Tuesday, January 10, 2017

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sister, dad is resoluteon getting me married. and you know what? even momis supporting him this time. i don't wantto get married now. i am confused. you are crazy. mom and dad willalways wish the best for you. whatever they are doingis for your good. why.. why are you upset? how can i get marriedjust like that?

that too in your absence. sister, you are alreadyin so much trouble. you can't come home. and do you expect meto get married? i don't want to getmarried now. surbhi,i'm not in any trouble. harman is takingvery good care of me. if i tell harman he'll definitely bring meto your wedding.

you just tell me,when is the wedding? it's day after tomorrow,sister. harman, day after tomorrowis surbhi's wedding. i never realised whenmy surbhi grew this old. i.. i want to attendsurbhi's wedding. surbhi's wedding?- yes. that too, day after tomorrow.- harman will you take me there? i personally wantto dress her up as a bride.

please take me there. are you out of your mind?have you lost it? those people are searchingfor you everywhere. those eunuchs are watchingyour house. if i take you to your house then they willtake you with them and no one has any idea,in which basement of their house will they hold you captive. how will i find you?

tell me. how will i find you again? forget about returning toyour house for a few days. i'll go and getsome vegetables. i've become aproblem for everyone. after growing up,i've become a problem for harman and now sister-in-law raaviis worried for me. for how long willall this go on? soumya.- yes?

this.. i was thinking something. it got burnt.i'll make it again in no time. hold.. - you go and freshen up.- hold on. no need for that. we'll have to startimmediately from here. why? what happened? have they come to knowthat we are hiding here? will they take meaway from here? harman..- hold on. just a minute.

that's the breaking news. we need not haveto hide anymore. what do you mean? - i mean,we are going to your house. i can drop you at your house,openly, in front of everyone. there is no problem now. they are not watchingyour house anymore. hey, what.. what happened? hurry up. don't you want to meetyour mom and surbhi?

quickly pack your things,we'll have to leave immediately. now, your wait is over. 'now, after so many days,i'll be meeting mom and surbhi.' 'but your absence in my life' 'will make me feel very lonely,harman.' 'today, the promise i hadmade will be fulfilled.' 'you will be meetingyour family, soumya.' 'but instead of feeling happy' 'why do i havethis strange feeling?'

is it? wow! you've given me such great news. our work got donewithout any efforts. yes, i'll hang up. rani, what's the matter? what news? it's such great news thati don't know what to say. our tarana is going to her home to attend her sister's wedding.

in that crowd, we'll kidnap her. raveena our workhas become easy. what do you say? it means,that good days are here for us. i had a great desireto see you getting married before i die. god has answered my prayers.always be happy, surbhi. just like this turmeric you too be alwayshappy and vibrant.

hey, where is soumya? she is not to be seen anywhere. won't she come to applyturmeric to her sister? hey, forget it.don't ask about soumya. these people will get provoked. ma'am, shall i tell youwhy soumya hasn't come? 'we had invited you to be apart of this happy occasion' 'and not to insult myfriend and her husband.' 'the people who don'trespect my loved ones'

'are not welcome into my home.' 'leave from here.' no, dear.there is no need for it. it's their family matter.none of our business whether soumya comes or not. why wouldn't soumya come? 'oh, goddess, why hasharman brought soumya here?' 'this house isnot safe for her.' after all,it's her sister's wedding.

how can the turmeric ritualbe performed without soumya? sister soumya! i knew..i knew that you'd come. do you know?how much we all have missed you? enough is enough. we won'tlet you go anywhere now. come with me.- hold on, ma'am. even we're meeting our friendafter so long. i'm not going to leave herso easily. come on, give me a hug, dear.

how are you? come on,apply turmeric to surbhi. and then we'll sing, dance,and set the stage on fire. surbhi is getting marriedand even you've returned now. we have two reasonsto celebrate. shall we?let's go. brother-in-law, come on.don't you want to apply turmeric to your sister-in-law?come on. congratulations!you can live your life

without any worries. thank you, brother-in-law. now that soumya is back,surbhi is already glowing even before applyingthe turmeric to her. may they both not attractany evil eye. come on.the ritual is completed. go and freshen up.shall we? come on. somu, come inside. leave me.

why did you come here?why did you come? where else would i go, mom? i had to come here. i had to come to youafter harman left me. mom, i don't haveanyone else than you. somu, i didn't mean to say so. i was just asking how come your dadlet you come here so easily? mark my words. there'sdefinitely some reason behind.

i can't see you in any kindof trouble anymore. just go away.go quickly. nothing will go wrongwith soumya, mother-in-law. my mom can lie.so can your husband. but that eunuch can never lie. i have spoken to her.eunuchs keep up their promise. so, stop worrying. mother-in-law,i had promised you that i will get your daughterback safely.

i have fulfilled my promise. here's your daughter. your beloved. take care of her. i will go home and take care of my mom. if i've made any mistakein the meanwhile please forgive me. look at them.

soumya, you're here? i was lookingfor you all around. you anyway have to staywith your husband all your life. dance with me at least today.come on. just come. you're a humble person. i hope you don'tattract an evil's eye. whatever you did for us no one could'vedone that for us.

i just want to say this. harman,your mom is really nice. every mother would doit for her child whatever she did. i want our togethernessto be like this. you all come here meet us and spend some time. get into a long conversations.

but i would prayto mother goddess that we don't meet you again. i know my child,my soumya, very well. it's better for both of youto stay away. i will do that, mother-in-law. but i can't promise you. soumya is like time to me. i can't stop her even if i want to.

yes,i'll always be reminiscing her just like my past. so you need to promiseme something. that you would take soumya to some far place. and won't tell me the addressof that place. do change your number as well. so that i don't reach youeven if i want to. you need to makeone more promise. that wherever you go

my rose.. i mean you'll take care of my soumya. and you would never let her cry. come on.let's dance. why are you feeling so shy? come on, dance.surbhi has also come.

it's her pre wedding ceremony.we must dance. play the music. mr. harman. what's the matter, mr. harman? you had entered like a hero, butno matter how big a hero you are you'll go from hereonly as per our wish. tell me, ma'am.what do you want? that we won't let you gounless you dance. but soumya is dancing,right?

and it's same whether soumya dances or i. how's that possible? will your heroine dance alone?the hero and heroine should do a couple dance. i don't want any excuse. come on, dance.come on. come on, mr. harman.dance. why are you staringat each other?

'aren't they sucha beautiful couple?' 'they are made for each other.' i'll take your leave. bye.- god bless you. where are you lost into? come on! are you already missingmr. harman? come let's dance. nothing to worry.it's just that..

'i fulfilled a responsibilityfor the first time in my life.' 'there's a different kindof peace in it.' 'like these two paths' 'even i have two pathsfrom here.' 'one goes towards soumya' 'where along with her' 'there is a different world,a strange kind of happiness' 'and a unique feeling.' 'while the other goes towards'

'the happinessof mom and others.' 'before dedicatingmy life to others' 'i want to embrace' 'all the memories.' 'after all, i have to live' 'with those memories now.' sister-in-law,let me call harman and ask him how far has he reached. we'll get to knowwhether or not he's coming.

there's no need to call him. he'll come for sure. there he comes!- i told you he'll come. do you see that? i knew that you'll come. are you that samedevoted and loving son of mine? yes, mom.i'm that same harman. exactly the same. don't have any doubts in yourmind, even by mistake.

nonetheless, just confirm. it's a decree in our family. a man who changes his principlesaccording to the situation. after all, we don't think fromour head, but from our heart. he will run away once againto help someone else by putting the prideof our family at stake. that's why,confirm it once more. we already have enough problems because of him.

it's natural for you to beangry, harak singh but believe me.the responsibility i had taken i have fulfilled it.now i am not going anywhere. i will live the way you wantme to, and do as you say. will you do as i say? preeto,even if you ask me for my life i will give it.go ahead and try. how am i going to liveif i take your life?

even i believe that my son is back to me. i can see your old self in you. listen. i don't need your life.i need your.. i need your happiness. come, dear. come out.

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