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it is an important dayin this festive season. climbing the skidding pole... ..and will be presented 1lakh rupee. hey, i am going marrythe guy who is climbing first? why so much interested in him? if he is trying so much for this. then he will attainmany heights in his life. shit, i thought thereis something special in him. hey, ramapandu!

did you find anyone? do you need to know in this age? okay, leave it. do you know, there is similaritywho is climbing first? you are the only one who knows. who has affair with whom,in this village? so, you tell me. our life is alsolike that skidding pole. we will fall at the time we grow, stillwe have to get over them and go on.

i am getting irritatedby your unnecessary philosophy. cover your head with a cloth. otherwise i will puta hold and drink the blood. hey, ask them to splash turmericwater on them. sir, do you want to have coffee,i wiâ­ll get it.. oh no, they have come. dear people of this village. our boss is on leavebecause of this festival. has come along with his family.

his name is ramnath.his ancestors are from this village. works as a bank manager in mumbai. he is fond of movies, big fan of rajesh kanna. mad about old movies. they are ramnathâ­ parents,mother achal, father shambunath. ramnath is a bitafraid of his father. if he rejects his father in anything,who is father, you or me? make him shut byasking this question. she is ramnath's wife, aasha.

he married her because of her name. because he is a bigfan of aasha parekh. she is ramnath's daughter,aaradhana. he named her aaradhan asit is rajesh kanna movie name. now will meet ramnath son. hey, dilenadhan. munna be carefull. well done munna. hey carefull.

well done munna. we wone.- yes we wone. no one listen to me. what happened grandfather, why?are you tensed? nothing like that.- i think no one is respecting you. no, nothing like that. sir, sir! thank god you did not go. i thought you left. what is the matter?

i want you to name my son. - oh. i came for this reason. this is the respect of village. god father type. by the way,you came alone, where iâ­s the kid? he will come now, hey, come here. what, are you kidding? no sir, i wanted to you toname him from the time he is born. you were not availablewhen i was here.

and i aâ­m not here when you were here. so, we are calling him as younger one. what he mean to say is,there is no stone when there is dog. and, there is no dogwhen there is stone. hey, who is stone andwho is dog here, tell me. i do not know, old boss. go away. - i came to know thatit pain even if old people slaps. okay, hey come near, come. haridas, haridas, haridas.

i do not like this name. god father! ya father! that is why, we have toname them before they can speak. understand? you come, from today onwards,your name is rithik. dad, it is super. hey aachal, are you not yet ready? come fast.she is coming father-in-law.

come on! grandfather, why are you shouting? are not we coming? - okay, okay. is it getting late? it is 10years since a kid is named. what are you talking? - sit. - okay! hey, sow the seeds the soon,it had dry if it gets delayed. ok sir,i have given you idea and you are.. i had beat you!

are you coming or not? tell him that i aâ­m coming. grandfather, he will not come it seems. even you, coming! - hey,why are you talking rubbish? i am not father,he.. hey, am i father to youor you are father to me. sit. sit. no one is listening to my words! greetings to elders,my blessings to kids. today is nehru's birthday,means children's day.

i thank these kids forputting mask of nehru to me. i read something about kids in a book. its starts as. why to grow in hurry! and ends as. is not it true what he said? problems grow as we grow. if you want to do anythinggood to your school, then study well. today aâ­s childrenare tomorrows citizens.

books are my life,we are here to teach you. by this i will finish my speech. hail minister,hail minister. hail minister shankar narayan,hail minister shankar narayan. hey, leave him.why are you beating him? voters have the rightto be angry on me. i will clarify them.what brother, what is your name? lokhnath. look, i am not sad as youshouted as i should not live.

but, why did you say that? sir, i stay in east,there is no power in that area. transformer went down 10 days back.it is examination time for kids. we are having dinner inthe evening because of no power. we complained to every officer,but of no use. what is use of giving complaint? to others,why cannot you give it to me? sir, i gave to yourp.a at your office. sivam!- i forgot sir.

are not you ashamed. i am being questionedbecause of your mistake. listen carefully,i do not knowwhat you are going to do. that area should receivepower by this evening. that is it. okay sir. anger for right causeis good for country. take photo of this man insteadof cinema stars, politicians like me. lokhnath,shall we take a photo, together. take the photo.

forgive me sir. hey lokhnath,why did you come here? i told to giveelectricity to your area. oh, they gave current shock to you. nothing, they are my fans. what are looking? only cinema starsshould have fans, should not i have fans? is it, they are idiots, understandseverything in a wrong way. you know how? they have beaten you becausei put my hand on your shoulder.

they could have cut yourhand if i gave a shakehand. they could have killed you,if i gave a hug. sir... get up, i will not hug people like you. why do you think in a negative way?as i could not live. think in a positive way, as livehappily. it is good for you and me. hail minister, hail minister.- this is.. this is sign of a good man.say the same thing and go. hail minister, hail minister.

lokhnath, if anyoneasks how this wounds happened? i will tell that ifell on road, sir. this is called positive thinking. go. hail the next cm. hail minister. this is positive thinking. ya, coming.. anjali, get readyas it is getting late. why are you whistling like a rowdy? still she did not wokeup.

hey anjali, why cannot you wake up?wake up, it is getting late. where did she go? you are going to school withouteven tensed about your daughter. gone missing from bed. i should be tensed if you aremy daughter, but you are a tomb boy. it is not good,you are good teacher, good mother. but not a good wife to my father. why? today is your wedding anniversary.

cannot you go to temple? my husband is my god,why should i go to temple? okay, there is breakfast in hot pack,separately packed for lunch. take the exam fees,be careful, i aâ­m leaving. listen. leave early, i will not give money topay fine for going late to college. teacher thoughts... daily, it is a headache with you. you could have done thishomework yesterday itself.

watched tv for whole yesterday,now doing it in a hurry. either give her breakfast or scold,do not do both things. dad, - ya. give me rs.1000 you are asking me asif you gave me before. oh, i should ask only if i haâ­vegiven you, if not should not ask. hey, do not start in the morning. by the way, 1000rs for what?- will not you give me without reason. hey, hey, it is more than rs.1000.

it is okay, i will adjust. because of your grand fatheryou are behaving like this. i will see someday or other. what is he going to see? nothing grandfather,he had see both of us one day. he is talking rubbishas he is not afraid of me. what are you saying.. grandfather,he is saying something about you. hey, hey munna..- what dad?

give me your bike keys.- where is your vehicle? i put vehicle for service,they told would give by evening. i will drop rani in school and goto office, you take it from office. calm down father, what had i do?if i give my bike to you? hey, why are you talking rubbish?see, what i aâ­m going to do? chill, chill, chill, chill. why are you so angry dad,anger is not good for health. on top of it,you do not know to be angry. it is funny to see your anger.

hey, cheat your fatherdaily like this. let that be aside,will you get angry on me. how could i be angry on you?you are my father, father... then grandfather, - hey, go away. hey, stop, stop, stop. you can leave as i got the signal. she is fresh as if she is in a fridge. hello, i have a cell phone,do you have a sim card? i do, but network is in bihar jail.

why does it go there? it went there becauseof dual murders. whom are you talking about? i am talking about my lover. she is looking modern,but her lover is a local. okay, i will changeto a different network. hey brother,what are you doing? under? what sir, is it failed? why, did you bowl no balls.

ya sir, free hits. oh, you got duck in a free hit. this number looks good for fingering.can i take it, brother. it is kept for you, take it sir. okay, i wiâ­ll take it.but only after a hand. what sir - sorry, after a call. hey, as usual i wiâ­ll come byasking lift, you come to theatre. okay. what sir,you aâ­re roaming with only helmet.

correct, do you think i aâ­m afool to get a bike for 50000rs loan. to pay emi, pour petroland pay to police unnecessarily. my style is to get helmet for 300rs,ask for lift and go. does not she have brakes?stopped. madam, can you dropme at surya hospital? what are you thinking? i have to give blood to myfriend's father for operation. oh, sorry, come. thanks.

hello, i aâ­m coming,will be there in two minutes. excuse me. can you drive fast? - ya drive a bit fast. hello, if i go faster, thensomeone should give blood for us. then, no need.we can go quickly if you take right. what, right? it is no entry. i know, i have to giveblood urgently. please. okay, okay.

where is he going but not hospital. see, i came on time. who is she, looks like cousin to asin. new driver. hey, she is calling.- dont see her. you will be blasted. what girl, did you call me? is not it wrong to come in one way,over speed. okay, you have to pay 500rsif i write bill, if not just 300rs.

300rs is my lucky number. i earned today in the morning. hey... observe carefully, any problemwould become easy by practise. ramesh, get up. - teacher if i give 300rs to your father,if he pays 100rs each day. within how many dayscan he return the money? he will never return the money. why are you laughing? you sit down.

why did you stop? legs are paining. let it pain,not doing homework is first mistake. did the homework but forgot. ..notes in home is a lie,which is second mistake. lie is the cause for becomingbad guy. take sit-ups. students, write the problem. teacher, this sister stopped. continue!

its paining, earning money is hard.but you lost 300 rs. am i mad, do you think i am?dumb as i aâ­m school teacher. continue the sit-ups. okay, it is enough. hey, you sit. - okay teacher. i do not want to hearlie from you again. come on, take it. she is super, she is smiling.- hey, keep quite. oh, shit.

what happened sir. what else should happen, thepaper is all about illegal affairs. what did i ask andwhat are you saying? i asked why there is traffic jam? brother. minister is coming it seems! oh, so many people werestopped just for one minister. all these things happensonly in our country. especially in mumbai.

what you said is true,but no one has the guts to question. hey listen.. what is this?- why did you block the traffic? it is for you! - for me. for me, just for one personyou stopped these many people. is this democracy? i am not responsiblefor what happened. it happened without my notice. but accept it happened because of me.

so, forgive me, forgive me. please forgive me. this mistake will not happen again. sir, super sir. fine? come- hello! he is a good person. how come,he said the same thing as you said. sir... - what? you told us to close trafficwhile coming and going. yes. i said it.i said that at that time.

i said this now. few things will not beeffective even on stage. atleast 1000 members were there. 1000 would tell to 50k members. 50k would tell to 5 lakh members. 5lakh tell to 50 lakhs and50lakhs tell to 5 crore members. they are all votes. i have to become cm, is not it. greetings, how are you, nagaraj?are you fine?

fine. you might me confused becauseof this unscheduled meeting. vijay would reveal it. i do not know how to say. our leader has decided toquit from cm and party leader post. why do you want to quit, sir. it had be better to dissolvethe party, instead. do not say that? what else could we say,you are the foundation of the party.

no building can sustainwithout a foundation. what do you say, shankar narayan? i will never reject your word. but, there is truthin nagaraj's statement. my health is not good as before. moreover, older people shouldgive chance to elder people. you must accept my decision. if our leader is quitting the position,then we have elect a right person. i give that responsibilityto vijay. - sir.

you both together decide who willthe cm, who will be party leader. so that we can callthe press and give the news. thank you to everyone - thank you. myself, shankar narayan,as per indian law. will save interestsof this state, legally. be compliant with government secrets. swearing as the cm of mumbai. sir. i too could here whatever you heard.

not only you sivam, the timehas for the entire state to be heard. time could have come,but not in your favor. the leader has given the responsibilityof electing next cm to vijay. vijay and our boss nagaraj,would become relatives soon. if that happens,who would be next cm? anyone would blow shell after death. but he is blowing shell to die. if nagaraj becomes next cm. then he would let you continuein the same minister post.

i cannot guess what is goingto happen is a murder or suicide. sivam, this is calledpositive thinking. i like you so much, your name, masi. kasi. - ya, kasi. balpandey, staying out of the city,has taken control of the city. with the support of shankar narayan. brother, whoever has enteredbalpandey area has never returned. i will return,by then pandey will not be alive. he kills whoever ishugged by shankar narayan.

am i a fool to be killed by him. arthanari, is brother in? thanks for the lift. why madam, that day you gave lift,i am giving you lift today. so, it is levelled. here onwards, i will not give you lift,you too do not give lift to me. let us stop it right here, okay. someone would think in a wrongway if they see us both on bike. will not they think the sameway when i gave lift to you that day?

never, they will think it aslift when boy is sitting behind girl. but, if a girl issitting behind a boy. they will think otherways apart from lift. that is psychology. is that so? - hmmm. then, drop me at that signal. it is fine, i wiâ­ll drop you at bus stop. not required,drop me there, it is enough. hmmm, what madam,where would you get down.

i will get down here itself. i do not think you feel bad. no, nothing like that.lift to lift is levelled. okay, cool. madam, key. pay the fine first,i will give your key later. madam, key, please give my keys. i got a person alone, at the signal. what brother, did you call me?- my keys!

okay, you parked bikein the middle of a road. you have to pay 500rs if i write bill,if not only 300rs. which one is better for you? - pushthe bike first, we can talk aside. hey, i am a police.- so, are not you taking bribe? why are you shouting?- okay, push the bike. oh no, he got my weak point. stop, stop. i got my friend. who the hell is he? - i heardof getting locked because of a girl. but, this is the firsttime i haâ­ve witnessed.

shut up and push the bike. sir, not you, i told him. - okay. instead of this, you cango for begging. - push it man. okay, take it. what? - what you told to give. kamal prathap sir, i toldthat when the bike was on road. but, you got the bike aside.- how is it? correct. was it you?

wait i will come just now. hey, why is runninglike a drunken monkey? his legs looks life scissors. 500rs for bill, if not 300rs. which one is better for you?500rs or 300rs? what are you getting angry? even i am angry on that day. take your keys,do not ever tease me again. what, tinkering?is she daughter of a mechanic.

now take. for what? did not you see the board? no parking. hey, you run speedyjust to get this board. then, did i run for a knife? will you keep things ready? - yes. if so, go and ask the girl,who parked behind. is that so, okay. i do not know,you always gets caught by myself.

no need to tell you again. 500rs for bill, if not 300rs.deal or no deal? okay, i wish you get caught by me. hey! i will not leave him today,what so ever. today, we have to decidewhether it is him or us. why are they roundingus as rowdies in old movies? hey, what are you looking? what? are you angry?we are also angry.

that day i paid finefrom my college fees. yesterday, i paid fine frommoney which is for electricity bill. do you know what my asked?are you using it to booze? hey, why are you laughing? 300rs+300rs=600rs,and 400rs for insulting. so, give me 1000rs. 1000, it is hard to get even 5 or 10.- i will go only if you give me 1000rs. you too can leave onlyafter giving me 1000rs. then, no one would go.

what is that look? talk. open your mouth and talk. why are looking like thief? talk, talk. i love you. you made everyone toopen their mouth by one word. if i do not say so, we cannot go.come on, escape. hey, get up. sofa is meant to sit.

if you want to sleep, go to bedroom. by the way, who are you?what do you want? is it munna's house? yes. who are you? go and ask that idiot. rani, who is scootyis it which is outside. who are you? who are you, sir? i am the owner of this house.

i did not say that i aâ­mthe owner of this house. okay, who are you?on what work did you come here? ask your son about this. oh! what vegetables..! who is she? ask yourself? - who are you? who are you, madam? munna's mother. who are you? - ask munna. who?

who is this? ask munna himself. hey, where is he? it is already come, come out. your torture is increasing,day by day, dad. will not you allow meto take bath properly? i will go out of the house,after marriage. we can see that after your marriage,first come out, bloody fool. cool, cool, cool.

who is she?- who? oh, i just sung a song. not that, a girl has come for you. girl, for me! then, did she comefor your grand father? maybe - no jokes, go to hall. dad, dad.- go, go. - i do not know any girl. come bridegroom. - okay, i aâ­m coming. now tell me, i love you. come brother. - go.

by the way, who is he? who is he? he is munna. no,boy looks smart and handsomewhom i asked. hello, which address do you want? no:32, vijaybharat nagar, is not it? this is 32, bharat nagar. you tell him not smart and notstylish by coming to wrong address. go, go.

sorry, sorry. say this for every mistake.- my son is handsome. brother, you are not smart it seems.- hey spectacle, go. i thought there is an affair.- she degraded me in no time. oh no. hey, do you think i would befrightened as you warned in my home. ya, i saw. what did you see?- there is no glow in face. am i a sculptureto have glow in face.

i would have told thatyou are a known person to me. i did not do it out of pity. i would have told i know you,if you told that you know me. i would have told that we are in love. what? love? yes. i told you yesterdaythat i love you. hey, are you mad? who would love you? apart from me. your hand is like decaution.

my hand is like milk. so, our kid would look coffee. hey, do not you get any other feeling? if i feel in a differentway by sitting next you. others would thinkof me in a different way. talking good, maintain it. hello, yes nadhan speaking,hey, cut the call. will call later. why are you saying nadhan nadhan?

what is your full name? i will tell you,if you do not make fun of it. funny? what is that name? dhilenadhan. dhilenadhan. wow, it is a good name. is it true? then, who named you? my father. shit, if i would have know this before.

then i would have loved your father. have, cheers! - cheers! hey nandini,i am tempted by looking at you. he will be mad seeing you. get the bride soon,relatives has come. bride is getting ready,will come soon. till date,you were friends in the same party. i am happy as you arebecoming relatives from now. all rights are for him, okay, go.

sir, you are out. i left it, sir. they are becoming relatives,but we are playing here. i mean, nagaraju should not become cm. one minute, father. i do not like this marriage. hey, why are you talking rubbish? wait uncle, let me talk. what happened, nandini?what is your problem?

there is no problem, i do notlike this marriage, that is it. why? - i do not like you, that is it. what did i do? am i addictedto smoking, drinking or girls? what is wrong with me? - nothing. if you did not do anything, thenwhat would you do after marriage? what rubbish are you talking?- i am saying you are impotent. hey, how can you slapmy daughter in my presence? stop nagaraju, i do not knowwhat would i do, if you beat my son. hey, that bitch will notlike a good person like you.

she herself told thatshe needs experienced guy. how could she like you? - hello. i think she is experiencedin that matter. uncle, please stop, stop.- daddy, stop. i think a fight is going behind you. your bomb has explodedat the right time. turn the phone towards them,let me hear it. hey, you repaid me in a goodway for bringing you up in politics. we can never be relativesin this life and ever.

sir, i think you cancelled the match. what did you do, sir. hello, who is this? what would you do by knowing my name? here's a cd in your bag, take it out. cd, which cd? ya, there is a cd.what is there in it? it is about your father having sexwith a women, but not your mother. it is a sin if youor your mother see it.

if i send it to a tv channel,it would be a first ever in india! what should i do now? sir, really in that cd! sivam, there is nothing in that cd.it is empty cd. if so, you are the next cm, sir. i will be a life long cm. sit down, minister how couldyou be so angry? then, he has great daughter. is thereno girl apart from his daughter? i like it, there mightme so many girls in this city.

but, we should a girlwho has insulted nagaraju. what are you looking, sir? if you marry yourson to the girl i said. then nagaraju has to suicide. who is that girl you are talking about? you should not feel angry, if i say. it is the daughter of shankar narayan. hey, what are you saying? why are shouting at him?i told you previously.

hey, shut up and go inside. sir, what madam told is right. what is right? - it is! even being in same party. we do not have any connectionwith shankar narayan. on top it.how could i ask his daughter.. ..as i was good friend of nagaraju. why would you ask? i am here. that is not!

sir, please leave this matter to me,i will take care of it. what are you thinking, sir? say okay. do not ask him now. let the time go. we can talk at the right time. okay, i am leaving. what happened? good or bad. good would happen in short time. should happen, make it happen. dad? - yes, my son.

why cannot you go alone for shopping? i cannot even lookat a beautiful girl. who, you.do you how i was in your age? hello, hi uncle. hi baby,i think i haâ­ve seen you somewhere. that day, i came to your housebecause of an address confusion. oh, yes. by the way,did you go to correct address. ya, got it uncle. is it only friendship?

girl is enough to do only friendship,why would i need a boy? which means it is love. who is he, your brother? does he look like that? not that uncle,but you look so young. thank you. - is your son married? why do you ask? you have selecteda boy, as not to worry your parents. but, he is always behind me. dad, it is too much.

hey, who kept thisjeep on the way of car? it is your wife's husbands.wait, i aâ­m coming. hey, no one should move. hey, settu has askedyour house for an amount. instead of taking the amountand signing the documents. why did you send him to me? see, what happened now?house and money, both are gone. okay, sign it. come. what're you thinking? sign it.

why should we sign? if settuasks the house then we will give. if not will not sign on it. it's not possible. what madam, are you theone who has all rights in house? our boys are so excitedto see you naked. could you come out,come darling. hey. hey, come out, come out.- hey, leave me, leave me. why is it so crowded?stop the vehicle. wait, i will see.

what all this?- leave me. what all happening here. any one call the police. hey, put the sign. hey, he is not going to signuntil his wife is made naked. show your power. why are you calm whilethey are dragging her saree. hey, everyone enjoy. leave me.

leave her. dad, they are goons. dad, please listen to mewhere are you going? hey, leave me. - dad, they are rowdies.why to have unnecessary fight? so, do you want mewatch their cruelty? hey. dad, they are so dangerous,listen to me. leave her leave them. dad, dad, no. you go madam.

are you fool? why are you draggingher saree in the middle of road? shit, you go mad. why are you so angrywhile everyone is watching? hey, what will you do? dad, listen to me.why do we get involved? hey, come. - hey, leave her. you go. cannot you understand what i say?are you my son? do you see what is happening? it is not that dad.

dad. hey. you wait, he is my father. hey, are you mad?take him away, if he is your father. he is my father, idiot. hey, why are you rising your voice?he is your father, so. he is my father! hey, it is me, cool. come on, let us go.

hey, where are you going? i am still left. leave him, let us go. hey big fellow,why are taking your son? is he a man or like me? hello, you should notsmoke here, go out. how many? only one, brother. - only one? hello, did not i say?cannot you understand?

go away. who is he? do not know. watch him deeply, i wiâ­ll kill him.where is arthanari? hey arthanari, you coward. one man has beaten my men to death,what were you doing? you should have killedhim or get killed. are not you ashamed tobe in corner and beaten by him. you ruined balpandey's status. arthanari.

hey arthanari,arthanari, hey, what happened to you? good morning, dad. you are sleeping again aftertaking bath and having breakfast. why cannot you exercise with me? what would i do after exercise? you are right dad. if you get slim,i had marry you to a beautiful girl. how did you get this good thought? i thought he had get slim mom,if i say so.

i will not be fooled by your words. do you know who is thebeautiful women in this world? who? - your mother. you believe him. why, am i not beautiful?- no one can change you. come on, have it.- no, give it to him. hello! - get it here. hello, this is gopi, who is there?- do not consider it. this is dilanadhan speaking.

dhilenadhan? what tookyou so long to pick the call? hey, i will talk to you later.- i need to know the truth now. cut the call, idiot. - hello! hello! dad? who is that? - it is gopi. i did not who is on phone,who is that girl. girl, which girl? hey i want to ask you from first. you did not say that before for firsttime you are saying complete name.

by the way,who is the girl who stole your heart? oh, keep quite dad.- you must tell now. why did not she come, yet? dad, why is your hand shivering? we are going to see the girl,that is why. the girl we are goingto see is for me, not for you. keep that in mind and talk. not that, feeling tensedas she would be your wife. if your are tensed to see girl for me.

then how much you would havetensed when you went to see mother. i did not go to see her, your grandfatherand grandmother finalized her. so, i tied the knot. yourmom is good even though she is brown. then how did yougive me so much freedom? i want you to grow upin the way i dream about. you are the real hero, dad. yes, but i want to go now. - where? this! - oh no!the girl would come at any time now. i am tensed because of that.wait, i wiâ­ll be back soon.

hi uncle. hi scooty baby, how come you are here? i came to meet my lover. is it? my son is also loving a girl.we came to see her. okay, all the best. - same to you. i do not know who got locked to her.let me finish my work, first. i did not tell anything to my father,you have to tell him. hey! why are you sittingbeside this girl? hey, that day you told thatyou are loving a different boy.

it is not any other boy,it is your son. okay, you guys spoke somethingwhile coming on bike, that day. we did that for fun.- what, is it fun? oh no, uncle, uncle, pleasedo not beat him. i am sorry, uncle. dad, by the way how is the girl? this girl,that day she threatened all of us. from now onwards, will threaten you. oh no, sorry uncle. i was kidding. she is a goodgirl as she apologised. okay!

do you know why we arehaving this meeting?- why? you should tell to grandfather. grandfather! - dad, please dad,you have to convince everyone. how could i tell to your grandfather! just now i told youthat you are a real hero! is that so. - yes. it is been long time sincei was beaten by my father. i might be beatenagain because of you. she is looking good.

dad. dad. come in. father, i want to talk aboutan important matter with you. first sit there. i too want to discussan important matter with you. it is not that , dad. hey, am i your fatheror you are my father? okay, i sat. you should not feel angryor frustrated after listening to me.

dhilenadhan is loving a girl. why are you looking intensely? no. - do not do that. - no. he came to me in the morning,told that he is loving a girl. asked me to convey to father, mother,grandmother and convince them. i said, yes. understood? oh, both of you are here! come, what is the matter? father-in-law, it is!

can i send him out? oh no, let him be here. okay, tell me father-in-law,you should listen without anger. munna is loving a girl.- what? see, you are getting anger. that is why he toldme as he was afraid of you. he begged me to convince everyone. so, without asking you, i said yes

oh, everyone is here. why? you too have totell an important thing. yes. - dhilenadhan isloving a girl, is that? yes, he told only to me,how do you know? where is that stupid? rascal. i did not tell anyone,i am telling you for first. because, you are the pamperedchild of this house. no one would be angry,if you tell them. is that so? - please sister.

you should revealthis matter to everyone. till now your story not completed? escape!brother hey, stop, stop.oh no! hey, stop, stop. what? do it carefully, mother. every dress has wrinkleslike a national highway. hmmm. i do cooking, washing clothes..

..and every other workafter coming from school. and iron your clothes.so, you say this and more than this. okay, okay, leave it.i want to ask you one thing. can i ask? okay, tell. what do you do, if i love some one. will slap you with chappell. thank you. hello brother,he came to ecr to have coffee.

why did you ask me to come, urgently?why are you so dull? what happened? everyone in my house hascome to know about our love. what did they say? i do not know how to say? they said yes. hey! one coke, please. where is he? - he is inside. you go that side,you go behind, you go this side.

you go near bike,you stand that side. why did you love if you are so afraid? did you tell me about this,previously? i will not leave you withouttaking revenge for arthanari's death. i will convince her,why are you worried? go and take the bike,i will pay the bill and come. why are you late?- there is a big line. they say it is god'sblessing to have good wife. no one said it is god'sblessing to have good husband.

because, wife plays animportant in a man's life. god selects all otherrelations for a man. but he asks him to select his wife. if our selection goes wrong. then all other relationsgiven by god is gone. girls who are getting marriedshould listen to their husband. respect elders,and be a part of family. those women would stay as an examplefor this society, and they are. similarly, men who are gettingmarried should respect their wife.

should value their feelings. i might be a minister,but my minister is my wife. i thank you for honoring meto address this 101 wedding function! do you want to tellabout our love here, anjali. do not talk, come. come daughter, who is this boy? his name is dhilenadhan, dad.we are in love. oh... my blessings.

look! he was afraid thatyou will not accept our love. why did you think ofme in such a way? sivam! sir! get me two garlands and a thali,and give it to them. you can have your marriagefor the same muhurtham. oh, no sir. i have a father,mother, grandfather, grandmother. wedding should happenwith their blessings, not now. hmmm. good,you have selected the right person. thanks, dad.

okay, let us have thewedding as per your wish. sit down there andwatch this weddings. boy! aasha. yes. - is everything ready? do not say somethingis missing, later. everything is there. - okay! hey, why are you sitting?they would come. what do you want me to do?

why are saying like that? you want to confuseus after doing everything. hey, ramnath, it is a bit wonder. usually, boys parents wouldgo girls place to see her. but, why are they coming here? what could father do, grandfather? they only told that they would come.ask them once they come. are you supporting your father? yes, any problem.

greetings, sir.- greetings. greetings to everyone in this colony. dad, dad! what? - they all has come. mother! welcome. - welcome.- greetings. thank you. - come, sit. come, sit. usually, boys parentswould go girls place to see her. are you wondering why did i come?

nothing like that, you are a minister. but you came to our housein a simple way. we are happy. come, come. give it to everyone.- namaste! thanks keep it there. can we talk further? what is there to talk? let us arrange for weddingby looking at muhurtham. - yes. sure.

anjali's exams not yet finished. it should be better tohave wedding after exams. why cannot we have engagementbefore that, at least. why, let us think thisitself as engagement. can arrange weddingafter examination. it is correct. what do you say? we thought of going toour family god's temple.. ..if this marriagesighting goes well. it you too would come,we all can go together.

where is time for us? at least, send sister-in-law. it will not look good to sendher with you before marriage. what is not good? now-a-days, theyarrange reception before marriage. i do not have any objection. i am very happy.so, we will leave. - okay. namaste sir!you asked me to come. may i know why? do i ask you to ring a bell,i need you to kill. one fellow has plannedto spoil my future plan.

what are you saying? my daughter is loving someone. i know, sir. why did you keep quite.you should have killed him on the spot. i thought he is your man. i have an old riftwith him to be settled. i will kill him, since you said. wait, a small correction. leave him. - leave?

leave him,kill someone from his family. i do not understand? hey, everyone would suspectme if something happens to him. if someone from his family dies. wedding would be postponedfor an year because of custom. that is enough for me. shankar narayan did you takeall crimes for lease? your wish, sir. what is going to happenshould not look like a murder.

it should be realistic,like an accident. sir, whatever you do,you do it with a variety. pandey, they are goingto their native tomorrow. finish it there itself. what are you thinking,small owner? start. do not move the goat that side,tiger would kill it. how could i win,if you are helping small owner. hey, play. grandfather owner, small owner!then what is his father?

he is big owner. then, mother? - mother owner grandmother? - grandmother owner. then, what is aachal?is she sister owner? papa owner. who am i? you are guest owner. you will get locked now. who are you? i am just owner.

how do you do? hmmm. you came. old man came.- stop it now. did all other came?- no not came they are in mumbai. he is telling lies, even at this age. grandmother, why do you feelshy when you see that grandfather. i liked him first. go! - is that the matter. he is looking like a negro.

how did you make her to love you,while he is her uncle's son. small owner, i will tell about that. those days, they used toconduct competition to give a girl. they asked to life a rock, he did.asked to control a buffalo, he did. then, they asked to get on a tiger.he could not do it. then, our grandfather owner did that. you got on a tiger, grandfather. how? here, take it. what is this? - tiger.

oh, it is not real tiger.he did it through tiger gamble. so, you cheated everyoneand married her. no cheating, he used his power. but, i used my brain. rani, enough playing,mother has called you. i could not hear her voice. hey, i am telling you, go. you are telling lies, still i aâ­m going. brother, you too shouldsupport me like this, tomorrow.

i will beat you, go. no respect for brother. let us start. hey, who are you? i am rat catcher. if you kill every rat, then snakemight kill you, go, do your work. oh ho, super song. can you sendthat song to my cell, small owner? where are you going? this bull is behaving abnormal.

i am taking it to beat the balls. first go there,if not i wiâ­ll beat your balls. oh no, small owner is very angry. i think we came in wrong time. come raja, let us go. what does it mean by beating balls? go and ask the one who is beating. changed my mood completely. uncle. - yes.

i have a doubt. - have it. tastes like honey.you cannot find it even for money. by the way, what doesit mean by beating the balls? what uncle, you are cleaningyour mouth with coconut water. what did you ask him,he ran like a michael bolt. what does it mean beating the balls? oh, beating the balls.i think even this is a beating like. beating a pot, beating a tree. but, i do not know who is beating.

how is beating,whether through hand or stick. on the whole, you do not know.hold it. yes, right you are. if you know the answer,please sms me immediately. shit, go away.- thanks. aunty! it is! it is!i will bring an water. husband! no one is answering me. stop talking andread the book. - okay.

grandfather. - yes. i have a doubt. - ask me. you should not run away after askingthe question without answering. do you know who he is? you do notknow about his general knowledge. he did bsc at that time. whatever you wanted to ask, ask him. okay, what does itmean beating the balls? oh shit, this girldoes not have common sense. it is! it is a familyplanning for oxen.

oh no, is that whyeveryone did not answer me. hey, keep that fruits in dickey.keep in vehicle. anjali - you guys leave,we will come tomorrow. tomarrow but why? do i have to tell why,what, now itself? am i your father or you are my father? no dad, how couldyou manage without car? somehow we will come. no mother! - they told theywould come tomorrow, leave them.

hey, am i your fatheror you are my father? oh no, i do not want to involve inthis fight. - husband, please come. gopi, come here.- tell me, grandmother. keep this in car, safely. no one would take it,even for mortgage. - hey, come fast. hey. what dad?you start. hey, give it to rani.- ask him to get in soon. bye, bye. - bye. hello, who is this?

what happened? starting immediately. grandfather! hey, why are you crying? hey ram,what sin did we commit to die orphan? hey, you could have toldthat nothing happened. where did you give a chanceto tell as disconnected the call. coconut branch fell on current wire. the house catch fireas wire fell on house. on top of it, entire housecatched fire as cylinder exploded.

by the way, where did you gowhen house is on fire, grandmother? we did not come with youbecause apanae paraya movie.. .. is played inour village tent hall. you will not leave us if we tell,so we went to.. .. the movie without telling you house went on fire at that time. why are you still crying?wipe it, wipe it. do i have to tell you again? cheer up, dad.

hey, come on, help him. careful, careful. namaste shankar nayayan.- namaste sir, kali. told that you wantedto come to my home. for your status,you should not come to my home. so, i myself came to your house. i could not understand him,even being with him all the day. what sir, anything important? did not kali yadav tell you anything?

he did not tell me anything. kali, you are finished today. i thought of tellingwhen you both meet in person. oh! sir is willing to be your relative. i could not understand. what an acting? i wanted to ask yourdaughter for my son. okay, you hesitated for this.

from this minute, anjali is not mydaughter, she is your daughter-in-law. when is muhurtham,where is wedding? tell me. i will be there with my daughter. it is okay, it would be betterif you could ask your daughter. sir, i know why are saying like this. i did not grow my daughterlike nagaraju's daughter. she obeys me.not because of fear, but of respect. give it. namaste madam. - take it.

take it. - you too, take it. i will not have it before my sir. take it. next is wedding dinner,you start your arrangements. wedding bells will ringif you seek the blessing.. ..of this lord venkateswara swamy. my son is already got engaged.- is that so? i came to seek the blessingsof this lord. - okay. hey, stop, stop.

hey, no, no. hey, no one should near. if anyonecomes near, i would slit her throat. don't do anything to me.- hey, slit her, if you have guts. greetings to all. - namaste. sit down, sit. how is she? no problem. yes sir, we saved her. you saved her, okay.who's going to save you? take care of her, so we'll leave.

okay. - okay.- you both stay here, and come later. son, your house caught with fire,an injury to your mother's neck, a lorry about to get on your father!what do you think the reason is? because of planets not in order. what you do is go with yourfamily to kashi and do puja then planetseffects will be good. do not delay, i suggestyou to go as soon as possible. i'll take care of the arrangementsover there. i'll leave now. did you see any lorry accident?

yes, how do you know? pandey, no one shouldreturn from kashi temple. everyone of the family should die. news paper shouldread horrible accident! cm and myself are becoming relatives.so, kill everyone. i don't need any excuse this time. why are you lookingat the phone, sir? i'm waiting for the newsthat all of them are dead. by the way,you saw all of them going!

yes sir, everyone of the family went.i pity them. take it uncle, prasadam. i don't think youwent to temple, son. no uncle, i told grandfatherabout the matter you told. he took us to haridwar, asit's not the problem of shaneeshwar, but it's the problem of rahu, kethu. you could've told me,my men are there. oh okay, where is anjali, aunty? they're not here,do you want to talk to them?

no uncle, i want to talk to you. tell me, son. i want to talk to you, personally. it's okay for him to be here.you tell me. i don't know how to say, uncle.you shouldn't feel angry. what are you going to say that wouldmake me angry. it's fine, tell me. let's stop this marriage. something is happeningto our family from .. .. the day we spokeabout this marriage.

i think myself and anjali'shoroscope is not good. if horocope is not matching,we can find solution. so, it's not right uncle.my family is important for me. i'll leave anything for my family. if your family is important to you, then my daughter'sfuture is important to me. that's why i didn't discussabout this with my family. i'm telling this only to you. i'm the one who love anjali,if iãƒâ­m saying to cancel the marriage,

think from my position. what're you saying, son? please uncle,you've to convince anjali and aunty. sivam! we can kill someone with poison,someone with honey. this problem is solved with honey. is it poison or honey for me. tell me pandey. no one has come, yet.

they won't come, you come back. moreover, leave this operation.don't do anything to them. why sir, suddenly! pandey,whatever i wished for has happened. sir, your problem might have solved,but my old rift is still not settled. my revenge ends with his death, whois reason behind arthanari's death. do not be excited, pandey! even pandey is notlistening to my words. can i serve you some more,father-in-law.

it is enough. - welcome, come in. oh, come in. hey, what are you thinking? you asked to arrangedfor wedding as you both loved. now, you did not like the girland asked to cancel the wedding. did we ever lookedat your family status? he accepted for this weddingjust because you both were in love. he did not even thinkabout his status. but you repaid it in a great way.

do not act as if youdo not know anything. you are are all able to talk justbecause my husband is a good person. you will feel for playingwith my daughter's life. who will accept her to marry if yousuddenly say no, after engagement. do not forget thatyou too have a daughter. please, stop. hey, what is this? yes dad, i do not like that girl. are you gone mad?

i do not like this marriage,that is it. that is what, we are asking why? hey, tell me, we are asking you. something irrelevant started.. ..happening from the daywe spoke about the marriage. house caught with fire,injury to mother's neck. a lorry about to get on you. if these many things happened now,then imagine after marriage. hey, what is the linkbetween these two?

it is there dad,her horoscope is not good. hey, why are you talking rubbish? it is life of a girl, you cannottake decision as per your wish. it is my life,i know what decision to take. hey, what are you talking? what so ever, she will thedaughter-in-law for this house. if so, then i cannotbe the son of this house. okay, then get out of this house. what are you looking at? get out.

what are you talking! - hey! he is not our son from the momenthe spoke about himself and his life. let him go. father-in-law! what happened to him? anjali! what dad? if there was another girlin your situation would be crying. but, you are smiling.

it the trust that i wouldmarry you to him, is not it. what are you talking, dad?you want us be together! i do not want him fromthe moment he said no to me. today, he said no to me for a reason. similarly, he might say noafter marriage, for another reason. how could i trust him, dad? think with patience.you come to a conclusion, later. why dad? i am clear now.see a different boy for me. i cannot do anything,if you are so stubborn.

but, the other!- i am okay with anyone, dad. who is that? see who it is. save me uncle. - what is this son? i was fortunate to see you. pandey's men are chasing me. pandey's men?why should they chase you? there is a big rift between us, uncle. it is okay,why did you come here, at this time. my dad asked me leave the house,as i disagreed to marriage.

oh no, okay,you can stay in my guest house. uncle! - you will be safe there. sivam! - sure sir. come son, come. siva, he should take first-aid. is it ram?- yes dad. what happened, at this time. i could not sleep. cannot sleep in the middle of night!come on, go to bed.

i cannot. why are you talking rubbish? am i father to youor you are my father? if you could have told the samething when i asked him to leave. then he would not have left. where is he, what is he doing? why are you feeling sad? if he did that meansthere would be some reason. go and sleep.

daughter-in-law, take him. brother, you gave me the party. i am the only one drinking,why are you not drinking? i am afraid that thosemen would come here. who? balpandey! not only balpandey,even his father cannot come here. if he is rowdy, then my boss is don. what are you talking, brother? i am telling truth. are you talking about uncle? - yes!

i could hear what i spoke very late. this drink is a late pick up. if he hugs someone,then he will be killed. you know, balpandey and shankarnarayan has illegal contact. i appreciate you,what should i do for you? any help! sir!- tell me sivam. balpandey came with his men,beat me and took that boy. i am not bothered about beating me,they broke you photo and went. okay, you put the phone. i will talk.

okay sir. hey commissioner! - tell me, sir. balpandey is out of our reach. we cannot bear him any more.- okay, sir. let me show you something. why did you break it. i told that they break thephoto on phone, it is continuity. turn this side. why did you beat me, brother?

you told that they havebeaten you and took me. there should not be breakin continuity. come on, take it. come on nadhan. you came to me alone. balpandey means not appana's devotee. i will construct graveyard for you. i have many to build graveyard for me,but there's no one for you. you are alone. that is whyi came to build graveyard for you. pandey, balpandey. is it still spinning? you should have asked me whowere beaten by me. come, come on.

why did you get me here? to introduce to an important person. important person, who is it? look there. he is the one.his name is nadhan. my ex lover. lover! - we were in love for an year. what? an year! - but,he did not like me now. so, left me. left you? hey, mr.do not you think..

.. i can get another personeven if you say no to me. look there,he is the one who is going to marry me. you will get only mad fellow like him. who is mad? you are mad. - it is you. you! - you! - you! mental. go away. - shit! hello, why do you quarrel,unnecessarily. why cannot you marryas you loved each other.

i loved her without seeing her faceproperly. on top of it, marriage! how could you say that? i know what you could havedone when you were in love. please marry her. i do not like her. you marry her. how could i marrya girl whom you loved? oh, you too did not like her. do one thing, go and tell yourfather that you do not like this girl. it is not possible.

if you do not marry her, thenthey will marry her to me, forcibly. okay, do one thing. if you do as i say,you will be saved from this girl. their horoscopes arenot matching at all, sir. pandith, i did not ask youto look at their horoscopes. i asked you to fix a muhurtham. it is not that sir! welcome sir, welcome madam. i am looking for muhurthamas per horoscope.

you are looking for muhurtham.. .. for a marriage whichalready happened, great! sir ! why would you do this?tell us that you are not.. ..interested to giveyour daughter to our son. hey shanker! who the hell are youto arrange marriage for my daughter. marriage for your daughter,me, what are you talking? is he going to findthat is because of me? are you playing drama by hidingthe boy and girl in your house?

are you trying to make us relatives? as we have already decidedit should not happen. yes sir, yes. you were best friends. i was jealous about both of you. i was shocked when you both divided. is he talking frombirth or born talking? your division is not only an insult forfriendship, but also for our party. on top of it, someone has splashed .. ..your dreams of weddingby throwing stone.

idiot! i thought you wouldbe united by marrying them. i arranged for their marriage,without a second thought. one who rises with anger,will fall down by failure. i am not elder to advice you. but, i do not want to beelder to make people united. nagaraj come lets go. sivam! - sir. what is happening here?

sir, what happenedhere is not important. they were united again. they might announce nagarajuas cm in tomorrow's party meeting. we have to stop that, sir. i came here out of excitementto know the next cm. i do not think no one hasan objection about vijay's decision. only one person in our party iseligible to be president and next cm. stop for a minute, vijay.switch on the tv. satyagraha means a revolutionwhich will not provoke violence.

do you know the reasonfor my satyagraha, today? our leaders, our cm. i left my teacher job to joinpolitics as inspired by a leader. that leader has taken a horrible.. ..decision as he isabout to leave the party. i could have told him at his face. but, i have never spokeagainst him or question him. that is why i bought it before people.he should not leave his position. he must change his decision.

if he does not change his decision. then i haâ­ve to tell my decisionthrough this satyagraha. sir, why did you stand up? what to do?come on, let us meet shankar. sir, if you ask himto come out of satyagraha. then opposition willclaim it is a drama. then, let us stop this meeting.- okay sir. thanks everyone. sir, cm has come, get up.slowly. be careful.

come, slowly. come sir. - namsate sir. namsate sir. namsate suresh. i took a decisionfor you to cancel this satyagraha. he already took a decision, sir. i would like to tell youan important thing, listen. i told that i am resigningthe cm post in last meeting. i might resign, but everyonegot confused about the next cm. i had clear the confusion now.

shankar narayan is the next cm. sir, can i ask you something? leave him. ask me what you want to ask? sir, i am happy to saythat shanakar narayan is our cm. he is only person who iseligible for that post, after you. but, we want you thecm till you are alive. minister also wishes the same,that is why he started satyagraha. if you want to respect his ambition,then be our cm for ever.

minister sir, please tell him. what he said is truth, sir. our party is proud of you, shankar narayan. it is not because of shanakr, i hadcontinue to be cm as per your wish. i told as you said. but, i am afraid. why are you afraid? his matteris finished. get on the bike. as per your wish, i would continue as cm. as a cm of this state! i would hear a solo voice all this time.but now, i could hear in chorus.

why are you dull, uncle? from the time i came here, everythingis happening in reverse for you. every plan of youto become cm has failed. i am not the reason behind this uncle. it is because of planets position. i would suggest you to go to kashitemple, take a bath in pond. perform pooja for shaneeshwar. everything would be fine. uncle, do not go to haridhwar.

our men is also there. what are you looking at? you could have rejected mylove when i said i love anjali. would have told thatour marriage will not happen. but, you sent rowdiesto kill my family. do you know the reason behindthe failure of all your attempts? love! similarly, do you know the reasonbehind the success of my attempts? love! that is the greatness of love.

you can defeat anyonewith your brain power. but, no brain in thisworld can defeat love, ever. i could have married anjaliwithout your knowledge. but, i did not do that,because anjali is your daughter. you have to marry her to me. do not lose by sayingthere is no marriage. you will do it.i will make you do it, uncle. hello uncle! it seemsyou sent rowdies to my house. i have called everyone frommy village saying it is my wedding.

do you know one thing? your men would kill oneperson with a group of 10 people. but, they are all village people,a single person can kill 10 people. your men not caught at that place. otherwise they would havekilled everyone. uncle, why do you think in a bad way. instead, marry your daughter to me,as a gentleman. why are you silent. you will do it,i will make you do it, uncle. what pandey?you too is laughing at me?

you could not even killa single person from that bunch. you are a rowdy and i am a politician? i asked them to kill entire family. f**k off,do not make me say bad words. he has beaten every menof yours in his own style. pandey, he is strongerthan you and wiser than me. we cannot compete with him. do you want me let him go? no, have to win, pandey.have to win.

i have win his challenge. for that, you have to kill one person.only one person. tell me, who it is. i will kill. my daughter, anjaji. do you think i made himcome here to kill in one shot? i should have chopped you to piecesand thrown into sea for beating me. i did not do that because youshould feel till your last breath. why did i involved in his matter! you should be frightened of simhadri,even after becoming a ghost.

pandey, you need only me.leave anjali. do not be funny,i have an order to kill anjali. what are you looking? it isher father who asked to kill her. he told me that you challenged him. she has to be alive to marryher to you, so he asked to kill her. he will win if i kill her.but, i will win only if i kill you. do not leave her.come, come, come. - take the vehicle! go fast, fast. go, go.

go, go, go, fast.hit them. hit and kill. kill them. anjali, go, go. come on, come. munna,munna,munna.. how many times, how many times? i came to politics not to becomea mla or a minister, to become cm. how many attempts? thought of becoming cm easily,by marrying my daughter to vijay's son.

but you both camestating you are in love. how could i accept? how can i accept? i cannot help it, i cannot help it. so, i wanted to kill eachone of your family members. even that did not happen. as you shattered my dreams,wanted to kill you. to win your powerful love,i even asked to kill my daughter. even that did not happen. how manytimes should i feel about failures? you both are infront of me.there is only one bullet in it.

if i kill any one of you,then i can win your challenge. shoot. shoot. if you escape, even now. then i am afraid thati should marry my daughter to you. now, it is not importantwho will live and who will die. who will win is important. i may win or lose,but will not let you win. i will not let you win. mother!

myself shankar narayan,myself shankar narayan. person like him will notget a better breath. dhilenadhan, forgive me. why, dad? for not understanding youand asking you to leave the house. i do not know how much you suffered! i am your son, dad.you can say anything to me. i will do anything for you. you are important for me, dad.

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