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"we are useless. we are useless." "both of us are useless." "we are cheats of the highest order." "we are two loafers." "we are cheats, but classy." "it is a wonder, isn't it?" "even if you go searchingwith a lamp, you won't find.." "useless flirty loafersor rascals like us." "why do they call us rascals? why?"

"why? why?" "why do they call us rascals?" "a girl in my world who'llnot give me her heart." "if she doesn't give me a look,she'll be left intoxicated." "we are honest as such." "there is a thief in all of us." "they faint when we pass by." "she plays lute that makespeople dance to its tune." "you'll find only rascalsin the future, too."

"sometimes we greet,sometimes we go missing." "someone who bumpsinto us cannot catch us." "you'll find only rascalsin the future too." brother, lock the car. you are my sister. this is anthony's one is going to touch it. come on. brother, let's go there. mary, i think i'llgo watch some football.

you go. okay. - okay? thank you. brother, careful with the bag. mary, this is anthony's cash and.. ..not osama's addressthat anyone can get it. yes. bet 20 on my 20 on brazil. hey, move. i am pretty ticked off.i am all messed up. you move. - don't touch.

darn you! no. no. what are you doing? sports bring people together. chill. enjoy the game. explain that to his chelsea guy. anthony is my name. got it? come on, son. go. go. i've bet rs.2 million on brazil. on brazil?

why? - today brazil willlose for the first time. don't jinx it. it is the trick of 15x3. what is this 15x3 all about? 15x3=45. that means when agerman player kicks.. ..from a 15 degreeangle in the 15 minutes.. ..the ball bounces thrice,crosses three people.. ..and gets into thegoal at 45 degree angle.

goal! darn it! pal, you're quite a player. but the game is not finished yet,my friend. - okay. you see. you see my bag? that brown bag. it was lying here. yes. but where did it go? where did it go?

hey! shut the gate. no one leaves. shut the gate.- come on, move to that side. no one moves. i am telling you. check. check everyone. check everyone. so sad. what do peopleget by stealing? for cash. what else? there were a whole 30 in that. only for 30,000 or 50,000.even i can afford that much.

rs.3 million.there were three million in it. a whole 3 million. he has made off with anthony's money. i will not spare him. rs.3 million. brother,let us report it to the police. have you gone mad? firstly, it is black money.and moreover it is anthony. i'll find him right away.

hey! brother. our car. it is also gone. no! mamma! now what do i do of you? the car and money bothgot stolen on the same day. sorry, mamma. - whose son are you? whose son are you?

i think yours. right. and who am i? rosy gonzalvez. yes. the rosy gonzalvezat whom a boy had winked.. ..when she was 15 years old. i had made him blind. i know, mom. the same guy gaveme a rose when i was 20. i had broken his hand. - i know.

and then i gave that boymy hand and married him at 25. that is him. your father. mamma, i have been listening tothis story ever since i was a child. mamma, i told brother thatlets report it to the police. quiet. we'll go to police. never, mamma.- we'll go? - never, mamma. just as every girl enters movies.. ..once she becomes ms. india.

similarly, every car goes tousmaan's garage after it is stolen. usmaan. micheal. - yes, ma'am. what will rosy gonzalves' son pick? what will he pick? good boy. chetan, my champion. fantastic. brand new mercedes. you've stolen it fromthe showroom, right?

mind blowing. i swear. one day you'll evenget 'gateway of india' for me. out with the money. come on. come on. bring it. here is your money. who's usmaan? - what do you want? are you usmaan? - no. then as i said. go call usmaan. hello, sir.

i'm usmaan. the pride of this garage. tell me. which car do you want? there's pajero,parado, audi, hummer, bmw, mercedes. i have all the cars. tell me. anthony wants anthony's car. dark brown mercedes. maroon. mh-01 111. china in fake items,suresh raina in batting.. ..and anthony's right hand.

mine was a dark browncoloured brand new one. now tell me quickly where my car is. or i'll shoot you right here. why is it so quiet in here? is there a curfew? who are you? - who are you? oh god! i am his daddy. - daddy. i am the engine and he is my boggie.- thank you. the name is azharuddin jalaaluddin..

..fakruddin facebookwala. what happened, mister?- my car has been stolen. go to the insurance companyif your car has been stolen. son, you've cometo the wrong address. uncle, your son is into robbery. i know my car is here. son, robbers stealkohl from your eyes.. ..your desires from the heart. well said. - what alland where do we look for, son?

that's sad. that's sad. uncle! - thank you so much, son. i'll leave by thetrain in the morning. usmaan, you've 24 hours. - yes. anthony wants anthony's car. got it? thank you. - you found the car? it has gone to assam. really. okay. i'll send you andyour uncle both to assam.

no. no. just a minute. just a minute. that same uncle has fooled you. look at this. this is him. he has stolen your car.chetan alias uncle. where will i find him?- america found laden. but you'll not find chetan. he's like the fragrance. he keeps flying all the time. america, london, bangkok.may i leave?

take me out or i'll die. chetan. chetan chauhan. bhagat bhosle. here's my card. are you going to bangkok? no. i'll get down atbandra station on the way. pal, since this planeis bound for bangkok.. ..i'll obviously go to bangkok. what's your business?

i break rocks. rocks? did you serve a term in jail? low thinking. i have a business of diamonds. seems to be a huge business. that's my part time business. well, i have oil wells world wide. oil is well. mummy!

oh my god! are you okay? looks like you're travelingin a plane for the first time. no. i am not used to.i always travel in a jet. jet airways. no. no. not airways. my private jet. but i had to lend it to modi today. modi? - lalit modi. i have shares in ipl

my god! what a watch! it must be quite expensive. 2.5 taste is kind of hi-fi. the watch should be of rado. the car should be prado. and the serial should be'na aana is desh mein laado'. by the way,where are you staying in bangkok? look at this. pan pacific hotel.

presidential suite. revolving waterbed.- can i get a room here? without'll not even get a bathroom. and look at this. hot sexy babe dolly. four days three nights.breakfast free. i've already sentthe email to the female.. ..that dolly i wantyou all decked up. but brother,how will she recognize you?

there is a code word. 'dilwale dulhania - le jayenge.' no. 'le jayenge.' okay baggu.i'll go exchange currencies. first exchange love with an indian. don't have fun without me. no. no. take care. cheers. fake one. darn it. this one is also fake.

darn it. these dollars are also fake. 'you kept a watch on my purse.' 'and i kept a watch on your watch.' 'you mouthed dialogues.' 'and i stole your money.' 'without cash.- how are you going to have fun?' hey! hey! mr. chetan. what nonsense! you are saying that bhagatis already in my room.

yes, sir. bhagat has already come. how can bhagat come? tomorrow anybody will say,"i am bhagat." you can also say that you are bhagat. yes. i am also bhagat. bhagat bolabhai chauhan from uganda. people call me bbc affectionately. that's not my point.

i am bhagat who had booked.. ..the presidential suite from india. fine. let's assumethat you are bhagat. show me your passport. my stolen at the airport. what is the guaranteethat you are bhagat? do you know any influential man here? mr. manik ramnik. mr. desai. you must know someone, right?

dolly. did you recognize me? - yes. i am bhagat. 5000 dollars, internet booking. three days.four nights. breakfast free. you are bhagat?bhagat is already in the room. no. he is not bhagat. i am bhagat. two bhagats. you will have to pay extra.

he is an imposter bhagat. okay. what is the code word? is code word enough? i will tell you. ba ba black sheep. no. johnny, johnny. yes, papa. no, papa. i will tell you. 'dilwale dulhaniya'.. - 'le jayenge'.

he is the real bhagat. you! i make the payment.and you get the kiss. manager. who is this rogue? what does he want? throw him out.- there is some confusion. he is saying he is bhagat. tomorrow you willsay that you are bhagat. will i believe you?

yes, sir. i am also bhagat. bbc. whatever. throw him out. otherwise i will check out from here. sir, customer is always right. come on. get out. sir, you lost the girl.but i will lose my job. please leave. security. one moment.

when a person's time is bad,no matter how safe he is.. ..trouble befalls on him. security. "mamma let me see youdrop it to the ground." "work that thing go round and round." "now shake it. just shake it." "now shake it. shake it." "now shake it. now shake it." "after stealing myslumber and senses..

..don't leave my hand and go." "coming in my dreams andgiving me sleepless nights.. ..don't go away in the night." "slowly into the fragrance." "come into my arms again and again." "come. i will love you." "shake it, beloved." "swag it out, we need allthe bad ladies on the floor." "i dance in an intoxicating way."

"it's the gait of betrayal." "come close to me." "just call me g6 baby, i'm fly." "look up in the air baby, i'm high." "maybe i'm not,side you know mr. hot." "i'm a party animalyou know i'm a drunkard." "the meetings amidst the stars." "i keep the moon by your bedside." "with flowers onmy hair i act smugly."

"walking with asway into your heart." "my eyes are downcast." "it's your magic." "hold me tightly andlet me sleep in your arms." "mama let me see youdrop it to the ground." "after shooting thearrow and killing me." "don't go afterexpressing your love." "after coming close andawakening yearning in me." "don't go after igniting this fire."

"the knife stabs my heart." "i secretly fell in love with you." "don't commit this atrocity." "don't harass me so much." cheer up. "o baby." no photos. - it's okay, guys. it's all right. gorgeous!

isn't she a bit young? she is young.but she has a big bank balance. let it be. she has security. i can also see the security. i won't go to her. she will come to me. welcome. to art of giving. are all of you ready?

yes! all of you want to give? yes! - god wants you to. yes! - yeah! sit down. just imagine. all of you have power, servants. a tower where you live. a shower to take bath.what do they have?

they have hunger. you celebrate yourbirthday every year. they wear theirbirthday suit for years. you watch 'avtaar' in 3d. they beg on thestairs of the station. you have prada, gucci and armani. what about their desires? before it's too late,learn to donate. your name? - maya.

maya. - yes. money. wealth. it's all maya. illusion. so many people in theworld are fed-up and restless. and you are wearingthis chain of 58 grams. are you feeling better? yes. better. - then meet me later. this is the art of giving.

some energy is pulling me towards it. yes. you. name? - khushi. your name is khushi. but are you truly happy? not fake faith.i will show you the right way. hold my hand. i will give you a baby. what! an orphan baby.i mean, adopt a child.

will you? yes. i will. please accept me.i will give everything i have. purse. - everything. your place is not there. it's here. khushi. you have organized a racefor those who might stumble. art of giving. - wow! wow! now, in my life there isonly charity, charity and charity.

i love this clarity. what is he doing here? he's showing us the stick. boss, he is not blind. it's cheating. shall i go and tell him? - quiet. he is not blind. and he is not dumb. if he tells khushi about us,we will.. and the race begins. i won. i won. i won. - youare running in the wrong direction.

you are running inthe wrong direction. that way. - i think it is right. no. no. that way. that way. this way. yes. yes. yes. right. right. right. come on. yes. yes. you can do it. yes. come on. yes. yes. you can do it. yes. he won.

i won. the trophy is mine. it's mine. fine. fine. fine. i told you to return to india. i was returning. but before my flight couldtake off from the airport.. ..i glanced around. and i saw khushi. 'beautiful.'

'36-24-36.' mr. bhagat. mr. bhagat, congratulations. this is your prize money. here. here. and this is seven days, eight nightsfree stay at pan pacific hotel. thank you.thank you. - congratulations. thank you. - listen to me, khushi. what is day or nightfor this poor man?

and what is black and white? give him some moremoney and let him go. i don't want sympathy.take this. - no. no. no. no. i am doing this frommy heart and not out of pity. from your heart? - yes. from your heart? come. come. i am also going there.- okay. come on. tell your servantto pick up my luggage. no. he is not my servant.

he is a famous social chetan. mr. chetan. - yes. social worker? - yes. he had helped thechildren in somalia. he helped them. tell him to help this blindman and pick up my luggage. please, mr. chetan. please. - come on. don't forget this red bag. - yes.

he made you a porter. not me. you. carry the luggage.- this is cheating. don't forget the red one. do you know, khushi? i had also saved money sothat i can stay in such a hotel. but some fool seized it. mr. bhagat. mr. bhagat. carefully. carefully. mr. bhagat, carefully.

are there such peopletoo in the world? they seize money from a blind man. very bad. mr. bhagat. - yes. shall i ask you something? don't you have any kinor girl or a woman in your life? i have one. a maid. she washes vesselsin the morning and evening. my house gets cleaned automatically.

no. no. i mean,a wife or a girlfriend. or.. yes there was one. like you. i could see at that time. meenu and i loved each other a lot. she was a model. and i was a role model. a solider who could laydown his life for his country.

soldier? - so you were in the army. when you were enjoying your life,i was in the army. i was in the navy. actually, do you know, khushi? my friend was also a watchman.. ..guarding the gate of navy nagar. not gate. my duty was fromgateway of india to goa. one day suddenly someterrorists attacked us.

the battle went on for three days.for three days. and you lost your eyesight. you are in a hurry to make me blind. sorry. sorry. continue. continue. after six months, when iwas discharged from the hospital.. ..i went running to meenu.. meenu must have beenso excited to see you.. ..that she must havehugged you. right? 50% right.

50%? she hugged someone. but not me. she was hugging somebody else. oh, god. liar. cheater. - control. control. what are you saying? no. not him. i am telling god. you are a liar. a cheater. why did you do this with such a man?

control but mr. bhagat,you never got yourself treated? i lost my eyesight because of love. i will regain myeyesight because of love. now that you have come.. must also be on the way. khushi. - yes. will you escort me to the bedroom? yes. surely. come. - let's go.

okay. thank you. what a story he has fabricated! hearing him.. ..sanjay leela bhansaliwill make black part 2. correct! who's it? how did you become blind, bhagu? how did you lose youreyesight suddenly, bhagu? your eyesight got restored.

i lose my eyesightand regain it at will. such a nice system. but henceforth you will be my eyes. what? whatever is going on betweenkhushi and chetan.. - yes. you will directly inform me. you get money foranswering questions in kbc. what will i get? one 'pawli'.

'pawli' is the currencyof which country? 25%, you idiot. this partnership hasmade my ears sharper. i can hear chetan'svoice from far away. "o gorgeous, you are themost beautiful woman in the world." "o cruel,your shirt is very heartless." "it's smoldering slowly." "it flutters in the breeze." "it's very shameless."

"it's slowly becoming wayward." "your glance wins the heart." "i am waiting. show me the panorama." "you hide your charms." "now, don't make excusesafter revealing it." "remove the veil." "drop the veil." "drop it down." "work it."

"want to see you hit the ground." "neither scarf." "nor veil." "nor handkerchief." "there is no otherwonder in your creation." "silky thread's seems like a wall." "i am waiting forthe chasm to be bridged." "there should besomeone who loves me." "there should be someone..

..from whom i don't want to go away." "this veil is not required." "now, there is no shame or coyness." "there is no distance." "forget decency." mr. chetan, you do a lotof social work for poor people. i am so impressed. how much donation do you want? ms. khushi, there is a shortage of..

..only 200 million forsomalia's orphan children. what's the cost of the project? 200 million. 200..200 million. - listen to me. donate only if you are convinced. i am convinced. i will make a chequeright away. - okay. leave my hand. - yes. sorry. sister khushi. sister khushi.

where are you? sister khushi. there's a problem. sister khushi, the cheque got bouncedeven before it could be issued. sister khushi,bhagu is drowning in the sea. do something. he is drowning. listen to me. he is from the navy.he knows swimming.

there are sharks in the water. ms. khushi, just relax. look. it's his death wish. if he wants to die,how can you save him? as long as there is yourart of giving in this world.. ..i will keep saving him. i will just come. continue teaching art of giving. she has learnt art of saving.

hello. bhagat calling bhagat. sister khushi is coming. be prepared. okay. okay. bhagat. why don't you die? what to do?khushi doesn't let me die. and i won't let you live. please help. move from the way.

mr. bhagat. - please everybody move. please. please.clear the way. please. clear the way. mr. bhagat, what are you doing? i am checking where titanic had sunk. okay. - what okay? okay? can't you see i am going to die? but why do you want to die? what will i do by living? i wish meenu was withme in such a big hotel's room.

such a big bed. i wish meenu was with me. i toss and turn the whole times left. at times right. mr. bhagat,you are killing yourself for a girl. don't do will surely find love again. do you remember? in 'mahabharat'(holy book) gandhari.. ..had blindfolded herselffor life for her blind husband. episode number 249. - yes. yes.

but in today's worldwho will be my gandhari? who will love this blind man?tell me. will you? - me? may be? - not may be. yes or no? mr. bhagat. - yes or no? do you see that wave?- but.. but how can you see it? i am not standing at astation that a train will arrive. i am standing in the ocean.there is bound to be a wave. tell me. do you see that wave? yes, i can see it.

answer me before thatwave arrives here. yes or no? fine. fine, mr.bhagat. i.. - stop it. stop it, ms. khushi. don't say anything further. whatever you have to say,say it to me, ms. khushi. yes. what do i do?you explain to him. you coward. you want to die. don't you know? the lawsof this state are very strict. if you are caughtcommitting suicide.. will be hanged on the noose. what are you doing? i am doing a psychological treatment. look, if he becomes phobic.. ..he won't ever talkabout committing suicide. i don't want to me. save me. save me. did you see? did you see? i told you. right. right. do it again.

you go. go. i will do his treatment. you go. - okay. he will kill me. sir, he is coming. chetan. chetan,what have you put in your eyes? strange eye drops. since when have youbeen wearing glasses? since morning. since how many years?- since childhood, chetan.

if you put these eye drops.. won't haveto wear glasses again. instill this medicineinto my eyes, chetan. no. it's very expensive. you won't lose anything ifyou pour just two drops, chetan. give it. give it. art of giving. remove and lie down. - clothes? your glasses. "may nobody cast an evileye on your beautiful face."

"begone evil eye." oh god, make my eyes good. bhagu, now your turn. 'chashme baddoor' eye gives you pain in your eyes. mr. bhagat. mr. bhagat. are you okay?- ms. khushi. - mr. bhagat. you? - mr.bhagat, i have a surprise for you. surprise? what surprise?- you won't refuse, will you? what surprise?

first lie down here.- the lie down surprise. - yes. okay. okay.- you also come. - surprise. what is this? only two drops. i took polio vaccinationin childhood. it is 'chashme baddoor' eye drops. a magical medicine. it will surely restore your eyesight. that's what people say.

what people? bhagu, look. don't a good boy. - no, bhagat. come here. - okay. - no, bhagat. open your eyes. how do you feel? - bhagat is gone. i will also leave. ms. khushi, i can't see. - bhagat. ms. khushi. ms. khushi. i can't see.

who is it? - it's me. it's me. you are already blind. how many times willyou lose your eyesight? chetan. water.water. - i will drink water. chetan, give me water. give me water. it's burning a lot, chetan. didn't i feel enviouswhen you took away the girl? give me water. chetan, please.chetan, please. chetan.

left. left. left. - save. right. right. chetan. do something.poor guy is screaming a lot. just like a pregnant woman.- pregnant woman? - chetan! i mean, getting new eyesight.. similar to givingbirth to a baby. - chetan! no pain. no gain. 'chashme baddoor'. you are celebrating aftergiving pain to two people.

no need to be so happy. look, bhagu.he is dancing with the girl. "it was fun!" did he really go crazybecause of the shock? "it was fun with khushi!" chetu. chetu, thank you.thank you. thank you. thank you. you made my life. the scene that i sawtoday as a blind man.. can't see it forseven lifetimes to come. what did you see? what did you see? all of you left aftergiving me pain in the eyes. cut to i was in torment.cut to i screamed. cut to i fell downfrom the lobby. cut to.. you are harping on cut to.say further. i endured a lot of pain. finally, i collided withyour art of giving poster. and jumped into the swimming pool.

good. it was good when shejumped into the swimming pool. who? - who? mr. bhagu.- no. - that's it. that's it. that's how she jumpedwhen she saw me in trouble. mr. bhagu. mr. bhagu. mr. bhagu. ms. khushi. - mr. bhagu. like a child she took me in her arms.

thank you. ms. khushi. thank you, ms. khushi. - mr. bhagu. cut to i was wet. cut to she was wet. cut to both of us were wet. how many people are getting wet? i.. was shivering.. and then.. what happened next? tell me. i beg you. - please. please.

i implore to you. - please. please. take it out. take it out. take this. tell us. tell us. cut to.. she took me to the room. room?! next? next.. i will tell you in the room. with visuals. - come on. location is my room.

yes. i can see that. romantic silence. ms. khushi laid me on the bed. like bipasha in 'jism'she slowly unbuttoned my shirt. first. second. third. how many buttons are there? she unbuttoned my shirt.and wiped my body dry. how they show in babies add in tv. the same way.

you are such a cheap man. - cheap. she touched my body tenderly. and i am a cheap man. envious man. this is art of giving. she was giving me love. enough. - what happened next? i started shivering from cold. their wasn't any heater.- she was their.. enough.

it's over. this was part one.the second part is still left. what else is left? she also removed her clothes. why did she remove her clothes? she was also wet. first the top part.then lower part.. then moved.. hold on. didn't she feel ashamed?

she felt ashamed. but she thought why tofeel shy in front of a blind man. what is this, chetan? in your rage you forgot my character. no. i can see your charactervery clearly, bhagu. to hell with the character.what happened after that? you can't do it.but at least imagine. no. if chetan finds out,what will he say? - nothing. art of giving. - giving.. - no!

bhagu, oh my god!you know martial arts as well. khushi, don't forget that i'm a soldier. i'm trained for all this. as it is,everyone must know self defense. do you know? - no. why do i need self defense? there is securitywith me all the time. imagine that they've taken a day off.

and suddenly a thiefgrabs you on a remote road. then what will you do? what will i do? i'll teach you. imagine a crazy lover. - my bag. who is crazily in love with you. and he picks you up all of a sudden. i'll teach you this as well. and he throws you on the bed.

and grabs your hands. and locks lips with your lips. so that you're not able to scream. who? - what are you doing, mr. bhagu? mr. bhagu was teachingme self defense. like this. i have been watching.he has only been attacking. he is not teaching defense. no. i was about to teach.

but you showed up, mr. chetu. but i've come alone. i've got a surprise. surprise? - surprise. - yes. look over there. at the right. right. - no mr. bhagu. at the right. who is she? - "shake it, beloved." bhagu darling. my life. my love. my sweetheart.

i'm back. who is she? who are you, sister? sister?! you didn't recognize her? this is ms.meenu. ms. meenu. your lost love. you didn't recognize me,bhagu darling. it's your meenu. where had you been leaving me? this can't be my meenu. really? but thisis your i phone, right?

take a look. take a look. mr. bhagu, this is you.and this is your meenu. mr. bhagu, don't be stubborn. does anyone reject love like this?i'm happy for you. we'll be friends. okay. i got it. so you are rejecting mefor this rich and beautiful girl. no. no, sister-in-law. this girl is like his sister.- come on.

this isn't my wife. mr. bhagu,you remember the tattoo of your name. and this tattoo. and do you remember this tattoo? love you bhagu. you would make me get a tattoo. and you would beholdthis tattoo for hours. and do you want meto show that tattoo? enough. enough, sister-in-law.

you've showed enough. he might or might not're sister-in-law for us. no, ms. khushi. no, ms. khushi. they're lying. they're trying to frame me.- okay. okay. i'm wrong. and the tattoo is also fake. but him. hi! you recognize him at least,don't you? bhagu daddy.bhagu daddy. bhagu daddy.

junior bhagu is so adorable.go. go to your daddy. let us go, ms. khushi. he is chinese. wait. - let me go. no. leave me. let me go, bhagu. it's been three days. and we didn't even come to know. nor did we open theroom or the curtains. the sun raises..and set.. and we both.. - bhagu!

honey, what about the money? come on, silly.i'll not take money from you. what? hello. my money. - what for? he had given me moneyto be your wife only for a day. but you kept me asyour wife for three days. and i'm sure you enjoyed yourself. but you also i asking anything? that settles it. come on, bhagu. you're so cheap.

never mind, bhagu. i must not take favours from a woman. thanks. but this is a huge sum. the job is also huge. will be done. come. come. come. have a seat. - yes. ms. khushi, i have somethingvery important to tell you.

yes, tell me. what is it? ms. khushi, are you comfortable there? yes. i am comfortable. are you sure? - yes. i don't think you'recomfortable there. actually, you want to sit i right? oh. no. no. i'm fine. - no. no. sir, come to the point.come to the point.

are you sure? - yes. i am sure. no. no. come. - no. i am comfortable. no. no. i'll sit there. you come here. come on. please come. come on. - okay. come. - okay. i'll sit here. now tell me. what is it? actually, ms. khushi.. ..will you have coffeeor tea or juice or milk?

anything. anything. will coffee do?- yes. coffee is fine. excuse me. two coffees. please. are you sure you'll have coffee? yes. i am sure. no. i feel you'llhave tea and not coffee. no. i'm fine. i like coffee. ms. khushi, you are too sweet. i know you've orderedcoffee to make me happy.

actually, you want tea. no. i like coffee.i want coffee. i love coffee. you're angry now.- i'm not angry. i'm not angry. i'm not angry. i'm not angry.- okay. - tell me. what is it? okay. actually,are you sure you want coffee? oh. yes. yes. yes. tell me. what is it? - yes. yes. ms. khushi, have you ever thought..

..about marriage, family, kids? oh. i'm already married. yes. to social somalia, kids are my kids. that is such a noble thought.but forget all that. have you ever thoughtthat a young dashing boy.. ..would enter your life? as in? as in.. ms. khushi.

ms. khushi. ms. khushi. - mr. bhagu. who is this?- it's me, mr. bhagu. it's me. mr. chetu. - you're also here. mr. bhagu, where hadyou been since so many days? and where are sister-in-lawand junior bhagu? sister-in-law.- yes. where are they? bhagu, look at this. i'm sorry, mr. bhagat.

i was sent as your wife with the kid. mr. bhagu, all this is a planto frame a decent gentleman like you. and i was given lotsof money for that. and do you know who did it? who is that? who is that? mr. bhagu,how long will this continue? you'll say something about her. jiya will say something about you. let it go, mr.bhagu. let if go. - yes. yes.

but how did you comehere from the hotel? on a bike. - on a bike? - on a bike?! he rides a bike tooalthough he is blind. where in the army or in a circus? i was riding the bikeand bbc was showing me the way. and how will you go back? i will ride the bike and ms.khushi will show me the way. how do you like the idea, mr. chetu? idea is very good. isn't it?

it is very good. and also want to tell you something. bye, mr. chetu. - ms. khushi. ms. khushi, hold me tight.- bye, mr. chetu. i was telling.come to the point. come to the point. he must have reachednariman point by now. not left. straight. straight. - okay. yes. yes. straight. straight.

very good. bbc, you're bhagu's eyes, aren't you? tell me. has he come back or no. he hasn't come back.but he had called up. what did he say? mr. bhagu was ridingthe bike and ms. khushi.. ..was holding himtightly from behind. what? - handel.. what else? mr. bhagu is enjoying a lot.

he was saying thathe will not return.. ..till the petrol doesn't run out. just imagine, mr.chetu. what a solid scene it must be. 20 years old boy. 18 years old girl. speed of 100. empty road.hearts beating. flowing hair. kissing the cheeks. sometimes the boy would bein front and sometimes the girl. sexy journey, mr. chetu. mr. bhagu had a good time.- enough. enough.

chetu! chetan and bhagat. con men. you beguile innocentpeople by changing colours.. a chameleonand then loot them. lousy frauds. the law here is very rot here for years. officers,take their passports and arrest them. hey! careful. sir. sir, contact the indian embassy.

we need help. prithviraj rana.i am from the indian embassy. keep them in different cells,officer. together,these rascals are very dangerous. chetu, we'll settleour scores in madh island. now get me out of thailand at least. bhagu, if i get a term, keep ms.khushi happy. and do name your son chetu, pal. bhagu.

sir. sir, chetan is a fraud. sir. sir, i haven't done anything. sir, i'm completely innocent. that was so much fun. darn it! i got scaredin my own plan for a second. keep him locked up for seven days. and then board him on a flight.. ..saying that you're deporting him. that will fix him real good.

yes? - one tequila. - sure, sir. one more. - one more. and he'll pay. how did you come out?- what do you think? your fake jails cankeep a real man inside. you gave 0.5 million.i gave 1 million. and the doors of the jail opened. what will it take foryou to leave ms. khushi? i feel like taking your life.

take it. but sometimes,it is fun of a different kind.. keep your enemy alive. my father would say. attend a fearless man's funeral.. ..but not a coward's wedding. it will be so muchfun to attend your funeral. not my funeral. you'll directlyattend my wedding now.

do you think i'm an emotional hero.. ..that i'll hand overmy love to you and leave? "how on earth do i live without you?" and i'm a don of the movies. sultan mirza. when i shoot from behind,it comes out from the front. bhagu, i'm a real man. when i shoot, you don't come toknow where the bullet..

..enters and fromwhere does it come out. hey, rascal.i'll fly in the air and kick you. right in the potato. you will go flyingin the sky like a bird. land on the ground with massive thud. get off on me. ms. khushi, are you okay? oh god! thank you so much. nothing can happen toyou as long as i am alive.

i beat those rascals into fleeing. mr. chetu,thank you for saving my life. you're a real hero. mr. chetu,there is a limit to lying as well. i beat all of them. you saw how i beat them.when did you beat them? come on, mr.bhagu. you can't save yourself. how can you save others? mr. bhagu, you can't even can you fight?

just be real. oh, god. mr. chetu, let's go. oh mr. bhagu,you have saved her from the goons. you're spiderman, batman, he-man. let us go, chetu.i'm not feeling well. come on. come on. let's go. let's go. oh, brother bhagu. how longwill you act like a handicap? today ms. khushi also dumped me. i've had enough of acting blind.

here. bbc, what happened? brother bhagu is gone. bhagu is gone? where? he is gone upstairs. - upstairs. on a bike. that too alone. but why you let him go? i tried really hard to stop him,ms. khushi. but he started saying,"nobody loves me in this world."

seems like today ishis last day in this world. last day. - oh no! my, my! she couldn't stop herselfand is rushing after bhagu. sir. sir, bhagu is off againon his bike and is up to no good. and ms. khushi has gone after him. he is really fond of stunts,isn't it? today will be his last stunt. - why? because be it love or motor cycle.

break is a very importantin both the things. sir, what talent you have. doctor. he needs rest. bhagu, what happened to you?are you okay? why don't you say something, bhagu? what happened to my bhagu?bhagu. doctor. ms. khushi, the one whosename is khushi (happiness). who gives joy toeveryone from the heart.

tears don't suit her. smile please. pink lipstick suits you. bhagu, you can see!this means you can see. oh my god! oh my god! i can see! ms. khushi,i have got my eyesight back. ms. khushi, my eyesight.. you see me. look at me. i can't believe it. you can see me.

look at me. what happened? this colour you are wearingis hurting my eyes badly. take it off. please. it is okay now? not that. the one who are wearing.the yellow one. i'm losing my vision because of that. please take that off. please. okay.. is it better now?

best. but i can see thingsthat are at a distance. but not that are close to me. come a little closer. is it okay now? a bit more. now? is it better? now i can see everything. but i'm feeling shy. - so be it.

my vision is also coming. wow. great, mr. bhagu. you can see. you can see now. who is this uncle? - this is mr.chetan. a social worker. from the voice, i had figuredout that he must be only 50. bless me, uncle. okay. i'm happy thatyou can see because of me. right? - you got him his vision back. i have got my visiondue to the shock..

..because of the accident. no. no. no, mr. bhagu. that accident wasn't an accident. it was my master-plan. i removed the brakes of the bike.. that accident happens. you get a shock andyou get your vision back. this is the art of a shock. you got it, right? chetan, you're chetan, thanks to you.

mr. chetan, you are an're a saviour. i love you. - me too. ms. khushi. i'm losing my vision. chetan, please. - is it better now? it is okay now.- have you lost it now? i'm losing it again.i'm losing it again. soldier, you have justgot your eyesight back. don't look here and there. your eyes shouldbe on india's border.

go soldier.your country is calling you. and ms. khushi,your chetan is calling you. come on. come on. what is this for? - for the new eyes. then go or they'll wilt.just a minute. just a minute. khushi. khushi, i love you. i love you, khushi. no, khushi. today let me speak.i love you, khushi. ma'am.

she is naked. ma'am. how did you come here? wake up, ma'am. good morning, ma'am. wake up. liquor bottle. a naked woman. it must be bhagu's ruse. hello. good morning, chetan.what are you doing alone?

ms. khushi, i am not alone.- who is with you? your memories are with me.- so sweet. listen, i am coming. order some breakfast.- breakfast? hey, khushi.. where did nano go? hello. - where are you? i am in the pool, half naked. a naked woman is lying on my bed.come upstairs quickly. a naked woman?i am coming. i am coming.

ma'am. ma'am. get in. get in, panty. oh, god.. let the panty get inside. today i found out that it'sso easy to remove your clothes. but it's so difficult to wear it. god, save me. ma'am. ma'am, wake up. chetan. don't scare me.i might get a heart attack.

what is in the sheet? what? nano. nano. he vomited. i am taking him. shall i help you?- no. no. you go. go. i am there. go. go. you scared me. nano is here. who is in the sheet? something is wrong. sir. sir.sir. what is this? - go outside.

khushi is coming. stop her. go. sir, one moment. let me see. i haven't seen onesince a long time. - go. what is this, sir? so mean.. hi. - hi. - is mr. chetan there? no. you can't meet him now.he is busy. busy doing what? - he is unwell. if he is unwell, i should meet him. no. no. if he meets you,his health will deteriorate.

move. mr. chetu. mr. chetu. mr. chetu. ms. khushi.i am not well. i.. can't breathe. i think i need mouthto mouth respiration. come. come inside and lie on the bed. no. no. not inside. not inside. i will lie down on the floor. floor? - i am a grounded man,ms. khushi.

i am very grounded. come. come. - mr. chetu, what childishness is this? come. come inside. i will lie down here, ms. khushi. mr. chetu, lie down inside.on the bed. mr. chetu, inside.. inside.. inside.. i told you not to go inside.

she is my student. mother firangi (foreigner). and i am teaching her meditation. without clothes? yes. 'nagna mukasam'. it's such a stage ofmeditation where a person.. ..removes all his clothesand goes to god, naked. but mr. chetu, why naked?

just think. does a banyan treeever wear undergarment? does a horse ever wear a frock? does a goat ever wear mini skirt? so why should humans wear clothes? why? that is 'nagna mukasam'. chetu. - yes. i also want to do 'nagna mukasam'.- no. no. no.

first learn the ordinary pose. as it is, ms.khushi, 'nagna mukasam'.. ..can be enjoyed only at night. teach me. - for sure. inhale like a bank loan. and exhale slowlylike an installment. shed your inhibitions.and come in my shelter. bhagu, he is doing naked yoga. this posture is very easy.

i will also do 'nagna mukasam'. i am coming. i am coming. mr. bhagu. where are you? shall i open my eyes?- ms. khushi, open your eyes. the surprise is ready. you are looking so handsome. do you know? this is what my enemy wouldsay while dying in the war. enemy.

you are so handsome. bye. really? - yes. do you know, mr. bhagu? since childhoodi love men in uniform. that's why you toldme to wear a uniform. - yes. now, do you feel love forme after seeing me in a uniform? come on. give me some time. how much time more?

i will have to leaveif the war begins. forget that. i want to introduceyou to a few people. your family members? - no. your kin. your community people. it's a surprise. come. community? come. my community..?ms. khushi but.. i've no community.

surprise!! i am losing my vision. come on, bhagu. ladies and gentlemen. please welcome bhagat bhosle. bhosle's heroics destroyedthe enemy's camp. he's the brave officer.. ..whom i was tellingyou all about. - baghu! he lost his visionwhile battling the enemies.

but the passion toreturn to the border.. ..rectified the disorder in his eyes. ladies and gentlemen,give him a big hand. which base are you from? who was your commanding officer? which ship were you stationed on? ins halla or ins chakra. sir, which battalion were you from? from which division?- where are you posted?

he will. he will. he will.he will answer your questions. over to the impostor.i mean poster-boy of the navy. mr. bhagat, say something. you have to answer the questions. questions! questions! questions! mr. bhatode. you wanted to know which ship.. ..which regiment am i from? sir, regiment isn't important.commitment is.

mr. nambudri padd. you wanted to knowwhich ship i am from. ins halla or ins chakra.sir, i am not from any ship. i am from india. wanted to know which battalion.. ..which division i am from. the country is beingdivided into parts. and you are concernedabout the division. yuck! that's fine.

but which year didyou fight the battle? tell them. which year? 1947. 1947. - 65.. 71.. 99. you fought all these battles? - yes. whenever a soldier sacrificedhis life for the motherland. whenever a soldier foughtfor his motherland at the border. i felt like i am fighting there too.

wow! wow! but will these civiliansunderstand this feeling? - no! only we soldiers canunderstand this feeling. - yes! because we are the sons of..- motherland india. motherland india! "drink from the glass of is sweet." "let your heart fall for love." "drink from the glass of is bitter." "let your heart forget all shame."

"you can deceive her all you live." "so climb on and ride it." "don't try to stop me,show your true colours." "the month of juneis making me restless." "o darling, my body craves for you." "every moment itcraves for your love." "the moment's's the game of love." "we need to work really hard.don't leave my hand now." "the journey of our love has begun,god bless."

"there's no fear.nothing to worry about." "there's no dearth of courage." "my eyes are smouldering.there's a spark in them." "my body is smouldering,so why are you so cold?" "i am with you wherever you are." "your nights won'tbe spent lonely anymore." "under the moon." "a lonesome bird takes a bold step." "love on his mind,dares to play the game of love."

"wishes to get ridof his loneliness." "stop being sad.pick up the glass and have a ball." bhagu, i am on a high. but i have high respect for you. even i have high respectfor bhagu, the con. he is no navy officer. this is a rented dress.and the medals are rented as well. you are worse than me.he only believes in art of taking. khushi, he's after your money.con man.

if i am a con man thenyou are no blind man either. you kiss her shoulderposing as a blind man. i don't just kiss,i follow her around. blind man watching khushi swim. i love bad boys. i love bad boys. we love bad girls. good morning. - good morning. what happened? - i don't know. where are we?- exactly where you are.

khushi. khushi. - khushi. "we fell in love. we confessed." "so why is the heart afraid of love?" "the heart says thejourney's difficult." let's ask him. "we don't know whereour destiny lies." hello, uncle. good morning. - you two, again. oh, god. save me from these rascals.

why did that unclerun after seeing us? let's go ask him.that's better. - come on. oh, god. where didthese two come from again? o lord, jesus. open your door and take me inside. o jesus, drive them away. father. - father. - listen to us. i am not interestedin talking to you two. father. - father.

"father. father." this is exactly howyou made a mess of me. you mean we maligned you. he is standing in the he cannot say it directly. right. - so, father.tell us in flashback. - okay. i still remember that night. that night 10 hours ago. the silence of nights.i was snoring. and the church bell. church.

why is my voice echoing? where are we? - father. there is no one here. the father is taking a nap.let him sleep. father. father. let me sleep.come back in the morning. the god is restingat this hour. - no. we want to get married right now.- we do. but people normally celebratetheir honeymoon at night.

they don't get married. look, if you disturbgod's sleep at night.. ..the god will not spare come tomorrow. come tomorrow. father, right now means right now.otherwise never. okay, okay. now the father will wearhis robe and assert his right. so tell me who isthe prince charming? who is the darling?

he's the darling. he's the darling. i am too. - all three of you. this isn't right. "o darling, darling." control, dear, control.who wants to get married? oh, man. man to man. no, no, no. i don't conduct gay marriages.- not these two. you have to get memarried to these two. what? both of them.

one bride two groom. in one room. no, that's not possible. jesus, if that happens.. ..then that will be the end.- father! end of the'll be a terrible catastrophe. so you can get married to only one.- father. in the mahabharata,draupadi married five men. i am marrying only two. oh, god. you are still missing three.

father. - sorry. same to same situationoccurred 30 years ago. two friends, peter and pascal.. ..fell for a girlcalled julie. - then? then both had a fightfor julie's right. peter gave a right to pascal. pascal gave a left. pascal hit on the centre. pascal hit on the face.

pascal hit on the nose. but who won? peter won. pascal kept hittinghim and peter won. friends, if pascal had won.. ..then would he have beenstanding here in the church.. ..and ringing the bell? father. - pascal. yes, i am you two will fight as well.

whoever wins in the boxing ring.. ..will adorn the weddingring on this girl's finger. and now i will turn intothe referee from father. start. - chetu! - attack. attack. attack. attack.attack. attack. don't wait. attack. move aside. attack. - you hit me. attack. attack. now you attack.

why do you.. yes.. god bless you my child.attack. attack. what happened then? then i suffered a broken head,broken teeth.. ..and lost interestto see my beautiful face.. ..with my cockeye. but where is our khushi?- i don't know. you beat me up andleft from the church. god will never forgive you two.

stop. death in life. item songs in movies. and anthony can comeat any time in crime. that's great, sir. now say. should ibarge in or kill you two. bhagu, i understand that he hit me. but why did you hit you? you two ruined everythingon the day of my engagement. you, too.

hey! mamma! you rascals, anthony wasdefamed because of you two. but the original song is,munni was defamed for you. i am standing in the church.i cannot say it directly. come on, shell out the money. we won't give you the money.what will you do? shoot us. shoot. shoot. - shoot. shoot him. shoot. - here.

you won't get anythingby shooting us, sir. i won't shoot you two.i will shoot your weakness. khushi. - khushi. - come, khushi. where did you find khushi? last night you weredesperate to get married. and i was the onewho bumped into you. did he do anything with you?- yes, he did. what did he do? the entire night.. - what did he do?

on the bed.. - what did he do? kept me tied.- thank god. - thank god. relax. relax. is he a don or a mosquito?- one that spreads dengue. please let me have i harmed you? my father will return your money.let me go. yes. it's your money, her father. why drag us in between?- yes, khushi. tell your father that..

..he shouldn't keepanyone's payment pending. our reputation gets..- we are in the church. you took the moneyso you will return it. well caught. - you have 24 hours. call me. let's go. chetan. bhagat. - sir, sir. charger. forget it, nothing will happen. - no. khushi's touch is awesome.

the entire body feels electrified. you are right. and her lips. when she speaks it touches the heart. and her heart.i wish to sacrifice everyone. and her gait. - oh, god. you two love khushi so immensely. father. - yes. do you have anything? - anything. i am standing in the church.

don't worry.we will manage something. the storm that blowspeople's homes away. we dry our innerwear in it. right, come on. - see you, father. they really love her. we have to rob five millionin five minutes from this bank. just watch how i get20 million in two minutes. why are you joking? - you started it. how? - look.

until now we havecommitted small crimes. this bank, who will rob it? but we didn't evenfall in love until now. just watch how we rob it at gunpoint. where is the gun? you know that.i know that. they don't know that. so how much do you want to take out? excuse me. - yes. sir. - okay.

we want money. - i am busy. what do you want?- money. money. money. - yes. 100,000.- how much? - 100,000 dollars. you want to open an account.- no, no, no. no, no, no.- fill this form. - no account. give money. give money we have gum.- no, no, no gum. gun. gun. - no. see right here. this is gum.

that's an n. - m. read this. read it properly. gum. gum. gum. gum. g. g. g. g for girls. u. u. u for underwear. yes, underwear. - underwear. m for.. not m, n.n. 'naag' (serpent). gun. gun.

money. money. money. it's gum. - gun, gun, gun. why you.. gun, gun, gun. what do you want? - 100,000 dollars. oh, you need loan.go to that counter. no loan. gun, gun, gun they aren't taking us seriously.

who robs the bankthis way like beggars? i wish we had a real gun.- where do i get it from? everybody down. get on the floor. get down. get down. get down. get down. get down. get down, everyone. get down. sit down.or i will blow your heads off. this is called bank robbery.

not like you. "excuse me, sir." anthony. sir,it's a question of life and death. i will call you later. in kbc you get four lifelines. but in our line you only lose life. anthony.- you have only 17 hours left. danger lurking over khushi's head.- anthony. one minute. - one second, sir.

put your phone down.- sir, important call. anthony, we will call you later.- sir, very important call. sir, girlfriend in danger.sir, try to understand. you're going to die.i don't understand. you put the phone down. he abused my girlfriend. - yes, he.. no, he abused my girlfriend. she is your sister-in-law. - stop it! just a minute. whose sister-in-law?

stop talking. - your sister-in-law.- your sister-in-law. stop talking.- oh, she is my sister-in-law. stop talking. - just a minute. whose sister-in-law is she? tell me, whose sister-in-lawis she? - yours. yours or mine? you tell me. whose girlfriend? whose girlfriend? his girlfriend. - what did you say?

his girlfriend? - his girlfriend. no. your girlfriend. yours. whose girlfriend? - whose girlfriend? both of yours. both of yours. who the hell are you? thank you. hey. money. how much loan did you want?

the phone's ringing. yes. - reminder. you have only 15 hours left. remember, my name is anthony. so what should i do? dance? sing? my name is chetan.his name is bhagat. our country's name is india. the president of americais osama bin laden. obama. obama. - it's obama.

just a minute.just a minute. what is your name? cheung lang pilo. - pilo. the guy that just passedby his name is pilo. don't call me again, understand. we cannot do anything. come, chetu,let's go back to our country. "jingle bell. jingle bell." we still have an hour left. - yes. let's go. - let's go.

jingle all the way. "have a blast! enjoy life!" "jingle bell." "have a blast!" "enjoy life!" does anthony dealin second hand planes? maybe. he looks like a scrap dealer. he keeps calling everytwo hours and says.. .."give the money".

but where is he? anthony. rajni in films and anthonyin the crime world.. one dares to mess with them. so, santa, have you brought my gift? chetan and bhagat,should i close your chapters. this is your stuff. where is ours? get the parcel. chetu, girl in the bag.- is it a dead body?

she moved, she moved. she is alive. let me check.what if it's rakhi sawant? that will do as well. for you. sorry. sorry. bhagu. - sorry. she's in one piece. - khushi. santa claus. - no, bhagat bhosle. chetan chauhan. chetu. bhagu. - khushi.

so she's your weakness. take her. no, just mine. bhagu, don't be obstinate.i am elder to you. but she is younger. age doesn't matter in love. the heart's a child.isn't it, khushi. you two are very slow. i will decide who my love is.

okay! chetan. - bhagat. chetu. - bhagu. chetan. bhagat. two rascals. end of story. i gave you two blows in a single day. i had already understoodthat you two are registered rascals. then my mother said that"every thief has a weakness". anthony thought.

rather than finding theweaknesses of two thief's.. ..why don't i givethem a readymade weakness. so i did. khushi. chetu the are no social worker. nor are you a blind man. nor am i the daughterof a rich father. i am just anthony's girlfriend. and we were all playing a charade. isn't it, darling? - yes, baby.

and in this charade neitherwas that church real.. ..nor was this father.i am just khushi's father. father. - my darling. my dear. is she his daughter?- how can she be his daughter? such a fair daughter tosuch a dark man. funny, isn't it? the best is yet to come, bhagu. bbc is just room service. bbc is always withthe highest tipper. bhagu, i am not your eyes,i am anthony's binoculars.

i would tell him who is going where. how are you? - very good. you are wearing more clothes today. are you fine, father? - hello. such a big deceit toinnocent people like us. i don't trust decency any longer. forget it, bhagu. we should not have anyconnection with such cheats. no girl, then no money. - yes.

acting smart with anthony. bhagu. - chetu. he has seen our comedy,nor our action.. joking. - joking, sir. itsy-bitsy. teeny-weeny. eenie-meenie. go. you! go. anthony.anthony. don't kill my brother.

kill me if you want. - fine. you have the girl, the money.sir, please. just a minute. you called me brother. saved my life. what else could i do?sir, just a minute. if you die then who will bother me.who will trouble me? you are my brother, bhagu. you are very selfish. you didn't think thatwhat i will do without you.

oh, no. you made anthony cry. okay, i won't kill you. but.. but? - but? bhagu. - why are you yelling? i am right besides you. that girl got us tied up in a bag. see. didn't i tell you don'tgo after her, don't after her go.

you used to say "khushiis so electrifying". now she shocked all of us. - i see. i used to say that. and what did you say? "what lips. what a voice". she had a thin voice.. if someone steppedon the tail of a dog. chetu. chetu. bhagu. bhagu. bhagu.

thank god she left. but she was awesome. - yes. that anthony took her away. why are you laughing? that anthony tookkhushi away happily. but he doesn't know whatis going to happen next with him. merry christmas, everyone. anthony. - yes. you are back.

merry christmas, mamma. - what is it? your money. on christmas. merry christmas. merry christmas, brother.- merry christmas, thank you for the surprise gifts.- gifts? come, come.- yes, you sent so many gifts. take a look. look. there are so many, isn't it? who sent all this?

come on, brother, don't act smart. you sent those santa clause,didn't you? - yes. you know,two punjabi santa clauses were here. santa singh and banta singh. and you know they sungjingle bell in punjabi. "oye jingle, jingle bell." this way. i didn't send any santa.- no, no, you did. we took pictures.

mary, show him the pictures.- yes, mother. look. look at the pictures. look, look, brother. look, there they go. "jingle all the way." "o what fun it is to rideon a one horse open sleigh." hello. - hello. i am calling from icuc you want a credit card? you will get a credit of one million.

i don't want credit card,but chetan bhagat. why are you crying? and anyways who will givecredit to a beggar like you? you played a nice game. that was fun. you gave us 24 hours time. and we went to yourhome and robbed your money. a gujarati's 'dandiya'. tarzan's underwear. and chetan-bhagat's's impossible to snatch them.

and yes. a hug for your motherand a kiss for khushi.. ..on our behalf. what is the hurry to say goodbye? the game has just begun. i will see you soon, rascals. no more theft or felonyfrom today. - yes. next time we meet.. ..we will meet as a new person.

simple. - set. help, ladies and gentlemen. can anyone help a wow victim? can anyone donate 2.5 millionfor col. gautam's surgery? it's for a good cause. anyone? anyone? ladies and gentlemen,open your hearts. open your wallets, please. please.

sorry, col.gautam. how did this happen? he did this to himself.. ..while fighting onthe border for the country. isn't it sad? this fly. don't drive this fly away, please. this cutie fly is afriend in my loneliness. i asked many doctors. but their answer was the same.

silence. i request all of you.give me 2.5 million. otherwise my entirelife will turn black. col. gautam,i have a surprise for you. we have amongst us miracle man. dr. gambhir. you followed me here as well. even you made many promises. come on,give me half the money. - no.

no? no. - no. did anything happen? - no. no. - col! now? stop it. you will lose all the - no. "hey, rascal." "you naughty boy."

i love you. - hello, girl. rascals. show me your big, big muscles. you get naughty now. come on. do it. come on. come on.this is where it gets crazy. go! go! go!go! go! can you feel the beat? come in.come in. come on. this is what.. "what do rascals say to us,what do they say?"

"whoever has got themoney we are on their side." "whoever's got the moneywe are on their side." "when we shake hands,the watch goes missing." "when we bump into someone.. ..their wallet goes missing." "we are honest as such.there is a thief in all of us." "people lose theirslumber on seeing us." "you won't find stubbornrascals like us anywhere." hey, rascal.i will fly in the air and kick you.

you will go fly inthe sky like a bird. land on the ground with a jerk. "there's no girl in the worldwho'll not give us her heart." "there are no thievesand rascals like us."

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