Sunday, January 8, 2017

2017 bridal


anyone there? where is everyone? what's the matter? who is it? who spoke? look here. - where? here. behind you. stupid beggar. look upward now. hey, you? - i'm lord walington.

why are you here? it's a strange city. people are absent and stones talk. what are you blabbering? i'm a reporter. icame for a scoop. but where are people of this town? there is a story behind it. and it's hero is prem. a strange funny fellowthat boy was, prem.

come here. wipe the crow-shit of my back. what, sir? crow has made me dirty. wipeit of my back, dumb fellow. prem and problems arelike twins. twins. prem and problems arealways together. move back! move! nobody will come in front. move! move! move!

move! - help! move! - move! help! help! move! - move! move! oh no! what... oh god! prem. - president! great, prem! great.

you've caught the dacoit sobravely. superb, president! great work, pal! i won't spare you. - youwere wonderful, prem. i won't spare you. great work, prem! he's a brave fellow. - hailpresident prem! hail! - shut up! don't praise me! baldy outsider!

why are you hiding, baldy? you again gave me a cyclewithout brake. thanks to that man... i ran into him and gotsaved or else... ...i' the have had an accident. - no, prem. hear him? he ran into the dacoit becauseof cycle without brake. we thought he caught thedacoit with his bravery.

leave him! hello, prem shankar sharma... ...president of happyclub speaking. you want to be a memberof happy club. no, sir. there is a bigdemand for membership. we've 6 months waiting period. hello, you can get iton special case. yes, you've to payonly 4999. - right. no cheque only cash. - correct.

you'll pay next month. you beggar, don't wastepresident's time by calling. president, we arebeggars, not him. happy club has no money. even our dads don't payus enough money. why do we have dads? - exactly. every old dad is enemyof his young son. you're my enemy, rogue. - dad. shut up, fool!

thank god i found allthe rogues together. i brought these worthlesschaps here. - no, uncle. we brought this worthless chapto you to convince you. at that time you lookedinnocent and said... uncle, we want to start happyclub to keep this town happy. give us place of 2 coffins. all five of us will adjust there. and today, your happyclub has expanded... ...and my coffin shop hasshrunk to a corner.

uncle, this is fruits ofour thoughts and deeds. which thought and deed? close the club! and get lost! no, uncle. we do good deed. we protect young girls. we guide misguidedyouths like him. we unite lovers. - shut up! i got many complaints against you. now your dirty club can'trun in my shop.

uncle... - no, no. this is uncle's placeand he'll decide it. you're too good. just great! you're justice. you're king. you're wise. you're pope. now you'll decide whose workis dirty. yours or ours? meaning? uncle, happy wants peopleto be healthy and happy. and you want them to dieand rest in your coffin.

who work is dirty? think before you answer.your god is watching. by the way, uncle, membershipto our club is open. - but... 50 percent off to oldpeople. - listen... only 2999. - but... uncle, we take onlycash, not cheques. david, your dad hasbecome a member. hug him. - dad! president, you've saved the club.

now save this romeo too whois in love with his juliet. chandar, tell me. what's love? you say you get lostin her thought. where do you get lost?how do you return? laugh as much as you want. you'll realize when you'llfall in love. come on, pal. you're gettingserious? - obviously. i was shouting forlong to help me. if i don't get divya tomorrow,i won't get her ever.

and i'll commit suicide. don't worry, chandar. you'remember of happy club. and it's our rule to unite lovers.- right, friends? - right. but friend, you've topay wedding expenses. i'll pay. - commissionof happy club too. i'll pay that too. - listen. i can see that your love is true. but do you've evidence or letter... prove that her love is true.

i've her lots of letters. she write to me new letterdaily. this is latest. lucky boy. it's blank. love doesn't need words. feelings. only feelings. kunu, why did you parkthe vehicle so far? i told him. i can't go close. there are 4 woman like gentsbodyguards. - what?

- i mean there are 4 men likeladies bodyguards around devi. they're very dangerous. oncethey thrashed me brutally. you fool, how willwe recognize her? i've brought it. will you celebrate honeymoonwith binoculars? tell me. there she's. near book shopin yellow dress. ' is she your love? - whatdo you mean? does she really love you?

yes, friend. didn't i tell youabout those love letters? yes, those of feelings? - yes. i can't believe it. president, let me see too. near the book stallin yellow dress. oh! so are marryingher? are you mad? she has gone mad to elopewith his pauper. she'll elope with her. butis he mad to marry her? fool, you're pitying him andi feel sorry for her.

what are you saying? if you don't kidnap devi today,we won't get another chance. look, no guard is around. hurryup! - yes, we are going. did you explain to her thatwe'll come to kidnap her? yes. let's go. - hold this. listen, code word is 'areyou coming to khandala? ' president, she's a bit angrywith me. handle her. as chandar has said, guardsaren't around.

it's a good chance.- go from there. tell her the codeword and kidnapher. i'll come be there. yes, president.- over and out. are you coming to khandala? if you pay 3000, i'llcome anywhere. president, do you've2000 rupees? - why? i've 1000. chandaris saving money. devi says she'll comeif we pay 3000. yes, look there. she's ready.

fool, whom did you approach? devi. she's not devi, devi is here.sit in van, i'll get devi. i've been here 5 times,mr. daruwala. if you can't arrange puppies,please return my advance. madam, consider thatwe got the puppies. they're in demand now. manager has kept them with himso that nobody takes them. i don't know where he's.i'll check and call him.

khadnala? - yes. do i've to come to khandalfor that dog? dog? look, madam. i know you're angry,but don't call him dog. ok. not dog, puppy. - puppy? ok, call him puppy. he's yours. where is he? - in the van. let's go. - come. how many nails he has?

ten. not you, but that dog. - what? sorry, puppy. puppy's nails. - itmust be 19 or 21. 10 of hands and 10 of legs.look, he definitely has 20. oh! listen to me. i'll pick himby his ear and check him. what? call him puppy or dog, he's yours. you can lift him as you want.

wait. i'll get him. he's bringing her. dog... - what are you saying? she said that. she's very angry with you. she said she'll lift you byears and check you. - what? it's very tense situation. come. devi. devi. where are you going?she's devi, puppy.

what nonsense! whom did you kidnap? kidnap? what did you mean? she isn't your girl? - no. very good. - what good? no, our happy club has erred. we came to kidnap a girl... - kidnap? you mean kidnapping? - no. kidnappers! police!

what a girl, pal! silky hair, milky cheeks. she'slike a vanilla ice-cream. what are you doing, president?look, my devi is leaving. those guards are with her. she went in the mall.what will we do now? don't worry. i've plan bto make devi your wife. oh god! how dare you tease a girl! you fool! dear, this colour will suit you.

'are you coming to khandala? ' -ok. what happened? what's this sound? devi was here. - how didthis pathan came here? i'm scared. hey, you're pathan's wife,yet you're scared. small wife. fat wife. let's go. where is devi? - nobody will leave.we'll check everyone. oh! disgusting! you stupid man! i don't knowif you're a man or a woman.

you want to see theface of wife of... ...sultan salman shahrukhkhan tublak. you want to see faceof pathan's wife. even i didn't see it clearlyand you want to see it. wait. i'll call my brother asama. he'll blast bomb on your head. brother... - no. you can go. my dear wife! let's go. that's devi. nab her.

let's run! run! hurry! this encounter king has killed98. terror tej singh. i'll complete my centuryif i find... ...devi and her husband by evening. and if i don't find,i'll get four. i'll kill four of you. now garland each other.

thank you. wedding is complete. don't worry. terror tej singhwon't find us. let's eat food. we've no money. - don't worry.we'll eat for free. again? here? you've come again. - talk withrespect. president is here. you're talking as if you'recountry's president. we'll become that too one day. don't talk too much.

take the order. bring 4 grilled chicken. 2 fried brains. - one mutton gravy. one kebab. again the same. i told you to eat vegetarianfood when with me. i detest smell of chickenand mutton. mr. president, majorityis of non-veg. yes. - eat it. you'll be sinned.

get cottage cheese andfried lentils for me. pay 1350 rupees. - what? you want money in advance?what's this rule? it's a good rule for freeloaders like you. actually, dad. today weare in tight spot. we are father and sonat home, not here. ok, shiv shankar. shameless, you takemy father's name. i can't call you papa or takeyour name. what should i say?

don't say anything. pay the money. david, give the key. - but, dad... your dad is a greatman, like an angel. yes, i'm a demon. the car is worth 8 lakh. tomorrowi'll pay and take car. ok. give them food. fresh, don't give me yesterday'sstale food. don't give me the look.bring the food.

he fooled me again. he ate for free and leftwith the van. cheater! i've tolerated him a's enough now. we can't stay in thesame house together. no, dad. please don't say that. i won't change my decision now. if not for me, don'tdo this for mother. not for anyone. sharda, tell him. i won'tchange my decision.

papa, please. i beg of you. no matter what you do,my decision is final. we can't stay together. but where will you go in this age? you'll wander around? neither your old bones noryour voice is strong. you can't even beg properly. madam. one has toshout like this. shut up!

i'm talking about you, not me. it's more shameful for you. what will people say? - what? that a young boy isenjoying outside... ...leaving old parentsalone at home. you can't enjoy. oneneeds cash to enjoy. worthless, you can't earn a penny. it's better to be without a sonthan have a son like you. papa, you're insulting sons.

don't forget that only sonshave earned fame, not dads. what this new rubbish! mr. gandhi. - mr. gandhi? mahatma. real he-man. he drove british out with a cane. do you know his father's name? mr. shastri. lal bahadur. he was small, but he did greatwork and became prime minister. have you heard his father's name?

michael jackson. entire worlddances on his steps. hello, look at me. prem shankar sharma. presidentof happy club. what does his father do? he works hard to earn money. he isn't a free loader like you. cool. - cool, my foot! fool! you gave you studies and work. why don't you leave the house now?

don't give me the look. get out. what are you doing?he's young... - quiet! your pampering has ruined him! get inside. and you go out. come home, son. no, mother. don't mind your father. prem. prem.

mo, because of me you tooget scolded by dad. his intentions are right. he just care for you. i know. he worries what i'll do in life. on top of that sometimesi stammer too. who says you stammer? you justtake pauses while talking. that's called stammering, mother. only when you get emotional,you've difficulty talking.

you're very good, mother. look, some day for you, i'll... ...only for you, i'll dosomething to get... photo publishedin front page. then you and dad will be happy. now i've to work to earn moneyto get my respect back. i've been telling you to finda tenant for my uncle's flat. we'll get commission. - thatheaven apartment. third class flat of secondclass building?

nobody will rent it. we'll find some fool. - whatif we don't find one? we'll fool someone. come, uncle pinto. thisis your luxurious flat. my flat. i didn't evensee it properly. then look. window! spacious. comfortable. youwon't find such a flat. isn't it first class.- first class. this is first class, raju.only a fool won't like it.

how did you like it, uncle? it's good. heard? he has chosen it. pinto, you liked this flat? why? isn't it first class? only a fool won't like this flat. how did you like it? it's good, but... - evenmadam likes it. give our commission. 10,000.

but we fixed 6000. yes, 6000 for flat and 4000 tobecome member of happy club. when did you say so? - now. no. we don't want to be a member. fool! if you want to be happyhere, you've to become a member. what's going on, dad? you? - she's that girl! how did they get in? dad,they're kidnappers. kidnappers! - no.

that day they came to kidnapa girl in mall. that girl wanted to bekidnapped? - nonsense. pinto, drive him out quickly. give us our money. we'll leave. don't give him any money. we won't leave withouttaking the money. he won't listen like this. we won't listen even that way. why won't you listen.

munna is getting the luggage.he'll talk to you. call him. munna! munna is coming. what's going on? who are you? why are youstanding on stool? i'm munna raja. don't be scared. - they left. what? - they left. problem?

sound. no problem. i couldn'tunderstand them. now that you're here,i understood them. good afternoon, madam. thisis your lovely puppy. i wanted to give this on yourbirthday. he's getting it now. this is your wedding gift. sandra. - bye, jenny. - bye. sorry, madam. i' the have brought it, but i'mbeing harassed by police.

why? the day you came, some boyskidnapped a woman. do you know whose wife shewas? of terror tej singh. those boys fled with the wife. now terror tej singis harassing us. i know them. call tejsingh to church. we've come to you withmy lonely heart... run! run! lakhan! get lost!

wait! why are we running? terror tej singh. - tellus while running. tej singh is coming. run quickly. but how did he cometo know about us? jenny has called him hereto take revenge with us. wait. wait. - why? we came back to the placefrom where we started. where did you go? we ran to live, but now we'll die.

he came to kill us. is the information right? - yes,she called us at the church. she has come too. - who? daruwala, church is here. didshe call us here? - yes. she must be on her way.let's ask them. hi. - hi. she came. she's madam jenny. she knows the boys whokidnapped your devi. who are they? - they.

they... - no, they're goodboys from happy club. they help others. i'll find the boyswith their help. daruwala, you said the girlknows their address. i did. - when did i say so? you didn't. come. - sir,she said it. jenny. jenny. president. what are you doing here? terrortej singh just left.

we know. jenny had called him. but we met jenny andtold her the truth. she's devi. prem kidnapped her that day tosave her from terror tej singh. that butcher used to keep herforcefully and hit her. but we love each other,so prem got us married. now if you want, i can takeher back to that butcher. but please don't getprem arrested. thank you, friend. - come on.

not even our relatives dowhat you did for me. we are going to goa.we'll settle there. take care of devi.- sure. oh sorry, uncle pinto. why did you come here? - to thanksjenny for helping us. jenny made a mistake. forgive us. it's all your fault, jenny. today that rogue came toour door with flowers. listen, tomorrow he'll enterthe house through the pipes.

mother, what is my mistake?i didn't know. i didn't call him. you' the a good chance toget that boy arrested. he acts like a president. darn happy club! but dad, he helped that girl. he's a good guy. heard, pinto? that rogue and cheatwho insulted us...

...has become dearer to her today. and we are strangers. shearguing with us for him. would she've done it ifshe were our blood. bloody orphan! mom, why do you always say so? you're my parents. monty anddaisy are my siblings. instead of raising her, youshould've raised a dog. at least it would'vebeen loyal to you. dad.

you really scared us infront of tej singh. you know we almost hada heart attack. anyway, it was a nice revenge. oh! - happy club. at least we becamefriends this way. when? why? we aren't friends. we'll become friends. but i'm scared as you mightplay any prank on me.

yes, we do that. honestly, if we had knownyour problem... ...we wouldn't have done so. my problem? - that you're orphan. who said this to you? when i came last night withflowers i heard miss. pinto... she's my mother. we are a family. i don't even remember the faces...

...of those who gave me birth. i'm sorry. i'm stammering... but it's true. is blood relationship everything? if i too... ...don't consider them my own... ...then how can i live? tell me, prem. i'm sorry, jenny. ididn't mean to...

you're mocking me? - no. no. i'm... i hate you. "please wait. listen to me!" "my heart says to you..." "...don't punish me for no reason." "don't away from me gettingcross forgetting the love." "come to me, my desire." "may we never be separated."

"come and be a part of me." "all the time i miss you." "where is life taking me along?" "i'm totally lost in love." "unseen and unheard feelingsare aroused." "this had never happened to me." "believe my love today." that fatso mrs. pintocame to inn... ...with her short husband.

she insulted me publiclybecause of you. you went to meet her with flowers? no, dad. are you crazy? willi take flowers for her? i went with flowers forher daughter jenny. shameless! you climb pipesto woo girls with flowers. no, dad. i took flowers forjenny to thanks her. you got flowers! why do you thank in a way thatpeople come to abuse me? i'm ashamed even to walkwith you. give it to me.

i feel like slapping you. then slap me. where are you going? jenny slapped on one slap on the other. he wants to slap me. get lost. what did i do now? you too? - what? you stammer like me. yes, only when i'm upset...

i'm so sorry. thatday i didn't know. i thought... come on. you slap me today. no, i can't do this. please slap me just once.i'll feel better. but how can i, jenny? no. if you don't listen to me,i'll get angry again. jenny, tell me somethingelse. i'll do it. promise? - yes.

but don't tell me anythingdifficult. then treat me to spicy fittersand mint sauce. ok. ok. come. come, jenny. welcometo happy club. don't be sorry for past, don'tworry for future. - be happy today. this is the rule of our happyclub. right, friends? i envy you. - thank you. what did it mean? it means... no.

it means i wish i were like you. you've become like us. now you'rea member of happy club. that too, for free. and we all are of onecolour. happy colour. and this club will alwayskeep you happy. right. thanks. it's a great place. what's this? something is fishy.

no, it's me. look at my face. yes, but body is of salman khan. no, it's mine. i clicked it here. prem, i'm salman's fan.i've his many photos. maybe this one too. this one is mine. i can understandyour problem. actually our bodies are same. i' the trained him. jenny, i' the doubleflu two months ago.

jaundice and malaria. so thebody has squeezed a little. it'll become like salluin 2-3 months. sallu. you really know salman? do i know him? he'll be salman khan foryou. but he's my friend. look, she doesn't believe me. she recognized you quickly. it took us years. - shut up! they all are kidding.

prem, introduce me to salman once. i'll take you to his house. i'll say, my friend jennyis here. serve her pilaf. that will be the bestday of my life. really? phone sallu, i'lltalk to him now. let it be. he'll bebusy in shooting. so many books. you aren't allowed to shout here. so many books? doesanyone read them?

it's written to be read. what will he do by reading it? why did you come here? actually i was passing by. soi thought of meeting you. jenny, how do you work here? don't you feel suffocated? in fact i like it here.i feel safe. all my books here are my friends. friends?

yes. books are bestfriends of humans. they're always with us. they neither demand nor complain.they just support us. just like me. really? you too will support me? always, jenny. no complaints,no demand. you're mad. - thank you. you're funny. - thank you, jenny. what happened? - salmankhan has come.

salman! he's here for a shooting. god, how did he come here? prem, your friend salmanis here. prem. come, prem. - yes, jenny. please introduce meto him. please. yes. why not? sure. - then come. jenny, we can't meet him in thiscrowd. we'll go to his house. god knows when we'll get a chance.he's here so call him.

really? - yes. sallu. sallu! sallu! who called me sallu? i'll see. he's coming. he's coming. he's coming. who called me sallu? your friend. friend? let me see my friend.

i've seen this facefor the first time. sallu, i didn't come homeonce, so you're so angry. hey, when did you come home? don't be angry, sallu. i'llcome home to eat pilaf. forget home, even ifi see you on road... ...i'll change the designof your face. did you see our friendship? jenny, go and get autographbook. - ok. this will go on. - one minute.

brother salman, sorry. actuallyi like jenny very much. oh! and jenny likes you.she's your fan. ok. - i lied that you're myfriend to impress her. what else did you say to her? that i taught to body building. prem. your thighs are loose, sallu.don't you do what i taught you? i'll do that too. won't youintroduce your friend to me.

yes. jenny, salman khan. you're so scared as ifyou're introducing... girlfriend as yours. did you see? he's madand funny like me. jenny! jennifer, he's my good friend. such friends are rare.don't lose him. take this. listen, come home with jennyto eat pilaf. bye.

you're very good. i like you. my god! oh my god! 'you're very good. i like you 'you're very good did you say something? thank you, son. you started in the morning.our son will hear you. our son has said that. he told me i'm very good.

what? - yes. you can ask him. naughty! tell jenny how you feelas soon as possible. no, it will be dangerous.what if she refuses? i'll be heart-broken. she might say yes too. - yes. it's more dangerous. what if myheart fails because of joy? "come in my dreams and stealmy sleep, damsel." "charm me and steal my heart."

"i see you wherever i look." "take my love saga to itsdestination, it's up to you." "i've been waiting forlong for love." "there must be a way,so that you love me forever." "should i use magic toshow my love to you?" "how should i tell youhow i feel about you?" "it's time we exchangeour hearts." "i can in a dilemma how toexpress my feelings." you're no match for jenny.

she's a graduate and youfailed in ninth grade. she has a class... ...but you don't. friends, what are you saying? you're vegetarian and she'snon-vegetarian. what? - chicken, mutton,she eats everything. she even eats trotters. you can't even hear it,but she relishes on it. tell me, how can you two unite?

tell us. you can do it. hurry up! yes, that's more like it. wow! great kebab! this is very tasty. eat it. it's raw. tell him to cook more. it will melt if he cooksmore. eat it. jenny, jenny, jenny, jenny.

it's tasty. very tasty. i told you, man. that's why my jenny likes it. sharda, don't let his handlight my funeral pyre. it's holding a chicken leg. don't say that. it's madeeven in your hotel. business and religionare separate. this fool was idle! nowhe's defiled too. good evening, jesus.

i'm prem shankar sharma. icame for first time here. you're jenny's god. my god... lord shiva in thetemple at the corner. you know bholenath. askhim. i go there daily. jesus, for jenny i'meating mutton. i've desecrated my religion. bholenath is angry.i can't go there. you know, bholenathhas three eyes. if he opens his third eyes,i'll be finished.

jesus, i like jenny. i love jenny. if you help me, i can marry jenny. please help. jenny is beautiful and classy. i've no class. poor fellow. if you don't help me, who willhelp, jesus? please help. somehow fix me in jenny's heart. fix it permanently. i thank youfrom the bottom of my heart. jenny darling, i can't livewithout you. it's a clichã©.

i love you. it's outdate too. jenny, i like you a lot. correct. jenny, i like you a lot. willyou marry me? oh no! jenny, i like you a lot. i'll always keep youhappy. correct. jenny, i like you a lot. i'llalways keep you happy. practicing to sayi love you. - yes. even i' the practiced here a lot. i waited so much thati became a waiter.

that fool broke my what was i saying? i'll happy keep you happy. willyou be my life partner. first class. happy birthday, prem. oh! happy birthday. it's your birthday. yes. thank you. where are your friends? they... - happy club. - they'll come.

let's sit and talk. thanks. you were saying that you wantedto say something to me. yes, actually jenny... i... i... water regular or mineral, sir? i like mineral water a lot. i'll get it, sir. stupid fool!

i'm very hungry. let'seat and talk. you start with salad. i attackchicken and mutton. i eat chicken, mutton and allthe non-vegetarian item. my friends always say,you should've been... ...born in a christian,not hindu family. really? my friends say i should'vebeen born... hindu not christian family. i'm a pure-vegetarian.

from childhood. in fact i don't even like thesmell of non-veg food. it's not it. anyways, you weresaying something. i'll kill you. we talk you to eat non-vegfood, not to kill anyone. we made a mistake. did you say i love you or not? how could i? you toldme to eat mutton.

sorry, pal. your birthday plan failed. youcouldn't talk of marriage. she talked about it. wow! - she talked aboutmarriage. congrats. what did she say? tomorrow my friend sandrais getting married. there is a dance party. will you be my dance partner? your dance partner? i dancevery well. come, jenny.

it's tomorrow. she made you your dance partner.make her life partner. - yes. hi, jenny. cool! - even you're cool! let's dance. there is a problem, prem. daddy is coming. it's good. he'll dancewith aunt pinky. no. actually his friend briganza'sson tony came from goa.

so? daddy wants me to take tony along. we will take him too.aren't kids allowed? tony isn't a kid. you're looking gorgeous,baby. beautiful. tony, this is my friend prem. oh! i'm sorry. hi, prem. we are getting late now. this is for the beautiful girl.

bye, sweet boy. come on. i'm sorry. bye. - we are going tohave absolutely great time. who was he? let it be, mood is ruined. it has to be. if someone elsetakes your girlfriend. that's fine. but he calledme sweet boy. in front of my jenny. he insulted president.

jenny, i've touched manygirls in my life. but only you've touched my heart. i even know that i'm the firstboy to have touched you. your mother told me you'veno boyfriend, no lover. you know, jenny. i'll marry thegirl whom nobody has touched. hi, uncle. uncle. i'm not your uncle. how? you called me sweetboy, so you're my uncle.

and jenny, we've torespect our elders. bless me, uncle. untilyou don't apologize... sorry. sorry. sweet uncle. good. very good. ok. leave us alone now. he's a strange fellow. i was saying... the touch... oh, jesus! who is this boy. i'm sorry, darling. i'll be back.

hi! thank god you came. tonyis such a pain. don't worry, jenny. i can'tleave you in problem. but what if he returns? no problem. i'll drivehim away again. if you wish, everything is easy. hi, sandra! - hi. you look beautiful. - thankyou. enjoying. prem. he's my friend.

hi, prem. this ismy husband peter. hi. so you're jenny'sdance partner. hi, sandra. - hi. have fun, guys. - bye. prem, there is stilltime for the dance. i know, jenny. i was warming up. your party is over, man. bye. - what a party! whata stupid friend you've! shall we talk alone?

jenny! you must come to goa. hi. - how are you, guys? tony. - sorry. you know what? i've to... tony! beautiful lady, look great today. a flower for you, beautiful! what happened, darling? - hekicked me. - mistake. you kicked colonel's wife.- it was a mistake.

donkey. - sir. - come out! hi. - hi. get up, you rogue! why don't you understand, jenny? this boy doesn't deserveto be with us. how did it come here?sorry, jenny. i'll be back. please. hi. tony, why are you walkinglike this?

ah! i'm very busy. his trouser is dirty. no, i think he hasstomach disorder. "it's p on the check." hey, man!- let's go. "he's a sexy, sexy..." "i told you." "boy, move like there's no tomorrow." "english indian americano."

"rock the world, friends!" "if you feel me, then come and follow." "follow me. follow-follow me." "watch how i flex, don't copy." "come on! i can danceand stun the world!" "serious man, i'm not messing around." "because, i'm number one. yes, my son." "tell me, if you had enough... of me." "you know i got thegood stuff that you need."

"come in my arms, baby!" "you need my love. you need my love." "rock the world. spreadyour charm!" "rock the world. dancemerrily, dear!" "rock the world. showit to them, dear!" "break a break a breaka breaking it down." "all my people in theclub now be buzzing around." "and my dj bring thebass sub-woofing it down." "and my sound be rockingover to the under the ground."

"come if you've the guts. i'lldance and woo everyone." oh boy! that was so much, fun!did you enjoy it? - yeah! yes, jenny. did you like my dance? you were rocking. you'renot less than a hero. what happened? - nothing. jenny, i feel elatedwhen you're happy. you happy. i happy. today i'm very happyfor sandra also. she found a nice boy.

what do you mean by 'nice boy'? i mean, the boy who has a goodjob and does work on time... ...and who is honest and givestime to his family too. that's it. this will make anygirl ready to get married. yes. any girl will be ready. prem! i'm going to work, mother. hi, prem. - hi, jenny. i want... - i got a job. andi've to reach on time.

ok. bye. hello. - prem, i've somethingimportant to tell you. jenny, i'm on duty.i work honestly. and during work i don't talk.sorry, jenny. bye. sorry, jenny. i go home on time. it's important to give timeto family too. bye. my first hard earnedmoney. 5000 rupees. it feels nice to countthem, friends. jenny will be happy too?

she'll be very happy. go and talk to her. you'venot met her for a month. i stayed away from her to get her. stop. lakhan, where is prem?- wait. i'll call him. jenny, wait. coming. no. i'm in a hurry.daisy is with me. why is your phone turned off. jenny, battery of myphone... - take this.

bye. jenny gave me something.- what is it? stone. she threw stone. - somethingis written on it. she gave me a letter. i've to tell you somethingimportant about my life. come to boat club at 11 tomorrow. oh! very good. she wants to talk to me abouther life. what could it be?

that same thing thatyou couldn't say. what are you saying? really? hi, jenny. - hi. you wanted to talkabout your life... by the way, jenny... ...even i' the to talkabout my life. you go first. you first. jenny, i... i like you a lot.

i'll always keep you happy. will you be my life partner. jenny, tell me. what can i say? you've said what icame to tell you. "now that you've proposed to me..." "...i too feel like sayingi love you." "i'm falling in love with you." "i'm losing myselfsince i met you."

"i yearn to touch you." "my heart beckons youto come to me." "come for dewdrops areshowering too." "the season is gesturingyou to come to me." "take me in your arms." "i accept, i'm in love too." you broke my dream. sorry. you should've ring thebell like this. how would a blind man know ablind man is approaching?

i'm not blind. prem. what happened? what's the matter? - what happened? jenny didn't come to boat club.even her house is locked. i don't get it. it's chandar. talk to him. yes, chandar. it's kunnu. what? jenny is in goa? yes, chandar?

i was surprised to see jennyin goa. so i phoned you. jenny shouldn't be withthat rogue tony. later i learnt that she'sgetting married... tony day after tomorrow. you want money? i don't want it. - leave it. dad, i've always listened to you. i never said no toyou for anything. but marriage...

it's my life. is your life differentfrom ours, jenny. please don't force me. why don't you want to marry tony? he's handsome and dashing. and he's rich. briganza willmake our present and future. mother... i love someone else. daddy, i love someone.

daddy, she has a lover.i won't marry her. mrs. pinto. it's not so. jennyis a clean girl. she has no love. she's lying. no, it's true. i'm telling the truth. enough! briganza, gives you two choices. either say 'i do' in frontof priest tomorrow...

...and become legalwife of my tony. if you say 'no' tomorrownight tony... ...will forcefully makeyou his wife. do you understand? jenny. jenny, don't worry. i'm here. jenny, control yourself. come on, jenny. i was just thinking about you.

and you came. why wouldn't i come. how can i leave you in problem? they want me to marry tony. i heard, jenny. say yes for the wedding. don't worry. when you go out with them, we'llkidnap you on the way. is it possible?

double possible. we are championsin kidnapping girls. you know. yes, jenny. leave forchurch with a smile. i promise, we'll make themweep and flee with you. then you and i... rahul. inform him too. - yes. i'll... - who is rahul? rahul... oh my god! i'm so sorry.

rahul chalan. we usedto study together. then he moved to canada.he returned last month. i tried to tell you abouthim many times. but you were so buy these days,i couldn't meet you. and that day even in boat club... ...i wanted to tellyou about rahul. he's a nice guy. you' the like him. he loves me very much. i love him too. andwe want to marry.

prem, are you alright? how far is the church, tony?- it's very close, jenny. really? - even i'm impatientto get married. but this new driverdrives so slowly... ...that dad's car went ahead. which fool hired you?- your dad, sir. drive faster. - no, slow. i feel giddy when it's fast. - ok. don't worry, madam.

i'm chalu chaplin, driverof happy club. hey, i've seen you before.- sure, sir. snap of my boss, charliechaplin is everywhere. yes, correct. even isaw it. - you too. i'll take you to yourdestination... short route and you'll happy. and sir will feel giddy. - ok. lily! lily! you blind fools! iwon't spare you.

what have you done? - youtold me to drive fast. yes, you did. - my children,lily, bily... small kids... - kids? - hen's chicks. two went here and two there. police. - no. give me your license. license? i don't have it. park the car this side. - officer,it's my wedding today. i'm already late. - you can'tdrive without license.

this is a rule. correct. rule is a rule. - whata rule! i'll pull over. quick. - nonsense! you're driving.ask him for license. how can i get license, sir? i'm chalu chaplin. i learnt driving by stealing cars. but i didn't steal license yet. oh god! he's a honestboy. he's confessing. spare him and arrest him.

no... - get out! - save me, god. i remembered. i've license. i keep it under the seat. correct. why did government giveyou license. - to drive. and what are you driving? - he's enjoying withmadam in back seat. you don't drive even thoughyou've license. you're insulting thegovernment. - no. i'll arrest you. - todayis my wedding.

you've license. soyou'll drive? - ok. you don't have license, so youenjoy with madam in back seat. great, rule! tony, takeyour cap and come. ok. let's go. but who will look for mylily, chily and bily. yes. - they went this side. here. jenny. jenny! hello.

dad, jenny fled withthe driver. - what? prem, tony might followus. drive fast. meet at karbali bridgein 15 minutes. hurry up, hurry up. they are catching up. prem, help. jenny, hold this! brother, there they're. "make the earth tremble."

"make the sky thunder." "make the god's tremble." "dance away, my sweetheart." stop the train. there they're. drop the rope! we won't spare you. jenny loves someone else! she told you this last night,but you didn't tell us. why did we take so much risk?

for you and not for that rahul. jenny loves him, raju. jenny used you and betrayed you. it's not so. jenny never told methat she loves me. but she knows that you love her. how? even i didn't tell her. i couldn't say it. listen, happy club's rule isto unite lovers. - great!

we've united many. we willunite jenny and rahul too. shut down such a happy club. that's rahul. hi, rahul. i'm prem. - hi, prem. do you go to gym? - gym? yes. i go twice in day. - twice? how many rounds do you do withthe dumbbells. - round? oh! you mean sets. - yes, sets. not much. only 5 sets of 20.

total 100. that's all. but your style is wrong. give me. i'll teach you. - really? i'm doing 'push-ups'. - like this? yes, it's my style. by the way, what problem doesyour dad has with jenny. jenny is christian and weare high caste hindus. you know my father,pitambar jalan. pitambar jalan?

one contesting mlaelection? - right. i'm ready to elopeand marry jenny. but he's afraid that if i marryher, he'll lose hindu vote. rahul, this is a big problem. if you marry jenny... ...your dad will lose the election. and those with respect... is yourdad respectable? - yes. no, not at all. - what? he can't tolerate this defeat?

i've seen many loserscommit suicide. no. i won't let thismarriage take place. but jenny... - you've calledme friend. a true friend. i'm thinking about you. is jennydearer than father? - no. you'll get many jenny's, butyou get only one father. and just once. we even fall in love only once. i love jenny. i'm goingto marry jenny. i don't care.

wow! you've become big. you don't care for your father. you've made body and muscles. but try to look farther. yes. yes, that's it. a small toddler, that's rahul... holding his father's bigfinger with his small finger... ...and he's learning to walk. but my nanny taught meto walk, not my dad.

then look farther. a scared, frightened andsmall, but fat rahul... holding his father'sshoulder and pedaling. he's learning to ride cycle. but ramu taught me to ridecycle, not my dad. did your dad teach youanything? - yes. to play cards. poker. poker! your father is so great.

he cares a lot for you. he taught you poker. he' the have thought even ifyou become worthless... won't starve to death. and you're leaving such agreat father for a girl. no, rahul. i won't let hismarriage take place. but... - not even if you cry. jenny. - don't worry about her. you've called me friend.a true friend.

for you, only for youi'll support jenny. what? - but become a supportof your father. wait. i can't leave jenny. i'll marry jenny only. i don'twant dad's property. i'm an mba from london. i'll get a job of 2 lakhsalary in a snap. how? - in a snap. now tell me, will you letthis marriage take place? 2 lakh per month? - yes.

come at platform number 2. did you tell him the rightplatform? - yes. why isn't he here yet? he' the be on his way, jenny. did you like rahul? you met him for thefirst time today. rahul? - hey, jenny. rahul. - i missed you so much. i missed you too.

i'm sorry, jenny. - it's ok. it's fine. - you were in problem,but i couldn't help. now i'm here. trust me.i'll take care of you. i missed you so much. thank, prem. we'll marry in temple tomorrow. wedding will be verysimple, jenny. and for honeymoon i'll takeyou around the world. london, new york, milan, paris.

and we will settle in frankfurt. frankfurt? - my friend is offering me apartnership in his business. and i've booked a carfor you. ferrari. what do you think, prem? ferrari?frankfurt? good plan? konkan express is aboutto leave platform 2. come on, jenny. let'sgo. we'll be late. which is the compartment,prem? - this. yes. - ticket.

thanks. take care. let's go, jenny. prem, come along. i' the have come, jenny. but god knows what problemtony will create here. your name is writtenhere with jenny. yes, that... so that nobody comes to know,david gave my name... it makes no difference.

god has written yourname with jenny. prem, you should've told heronce how much you loved her. i'm sure, she' thehave... - let it be. let's talk about something else. i couldn't say it to her. so wasn't it love? is it important to say in love? hey, what did chandar use to say? love with dictionary?

my feelings too were in vain. let it be. let's talkabout something else. rahul is a nice boy. he's from a decentfamily. he's rich. they talk in english. perfect match. listen... ...both are vegetarian. he'll keep her happy.

i too would've kept youvery happy, jenny. i liked you a lot. will you become my life partner? why don't you understand... feelings. why are you back? i'm happy. i'm your friend. no complaints. no demand.

prem. you're like this... you're drunk? drunk? jenny, in english wesay drink. drink. why are you so upset?are you drink too? prem! prem! you're really here? why and how are you here? i just came.

and you... you're drunk. no, jenny. actually to celebrate yourwedding, friend served me. but how come you're here? where is rahul? i don't know. he got down at a stationto buy books... ...and then, i don't know.

he didn't come back. where could i've gone? you did good by coming here. but rahul... jenny, can i say somethingif you don't mind? these rich and spoilt bratsare like this only? for them love is a game. time pass. no, i was just kidding.

i'll find rahul anyhow. don't worry, jenny. you won't understand. i'll understand. tell me. you won't understandeven if i tell you. why not? i'm very smart. whywon't i understand? because you've never loved anyone. "how can i tell youwhy i love you?"

"i can't even if i try." "my eyes express the feelingsof my heart." "you don't realize it." shooting star! "we couldn't unite even aftermeeting. god knows why." "we are miles apart.god knows why." "these are strange circumstances.god knows why." "my dreams are woven aroundyou. god knows why." "i've said a lot to youin my thoughts."

"but i couldn't say itin front of you." "you weren't a stranger to me..." "...but you couldn't even be mine." "i regret, even thisheart mourns." "but yet this crazyweaves dreams." "it thinks we had meet,god knows why." "how can i tell you why i loveyou? i can't even if i try." your son hasn't returnedsince last night. loafer!

he didn't even phone. - he'll come. mr. mishra is ready toget his shakuntala... ...married to him afteri implored him i thought this worthlessis living off him. later he'll live there. they're coming to see prem. whom will i show them? good morning, mother. what are you doing here? come in.

mother, someone else is with me. who? who is she? - je... jennifer. did she flee her house? - no,mother. she's not like that. i helped her flee. you'll elope and marry her. no, mother. not for me,but for someone else. what's this new business? - it'snot a business, but help.

but why did you bring her here? the one for whom i broughther, has fled. and she came to me. so we came to you. hide the girl for 2 days, mother. i'll find that boy. - oh god! they're coming to see the boyand he has brought a girl. what are you whispering? she agreed. thank you,mother. - thank you.

jenny, get in. from here? - yes. my dad is outside, but mymother will handle it. pull her, mother. pull her. use more strength. - oh god! eat this and get readyquickly. - why, mother? mr. mishra is coming withhis daughter to see you. mother, what's this new trouble? that's ok. but where isthe trouble brought?

jenny is bathing. - oh god! your dad is going to bathroom too. mother, stop him. where are you going? - to bathe. what's the rush? please wait. what happened to you, sharda? mr. mishra would be here andyou know i'm never late. be late today. look into my eyes.

sharda. it's been years since i heardyou sing. please sing. what is it, sharda? please sing. which son? - that one... "damsel, your beauty is full of..." mother, which beggar is singing? turn off the radio. prem. when did premcome? - just now.

go and bathe. don't waste time. hurry up, jenny. don't rush me. oh my god! in hurry i forgotmy top in the bathroom. darn it! what's this? - this... this belongs to a girl. you wear these too? it's not mine.

where did you get it? i didn't brought it. - me neither. i found it in bathroom.whom does it belong? it seems to be of a girl. - mother. this... - mother, did you see my top? god knows where it's. it's here. what willyou do? give me. beware, lover... you wear this. - yes. it's latestfashion. do you like it?

i'll get for you too. two. mother, i'm going toa big interview. bless me. you'll go out in this? - yes. how else will i get twofor you? - shut up! bye, mother. - no. if you go like this,i'll b defamed. mr. sharma. - i'm defamed. hello. - hello, mr. mishra.

what is he wearing?- you liked it too. i'm getting two for dad. i'llbring two for you too. - what? what a cool top? get onefor me too. please. of course. make your father wear this top. i don't mind. shankar. - yes. get him treated bya good doctor. ok? let's go. we came to see a boy.

i'm troubling you a lot. yes. that's true. but for this smile, i can takeany trouble. no worry. i'm prem. prem chopra. what a big house rahul has! it's a mansion. jenny will be very happy in this palace,raju. that christian girl wantsto be daughter-in-law...

...of pitambar jalan? never! thank god bhairav singhsaw him at station... ...and brought him here forcefully. or else i' the have been defamed. sir, it was good. and it had to happen. because in your horoscope yourstars have return home. that will bring me profit.

but this fool will take everythingfrom this house. this trouble had to comeduring election time. now he'll return to canada. this is unfair, dad. bhairav singh. - sir? don't think that he's my son. i'm rajput, sir. i promise. after club house functionday after... ...tomorrow, i'll takehim to canada.

and he won't return to india untilhe doesn't forget jenny. she's a great girl. i love her a lot. i can do anything for her. and bhairav singh cando anything for me. right? - sir. if you say, forget him i caneven behead his father. narayan! - what did you say? change this ringtone.

future chief minister... ...pitambar jalan's presentsecretary, sheshadari speaking... give phone to pitambar. narayan! sir, for you. this is sajid don. you avoid my phone. no, don. it's not so. actually... ...i was busy with election.

beware, pitambar! at my one gesture, mysharp shooters... ...are ready to shower bullets. when are you sending 1 billion. i don't have the money, don. i'm contesting electionwith donation. then collect donation and send1 billion to me too quickly. hello! pitambar hung up on me.

dial again. i'll behead him. he hung up on sajid don. don boss, pitambardidn't hung up... ...but your phone got disconnected. you've no balance. idiots! i'm your boss. at least recharge my phoneon time. - yes, sir.

you all are fools! you carrypistol without bullets. we've neither money nor bullets. hello, sir. - hello. who are you? sir, we've come to meet rahul. what do you want from rahul? we are jenny's friend. rahul and jenny love each other. don't dare to take that girl'sname in this house!

get out of this citybefore evening. if i hear that girl's name, i'llget you and that girl killed. now get out! what's the matter, inspector? where is jenny? - jenny? who? jenny isn't here. jenny is our daughter. your son prem has elopedwith her from goa. from goa! - goa?

yes. - my son has neverbeen to goa. and we never heard of any jenny. right, sharda? - yes. only we two are in this house. we will search the house. i said, jenny isn't here. we've to search the house. no need, inspector. look, even the girl is sayingthat there is no need.

what's your name, child? - jenny. this goon spoilt our wedding. arrest him! - arrest him! how can you arrest him?- just a minute. i won't spare him. i'll break your hands. no fighting. please don't fight. you tell me the truth. sir, these people have raised me.

and i'm very grateful to them. but i didn't want to marry. and she forced me to marry tony. you love someone else. don't worry. she doesn't. who is that boy? did you see? he elopedwith the girl for her. prem, you lied to me. daddy, saw? they're lovers?

tell me the truth. - hedoes everything... peter, why don't you shout? you too shout. your son didn't give methe right to shout. calm down! why don'tyou keep quiet. or else i'll arrest you. tell them how muchyou love me, prem. tell everyone. how much i love you?

i can only say... ...for jenny i can... anything. jenny... everything for me. she's my joy. she's my life. that's enough. you're over-acting. inspector, did you hear?

lie! they both are lying. you're intelligent, inspector. get tony and jenny married. god will bless you. - shut up! i'm an inspector, not a priest. don't waste my time. go. let's go. sorry, prem. i couldn'tsay rahul's name. you know why?

never mind, jenny. why don't you talk to jenny. about what, mother? that you love her a lot. no. i don't love jenny. i was acting in frontof inspector... ...but i did over acting. shut up! i'm your mother,i understand everything. jenny is a nice girl.

i too like her. i'll talk to her. - no, mother. jenny loves rahul. rahul is from a big family. and he's giving him a car... ...what is it... fafari. - ferrari. yes. that's the one. mother, i can't eventake that car's... and he's gifting it to her. jenny will live like queenthere. - let's wash dishes. let me talk to her. mother, don't tortureher emotionally. jenny considers me her friend. don't break our friendship. jenny is happy with rahul. and my happiness isin her happiness. are you really happy?

yes, mother. i'm very happy. we've to arrange themoney quickly. i won't spare this pitambar. this son of pitambar... son? we'll kidnap pitambar's son rahul. wow! - great! rahul's birthday functionis in this club house. this is our chance, friends.

our dress will be blackpant and white shirt. with black pant and whiteshirt, white bow. correct. and everyone will sportfrench beard. with french beard,a black mole here. right. this will makeour gang unique. and there won't be any confusion. and we'll surround rahulslowly and slowly. and we will kidnap himwhen we get a chance.

any doubt? - no, sir. and jenny... i'll turn her into stylequeen katrina kaif. touch me! "let's go." "give them what they want,and don't stop." "make them shake, and don't stop." "rock the floor and don't stop!" "dazzle everyone and don't stop!"

"rock the floor. spreadyour charm!" "everything that's minebelongs to you." "nothing else is left now." "i want to talk toyou all the time." "this love is a meditation." "there is no way to avoid it now." "we forget everything elsewhen we fall in love." "may i be with you all the time!" "may you rule my thoughts too."

"i should always think andtalk about only you." "beloved, in love we can'tsee anything else." "i got you, this is theresult of my love." "you're my destination." "my happiness lies inyour happiness." "every trouble is wiped now." "love is unrestrained magic." "there is no hurdle before love." rahul!

bhairav singh, where is rahul? jenny! rahul! what? what did you say? my son! dear, don't mourn. nothing has happened to your son. he has just cut his veinand maligned us. my son has cut his veins! tell me, where do i've to come?

yes, we won't inform the police. we're coming. take care of him. come. you're late.- where is my son? here. follow this red blood. you'll reach your son. rahul! my son! blood! - hello, sir. we called the doctor, but hefainted on seeing so much blood. he's lying there. look.

narayan! - you? - yes. you kidnapped rahul from club.- yes, but to help him. i didn't know he' thecut his veins. so i phoned you to help him. i don't need anyone'shelp. i'm dying. don't go anywhere, sir. we know your dad is very lowly. but listen to your mother. - no! i love jenny. jenny is my life.

she's my life. she'severything for me. what are you doing, jenny? bodydoesn't have so much blood. but there is in bucket. i can't live without jenny. if you bleed so much, you can'tlive even with jenny. i told you that we willget you married. we won't marry withoutdad's blessing. listen to me. - i' theenough of you. in your quarrel, you'lllose your son.

blood. who killed whom? who are you? - i'm a reporter,tainat singh, of a news channel. no! - get him out! get them out of here. don't worry, uncle. i won't leta decent man be defamed. you know how great he's? - no. let it be if he doesn'tknow. - how could i? i can't see pitambar jalangetting defamed. oh! so he's pitambar jalan.

who is he? - at least leavehim, son. - don't worry. i won't tell anyone your onlyson rahul has cut his veins. really? his son hascut his veins. why? at least leave that.- don't worry, uncle. i know what this reporterwants to get out of me. that rahul loves a christiangirl and you disapprove. but i won't say anything about it. you told everything harping'don't worry'. now this tape will be telecaston all the news channel.

breaking news. enemy oflove, pitambar jalan. no! sir, stop him. if this news is leaked, you'lllose the election. give me this tape. - no. don't worry, uncle. i won'tlet you lose the election. come with me. - yes, get it. congrats, uncle. he's ready to give thetape. - very good!

thank you very much.give me the tape. but he has one condition. - what? rahul and jenny shouldmarry with a pomp. with dance and music. and you should announce thismarriage on all news channel. or else i'll lose my placein the community. if this marriage doesn'ttake place...'ll lose public's respect. now tell me, what do you wantto save? - public's respect.

sir, it 's not a point if youlose community... - enough. ok, fine. i agree. but tape shouldn't be telecast. don't worry, uncle.- again don't worry. this tape won' t be telecast. now wedding tape will be telecast. congrats, uncle. congrats, aunt. congrats, rahul. - thankyou, friend. congratulation on yourwedding, jenny.

i thank you too. how is it? - it's beautiful. what's the cost? - forgetthat and wear it first. what are you doing? someonemight see us. nobody is here. cafe is closed. oh! so sorry. - prem. come. where were you? this is for jenny. - prem, look. rahul has brought it.- beauty. beauty.

it's worth 150 million. - what? i liked it, so i broughtit for jenny. yes, you were saying something.what did you get for jenny? spicy fritters and mint sauce. jenny loves it. rahul! - i'm minute, prem. i just remembered. i gota phone from usa. this is the list of vip. keeptheir seating separate. nobody should've securityproblem. ok? - sir.

sir, phone for you. hello. - preparing for thewedding, pitambar? but the bride is with me. and this time we'vemade no mistake. we've kidnapped original jenny. talk to him. uncle, please save me. uncle. uncle. did you hear her?

now send 1 billion quickly. or else i'll send the girl'scorpse at the wedding dais. this is a big problem, sheshadri. what happened, sir? sajid don kidnapped jenny. sir, this is very good. what's good about it? wedding is tomorrow and bride gotkidnapped today. - what's good? sir, our public is emotional.

your daughter-in-law is kidnapped. people will get sentimental andvote for you. sympathy vote. you'll surely win. wow! great! jenny's life is in danger andyou're thinking of money. it's not that. - forget it.arrange for the money... ...we'll free jenny first. prem, you don't understand.1 billion is a big amount. it would be. but it's notmore than jenny's life.

who are you? - yes, who are you? sir pitambar has send ransommoney for jenny. show us what's in the bag. we don't talk to your boss. i'm the boss. don't give me that look. i'm boss. look. we boss have personalities, aurasand strong voices. - yes. right, gang? - yes.

what's right? who gives you food? you do, sir. - right. then tell him. - yes. no matter how he's, he's our boss. give them the bag. moneyis in the bag. give it to them. don't dare to touch the bag. big boss, tell me where is jenny?

jenny, come. prem. - jenny. i knew it. i knew you' the come. big boss, we've kept themoney. we're going. bye. - stop. i'm sajid don. don'tact smart with me. those who cheat me... i don't spare them. first i'll check the money.

count it. - yes, sir. sir, the amount is correct. the amount is correct? - yes. yes, the amount is correct. correct. - yes, sir. it's 1000 rupees currencies. big boss, the amount is correct.forgive us now. is there any mistake? no, sir. we've counted the money.

it's hard cash... ...fresh out of bank, sir. we got it from there. i forgave you. go. gang, big boss is distributingcash. come. sir, the best thing is thatall notes have same number. there won't be any problem. same number on allthe notes? - yes. my foot! nab them!

sir, what are you doing? we had only 5 bullets, not it's 4. 4 bullets are enough for4 people, robert. come. let's run! run! come on. hurry! prem, stop or i'll kill her. stupid fool! get me down. get me down, fool! jenny, what are you doing?

sorry, prem. - ok, be careful. jenny. - i'm sorry. what are you doing? - help. helping me? - yes. - sitin that corner. go. stop! jenny, on whose side are you? on your side. is there any confusion?

should i lock it? give it to me. fight! i am sorry.- fool! dad. - stop. he's my dad. - hello. how come you're here? - from pipe. not that. why did youget in danger? you can stake your life fora love of a few days.

you're my own son. can't i risk my life for you? wow! what a dialogue?say it again. ok! risk your life! let'sdo it together. oh my god! oh! - sorry. jenny, run. come on. jenny, look behind. jenny. go!

hold it! don't leave it! what are you doing, jenny?- sorry, prem. turn it down. down. yes. slowly. carefully. move! thank god! look, sir. look. nobody will move. - jenny.

nab them! - stop. thepolice are here. thank you, prem. you've got a criminallike sajid arrested. don't leave me. i'm giddy. tomorrow our photographerwill click your snap. it will be published in frontpage of newspaper. well done. keep it up. president. - wow, prem! your dream has come true.

your photo will be publishedin newspaper. your mother will bevery happy, son. and you, father? i'll be double happy. don't give me the look. hug me. sir, mr. agrawal is here. come, mr. agrawal. welcome. what happened, jenny?you're looking lost. you should be happy today.

you're marrying the one you love. what more do you want? you look great! mother and father didn't come. they' the be on their way. and our happy club. they've come. they' the be around. congrats, jenny.

hurry up, jenny. it's timeto take the nuptial round. bye, jenny. where? i've some important work. more important than my wedding. god bless you, jenny! at least we made friendship. how can i leave you in problem! it makes no difference, rahul.

for jenny i can do anything. jenny, what happened? nothing. - you ok? listen, media wants to meet you. we told media my dadand i saved you... ...and rescued your from sajid don. they want you to sayit. so say that. but prem... - we know premdid everything. but you've to say what we said.

rahul, this is wrong. prem has done it. now you think about thishouse, not prem. you're daughter-in-lawof this house. if you say so, dad willgain in election. he'll win. rahul, prem always helpedothers and us selflessly. he even got defamed because of it. today when he's getting fame,we should snatch that too.

don't argue, jenny. we've talked to prem. when he hasno problem, why do you care? what did he say? - he said,it's jenny's house. he can do anything foryour happiness. why did he say so? come on, jenny. he cares for you. come. - congrats, madam. congrats. - tell us, who savedyou from sajid don. tell them, jenny.

he's a great guy. he has always supported me. he's my best friend. his name is prem. prem, president of happy club. but jenny, about me... - yes. he helped him too. prem saved him too. - jenny... yes, he saved him from him.

he locked his son so thathe can't marry me. because i'm christian.- but dad agreed. for his gain. but now i'm refusing. because i love prem. and i'll marry him. jenny, please don't leaveme. i love you. no, you don't. you like me. you don't love me, but like me.

try to understand. - yes. love, like... i justdon't understand. you've gone mad. yes, i've gone mad. i'm madly in love with prem. goodbye. good luck. where is prem? - wedon't know, jenny. don't know? what do you mean?

you came late, jenny. he left. we don't know where he wentand when he'll return. jesus. good afternoon, jesus. no, my son. i'm an actor. i'm playing jesus in a drama. i' the to reach on this addressquickly so i left in costume. i lost my way. can youplease help me?

this is inside the city. and i'm leaving the city. i've decided not toreturn to city. prem, you help everyone. help me too, please. god will help you. come on. come inside. pull over. we've reached. address is of church and he'splaying role of jesus.

what an actor! sir, bye. hold this, my son. sir... - take care of it. sir... - i'll be back. sir. where did he go? i don't even know his name. stop, dear.

jenny! - prem. jenny, you're here? i... you... prem, didn't i fix you in jenny'sheart permanently? so this was the strangestlove story of the world... ...where prem got jenny withoutsaying i love you. love story without i love you. this is the biggest story.

and today people ofmadwali have gone... wedding of our hero, prem. you too go. move! you're not coming. - yourotten dumb fellow! if i go, who will standhere? your father? - no. or my father? - no. - go. excuse me, sir. sorry. i mean thank you, sir. now you two sign here.

first sign. jenny, i wanted to say somethingto you. - go on. i love you, jenny. willyou be my life partner? but you... - first sign here. raju, i've said i loveyou to jenny. he has said it now. if you' the waited 2years more, even... ...your kids would've heard it. garland her.

what are you doing, shameless? dad, don't give me the's allowed in christians. right? - yes. now that you've proposed to me... "my heart used to weavedreams of love." "my heartbeat used to sing too." "but now i never feltthis before." "whatever has happened to you,has happened to me too." "i too feel like sayingi love you."

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