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[ music ] [ applause ] >> will everyoneplease remain standing for the national anthem? [ singing ] >> please be seated. good afternoon, students, honored family members,and friends. i'm emily allen, dean ofthe college of engineering,

computer science,and technology. [ cheering ] welcome to the 69thcommencement ceremony. over the course of youracademic career, our faculty, administration, andstaff have shared with you valuableknowledge about the world that informs and excites them. they have become yourmentors, and for many of you, your colleagues.

at this time, i would liketo acknowledge the chair of the academic senate,dr. nancy warter-perez, also the members of thefaculty, ameriti faculty, and staff representing theuniversity's six colleges, the john f. kennedy memoriallibrary, and the administration, for their contributions inassisting students to excel and achieve their goals. will these members of the university communityplease stand and be recognized?

>> now please join me inextending a warm welcome to the president of californiastate university los angeles, william a. covino. >> thank you, emily. well, congratulations,class of 2016. [ cheers ] yeah, that's you. that's you. this is your day.

this day was yearsin the making. we all know that. you dreamed about it. you worked hard for it. and you earned theright to be here today. nobody just handed you --nobody gifted you a degree. you worked hard. you earned it. and it will be yours forever.

by the time thisceremony is over, you will officially hold adegree from cal state la. you'll be an alumnus oralumna of this university. but you'll have morethan a degree. you'll have a storyto tell, a great story about how you earned thisoutstanding achievement. when you leave today, beready to tell that story because your story matters, andyou know it better than anyone. you've lived it.

you know about thoselong nights studying, assignment after assignmentafter assignment, research, projects, all that stuff, right? you know about workingand going to school and shouldering otherresponsibilities. you know about pushingboundaries of excellence beyond whateven you thought was possible. so you have a story to tell, and we know that itisn't yours alone.

we know you didn't achievethis goal just for yourselves, and we know you didn't achievethis goal by yourselves. you achieved it for thenetwork of family, friends, and loved ones who surround-- who surround you. you achieved it sothe younger members of your family have strongand sure footsteps to follow. you achieved it so that youcan provide your own children a better life, so that youcan be part of the solution in your communities,in your families,

in the city, and in the world. now that story may haveturned out differently if not for the support of those lovedones who wouldn't let you give up and kept believingin you and your dream, even when times got tough. we need to recognize them. will all the parents of ourgraduates please stand up? let us recognize you. [ applause and cheers ]

will all the grandparentsof our graduates stand up and let us recognize you? will all the brothers,sisters, nieces, nephews, spouses, partners, loved ones? thank you for all you've doneto make this day possible. it's your day as well. so class of 2016, your storyhas to include a chapter about how you helped to changethis university through example, how you taught us how to bebetter, how you taught us how

to work together to make surethat you would graduate today as successful studentswho are ready to take their placesin the world. your success reminds usof what matters most, that our students come first,that your future is at the heart of our initiatives, ourplans, and our projects, that your successis our success. you've taught us thatengaged learning, engagement in the classroom,engagement in the community,

engagement in industrymakes everyone better able to start rewarding careers,equipped to contribute and lead, because you've hadhands-on experience. we have learned from you tostrive for the best in all that we do and to expect nothingless than your best from you. through your experiences,through your stories, we've witnessed therichness and importance of welcoming manydifferent voices and backgrounds andperspectives.

as the city's university, calstate la is like the global city that we all call home. we must always be a placewhere the world meets itself in the faces of arichly diverse community, where we all are welcome to expand our intellectualhorizons, to engage with and learn from oneanother, to be who we are, unique individuals who share thehopes and dreams and struggles of those we learnfrom and work with.

our university is richwith students who bring with them a world ofexperiences and points of view. during commencement this week, 7,953 students will becomegraduates of cal state la. i want to single outone group of students for special recognition. will all the veterans ofthe armed services who are with us today please standand let us recognize you? one hundred nineteen

of our graduates thisweek are veterans. thank you very muchfor your service. so class of 2016,you've taught us through your example themeaning of pushing boundaries. you've challenged andinspired us to become better. today, you'll receive yourdegree, but we, this university, receives and holdsthe great lessons that we've learnedfrom your time here. as we prepare for the future,we stand on your shoulders.

we look forward to a tomorrowthat you will help create. we work with energy andfocus to be a university that will meet tomorrow's needs and with you transformthe future. you have a story to tell aboutbeing at a pivotal moment in the history of cal state la. you are the lastclass to graduate under the quarter system. so you made it, right?

that's history. you're graduating at a time when our student populationis the highest it's ever been since the universityopened its doors in 1947. when cal state la'sprominence is reaching even greater heights. in january, we opened ournew downtown la cal state la, which allows us to providenew opportunities to students in a vibrant andgrowing area of our city.

our athletic program hasentered a new era of excellence with a new executive directorand new coaches and a commitment to graduate students who succeed on the playing fieldand throughout life. we're becoming a leader in anew area, business innovation in the bio sciencesand technology. plans are underwayfor the creation of a new rongxiang xubioscience innovation center that will give studentsthe opportunity to work

with entrepreneurs whowill change the world. as the university's prominencerises, so has giving by alumni and others, including you andyour families and friends. our supporters want to bepart of the good things that are happeningat cal state la. so taken together, your storybelongs to a larger narrative of cal state la's success. you belong to thegolden eagle family, which includes morethan 240,000 alumni.

you're related byexperience to people such as tennis legendbillie jean king, congresswoman maxine waters, congresswoman lucilleroybal-allard, astronaut samuel t. durrance,business leader and maker of the bratz dolls isaac larian,ralph terrazas, the fire chief of the la fire department,barry rondinella, the director of the john wayne airport inorange county, audriana ocampo of nasa, members of the familythat owns gavina coffee, and --

wait for it -- members of thefamily that own porto's bakery. right? yeah. yeah. yeah. your story includes the richexperiences that you've had at the college ofengineering, computer science, and technology, withoutstanding faculty experts. they've taught to be tomorrow'sleaders and innovators who will bring new perspectives,fresh ideas, and high ambitions. the college is home

to the largestuniversity-operated hydrogen fueling facilityanywhere in america. this facility provideshands-on learning and research opportunitiesfor students and faculty, and our facility wasthe first station in the united states certifiedto sell fuel to the public. the college is home to faculty and students conductingsea floor modeling, funded by the officeof naval research,

hydrology research funded bynasa, and earthquake research, funded by the nationalscience foundation. the class of 2016 includesstudents like randal moss, who know that a cal stateeducation can transform a dream into a reality. randal was always fascinated by space explorationand space technology. as an undergraduate, hestudied computer science and returned forgraduate studies.

hardworking, highly motivated,randal never stopped wondering about space and the opportunitythat technology offers for greater understandingof the universe. today, randal graduateswith a master of science in computer science. he's already landedhis dream job, working as a software engineerat the jet propulsion lab in pasadena, which is thenation's leading center for robotic explorationof the solar system.

we're very proud of him. randal, where are you? >> right here. >> stand up. i said stand up, notstand up and take a bow. i mean -- [ laughter ] the class of 2016includes students who accomplish great thingsin nontraditional ways.

today, 17-year-old stevenhewitt graduates summa cum laude with a 4.0 gpa. steven is youngest memberof the class of 2016. he began cal statela at the age of 14 through our earlyentrance program. his many honors include thecomputer science department's 2016 outstanding seniorof the year award. he's headed to uc berkeley, where he'll pursue a master'sdegree in computer science.

his goal is to becomea university professor and to inspire otheryouth to get involved in computer science, robotics,and artificial intelligence. steven, where are you? back there, all right. there he is. congratulations. so class of 2016,clearly engaging and serving the publicgood is part of your story.

as graduates of cal state la, you have an importantresponsibility, one that you've upheld duringall of your years here. you've learned theimportance of engagement and service for the public good. you've learned themeaning of compassion, and, as you move forward in life,i know you will continue to use your education to lift upyour communities, to be a force for good in the world.

it's tempting to seetoday, to see commencement as the end of something. but commencement, the worditself, is about beginning. it may be the end of this eraof academic achievement, but, of course, it's just thebeginning for all of you. today marks the start of thenext chapter in your lives. as you move into the future,whatever that is for you, you'll always have this success. you have achieved somethingwonderful and everlasting.

and i have no doubt that youwill continue to achieve. you will continue to makeus proud, class of 2016. you will soar. >> thank you, president covino. and now it's my pleasure to introduce our studentspeaker for today. today, angela wu will receive abachelor of science and a master of science in mechanicalengineering. angela is an outstandingstudent.

she earned first place in the cal state la studentresearch symposium last year and went on to participate in the annual csu-widestudent research competition. her master's researchin parametric analysis and optimization of thermalsystems has been published in a journal andpresented at a conference. angela has worked as a studentengineer at the la department of water and power and is agraduate fellow of the center

for energy and sustainability. in the fall, she willbegin studying for a phd in mechanical engineering atthe university of michigan, where she's alsoreceived a four-year graduate assistantship. please join me inwelcoming angela wu. >> 'sup, everybody? president covino, dean allen,faculty, family, friends, and loved ones, on behalfof the class of 2016,

i want to thank youfor being here and joining us inour celebration. we've all worked very hardand suffered long nights in our years here, but withoutyour support and encouragement, we might not have been ableto make it to this day. to tell you the truth, i'mnervous about being up here. there's so many highlyaccomplished graduates among us today. so i am honored to have beenchosen as the student speaker.

while i've accomplisheda lot of my own goals, it's not without thesupport of people in -- many people in my life. my parents, who supportedmy decision to move 5,000 miles awayfrom home to study in america on my own, my partner incrime, kenny -- where are you? kenny and his wonderfulfamily, the mentors here at cal state la, and myfriends, whom i relied on heavily during my lastseven years at this university.

without your constantencouragement and belief in my abilities, i wouldhave given up very early on. i want to give you somebackground on who i am and where i come from. i was born and raisedin suriname, a dutch-speakingcountry in south america, which borders braziland the caribbean coast. my parents moved there fromchina to escape poverty and to find a better life.

only one graduated high school. so doing well in schoolwas important to me. i wanted to makemy parents proud. this had a great side effect. i grew to love learningand reading. i learned dutch at school,spoke chinese at home, and learned english throughwatching american movies and reading harry potter books. my parents own a clothingstore, and my brother

and i worked there sincewe were ten years old. i was there almostevery day after school, while simultaneouslytrying to do my homework. when i graduated high schoolin 2008, it was almost expected that i would take overthe family business. but i had other plans. two of my friends weregoing to study in america, which inspired me to apply tocolleges in the united states. i wanted to be a veterinariandue to my love for animals,

but suriname does nothave a veterinary school. so studying abroad wasan obvious career move that i wanted to make. while my family has neverbeen financially well off, they supported mydecision to study abroad. the only school i appliedto was cal state la. so you can imagine my relief when i received theacceptance letter. i arrived in los angeles inseptember of 2009, just in time

for class, and majoredin biology. my parents borrowedheavily to help me pay for school and living expenses. this worried me greatly,even to this day, because i realized just howmuch they need the money and how hard theyworked to pay it back. i felt like a complete failurewhen i told them that i wanted to change my majorin my sophomore year. i was not enjoying it, andgiven how extremely competitive

and expensive veterinaryschool was, it was most likely anunreachable goal for me. not only had i wasted my time, i wasted my family'sresources as well. luckily, my mom is a wiser womanthan i was and persuaded me to try majoring inmechanical engineering. go, mechanical! i didn't know what to expectfrom this major at first, since i didn't know manymechanical engineers

at the time. all i knew was thatthere was a lot of math and physics involved. it's mostly a male-dominatedfield, even to this day. but i heard that mechanicalengineers work at -- work on cool projectsat awesome companies such as boeing and nasa. and i've always wantedto be a rocket scientist. i promised myself that if iswitched to me, i would stick

with it until the end. i'm always up for achallenge, and, boy, what a challenge it has been. not only did i findsomething i truly enjoyed, i felt like i finallybelonged in this university. i was so confused inmy biology classes, but i've never feltmore inspired than in my engineering classesand extracurricular activities. my time here was spentlearning about heat transfer,

working on the super eagle car with my fellow supermileage teammates, performing secret ceremonies with the tau betapi honor society. >> tau beta! >> playing with blood inmy senior design project, and simulating heatand flow patterns for my master's research. i learned to code, to thinkcritically, and to enjoy coffee,

something i neverthought i'd like, but now my life depends on. looking back at the 19-year-oldme, i realized how far i've come and how much i had changed. i never thought i wouldbe a mechanical engineer or get my master's andcontinue on for a phd. in the future, i want to bea professor at a university. i learned to enjoy research asi worked on my master's thesis. i was able to publish twopapers, present at conferences

and symposiums, and iwas awarded first place for my presentation last year. my dreams have changed, and mycareer path is forever altered. that's totally fine with me. so while dreams and plansare great motivational tools to have, don't worry toomuch if things don't work out as you had planned. you may not know yourdestiny or calling, but it will be revealedto you one day.

find something you enjoy workingon, and the rest will follow. it's also important to takesome risks in your life, and i don't meangoing skydiving, although it is alife-changing moment when you realize you're10,000 feet off the ground, and your life flashesbefore your eyes. i'm talking aboutaccepting new challenges as they present themselvesover our lifetimes, those that give youbutterflies in your stomach

and make you doubt yourself. i took a huge riskin coming here as an international student,where my future was uncertain. but if i stayed in suriname,i would have missed out on so many opportunities givento me during my time here. i took on mechanicalengineering courses without knowing a singlething about the profession or the major andfound my passion. for my senior design year,

i worked on a forensicengineering project advised by dr. raymond. my team and i had a hardtime with this project, since it involved programmingand criminal science, something we weren'tfamiliar with. i had to learn to program in labview [assumed spelling]practically overnight so we could design a software to help criminalistsanalyze blood spatter.

my next challenge was joiningdr. pacheco's research lab as a master student. we all know how tough he can be. but under his mentorship -- under his mentorship, iwas able to hone my skills as a research student. i decided to continuegrad school since i liked doing research. i was recently accepted and willbe attending the phd program

at the university ofmichigan this fall, where i was offered a four-yeargraduate assistantship. while this new experiencescares me, i'm so excited about my upcoming journey. each challenge that ifaced so far scared me and made me doubt myself. but i would not be the personi am today if i said no to these opportunities. if you take anything awayfrom my speech today,

it is to not be afraid ofchallenges, of taking risks. otherwise, you will not grow, and you might not reachyour full potential. we have worked very hard tobe here today and persevere through many nights of studyingand working on projects. so we deserve tocelebrate today. today we can callourselves graduates from the california stateuniversity of los angeles. but we cannot forget thatwe have to keep working hard

and to persevere througheven more challenges that we will face very soon. remember those who havesacrificed so much in order for us to be here today. cherish and honor themthrough your hard work so that you may oneday pay them back. thank you. >> thank you, angela. among the students earningbaccalaureate degrees today are

those who will graduatewith academic honors. dr. jane dong, associate deanof the college of engineering, computer science,and technology, will acknowledge these students. dr. dong? >> the university grantsthe baccalaureate degree with latin designation summacum laude, magna cum laude, or cum laude, to students thathave completed at least 60 units in residence and attaineda grade point average

that ranks them within thetop 10% of their college. the student with gold braidsdraped over their black gowns to mark their outstandingacademic accomplishment, will the candidatesfor graduating with honors pleaserise and be recognized? okay. now please be seated. now it is my great pleasure to introduce the chief academicofficer of the university, dr. lynn mahoney, provost

and vice presidentof academic affairs. provost mahoney? >> president covino, ipresent to you the candidates for degrees in thecollege of engineering, these students have metall of the requirements for their respectivedegrees and are recommended by the universityfaculty who taught them. the bachelor of scienceshave earned degrees in civil, mechanical, electrical, ormanufacturing engineering,

in computer science, inindustrial technology, aviation administration, fireprotection administration, and technology, andgraphic communications. the master's candidateshave earned degrees in civil engineering,mechanical engineering, electrical engineering,computer science -- and industrial andtechnical studies. >> the candidates for themaster of arts and master of science will now beescorted to the stage

to be hooded and presented. >> college of engineering,computer science, and technology, masterof arts in industrial and technical studies. >> bright chidos vee onyeewei [assumed spelling]. >> edgar lades [assumedspelling]. >> armando garcia. >> master of sciencein computer science. >> randal lee moss.

>> jonathan michael jai-tuyung [assumed spelling]. >> christine l. belnap[assumed spelling]. >> michael anthony holloway. >> henry a. santizo[assumed spelling]. >> luis a. compos-bravo[assumed spelling]. sam avonicians [assumedspelling]. >> william alonzo salinas. >> eamon ameen yan[assumed spelling]. >> sy j. r. nuchirias[assumed spelling].

>> navinadas sing sagu[assumed spelling]. >> sacheen nanay[assumed spelling]. >> hasho gangudi[assumed spelling]. >> amit bahula [assumedspelling]. >> neelay shah [assumedspelling]. >> vishaka badeev patel[assumed spelling]. >> madiyay yamali[assumed spelling]. >> gayatri depal[assumed spelling]. >> naygani patrocian[assumed spelling].

>> ankit shah [assumedspelling]. >> alineer pitosov[assumed spelling]. >> panav pafula hanlal[assumed spelling]. >> bajendan pishnakunar[assumed spelling]. >> david alexander palazzios. >> yotzna mishra[assumed spelling]. >> misha deshanpaulshedan [assumed spelling]. >> svetlana zang[assumed spelling]. >> punaam makar [assumedspelling].

>> anuch popalia[assumed spelling]. >> eshal khokar [assumedspelling]. >> amil balani [assumedspelling]. >> debashish gua[assumed spelling]. >> mohammad jesdani[assumed spelling]. >> rohan kitan shah[assumed spelling]. >> art j. patel [assumedspelling]. >> kuno lamar solanki. >> achesh patel [assumedspelling].

>> rohan patel [assumedspelling]. >> will hamwei [assumedspelling]. >> venkatish majar[assumed spelling]. >> anan suresh. >> rishi suresh kavav[assumed spelling]. >> patel jaming [assumedspelling]. >> palach lukani[assumed spelling]. >> bomich mata [assumedspelling]. >> dugal koskani[assumed spelling].

>> dashong trivari[assumed spelling]. >> kunah jongari[assumed spelling]. >> vatsal sevach[assumed spelling]. >> jana harkey [assumedspelling]. >> ansab ijaz [assumedspelling]. >> darmesh jarguani[assumed spelling]. >> sherae vitalani[assumed spelling]. >> jaruv pamar [assumedspelling]. >> yamin bilkumar patel[assumed spelling].

>> shintin patel[assumed spelling]. >> djendra patel[assumed spelling]. >> norash patel [assumedspelling]. >> anand kumar patel[assumed spelling]. >> rushika patel[assumed spelling]. >> shivani davadia[assumed spelling]. >> nikita patel [assumedspelling]. >> suketo palivallepatel [assumed spelling]. >> sonja natal [assumedspelling].

>> suhani paresh seph[assumed spelling]. >> ashuva patel [assumedspelling]. >> schweta patel[assumed spelling]. >> jumi desai [assumedspelling]. >> hearth chouda[assumed spelling]. >> herin patel [assumedspelling]. >> ijan shah [assumed spelling]. >> sy preseda redi sanpiviar pu [assumed spelling]. >> isha b. pivedi[assumed spelling].

>> ankit r. joshi[assumed spelling]. >> radikumar shuvesh baiposhia [assumed spelling]. >> maria anvi [assumedspelling]. >> jarashvi badishbatiwala [assumed spelling]. >> patel naidarki[assumed spelling]. >> apadia dhjuti[assumed spelling]. >> dhuvika patel[assumed spelling]. >> dashi shutar [assumedspelling]. >> patti patel [assumedspelling].

>> arshal patel [assumedspelling]. >> janashini shindai[assumed spelling]. >> naha vibutai [assumedspelling]. >> michelle gota[assumed spelling]. >> anali torat [assumedspelling]. >> manashdesh hiramar[assumed spelling]. >> aje sheti [assumed spelling]. >> goro sis gehera[assumed spelling]. >> hash gadilla [assumedspelling].

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>> hadi jose [assumed spelling]. master of science incivil engineering. >> omar acasta [assumedspelling]. >> miguel armando carillo[assumed spelling]. >> mark gaucho ocampo[assumed spelling]. >> james lowe. >> michael lopez. >> manuel del castillo. >> jose antonia tapia, jr.

>> orvo hernandez marscal[assumed spelling]. >> rafael jesa [assumedspelling]. >> kenal patel [assumedspelling]. >> parv patel [assumedspelling]. >> harshakuma patel[assumed spelling]. >> nester daniel vargas[assumed spelling]. >> krishna pajapati[assumed spelling]. >> stacy barbadillo[assumed spelling]. >> jacki tran [assumedspelling].

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>> yadahun behani deresi,sr. [assumed spelling]. >> gonzalo rodriguez[assumed spelling]. >> ricardo arredondo[assumed spelling]. >> kari yandorandan[assumed spelling]. >> emil gorgoyan[assumed spelling]. >> a. j. sing [assumedspelling]. >> stephen paul loyaiii [assumed spelling]. >> antonio del vilar[assumed spelling]. >> charles henry king.

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>> angela wu. >> kang xang [assumed spelling]. >> hector gomez [assumedspelling]. >> rafael belan serilloiii [assumed spelling]. >> jose antonio cervantes[assumed spelling]. >> jonathan constantinodomacio [assumed spelling]. >> brianna lynn rojas[assumed spelling]. >> nicholas claytonpeters [assumed spelling]. >> travis scott rody[assumed spelling].

>> adrian ricardo salada[assumed spelling]. >> danil alberto aventan[assumed spelling]. >> joel vuerta [assumedspelling]. >> tony yusef mashur[assumed spelling]. >> vang dataserian[assumed spelling]. >> sulin akopian[assumed spelling]. >> brian vasquez[assumed spelling]. >> arming goching[assumed spelling]. >> kerez garmai segay[assumed spelling].

>> alidana yana rediguntaka [assumed spelling]. >> mano agan bodu[assumed spelling]. >> sy ketan goni[assumed spelling]. >> sherkant armoni[assumed spelling]. >> raja puranshashidaredi [assumed spelling]. >> sy rom kartela[assumed spelling]. >> yagadish venkataeluti [assumed spelling]. >> salva pakrash ramen[assumed spelling]. >> chan kumar radaman[assumed spelling].

>> asarkumar patel[assumed spelling]. >> pashan tirala[assumed spelling]. >> mitu patel [assumedspelling]. >> sadatenish vy patel[assumed spelling]. >> robert morales[assumed spelling]. >> raymond wai kinsu[assumed spelling]. >> kyle chi hang yu[assumed spelling]. >> michael chan gumar[assumed spelling]. >> andrew situ [assumedspelling].

>> johnny chou wong[assumed spelling]. >> wan wu [assumed spelling]. >> edward manuel gonzales[assumed spelling]. >> shushan chevan[assumed spelling]. >> anna alamalehu paresa[assumed spelling]. >> mohammad abdul ati[assumed spelling]. >> anilita maniperi[assumed spelling]. >> sohan aridiku[assumed spelling]. >> mitkumar vadiya[assumed spelling].

>> rinku sharma [assumedspelling]. >> hitesh saluja[assumed spelling]. >> vivik sosh joshi[assumed spelling]. >> melkumar patel[assumed spelling]. >> sweta di chakur[assumed spelling]. >> mohammad yusef mohmmadismael [assumed spelling]. >> omar muhammad sadiki[assumed spelling]. >> sagar patel [assumedspelling]. >> kijar kumar patel[assumed spelling].

>> tif patel [assumed spelling]. >> indra koran [assumedspelling]. >> sikanth redi kapula[assumed spelling]. >> prisaneth redi gel[assumed spelling]. >> rada krishna tarudi[assumed spelling]. >> marty maherar[assumed spelling]. >> rohit sairaj [assumedspelling]. >> midos yuseen sheik[assumed spelling]. >> raul gaul [assumed spelling].

>> venkadish konda[assumed spelling]. >> sarta dekar [assumedspelling]. >> joshua castillo[assumed spelling]. >> jariel lisa guerro[assumed spelling]. >> maruti penchala[assumed spelling]. >> tyrok mekinkumarpasha [assumed spelling]. >> hart a. tacker[assumed spelling]. sagar pandiya [assumedspelling]. >> kumar patel [assumedspelling].

naga deep chandu[assumed spelling]. >> koran kumar sarseti[assumed spelling]. >> dramakan tuperani[assumed spelling]. >> harikagan petani[assumed spelling]. >> howser hussein[assumed spelling]. >> muhammad abdul musarisargeri [assumed spelling]. >> sapura kamar [assumedspelling]. >> imarden adil [assumedspelling]. >> congratulations.

will the candidates formaster's degrees please rise for conferral of degreesby president covino. >> by the authority invested inme by the state of california and the california stateuniversity board of trustees, i hereby confer uponyou the master's degree for which you qualify. congratulations, graduates. >> you may be seated. the traditional moving of thetassel is a special moment

in the commencement ceremony. after all baccalaureatedegrees have been conferred, president covino willlead the candidates in the moving of the tassel. the candidates for baccalaureatedegrees will now be escorted to the stage to be presented. will the -- >> bachelor of science inaviation administration. bachelor of sciencein computer science.

bachelor of science in fireprotection administration and technology bachelor of science ingraphic communication. bachelor of science inindustrial technology. >> bachelor of sciencein civil engineering. >> bachelor of science inelectrical engineering. >> bachelor of science inmechanical engineering. >> will the candidates for baccalaureate degreesplease rise for the conferral of degrees by presidentcovino [assumed spelling]?

>> all right. here we go. i have to ask first dideverybody pass finals? by the authority vested in meby the state of the california and by the trustees of thecalifornia state university, i hereby confer upon youthe baccalaureate degree for which you quality withall the rights, privileges, and honors pertaining thereto. now you may move your tasselfrom the right to the left.

congratulations to everyone. i would like to takethis time to thank all of the university staff,faculty, and students, and volunteers involved in organizing this 69thcommencement ceremony and acknowledge the membersof the honors convocation and commencementadvisory committee. now will all of thegraduates and all of the audience please risefor the university hymn?

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