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wedding ideas for spring 2017


- on this episode,we go facebook live. hard. (upbeat hip hop music) - [gary] you ask questions, and i answer them. this is the #askgaryvee show. - we're good? we're super live. - [staphon] super live.

- not just live-- - [staphon] no, super live. - i don't even remember. - [india] hey everybodythis is gary vay-ner-chuk-- - yeah. thank you. hey everybody,this is gary vay-ner-chuk and this is episode 208 of the #askgaryvee show. and this is a very, very,very special episode of

the #askgaryvee show as we continue to experiment. you know what? we had the golden era and ithink these last 25, 30 shows maybe 15 shows have beenlike the experimental era. right? we've tried a lotof different things. we're trying to find our cadenceto the next thing and this is a facebook live episode sowhat were doing on this episode instead of the call-inwe're using the facebook live

technology there's allsorts of things on here. staphon's got a wire. brit's actually live on itright now, i just heard myself. i'm weirded out. i have to collect my composure. but to get on this show rightnow everybody watching live on facebook live you can actuallyask your question in the comments right to india. india asks boom the wholething works, it's very 2016.

i'm very excited about it. and also let's make surethat we share bear it up. everybody share right now ifyou're watching share this up. i would love to get some newaudiences into the funnel of the #askgaryvee show. if you care about your friendsand family and acquaintances and ex-boyfriend's whatsoever please share it up. india, you feeling readyto have some questions? all ready?- i'm ready.

i have two but i wantpeople to start asking me more. - [gary] we should really do this. let's do let's getinto the facebook show. - let's get intothe facebook show? - yeah. ready? - okay. yeah. - let's--- get into-- - the facebook--- [both] show. - by the way, a really funny thing

a really funny thing is how many people in amsterdam asked me to do the show thing. - [india] oh really? - it's become a wholememe when i travel. selfies and like hey would youmind just doing the show with me and then i have to do with them. - [india] that's cool. - you've become aglobal icon, india.

- [india] wow. i love that. are you ready? are you ready?- always. - [india] first one from tony.- tony. - [india] what is the most important lesson you learned from mike? - what is the most importantthat i've learned from mike? that i very much appreciatepeople who are consistent and are willing to grind in theway that i like to roll and it's

very important to me to levelup everybody that surrounds me. because every minute counts,quality counts, for mike not to miss a single day including theone time mike actually got drunk for the second time in his lifeliterally came in drunk, dead, finished and just laid inthe gym while i worked out. like laid, like a baby. like a 20-year-old frat guy crushed from the night before. like on the ground.

i think he got drunk at nateand trouty's house, by the way, which is the funniest part. i appreciate, that i am a fan of, i'd love to say that i only talk about what i believe inthat when i see it in somebody else it's extremely valuable andreinforces the tried and true. two years the guynever missed a single day. came through every time. didn't miss a single flight.

and really did a tremendous job. that consistency does matter andi know i do it but feeling it on the other hand wasvery, very rewarding. and i'm going to miss mike alot over the next several weeks he'll be around with jordantransition stuff but it is quite emotional for me. - [india] it is emotional.- yeah. - [india] from jordan--- not the new jordan. - [india] not the new jordan.

- jordan is the nameof the new trainer. he's in for three years. we won't feel the transitionquite as quickly. - [india] how would you scalea wedding photography business with basically norecurring dollars? - meaning like he justdoesn't have a lot of money? - [india] yeah. yeah, i guess. - he doesn't havebusiness model that's recurring. it's i get a wedding, i shoot it, i get money.

so how would you scale? first and foremost, if i'm awedding photographer, one of the first moves i would do isvery similar to the advice that i gave to designers, immediatelyi would layer a tier of snapchat filter capabilities. i believe every modern wedding35 and under in america in the next 18 months is gonna have a snapchat filter. it's going to be a bigthing like karen and rick. that thing.

i would do modern marketing. one, i would go triple in,quadruple in, all-in uploading all your photos five, seven aday get approval do your thing on instagram and learn all 15 hashtags that matter on instagram. the five most popular ones, the five medium ones and five long tail ones like #hamptonswedding. you know, #rockawayweddings. your area that you shoot in.

there is always that hall, that place that everybody gets married at usingthat name and weddings. 15 hashtags against 5 to 7photos every single day on instagram, i think willlead to tremendous business. the other thing that i would dois i would try to guest blog on wedding sites about instagramand snapchat because again if you're watching my show you're kind of aware of these things, right?

use modern social creative as your linchpin to youractual business. if you think about being aphotographer for weddings as a secondary thing and you thinkabout being great in snapchat and instagram around the weddingindustry, using it and then commentating on it you willcreate a much bigger awareness funnel and then people are like,"oh, i want to use that girl, "that guy. they're good andsnapchat and instagram and "wedding photos. it's 2016, 2017."

i would hustle. i would work. what i just said took work. you like that one, andy? it's real. work three more, four more hoursa day to do it i just told you and amazing things happened. you know how many people arelike "oh miraculously, i made "$500 this week on ebay becauseinstead of drinking beers on my

"porch and watchingthunder-warriors i went in my "garage or when garagesale-ing and i sold stuff." staphon smiled because hewatched all of thunder-warriors. - [staphon] i sure did.(laughter) - that's why has $500less in his pocket. but he has the memories and enjoyed himself. - [staphon] it was a great game.- escapism. great games. - [india] from ash.- ash.

- [india] what is the bestadvice you give to someone that wants to start a small business but they're still working full time? - to do it after your hours. it was called crush it! i wrote it in '08 it came out in'09, 7pm to two in the morning. this is all the same things. are you guys willing toput in the work and pay... guys, are you willing to paythe price for what you want?

i want to have a business so ican make lots of money and go on vacation and have lots of things. you want a 1% life but you're not willing to putin a 1% worth ethic. work your job, come home and do i have to go through it again? do i have to make fun of "game of thrones" and the golden state warriors one more time. i'm more than happy too.

you've got to give up all theleisure stuff and you got to work from seven totwo in the morning. start a business,sell shit on ebay. i put that out there.everybody can do that. become the wedding photographer of america like i became the wine guy. not everybody can do that. you've got to make the mentalswitch in the same way that two years ago i said i'm going tomake, there was no tactic to get

into better shape. get in here.get it here. - what's up? - timing is unbelievable. - good. i was just talking about myhealth switch ironically you started around the time that iwas starting to smoke around it. - yes. that's right. - you're an unbelievably athletic kinda dude.

- sure. - you agree with me that it isa mental switch not a tactic. - oh yeah. - there's no do this. it's binary either you're mentally in the place i take it seriously or you're not. - life doeswhatever it's gonna do. you just gonna decide whatyou're going to do around it. and that happens withexercise too i think.

so yeah just gowith it or you don't. - one or zero. - one or zero.- thank you. (laughter) ah, that hurt.(laughter) do you remember two years ago when we went to vayner camp and he climbedthe wall in one second? do you know about this?- [india] yeah. - like this wall thing thateverybody was like, yeah.

it took him one second. he's a machine. anyway. what's the person's, ash?- [india] ash. - ash, what's my recommendation? unless you've been in my cyclefor the last 30 or 60 days and i'm new to you i'm going toget really pissed off at you. the work. and by the way, you may not begood enough to make $10 million

a year with the work that you make $4,000 but it still gonna be the work. i can't instill more talent intoyou you can do a very good job trying to find white spaces andfigure out what you are good at. but once you put in the work. the talent the whitespaces that's a coin flip. that's a lot of dna, that's a lot of luck, that's a lot of skill. there's a lot of things there

but the work is always part of the equation. and that's the partnone of you want to do. can we just finally havethis conversation together? you just don't want to do it. you just don't. you really don't. you say you do but you don't. you'd rather lay in bedand sleep in for 15 hours. you'd rather play video games.

you'd rather playbullshit games on your phone. you'd rather watch tvyou'd rather watch this show. you'd rather go play beer pong. you'd rather dosomething else than work. it's hard. which is why i push people todo work around their passions because it makes alittle bit easier. if i had to do thisaround bricklaying, i'd suck. - [india] good?- great.

- [india] okay. - and you know, noi'm just kidding. - [india] i knew it.i knew it. from rob.- [gary] rob. - you're huge sports fan.- [gary] yes. - which athlete do you relate tothe most or compare yourself to as you're in the blankof digital marketing? - i don't really think thatway but i will say that you know watching the kobe documentary onshowtime definitely i was like

boy can i reallyrelate with, i am so scary. it's unbelievable. i wonder what dailyvee episodeis gonna really going to show how competitive i really am. i'm not competitivewith this audience. i love this audience. i'm trying to giveyou guys advice. i don't even want youto watch me anymore. think about that.

i'm not competitive with peoplethat have anointed me and gifted me with their time and theireffort and their attention. i have love for them. you should see thepolar opposite of my love. because it's dark. it's unbelievable how much i hate my competition with like visceral hate. but then in real life i don't. i want to kill them in business.

i want them to go out of business but then i want to help themget back on their feet but don't fucking compete with me. - [india] that was scary. - no, it wasn't. i'm telling you rightnow, that's not even. do you know how weird i am? do you know that meand aj get into fights? - [india] corn holethat was pretty insane.

- we talked aboutthis once or twice. do you know agnes? where is she?- [andy] she's right there. - agnes! - [staphon] ak, i need yours, cause your's doesn't lag. yeah. - i need you. just for a second. - hi.- hey agnes.

so i'm doing this#askgaryvee show. - mhmmm.- right? and i needed you because i'mtalking about this dark place i go into when i compete. - oh.(laughter) we've all seen that. - right and so, there's thatone moment i don't know if you remember but i do where you had a breakaway and i came from behind and i--

- you just shoved me tothe floor like no mercy. - yes. - i absolutely remember that.(laughter) - i just thought it would bemore powerful to hear from you. that was probablyinappropriate, right? - no, that's fair competition.happens all the time. - yeah. winner.that's a winner mentality. thanks anges. - this is from yesterday.- 'cause you're a warrior.

legit jump shoot too.awesome, thanks. i think we can all agree that agnes is a nice 6-foot-5brooding man. - [india] right. - she was on a breakaway, there was nothing. were you there that day staphon? - [staphon] it was a while ago?- yeah. - [staphon] yeah.- when i just like-- - [staphon] yeah. yeah.

- inappropriately, 1989, '92 nba knicks-pistons, agnes the girl. - [staphon] yeah. - yeah, that was inappropriatebut when it's competition i do not care, by the way it actuallyit works for me as a positive for vaynermedia. i always laugh about minority,female, things of that nature, this is competition. whoever i think, i don'tcare what even patriot fans are

allowed at vayner, right? i'm very dark when itcomes to competition. the kobe stuff and i hatemichael jordan with my heart and soul but even his speech where he's just like it's allabout competition. it's the game. i love the game. i don't like anybodywho wants to beat me. and i really want tobeat their face in.

with a brick. and i mean it. andy you agree.in basketball, i'm mad. when we play i'm mad and that's basketball, you haven't seen me play scattergories. - [brit] you were angry when i met you playing trivia. - right!- [brit] the christmas party. - that was the firsttime we met, right? - [brit] yeah.- and that was like, i was weird.

competitive. - [brit] you were likesuper competitive. - right. i was very upset. - [brit] yeah, even ifyou weren't necessarily contributing, youwere very upset. - [gary] that's right. if i didn't have any answer tothese questions i was mad at them for not knowing.- [brit] it's true. that's like, you know.

you should know something too. i do plenty of things around here. we have this trivia party because of me. why don't you getthe answer right to this bullshit movie? i don't watch movies. you fuckers wastetime and watch movies. i don't don't know movies. i don't watch them.

- [staphon] getting fired up. - let's move on.- [india] a very tactical one. - [gary] yes, i don't care. - [india] carsten.- [gary] carsten. - carsten, how would youadvertise a little house in southern spain near the ocean. i rent it, i have a website, iadvertise in agency and i do airbnb but i stillneed more customers. thanks and greets.

- snapchat. instagram. facebook. this is so... instagram hashtag strategy is unbelievable. why don't you give away thehouse to 50 influencers on instagram that have 1 millionfollowers, dm them and say i have this beautiful house here.

i would like you to come out. why don't you reach out toturkish air or delta or virgin america or something likethat and say i've got this house, i want to surprise and delightfive influencers on instagram and have them come and stayand then what you say is all you have to do has have five photostag this, use this hashtag. if you ask every airline in theworld 99.9% of them will say no and one will say yesbecause they just talked about influencer marketing the day before.

now, you can go and instagrammessage somebody who's got 2 million fans and is a prettygirl or boy and say you should come and stay at my housein this beautiful place. i will have your flight taken care of, you can stay in my place, in return i want 10 social media pieces of content, tag this. game over. winner. over. then hashtag culture.

figure out which hashtags are being used and put out way more content. more content.more content. more content. content is the cost of entryfor relevance in our society. - [india] nice.- thank you. - [india] you haven't talkedmuch, oh, kelsang, crazy names today. you haven't talked a bunchabout mobile first websites. advise for doing it well andhow do you structure

them for success? - that's ui/ux talk. that a/b testing. that's first recognizing thatmobile first websites are the cost of entry in 2016 if you are not mobile first you're gonna lose. so when you design usingmobile then you think desktop. number two, you test your add tocart button, you test your sign up for my email service,you test different colors,

different positionings, a/b testing. i don't talk about it becausethere's a ton of people that are far more knowledgeable about theui and ux of mobile optimization for websites and i bet you theyhave a tons of blogs and videos out there. there's a site called googleand go search stuff and i'm sure you'll find four to sevenpersonalities the way i understand consumer behavior and marketing in a social digital mobile landscape.

i'm sure there's plenty of galsand guys that know how to do it. india what your picture in here? - [india] great. that's great. thanks. - can you get here staphon? how are youfeeling about your pic? - [india] i mean it's fine. - i like it. - [staphon] ak, let me see?let me see yours.

- [india] there we go. - there we go. yeah.(laughter) that's a great shirtyou're wearing that day. - oh yeah, that'sthe holiday party day. when we played cornhole andscared a lot of people, going back to earlier themes. - [gary] do you know what wasthe recall you were there for the camp at lindsay's, didyou see me play volleyball?

- [india] no. i heard about that though. - yeah, lauren brander was scared. (india's laughter) sorry lauren. - [india] from sean.- sean. - [india] what returns have youseen with influencer marketing? is it just for massive brandslike samsung or can a startup turn revenue frominfluencer marketing?

- a startup can turnfrom influencer marketing. influencer marketing is reachand is awareness and it works. it's a boring question. everything that works, works foreverybody it just not possible that you haven't figured outyour version of making it work. television. super bowl'smore expensive than late-night remnant inventory, but you can get it. everything, influencer marketing works.

it's so underpriced. - [india] all right. - search hashtags around your business, find people that are influencers. you know, if you're in a nichebusiness somebody who has 1000 followers may be the and biggestinfluencer because you're not in weight loss or in beer butyou're in saas business api stuff but some nerd has 1000people, the nerd probably cost nothing and buy him or her out.

buy him out andy.- [andy] buy him out. - [india] someone just saygary is baw which i like. - [india] jake said what are the best ways to vanquish my enemies?which i also like. - actually, i have agreat answer this question. - [india] great. - because it's really what i dowhich is ironic based on what we just talked about with competition back to me being such an insane contradiction.

this is going to blow your mind. by not giving themthe time of day. it is insane how much i don'tunderstand about my competitors. i don't even know their names. that's how muchdisrespect i have for them. i'm being dead serious. i never spent a minute. i knew what the otherwine stores were doing. i know the names of the otheragencies that are in our space.

i don't have a damn clue. there hasn't been a minute on mycalendar in the last 36 months that was based on gettingrecon or intrigue on what any competitor of mine is doingbecause the very honest truth is it doesn't matter what they'redoing because i'm going to get mine and if they are good enoughthey will get their's second. second rate. but i'm gonna get mine. so how do you vanish themby establishing that they're

vanished from the get. what do you want? just kidding, three minutes? i'm in a very, i'min a salty vee mode. i'm getting very competitive. - [andy] you want to ask a poll?- you want a poll? - [andy] i want a poll. - you want a poll tothrow it up there. so i'm going to say something,come up with a poll and

you're going to create it now? - [andy] yeah. it needs to be answers in thecomments need to be hashtaged whatever the poll questions are. - so they have to answer incomments hashtag whatever to my question? - [andy] yeah, exactly.- okay. who do you likemore #india or #drock? - [india] the resultswill show up live.

it's really cool. - amazing. can't wait.(laughter) rock it out. - [andy] in the comments #india or #drock. - yep. in the comments #india or #drock and don't just because india'shere but drock's not don't pick india if you like drock more. - [india] yeah.

he's a nice guy, you know? - [gary] or numberthree #sharebear. - [india] sharebear's gonna win. - [staphon] share bear's gonna take it. - i think we need toproduce share bear plush toys. - [india] that'slike a "yay andrew!" his illustrations are so cool. - [staphon] today's his birthday. - [india] oh it's his birthday!

- today is his birthday? i thought yesterdaywas his birthday. alright andrew. - [india] one more?- one more. let's do it let'swrap up the show. i like this live. do they like it? what are theysaying in the comments? what is happening?

- [india] the people think lowerthirds are cool because the questions arepopping up at the bottom. - right but what's the feedback? - [andy] drock getting a lot. - well, drock has garyvee. as dailyvee's become alittle bit more if we asked this question four months ago india woulda crushed him. but now it's drock.

- [india] it's gonna be rough. - soon it's going to be staphonbecause everybody gives drock love and then i jump inand i'm like that's staphon. "great edit, drock."nope, staphon. - [india] i know. - are you, you'reediting right now 40, right? - [staphon] yeah.- how's it coming along? - [staphon] i haven't started yet. i just got the stuff.

- [india] how long until theolder generation gets snapchat? they said they'd neverget on facebook and we saw how that turned out. hahaha.from michael. - haha, michael, soon. give me another one.- [india] another one? - trying to do a nightlightning round here. india, you shoulda-- - [india] what's the number oneway of getting over the fear of

starting due topotential haters? and also what's yourtip on handling haters? - love you haters and numbertwo getting over the fear is something you have towrap your head around. it is just the cost of entry. you will never do anything great if you're scared. - [india] i've worked in thebuilding supply industry for 10 years. in that time i madeany business can and i know many small businessowners in my area.

- you want me to sign something? - [india] i have $500, a computer,internet, a car and a smartphone what is the best way to start a referral and lead generating business? - to get more 500 bucks. go to ebay and get$5000 and then start. hustle. if you have 500bucks you need more. you don't need more buti'm very, very, very big on

understanding that lead referralyou're gonna have to run ads, you're going to have acreate landing pages. that's not whatyou do with $500. - [man] thanks. - you build up $5,000 and ithink is $4500 worth of junk in your basement and your garage or you're auntie's garage get that shit, flip it makethe cash, india. - [india] one more? - [andy] share bear.- share bear.

oh, where is he? put him on my shoulder. - [andy] i'm trying. - this is so funny. hold on. hello share bear. - [india] really cute. - i love you share bear.(laughter) share bear is my friend.

you like that?that's funny. guys, i love you. thank you so much forsupporting all of my content. it's been amazing 60 days, the shorts on facebook, two of them getting 20 millionorganic reach, andy. multiple million reach. thank you so much. keep sharing the content,it means the world to me. it's the greatestgift that you give me.

episode 208 success forfirst time to do this. i think we got something here. we'll come back to this. thank you, india.- [india] yeah, no problem. - question of the day which youcan leave in these comments too as this wraps up. question of the day, the whole live experience periscope, facebook live.what's your early takes on it? what do you like?

what do you don't like? are you watching anything? give me your two sentence thesison the live revolution that is happening right now on the web. you keep asking questions,i'll keep answering them. what's up guys?hope you enjoyed the show. please do i get tolink it up anywhere? is it in here oris it down below? is it in print or is it in my video?

- [staphon] it'll be down there.it'll be down to your left. - it's here down to my left. right here, there's a button for them to subscribe to my youtube video? yeah it's thatlittle buggy thing. that's right guys, click this. that's right, use that.

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