and going. the ring is expensive so anyone cantake it. understood. go immediately. don't spare anyone.find out. take a team of constable with you. this kind of mistake shouldnot be repeated again and again.

keep this in mind.understood.- okay sir. this is here, sir.why are you hiding it? we can come to know aboutthe murderer from this finger. you see ashwin, if this photowas published in the newspaper.. ..then the killer who killed kaliand kalyani would have become alert. we want to catch thatkiller at all costs. i need your help for that. please try to understand. okay let's go back.what is your name?

kalyani.- and year. 1987- okay. if you are kalyani then who is kali. kali..he is very strange. he can do anything to save someone. people cannot easilyunderstand his nature. what is he doing? look whether he is dead or alive. everyone comes here to commitsuicide and we are blamed for it.

get up.- hey, you are safe. don't be scared.i will not let you die. come on wipe your tears.- what if you had died just to.. the cat?- sir, she is my life. is she your life?- i hope you have not got hurt. by mistake she hadcome on the railway track. if i had not seen herthen she would have died here. you are worried abouther life but what about you. what is this sir? even she has a life.

go, go from here now.- no sir, don't beat me. go, go from here now.don't dare to come here again. sir, beat up the handicapped person. don't know from wherethese rascals come. you acted well, brother. come on you lost the bet.give me the money. i had warned you not to betwith brother you have lost. don't make that face.give me the money. take it.- 1, 2, 3..

hey you stupid, useless fellow. mother, you are beating me with a broom.- you trouble mother. useless stupid fellow you are.- the police just beat me and went. why are you after my life?- does anyone sleep on the track.. this just to save the cat? have you ever thoughtabout your mother? father, father,please take this lord ganesha. he is healthy like me.- okay, okay i will take. hold this.- child, uma.

ice candy.- where were you yesterday? you did not come to clean our car. actually i was alittle unwell yesterday. tomorrow i will cometo clean your car. uncle, he is custom officerso don't take money from him. yes, he has reached market. good morning moti sir.- good morning. the drawing that you hadmade on that topic was superb. thank you sir.

rahu, i have prayerat my place so i will leave. okay sir.- bye. is it done or not? hurry up and pick upyour basket and flowers.. ..otherwise they will break the shop. their drama is increasing day by day.close the shop. don't wait here. come on. greetings sir, greetings.greetings, sir. who are you?

you are a custom officerso will you raid anywhere. hey, take her daughter from here.- what are you doing? father, father..- where are you talking my daughter? father, father..- listen, what are you doing? hey, take her away old woman.- father, father.. but listen to me. wait, wait being a politicianwhy are you running away being scared. brother, a fight isgoing on in the market. a fight is going on in the market.

brother, brother wait. leave him. you have no comparison with him. you are a big man andhe is just a common man. and 5-6 men are also with you. this maths is not right. hey, are you responsiblefor brother's loss? do you know brother?do you the power of brother? they have beatenyou so much that mean.. have done somethingwrong with them.

come on now apologizeto them and go away from here. come on start. i am sorry. forgive me. that is fine.come onnow your mistake is forgiven. brother has forgottenso now you also forget. come on turn and go away.don't look back. just go away. hey, beat this rascal harshly. come on hurry up start the car.hurry up. he has come here as our god.

at least hooliganismis over in the market. open the shop now. swami narayan.. open the shutter. he ishurt badly so i need the medicine. few minutes ago i had talked with him. the injury seems to be deep so.. ..i think we will haveto take him to the hospital. auto, auto we have totake him to the hospital. sir, you take care of himand i will try to stop the vehicle.

hey, stop the car. hey, what are you doing? leave it. these medicinesand bandages are of no use. if i put spit on it thenit will heal automatically. either let me spit or you spit.come on. why are you showing so much love? hurry up, quick..he is hurt.yes,i am coming. carefully. be careful. i don't know who those people were. come on you also it. you will haveto be witness in the police station.

come on sit. hey, if it s a policecase then keep me away from it. have you put sandalwood powder?the fragrance is very nice. let's go child kalyani. let me inform the membersof swami naryan's house. great kali. since when haveyou started getting bandage put? out. get out. i do not know.i had gone to extract my tooth. i don't know anything.- hey, you come here.

sir, after closing myshop i had gone for a bath. i do not anything that happened here. sir, my eyesight is weak.i did not see anything. i was taking care of my granddaughter.- okay, okay..go. hey, today is sunilgavaskar's last match. greetings, greetings sir. what is your name?- i am kali, sir. how did you get hurt? sir, mother worships lord ganeshaso i had come to take the idol.

at that moment in the market.. sir, the mark of seems quite big. at that moment a dangerousgang came with the weapons. i started trembling with fear. i started running and while runningmy foot got stuck in the umbrella. and i got hurt, sir. i tumbled 2-3 times, sir. you fell because of an umbrella. yes, sir.look at that.

are you talking about this umbrella? yes sir. i have got hurtbecause of this umbrella. look. okay but how did youget hurt on the head. sir while tumbling that..- what? i hope it wasn't an egg.- sir..yes it was that. it seems as if youwere seeing a live show. you did not see whilehe was being killed. but you all saw himwhile he was tumbling. yes, sir.

you made a big deal outa very small matter. isn't it? say something that we can understand. he is a policemanand not a local teacher. listen, send the body for post mortem.- yes sir. hey kali get up. it is afternoonand he is not ready to get up. get up.- what are you doing mother? let me sleep.- will your father fill water? hey kali has come.- come, i will fill water for you. take out one more bottle.

what is this? she is writing abc.. do you know that givingblood leads to blood relationship? thanks. what has happened here? nothing. i shall put somespit and then it will heal. spit here. no.- spit here. hey, my beloved has made this be careful. welcome. i come.. sir, can i come inside?

greetings sir. even i am a painter, sir. it may not look from theface and that is a different issue. what beautiful colors have you put? water colors have broughta great effect on the face. you are even better than me. superb, sir. why have you come here? the thing is thati have never seen face..

..of any other womanexcept that of my mother. but when i saw her i was mesmerized. what to tell you?i have fallen in love with her. so i want to marry kalyani. lord shiva.. don't take tension at all, sir. son, do you even knowwhat you are saying? sir, i am not elopingwith your daughter. just as we go to god toask for something so similarly..

..i want your daughterso i came to you. in the same way my feltbetter after telling you. so giver her in marriage to me. your status and ourstatus is very different. okay, so you are asking me our caste. we both are same, sir. i am a painter andeven you are a painter. after all we all are human beings. if you say then i can become like you.

just like you i willput a cloth on the shoulder.. ..and put a mark on the forehead. i shall even put necklacelike yours in the neck. i will do whatever you say. lord shiva..can anyone change his habits? you are right.- how will you change? understood grandmother. as you are vegetarianand we are non vegetarian.. ..but i assure that iwill also become vegetarian.

i am saying the truth. i shall leave doing all other deeds. hey, you are looking nice. i am clearing all thedoubts that your father has. now what will i do ifyou say our blood is different. i will catch hold of 10-15healthy and strong people.. ..of your community andchange the blood of my body. full blood change.i will become absolutely pure. don't trouble usby such deeds of yours.

we both are very different people.listen to me. come with me. that is not the case. i like his daughterand she also likes me. that is why i came hereto ask her hand in marriage. if they don't want then he will askme to get out and i will go quietly. but mr. moorty there is a condition. not you but she will say get out. because she is mature and so am i.let her decide. day and night i think about you,kalyani.

i just cannot forget you. i will keep you as a queen. you need not even say yes.just lovingly lift your head. and i will understand. otherwise simply say no bymoving your head.i will go from here. even after that i am seen herethen you can hit my head with a stick. look at gandhiji. what did he say? god, allah is the same. i will wear a turban for you.i will even shave off my moustache.

think properly beforelifting your head. finish, finish.. congratulations, moorty sir. now will you find an auspicioustime or shall i ask the priest. when my mother willcome to know then.. ..she will dance happilyin the neighborhood. qi had told you. this beautifulgirl likes a fool like me. hello, hello..- tell me my queen. there is no such need not change at all.

there is no need for you tobecome vegetarian or change blood. just remain how you are. but you have killed a man. what kind of a joke is this? even you were present there when hehad come to kill that innocent person. then why didn't you teachme a lesson of non-violence. i had gone to save an innocent fellow. then that rowdy was after my life. now if at that moment ihad not killed that rowdy then..

..that rowdy would have killed me. i did not do anything wrong.did anyone tell the truth? but in fact police distributedsweets in the entire area. i have not done anything wrong. law will tell this.if you had acceptedyour crime and surrendered then.. ..after all the enquirycourt would have freed you. then you should have said all this. will you marry me after that? i will wait for you.

hey, if the girl is sayingthen she will really wait for you. there is a hole in the ceiling.- yes brother. and the water dripping during rain.- yes brother. what happened, kali?why did you call me? nothing much is a very small matter. i.. is your name moorty?- yes. he does not have any problemsir but i want to surrender. why? for killing that rowdy the other day.

what is all this? due to kali's courage the hooliganismof this area has finished. i can go home and sleep peacefully. i did not say anything.- he did not say anything, sir. i want to surrender. i have made a mistakeso should get the punishment. make me wear, sir.- have you gone mad? make me wear in style. i am going from onein laws house to another.

is it okay?don't turn back from your words. i will be back soon. sir, sir park the car this side. welcome sir.- how are you? i i hope i have come at the right time. you have come at theauspicious moment, sir. -greetings.- greetings..please come. many proposals had come to us.. ..but i don't knowwhere he saw your daughter.

and became persistent to marry her.- sit down. -mother..- sit down. i am tired of explaining youbut you do not understand at all. why haven't you got ready? how can i cheat that boy father whohaving faith on me has gone to jail? i have to even get theyounger daughter married. because of you people willtaunt me and i cannot tolerate that. go and get married to anyone. father..

well i don't want to waste time. let's get married inthe first auspicious time. don't worry about the expenses.i will take care of everything. okay. this is your greatness. kali..- sir. that child asked me to give it to you. what is it?why are you looking so sad? marriage with some ravi kiran. who is ravi kiran?

what happened?why do you seem to be worried? why are you so quiet? what happened to him? get a side. give him water.what has happened to him? hey kali..kali.. catch him, catch him.. don't let him escape. he kali, what are you doing?

in some months your punishmentis going to get over. don't be a fool. don't do like this. it is important for me to go.leave me. i will not let you go. you lied to cheated me. you found a rich manand fell in love with him. i was being forced. i am not getting married willinglyand even the boy is not of my choice. father threatened me to eat poisonand forcefully made me to agree.

i am marrying to him as a dead body. are you speaking the truth? oh god, what did i hear kalyani? what is all this kalyani?what is wrong with you? tomorrow we are getting marriedand you were quiet till now. you were going to spoil three lives. father forced me. what father? you could have told me. okay now tell me the you really..

do you really love him? tell me. yes, she does. okay, fine. if anyone sees herethen it would not be good. so shall we go out and talk. let's go. don't think so much. i will getthe car. i want to help you. trust me. then he took us somewhere. there kali.. kiran, madhu hascome here for a session.

she's wandering.- what does that mean? her entire storyis useless for the game. there is kali,kalyani and ravi in that story. can you say that again? kali, kalyani.. radhika, what is thecondition of madhu now? she is half asleep.i shall wake her up. no, no don't do that. i willbe there in 10 minutes. alright.. you are coming but..

oh god we are trapped. yesterday bangalore unituploaded three new games. cpu is overloaded. whenever there is hurrysome or other problem props up. just check it my brother. don't take tension.because of overload an ic got burnt. i shall switch on the system. hey setline is on hands so pleaseremain with me during testing. please. this is exactly like madhu's she had told me.

this game has been designed by madhu. no, no this is kiran's concept. design and animation hasbeen done by bangalore office. this game is about to launch. and this one.- this design is that of meera.. ..and has been completed by boss. hey, this is seems to be absolutely cheap game. this game of oursis worldwide popular. from children to old menall are crazy after this game.

they take out their entirefrustration through this game. such cheap games are made here. do you know how much internationalcompany earns through such games? this project has been madeready and hidden from everyone. this is corporate world, my brother. exactly like this gamemeera fell down on the floor. two more games have to be launchedin next 20 days. you work quickly. something is surely wrong here. don't disturb me.

did meera used to take this medicine?- yes, she used to take. your madhu also takes. theentire department takes this medicine. for what? this is a prescribed medicine, dude. with the medicine thebrain becomes so excited that.. seems as if crackersare bursting in the brain. and a number of newideas start coming up. otherwise how willwe be able to this work? dr. radhika gives thismedicine from company's side.

superb. madhumita..- kalyani, i am kalyani. okay, you are kalyani. what happened when ravisaw you and kali together.. the house where marriagewas supposed to take place? ravi was taking us outunder the excuse of helping us. but kali was hesitant. why are you hesitating?i will help you. trust me. i believed him andthen we both went with him.

sir, your son-in-law isnot a nice man. he is a murderer. once customs raided his company. i am swami, custom officer. that officer raidedyour son-in-law's office.. ..and revealed his truthin front of the world. mr. ravi by takinglicense to import oranges.. are smuggling picture are cheating the government. your son-in-law tried to bribe him. but he did not listento him and sealed the company.

to take revenge for this.. ..your son-in-law gave moneyto hooligans to kill that officer. but kali came at the righttime and saved life of that officer. hey swami, how are you feeling now? cheater, god is seeing everything. okay, then even you go to god.the end. sir, he broke his neck.he gave him untimely death. he is a rascal. very big. save your daughter, sir.

come..- don't send him to that hell. come on, come on.let us leave before anyone sees us. kalyani, stop the car..kalyani, wait.. don't hit us. spare us.- tell me, where is kali? he will not be saved.- we do not know anything. if he comes then ask himto surrender to the police. where has he brought us? why have you brought us here, sir? come on. bombay mail passesthrough this place at this time.

and stops here fora minute for a signal. just go by that and enjoy your life. you have a great heart, heart is not that big. can i get some money as loan? after i reach there iwill money order it to you. oh money, yes.. we will never forget your are god for us. what, made me god. not me. i am not that.

don't make me so great.i am a very normal person. i have jealousy, anger,lust, cleverness, pride, revenge.. ..and everything elsethat a normal person possesses. he is an idiot who forgives mistakes.but i am different. i will punish youand this is my style. that is why he broughtus to this lonely place. now you understood. in front of so many peoplei was going to marry her respectfully. but not now.

hey, what did you see inthis hooligan that is not in me. enough, now don't trouble us. hey, look at him. would you get that love and enjoymentafter eloping with this hooligan? i understood. you have already got thatlove and enjoyment from him.. ..before marriage. isn't it? hey, i used to think so wellabout you but you are a bastard. i will cut your tongue.

do you think i will givename of father to the child.. ..who will be born fromyour illegitimate relationship? am i a fool? hey...- low down your voice. wait, don't do this.- old man.. have you given thesevalues to your daughter? you wanted to handover your daughter to me.. ..who was already inan illegitimate relationship. kali, stop..let him go, please.

kalyani..- no kali.. ..he will surely getthe fruit of his bad behavior. you don't kill him. i will get punishmentonly if you stay alive. don't worry. you will be fine.i will take you to hospital. kali, kali.. you attacked me, bastard. kali.. idiot, rascal cut my finger.

nothing has happened. if iput some spit then it will be healed. no. because of you he was saved. now you are happy. i will only kill you. control room.. put the mud aside.i am feeling suffocated. i am not able to breathe. madhu..- put the mud aside.

calm down madhu. calm down. i am not able to breathe.- madhu. relax, relax.. madhu have you correctly told methe year 1987. you were not born then. who told you this story, madhu? father, father..- father.. your father. you had said that he hadexpired when you were 10 years old. i mean kalyani's father. moorty..he was a painter.

ask if moorty is still alive? ravi had killed moorty, madhu. no, he did not die. he is still alive. i used to go for socialwork from my school. one day we went to old age home. what grandfather? kalyani.. leave my hand.- didn't you recognize me? i am your father.

grandfather, i am not kalyani.- moorty, leave her hand. you've had some misunderstanding. i am sorry child. we found him near railwaystation in an injured condition. we got him here from there.he remained in coma for many years. from the time he hasgained consciousness.. ..he keeps on mutteringsomething or the other. and keeps on drawing pictures onthe wall. he does not talk to anyone. strange enough,how did he talk to you?

madhu, did you tellthis thing to anyone? i told it warden sir. don't take the matterseriously of these old men. look at that grandfather. he wantsto hang himself for killing gandhiji. only those people come here who areunable to get along with the society. ignore whatever theysay and forget it. sweetheart, do you knowwhere is moorty at this time? kiran, do not trouble her.i am asking her. madhu get up and tellme where is moorty now.

no, we cannot do anythingof this sort during the session. i can't allow this.- what has happened to you? suddenly your innerconscious has arisen. will you teach me? go away from here. go away. let me do my work. enough. as it is i am givingillegal medicines to your staff. what else do you want? hey, get away. ravi..

kiran you are the murderer. so you are the ravikiran of this story. okay dear enough of this tell me where is moorty. you have wasted enough time.- i will not tell. come on..- kiran, no. please don't interfere in my work. whatever you are doing is wrong.- i said get out from here. hey,- kiran, stop it. kiran.. delete all records here.and her also.- kiran..

okay sir.- kiran.. fawad, call the police. hey, keep down the phone. hello, ashok..- yes sir. take out madhu's bio data. and find out where all shehad gone for nss camp with school. i want to know in which oldage home she had rendered service. yep.. doctor, where is madhu?- kiran took her forcefully.

kiran.. where has kiran taken madhu?- i don't know. kiran will not spare her.he will kill her. why will kiran kill her?- i know all his secrets. by giving drugs to his employees.. ..he wanted to becomeking of international gaming. and because of thatthey are in this condition. knowing very well of it silleffects i gave them these drugs. i should not have agreed to kiran.

call the police, please. hello.. send someone quickly totidal park's let's talk clinic. what happened?- my boss kiran has kidnapped madhu. he also tried to kill the doctor. he is dangerous. get out from there.i am coming to you. wait car's keys. i can understand that he hasa reason to kill you but why madhu. listen to will understand everything.

then who is kali? i waited for this for so many years. yes tell me.- they both escaped. where would they have gone?- to that old man. so you are the onewho has revealed my secret. you will not remainalive to be a witness. this surely is kiran's plan. stop it, stop it. try to come out.

pull me out. try hard. come out quickly.quick. quick. welcome back to reality. no, no.. don't worry about that but just relax. relax.. still there is effectof medicine on you. you are not in your consciousness.

so why don't you sit withme comfortably and have a drink? you are a murderer. seeing me here are you tensed. no, no come on. this isnot the time to open champagne. give this to me.come on be a good girl. you know you cannot harmme at all with this bottle. come here. oh my god.. your smell is exactly like my kalyani. leave me.- same anger.

i am not fault withwhat happened with you. shall i make you count? when you came to my officefor an interview that.. ..was your first mistake, sweetheart. and i again saw kalyanithat i saw 25 years ago. same face. i felt you are comingdirectly from where i had buried you. i was in shock. but i could suppress mydesire of watching you every day. what could i do?

and then your second mistake. after the lift incident whenyou were giving first aid to ashwin.. excuse me sir.- what? here is another old connection. oh my god. think of thedevil and the devil is here. ashwin, ashwin..- hey.. ashwin.. sty there otherwise i will kill him. go, just go.. how scary was thatscene when i saw you both together?

oh yes, i knew that he was notkali and neither you are my kalyani. but you could have born somewhereelse or go somewhere else. but you didn't. and this boy.. ..would have born somewhere elseand would have gone somewhere else. but even he did not.what did you do? you came back to me. that too to my domain. the button that was pausedin 1987 suddenly played. your love story started again.

again in front of me. it seemed as if someonewas hitting me on my heart. then i tried to killhim in car accident. but he was lucky to escape. and like kalyani your destinycannot save you from me. you killed kalyani by cheating. i did not cheat herbut kalyani cheated me. she cheated me secretly. what a shame? do you know after thati did not get married? no..

you know something. manygirls came and went away in my life. just like passing clouds. next morning i could notremember their face or name. but the position of wifeis different from all this. sex is there but withher you can share everything. i was happy that kalyaniis with me to share all this. but everything was dreams were shattered. everything was over. that day when kali wasrunning away with kalyani.

i could not tolerateso i shot him and killed him. after that the entire worldstarted asking me that why.. ..did the girl whom i was goingto marry ran away with a hooligan. they used to insult me.they used to bully me. again and again andagain just because of him. ashwin....bloody hell. i hate him. i hate him. ashwin, ashwin get your eyes ashwin. ashwin..- oh, it is such an old love story. like old movies the endof this love story is also death.

and i am sad about it. you are a sinner and a devil.- yes, you recognized me right. i am a devil.devil.. spare us, please.- how can i spare you? only you both areleft who know my secret. and you are asking me tospare you both. how can i do that? as you know that idecide the end of all.. ..the games that aremade in this company. that is why i will decidethe end of this game.

no, no..ashwin, get up. oh..- ashwin please get up. get ready to die even in this birth. are you surprised? you are thinking thathow an unconscious man.. ..gained consciousness so soon. you make the entire world a foolso even i thought of playing a game. how did you like it mr. ravi kiran. for so many days i wasthinking her to be a fool..

..but you are muchmore stupid than her. what's wrong with you man? you couldhave easily killed her in the clinic. but you did not kill. mistake number 1 your rowdies would havekilled me there. but they didn't. they brought me here. whata bunch of idiots. mistake number 2 at least when we both were here youwould have shot us. but you didn't. again and again you started.. ..speaking your same olddialogues and wasted the time. so boring man.

i will do the end of your game.see you soon. hey, stop.. shoot both of them. madhu.. hey come on. where are you hiding?come out, idiot. hey madhu, where are you? come out. come on out. come out, come out.. no..

look your romeo is ready to die again. no, leave him. history repeats itself. ashwin, stop it. i will not do it again, is for my betterment. if i kill him and go to jailthen what will happen of my madhu. i want to live with her, sir. happily..all my life. he killed us 25 yearsago and is roaming free..

shoot him and close the file, sir. not me but law willtake a decision for him. i will just arrest himand take him away from here. sir, by using hispower in the wrong way.. ..he will get released from the jail. and we have no proof against him.shoot him, sir. ashwin listen to meand throw this knife first. if he leaves it then weboth will be killed. kill him. what nonsense are you talking?

kill him.- don't do this. don't spoil your future.listen to me. don't go against the law.don'tdo this.stop. throw that. kill him ashwin. don't think too much. no, ashwin no. stop ashwin.. you will be killed by me. you will be killed by him. hey, keep quiet for some time. youjust keep talking nonsense every time. you are using my idea on me.very smart.

remember, death is not the end. i will come back for you. now you can come back only by one the video game. ravi kiran killed also the witnesses.. ..of the murder hecommitted 25 years ago. we tracked him from his cell phonebut till then he committed suicide. the last witness moorty was.. leave it open by spittingon it and it will be healed. no more questions.

sign this cheque of 50lakhs. so much money for what? it is your marriage child and i haveinvited famous dancers and actors. i will shake the entirecity in the marriage of my niece. tell me one thing uncle. why do youkeep moving your hand in the pocket? after talking with thepriest i have taken this lemon.. ..which has mantras for thepeace and prosperity of my house. so that no evil eye falls. if the drama is overthen shall we make lemonade?

this place has changed so much. do you remember ashwin that in 1962.. ..we ran on this road aftersaving our life to catch the ship? check post was somewhere here then. ashwin, why had you tocome to burma for honeymoon. hey..- how many times have i told you.. ..that rebirth,past birth is all nonsense. hey, remember we both metfor the first time in office lift. and before that i hadnot seen you in this birth.

then how did you comein my dreams of burma? this i can explain. not only in your dreams.. ..but i have free ticket to comeinto dreams of every beautiful girl. you know something.- what? indian girls always wooedme but now even foreigners. you are so weak.if i spit at you, you will fly. as if you are daughter of iron man.- understand one thing. we may take many birthsbut you are mine and i am yours.

hey, if you talk about rebirth again.. ..then i will settlewith these bald people. hey, so you want to remain unmarried. just think that will yoube able to live without me. for four births youhave been troubling me. there are still three to go. we have to complete seven births.

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