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hello, viewers! today we're gonna talk about how to puton underwear i have a lot of co-workers around me and say matt, you're so passionate about underwear you're so knowledgeable on the topic. how do you do it? and i decided it was time to make a video so i could tell the worlds a better way to put on underwear underwear is the oldest piece of clothing known to men people have been arguing for decades

millennia mop maybe i don't know that shoes came first i think anyone with a brain will tell you that underwear came first it is a leaf it wasn't until the underwear renaissance that we saw people really taking on different kinds of underwear we saw in europe there was an experimentation with buttons on the front there were cropped trousers when they came to america, you saw some ingenuity with the elastic band which really was like the sliced bread underwear, right? there's not a time in my mind before

elastic pants and underwear and anyone who is a true aficionado of underwear will appreciate a good button up piece but for today's' young up upwardly mobile individual elastic is probably the way to go so today when we're going into how to wear underwear we're going to make the assumptionthat you have an elastic band piece of underwear and you're not from, say, like the mid-16th century if you have mid-16th century garb you can watch another video that will put out later on how to wear renaissance underwear

we will talk about the underwear i can't stress enough the importance that underwear is and now you'll notice is optional you don't have to wear underwear there actually is no constitution where says you have to wear underwear i highly recommend that you do having said that, um, i mean think about different scenarios when you wouldn't have underwear on and that the really a bad thing so imagine you're walking outside you have denouement

and it's raining right so this is the casenumber one this is really not something you should take lightly it's something that you should be very serious about that's why i'm so passionate aboutunderwear and why i want you guys to have all thebackground knowledge that i have about underwear the name underwear comes from the latin word, anterior wear that loosely translates the things youwear under something so that's why it's called underwearunderwear

that's up to you. right? now let's talkabout the different types of underwear well, i can think about it is that you've got basically the four royal families about underwear you've got briefs, boxers, boxer briefs and thongs let's start with briefs raise your primary classic type of underwear we've got the band up at the top this is a very very high quality band this is wow, wow so we have here a brief, it's got the high cut for the legs

got enough coverage for the front and the back business so this is what you would classify as a brief you're covered but not overly covered it's a good standard classic look and a classic feel this is my dad underwear if i wanna be dad today i'm wearing briefs next up was talking about boxers so boxers, you talk about the personality the sole of a pair of underwear is, these are like the surfer bro your cousin who's just like a beach band in south carolina

kicking back, catching in some waves so these are what i would like to call brock these are my brock underwear, what i like to look for is a good fabric cover on my boxers so some have the exposed elastic those tend to cut, especially if your cupcake a lot like i do looking at some cutting on the bottom of your handles so what i like to do is to make sure they've got some fabric on there you'll see right here we've got the coordinated core there's a little extra fabric right there, you see that oh that's a nice pull

that is a very nice pull right there. oh! wow and you see that it has the enoughfabric that stretch up to get your range so these are very forgiving underwear because it'll tell you, hey! if you skip your diet this week, we'll be ok we're just gonna pull a little bit there's no pressure on these ones so you don't feel like you're judged by your underwear that's why i like brock and then up at the front you've got an opening some do and some don't have an opening here

if you find some with an opening, make sure they've got a classic button the opening at the front gonna allow you to handle your business if you need to but the button says how he'd handle business right now i'm all business right now, okay! very versatile piece here i personally endorse wearing boxers as much as possible sup we have our boxers taking care of let's move on to family three family three is our boxer brief now you might say yourself why it's called boxer brief i'll tell you, weirdly enough these bat-boys are combination of boxers and briefs

at least in the way they're cut so you'll notice they have a, wow! wow! this is high quality fabric combines i normally don't advocate for boxer briefs but if you find any with this high quality fabric and feel, definitely go for but we'll see is you'll have a similar fabric in a similar design to your traditional brief so you can see these look fairly similar not just in color but in the way that they feel, the way they stretched with them all the way that they're tight to your body what you also notice is these have a little bit more length on them

these go down your leg for a tight fit a lot of times people wear these for workouts so i like to call these steve's i see steve in the gym a lot, steve wears boxer briefs so when i feel like i'm going the gym, when i wanna stay in shape, i still avoid boxer briefs because i think you should make up your mind and underwear should do the same you can obviously make your own choices, but this is just coming from a professional so do what you want! the final thing i'd like to talk about is the thong family so in the thong family

you'll find that you can have g-strings, g is for groin c-strings, z-strings pretty much any of strings you'll be able to find these in the thong family and you'll notice we have one pair righthere very small cut, right? not a ton of coverage here especially in the rear, these are more viewer like low shell no show types so if you're maybe rocking an awesome pencil skirt maybe you're in those slacks that you no hug your business real nice and you don't necessarily want the intrusion of your underwear on that picture

these are a great option for you i would recommend not in everyday piece, but choices can be made like i said one caveat in this spans across pretty much all but that family is this recent trend of shapewear so, shapewear is a new fad that pretty much you notice it looks like we just got a really extended band here that's kinda what it is if you break it down i mean, look at that, it has a tall waist band but what it does and you can't see this at home but i want you to imagine i'm and don't imagine me shirtless but imagine that i have these on and i got it pulled tight

and that just tucks right there. that tucks my tummy and it makes it look real good so these maybe not as forgiving it feeling as the boxers are forgiving on the eye when you may have skipped the workout or a diet meal so, um...that's pretty much the basics on the types of underwear but i wanna do now as i wanna show you guys kinda how i pick the underwear for the day that i want to wear i have what i like to call my look journal every morning when i wake up, i go to my look journal and i say: "matt, what mood you are in today." and i say:" okay! i'm a little drowsy but i'm hopeful. so i am in a hopeful mood." so i am hopeful and i say:" what's the weather gonna be like today, matt?"

so i pull up my phone and look at the weather. it gonna be nice and warm today. good sunny day! so i say hopeful, sunny. it's looking real good what do i wanna do today? so when i get into my journal, i start drawing these things out so i'll start normally i would have an array of color pencils in my dressing nook in the morning when i get ready. today i only have the pen for display purposes but you can get the idea i highly recommend getting into some washable markers or colored pencils like i have. a 24-color set will work but the bigger the better. the more detail you can put into your drawings

the better you can plan your day. so let's say we have a sun, it's going to be a sunny day so i am putting the sun in here, shiningbright. i've got me here ready to wear my underwear they were gonna put some birds in hereas i think this is the nature kinda day there's a cloud but it's really smalland in the distance okay! you got a small cloud and i think i know what i want to do today i am going to work. great! briefcase in hand, put the briefcase in there. ok so i'm with my briefcase. i am ready. this is a work man. he's on his way hopeful sunny day work matt. what else am i gonna be wearing today

so then i say:" alright well today's shirt and today's tie" i'm gonna wear white button-up as i don't have my color pencils and i would wear a white button-up. youget the idea, so i'm gonna put my button-up i put that in here and let's see what kinda of tie do i want i go with the a windsor knot that's just the traditional classic knot when i tie my ties so i draw that one and if you gonna go with a more modern skinny tie knot that's totally up to you

but i would say that should also plan to the type of underwear you wanna wear that day so i'm gonna say and i am gonna wear astriped tie traditional with knot slim so overall now i have a picture of what mydays going to look like now i can make an informed decision about which type of underwear i wanna wear so i walk over into my underwear display case and i say:" hey! white shirt. i'm gonna go with classic white on the bottom" so i go and i pull out my classic whites now i may have different variations obviously i don't have boxers because i don't believe in them but i have some white boxers, i have some white briefs

i may or may not have white's thong family. who knows? i don't know and so i'll go on and say now which these things go through? what i am gonna do today? what mood i'm in? well, i am hopeful so that still leaves this option open and this option open however, i am going to work. well maybe that's not a brock kinda day maybe maybe this is a dan-kind today, because dan is a hard working guy so i pick my underwear and say okay let's draw this in here and see how that looks on there

so i now have my underwear picks, i got the the briefs wow! that's a good looking pair of underwear that's a good looking outfit, that's just a taste you can set up your own morning routine i highly recommend a look journal for this part of your day but it's up to you how you execute, the level of detail i think it's crucial but if you want to be a little less detailed in your journal i think for beginners that's okay. as you get more of advance, you gonna want to put more detail on it

you probably gonna wanna cop drop the grass you're probably going to what, maybe put a car in the background if you buy an ice cream shop at a barber shop. anything if you feel like you're in a classic movie draw a cast of blank in the background, put a plane going through there whatever you need to do to make it feellike your day, own that day and own your underwear, okay? alright, so now that we decide on what underwear we're going to wear through today let's talk about how to put your underwear on what you'll need: underwear

now you have your underwear, let's figure out how to put it on the first key, you have to have is a great place to do it i have my dressing nook, you may have your kitchen table um... you may be in a public restroom there’s a lot of different ways inplaces in which you can put your underwear on you have to take into account what you have in your surroundings before you can decide what way you're going to put your underwear on am i alone? do i have a partner?do i need a spotter? am i in a very constricted space? is it wide-open? is it welcoming?

my dressing nook, very wide open i actually took our spared bedroom and just emptied it out so i would have a place to put on my underwear you may notice i am wearing tights already. this is for demonstration purposes i cannot stress enough that you should not already have underwear on when you are putting your underwear on i also have on both socks. what i like to call them is my getting-ready-for-the-day socks i’ll put these on

very low profile, low resistance if you wanna shave your legs or maybe wax them so you get less resistance on your leg when you're pulling waist band, and the sidebands up, i recommend that as well get into a comfortable space for you so we're gonna first go into the classic method which we call the one-leg method so one leg stands for one leg at a time, this is a solo method so i am by my self i'm in a seated position and i have my underwear in my hands

so the first thing that i wanna do is square them up so if you've ever played sports before or lifted weights i'll tell you to get your feet square underneath, this is what you want to do get your feet shoulder-width apart, you wanna them square the underwear up the same way so i like to knock it up my knees, put my thumbs inside the band and say, okay i'm dead center right now make sure that its equal distribution on both sides i have a centered pocket in the front, and if you need to check in the back you got this little back seam, that gives you a bit guidepost

so i'll put that right there, i'll pull it taut and then i will bring up one leg, typically your dominant leg is gonna be your second leg you gonna bring up your right leg if you’re a left legged jumper or if that’s your dominant leg if your right leg is your dominant leg, you’ll bring your left foot up first for demonstration, i’m gonna go right leg first and so what i’m gonna do is i take the dominant side, the side that is going in first or the non-dominant side that's going in first take that thumb, leave it there

i’m gonna pull up to the entry hole there, ok, so i've got my thumb loop through and see that on that right leg hole, i am gonna hold that then i’m gonna take my other hand and drop that, and use that to pull at the bottom the other end of the opening so i have a real wide opening, you can see me, see me through this uh so what we have here is a good solid base to work from so now i'd take that non-dominant leg. i point my toes and step through that is your first leg, don't bring it up above the knee so you notice that i stopped right there

so i step in, i leave it at the knee. you'll see why we would do that. second, we are moving to the second leg similar, but now i can't flip it, right? so i have thumb through the waistband and that bottom into the hole so i can open it up and i'm gonna go on the outside and put this down a little bit so i've got the opening i'm gonna point toes slick all the way through stopping at the knee. and now that it's at the knees what i can do is i will pull my feet beneath knee squared up again, i'll stand and pull up

okay so if you have a tighter fitting pair like this what i like to do is you can rotate, you keep your thumbs inside to keep the band loose and moving upwards and you can pull on it. some people like to do a little dance when they get ready i think that's great getting ready jig is one of my favorite dances but really what you want to do is makesure that it's sitting nice along the waistline here so you're obviously not going to have shirt and underpants on underneath that but for demonstration purposes what we have here is the band is sitting nicely right at waistline

okay it's not drop below we have a hold up it's not dropped below so you can see any exposure of the business back okay? so that is method number one. i'll go ahead and dismount this and move on to method number two so there are two different ways to do a two-legged put on so that last one, one-legged now we're gonna move to a two-legged put on method so seated position once again same squaring up

okay? but now what i want to do is really open this up wide i'm gonna set this on the ground confused yet? make sure you back in we do this you can see i have two holes for my feet will go i am now going to dip in my toes one at a time, right there as you see my toes in but my heels are not down, cause otherwise, i can't pull on, right? i can't stop on the ground. so leave the toes in then i am going to take my fingers, grab the band at the front, slide to the sides, drag that back and pull with both hands, like we did on the first one at the knees, but the whole way up

going back and forth motion and thenyou are gonna stand and do your little underwear jig and that we have it so those are both the solo methods now we're gonna go into a little more advanced method so i'm gonna need a partner here so this is for situations when you have a buddy system at play if you are in need of assistance in putting underwear on this is called the back method this is a variation of the two-legged, however this involves a partner

so some people referencing the way thatyou lay when you have this we’ll call this the dead bug method. ithink that downplays the importance of it and it shames of it, i don't like it at all. so now that i have my partner selected you’re gonna come in, and i’m gonna give the underwear to my partner. i then gonna lay on my back alright! here we go so the reason that they call this dead bug once again you're gonna be in the air so that you can vision this right? and i’m helpless, right? i need you to put on my underwear, i need some help so i have both legs in the air, okay?

so now my partner is going to put one through the hole, put two through the hole like we did earlier put them on, slide down, pull and then i complete the cycle as much as i can when i'm on the ground reach up and get the assist and get to my feet okay now gonna turn they're going to adjust in the back to make sure i'm able to get all coverage in all areas okay so i've got the tucked up and helped them with the jig a little bit alright and i'm gonna sync up in the front so now as you can see

i have full coverage, i'm comfortable, think for the more advanced underwear wearers out there, underwear as those industries call you would maybe be more inclined to try the partner method maybe the two-legged method. i definitely recommend one-leg for those just beginning exploring their underwear pros. now that i have underwear on how can i make sure that these are gonna move they're not gonna fall off during the middle of the day they're not gonna rip away from my body at some point like a parrot tears away pants so what i like to do is to go through a series, you can call it calisthenics

i start off which is to hip rock as i say where are these falling on my hips asi'm going back and forth are they moving a lot? if they're moving a lot, this is maybe a good sign to either i don't have the right cut of underwear i don't have the right size of underwear, or maybe i just don't have a good quality brand underwear i know that those things aren’t true. i'll try side to side, okay, are these riding on the cuts in the side? no, these are good, high-quality underwear, not moving and so then i'll put it on a little road tests. what i'll do for road tests is i'll do a full lunge to really get that extension as you see

i'm testing where it's gonna right up in the back if i decide to do some striding that day so maybe i'm gonna be out i need tomount a horse right? hop on the back if i'm saddling up for a ride and i need to be sure that this isn't that right now we're place so leg extended for me up and then if you wanna throw in a little bit of trickery sometimes i pretend i'm a wide receiverin the nfl, right? throw me a ball, throw me a ball. you know, come back up, do it with the other way caught that ball, caught it, right? whatever you are gonna to be comfortable doing is the best way for you, i set aside a good 30 to 45 minutes

every morning and awake that up extra early just like i can do those kinds of things to make sure my underwear is gonna fit for my day. and there it is it’s that easy. now you know how to put on underwear. of course none of this will matter until you know which pants you're gonna to wear your underwear with you don't want to be caught up in a situation where you are in the high humiliated area maybe in precipitation with denim and your brocks on, just not good so we'll talk about that all the difference areas you might face next time on how to wear your underwear with it

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