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wedding colours for 2017


please, ahana. do not be sorry. if it was someone elsein your position... ...she too would havedone what you did. but if it was someone else in yourposition, she wouldn't have done this she would not have beenquiet after so many taunts. forget the family, she'dhave spread it in the city. she'd have defamed us. you defamed yourself for my daughter! you went through so much!what makes you so strong?

people create sculptures from sand. and you have transformed this family. i humiliated you so much. i taunted you so much but you'vedone a lot for my daughter. i tagged you as characterless. please, forgive me. ahana, please, let me speak. no. do not say anything. you're always quite,confining your feelings.

such good qualities and truthfulness! you did it all for my daughter. if smiley is your daughter... ...then she is something to me too. it's a great deal to say this. and i sounded so cheap the other day. that you don't knowanything about family. i was so wrong. not even i could perceivethe meaning of family... much as you have perceived it. please, forget whatever has happened. just forget it and think... how can i forget such a big sacrifice you were about to leave thefamily and all your relations! ahana, you told me thatwhenever you see me... ...i remind you of your sister.i remind you of tanu. i am the same tanu. i am like tanu.

whenever i see smiley, morethan her aunt, i feel i am... ...her paternal aunt. considering you, no one can say... ...that such a small girl canopt for something so big. i admit, this age brings manyups and downs. it happens. but why did you go so deep into it? couldn't you control yourself?why did you get pregnant? your love story hasended my love marriage. i am sorry. i am at fault.

right. sorry! not sorry but the child fine, you're could have aborted it. fine, you didn't want to abort. you should have at least let tanujatake this accusation on herself. why did you suddenly comeand reveal the suspense? why did you say thattanuja isn't pregnant... ...but you're pregnant? do you know, how am ifeeling right now? i can't get tanuja thrownout of this house now.

i wish to evict you from this house. malaika, leave my hand. it is paining do you know how much pain i am in?i wish to kill you right now. how dare you hold her hand? i wish to break your hand. ahana, despite ofknowing what she did? i know, what she did. she has shown tanujaand your actual worth. she proved tanuja a greatsoul and you, so cheap.

this family holds no reputation now. she has defamed your family. don't you dare say aword about my daughter. despite of knowing thatshe's carrying a baby? yes. i am her mother andshe is my daughter. i know what she's done,but i have forgiven her. her mother is with her. tanuja and the family is with her. who are you to tell her anything?

but...- quiet. just keep quiet, malaika. i am not among the mothers whoask their daughters to die. don't you dare gaze at mydaughter otherwise i will... ahana, listen to me.- i don't want to listen to you. not even a word from you. malaika, you know, guests arrive athome for a short term and they leave. thieves arrive for someseconds and rob everything. i tolerated you just because of mom.

the day my patience ends,i will break your face. you're really imprudent, malaika. you're still here despiteof the humiliation. no one in this housewishes you to stay here. but ever since you are here... just don't wantto leave the house. it is better for you to leave. enough, ahana. exactly. enough, malaika.

this family has changedsince the time you're here. if you were not our guest... so sorry, mom. stop weeping. i am with you including the family. she did this for smiley! no. this is impossible. she lied just because of smiley! the family which tanuja belongs to...

...they accept sacrifices anddon't believe in sacrificing. she has been very great. i am sure there is some reason. i will have to find it out. malaika, where have you been? i have been looking foryou since so long. stop looking for me. because youwon't find me. why? what happened? your fat daughter-in-law, imean, youngest daughter-in-law.

she asked me to leave the house.- what? did ahana tell you so? i just told smiley that...'s bad thatshe got pregnant. aunt, tell me. am i wrong? i had a doubt... ...if tanuja didsomething to smiley. i mean, if she hypnotised her... ...because of whichsmiley is lying. you are a liar, you wicked girl.

tanuja never lies. smiley told me... ...what your wickedforeigner girl... ...told her. rano, today your mother-in-lawis giving you an advice. you will stay happyif you accept it. get this girl out of this house. send here where she has come from. send her far across the oceans.

and besides, she isnot going to get... ...what she is claiming andwhat she has come for. so i asking youto send her back. she is nothing buttrouble for rishi... ...raj. now rishi has realised the truth. now he will... ...think about tanuja only... ...not your foreigner girl.

except you and your girl... ...everyone in thefamily has accepted... ...that tanuja is right. that's why i am telling you tosend her away from here. - biji. now biji knows the truth. youlisten to me very carefully. i am your mother-in-law. and i am still alive. i amthe matriarch of the family. so you listen to me. don't butter up this girl.

get her out of here. make her leave right now. 'do one work, getyour fast ended... the person whohas touched you.' 'i don't know, he might havetouched you here.' 'he might havetouched you there.' 'he might have touchedyou everywhere.' 'nobody can stop me fromobserving karva chauth's fast... long as i have yourvermilion on my forehead...

...i have your nuptial chain... ...and my name islinked with your name.' rishi. what are you thinking? nothing at all. but i was thinking something. you haven't gone infront of tanuja... ...since her truth is revealed. rishi, this is life.

such things happen in life. mistakes, misunderstanding,disputes. now you go and talk to tanuja. no. no way. how can i talk to her? i can't talk to her. i have told her manyhurtful things. i had made herlife insufferable. i don't have courageto look into her eyes.

i stooped so low... ...while humiliating her. rishi, understandwhat i am saying. marriage is a verystrange relationship. it is as weak as it is strong. it can be fixedwith one apology... ...if it can breakwith one mistake. listen to me. go and apologise to tanuja.

she knows that youweren't wrong. your circumstanceshad made you wrong. she will forgive you because sheknows what's in your heart. what is in my heart? she knows that. go on. i have to look around ifanyone is watching... ...even to getangry in this house. i made a very big mistake bybringing tanuja in this house.

that worthless girlgot everything. today everyone was acting... if they willconsider her the goddess. stupid! idiots! bunch of fools! i don't understand what to do. tell me, what should i do? you don't do anything.i am coming. i am coming with achampagne bottle.

congratulations! celebrations! today we will celebratetogether at your home. i mean, in your backyard. i am coming, darling. shekhar, stop dreaming. otherwise you will go crazy. the champagne's bottlethat you are bringing... will breakit on your head. you only said, everything isgoing according to the plan.

everything was goingaccording to the plan. tanuja was about toleave house as well. but smiley opened her mouth. till date only elderswere ruining my plans. but today she alsoruined my plans. what did she do? will you hear everythingon the phone only? come home, if you wantto know everything. and if you even utterone more word now...

...then i'll simply break your... i mean, i'll break my phone. please come soon. should i come to your home? i mean, come to the backyard ofmy house. have you gone crazy? we'll have to hatch some big plantoday itself at midnight. okay? so, please come soon.- okay. there's so much pain in your eyes. you're able to seethe pain in my eyes.

but to this day... ...i never saw thepain in your eyes. or perhaps i justdidn't want to see it. you trusted me so much for... ...every moment and everysecond of my life. and i just doubted you every time. you showered so much love on me... ...and i just put accusationson you every time. you always...

...showered love on me. but i just showered hatred on you. that's why i couldn't see your eyes. i didn't see the pain in your eyes. i didn't see thesacrifice in that pain. the respect in that pain! i didn't see anything. you always put your owndignity at stake... ...for keeping the dignityof my family intact.

and i always... ...kept humiliating you. there's no imagining how muchi've thrashed you verbally. i don't know what i uttered for you.i just made your life miserable. terrible. i'm feeling ashamed of myself now. i'm ashamed of myself. i couldn't see in youreyes that time too and... ...even today, i can'tlook into your eyes.

please forgive me... ...if possible. i'm sorry. sorry.- rishi. please you... please don't cry. i can't see you crying, rishi. it really hurts me a lot tosee you in this condition. you scold me.

say whatever you want to say to me. get angry on me as much as youwant. but please don't cry, rishi. i can tolerate justabout anything but... ...i can't toleratetears in your eyes... ...and i can't tolerate this pain.- even i feel pain. even i feel extreme pain... ...when i see tears in your eyes. do you know why? in just one moment...

...i used to die a thousand deaths. it used to hurt me internally. when you used to feel hurt... ...even i used to feel hurt. i used to cry a lot covertly... ...when i used to see you crying. my heart has cried a lot. it has indeed cried a lot. when i saw tears in your eyes...

...and when i saw... ...that pain in your eyes, then... ...even i've cried a lot. my mind says something, myheart says something... say somethingand i say something. i used to see your face... this moon. and i... ...used to talk a lot andask a lots of questions.

why? never... ...go away... ...leaving me behind. please. neither in this birth... ...nor in the next birth. please. not even in the birth after that. rishi, you...

you haven't done anything wrong. you just can't do anything wrong. that's because you're nota bad person at all. in fact, i'm a bad person. i lied to you. i broke your heart. i said to you that... ...i'm pregnant withsomeone else's... even after hearing all this... still didn'tturn your back on me. you were heartbroken but... still didn'tbreak my heart, rishi. you never abandoned me halfway. when i got injured that day... were the one whotook me to the hospital. so much care. so much love. you scolded me so much but...

...there was love hiddenin that scolding too. i've never seen such lovein my entire life, rishi. to be very honest... ...i haven't seen aperson like you.

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